Sick of Shootings? Promote Authentic Catholicism for a Change USCCB

In light of yesterday and today’s USCCB debacle, this one has never been more relevant.

One Mad Mom

***UPDATE*** I posted this last night before today’s tragic shooting. Same thing applies. I hope our bishops will actually try to fix the real problem instead of making politically correct platitudes.

I am sooooo sick and tired of the American bishops (not all but a good lot) squandering their moral capital on ridiculous moves such as this.

US bishops call for new gun legislation after garlic festival shooting

 July 31, 2019

Catholic News Agency

SAN JOSE – After a shooting at a food festival in California on Sunday in which the gunman killed three people and injured 15, the US bishops’ representative for domestic justice called for legislation to prevent such losses.

Just what legislation do you think would have prevented this, my dear “US bishops’ representative for domestic justice?” He already broke many laws.  What makes you think that any legislation would have stopped him when he was…

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3 thoughts on “Sick of Shootings? Promote Authentic Catholicism for a Change USCCB

  1. FYI, the Secret Service analyzed 41 school shooters.

    NINETY-FOUR PERCENT of them were from broken families, or families which were seriously dysfunctional.

    Imagine that!!


  2. And of the 6% who were not, any kids from faithful Catholic families attending Mass minimum once a week? Guess the stats are not there for that. They’ll never see the cure for the vast majority.


  3. We’re at the point now where we need to see the USCCB for what it is and that is an effeminate pact of do-nothing, don’t rock the boat, blackmailable tools.

    Once upon a time, especially before the early 1960s (gee, what happened in the Church during the 1960s?), priests, bishops and religious spoke out unapologetically against heresy and tyranny and if that meant imprisonment or martyrdom, so be it. Nowadays, the USCCB follows the Saul Alinsky playbook… let no crisis go to waste. Every mass shooting, is a call for gun control because they don’t dare provoke the wrath of the Democrat/Socialists who run everything everything in this rotten freemasonic nation (sorry, it’s true) no matter who the president is.

    When was the last time masses of bishops stormed the halls of Congress demanding that no taxpayer funds whatsoever be given to the butchers at planned parenthood? Yeah, I don’t recall that either in my 50 years of existance (gee, what happened in the Church during the 1960s right before I was born?) Did the USCCB, organize all bishops to descend on Washington when the Supremacist Court discovered a specific clause in the US constitution that stated gay marriage was indeed the law of the land to make a public reparation for this grave sin? Yeah, if that happened, no one told me.

    Pray the Rosary daily and pray for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart. That’s what it’s going to take to destroy freemasonry and purify the Church. Furthermore, don’t give one red cent for any diocesan support appeal fund or for any collection plate envelope that goes to your diocese or the USCCB.

    No, you can’t trust those guys and yes, that’s a damn shame!


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