Who is One Mad Mom?  She’s a Catholic, homeschool mom from the insane (but gorgeous) state of California.  Why anonymous?  She remains anonymous because her husband and children would like plausible deniability.  Since she has to live with them,  she will remain so.  She also wishes not be ejected from her social circles by those who struggle to understand her outstanding sarcasm and witty banter.


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  1. I respect your decision to remain anonymous. The Internet can be vicious.

    However, for fellow SF Bay Area natives, I wonder if you might occasionally comment on good groups or resources for other devout families in this nutty Silicon Valley culture. I’m interested in that brackish estuary at the divide between the Christian faithful and the heathen masses.

    Pax from San Mateo

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    1. I’m sure I will probably do pieces from time to time that aren’t quite so reactionary. These things just seem to light a fire under me. It’s probably that mom thing. You just don’t mess with my family and expect me to quietly sit in a corner.

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  2. Found you through Fr Z. Great blog, added you to my Bookmarks. God bless you defending the faith in the Land of Apostasy and Paganism!

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  3. Found you through Fr Z, also. You really are outstanding and witty! I was laughing out loud at some of your comments from your most recent post. Unfortunately, it’s not a laughing matter when priests and bishops don’t seem to understand our Catholic faith. St. Josemaria – pray for us!

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  4. I wish you were my next door neighbor! (You might be… no, I’m the only homeschooler in the area. Wait, I’m Catholic. Maybe I’m you! No, that’s just silly.) Enough fun. I’m really glad that you’re posting what you post. May God bless you!

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  5. Dear OMM,

    I have read all of your posts here on your blog. I think that, myself being a catechist, you and I have much in common wanting to defend the Church and her teachings on faith and morals.

    Having said that, would you mind if I put a link to a book we have recently published answering various dissenting comments/statements about the faith? Even though it is, essentially, self-published, it is completely loyal to the Church on issues of faith and morals. I had a *lot* of help with it. (hey, I am a catechist not a writer!)

    It has a foreword by Ignatius Press author Donna Steichen. She and Msgr. Michael Wrenn, another Ignatius Press author, helped me with early editing and theological/apologetics content.

    I just thought I would ask your permission. I did not want to be… oh, forward – for lack of a better word.

    God bless you, OMM. What a cool blog!

    Catechist Kev

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  6. Absolutely! Feel free to link in every post. Thanks for asking. I haven’t figured wordpress out enough to do the links all over the place like the famous bloggers. I’ll figure it out someday – like when all the kids reach 20 or something.


  7. Dear OMM,

    Wanted to let you know we sold 20 copies of our book, “The Language of Dissent” this weekend. :^)

    I attribute this to your allowing us to put a blurb about it here on your blog.

    I cannot thank you enough for that.

    Again, here is a link to the book:


    BTW, if you end up getting a copy, we would be grateful if you would to the Amazon website and give a review of the book.

    Thanks gain and God bless!
    Catechist Kev

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    1. Wow! Great! I love to know I’m helping the cause instead of spinning my wheels! If you bought one – make sure you also do an Amazon review! BTW, spelling is overrated!


  8. Found your blog because of my support of Archbishop Cordileone. I’m a grandma from Omaha. Maybe I’ll have to get my own blog (if I could ever figure out how to do one) called OneMadGrandma!

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    1. In the immortal words of Nike JUST DO IT! I’d love to see One Mad Grandma, Another Mad Mom, etc.! I recommend Word Press. It’s fairly easy! Facebook is another great way to spread the message. I detest Twitter because I have way more than 140 characters to say! I use it anyway.


  9. baptized in the catholic church but it doesn't matter because I would still be an important human anyway says:

    omg you people are crazy.


  10. Found your blog through “The Next Right Step” website — thought I was reading something I wrote since it really echoed my thoughts of late. When you replied to a comment from someone by saying “You just don’t mess with my family and expect me to quietly sit in the corner”, is why I am so outspoken in my defense of my Catholic faith. I’m happy to meet you because I have often felt lonely, with no one who understands or cares why I quick to defend my Catholic faith.

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  11. Wow! Grieving the recent blows to our Catholic faith from inside and outside the Church. Thank you for sharing your gifts. You helped me put it in perspective! Glad Charlie Johnston of “The Next Right Step” linked your post! May God continue to bless you and your family!

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  12. Just found this great blog of like-minded Catholics. Glad to know I’m not an island and there are some orthodox Catholics willing to preserve/follow the Lord’s teaching. If you’re ever near Atlanta, GA, I can recommend Holy Family Catholic Church in Marietta for solid Catholic teaching.

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  13. As a deacon in the church it is encouraging to know that there are people such as yourself who comprehend and believe in the truths of the faith. Keep up the good work! Also i don’t think you are a ‘mad’ mom so much as a mom on fire!


  14. Actually I am glad I came across this blog. I like it!

    In my esteem and imagination. It’s part of contemplative prayer. Though this is a hard one to struggle with. Since my prayer life seems but a false hope and only disappointments. Please pray for me.

    My hope and prayer is to find a girl who has a heart for me, loves me, and want to marry me one day. I hope and pray if this girl exists. She is the opposite of me.

    In truth, if she is the girl who wants to work and have a job in the workforce. Me, being a man 😉 Who am I go complain (kind of like saying, who am I to judge?) Okay, honestly I like working. But, if my wife wants to be the sole income earner. I bow to her, tilting my head, and with my right arm swaying back, and stretching my left leg back. In a respectful gesture and bow to her as though she were a princess or queen.

    Thus, if that were the case. I’m in! Because this is what I’ve wanted to do. I want to homeschool my children. There’s more to it! I’m a guy. I like working with my hands. I like also working on my own home. Thus, no need for a home repair guy, a plumber, a carpenter, electrician, HVAC Tech, landscaper, gardener, etc. Because, well, I can and will be a jack of all trades. Plus, the kind of home I’d like to have. Would be like a castle, where my children can have many adventures, story telling, and all sorts of stairs to climb.

    I would have a Three Story home. The third floor will be one floor. There will be no rooms, but one. This would be where the desks will be set for school. I will obviously have religious ed in the morning. Each point for them to learn the Sacraments (First Communion, Confirmation.) Also, time aside for learning about the Mass, going to Confession. Catholicism 101.

    Then, I’d have regular curriculum: Reading, Writing, and Math. That’s basic. But that covers history. Or whatever the State requires for them to move up in grade level. In fact, I hope to teach my children well. And, i hope they can take the same tests as children who go to public, private, and Catholic schools.

    The third floor will also be a library. I will have shelves of books going up high, with a latter that swings along the edge with wheels. like the old libraries. The second floor will be our rooms. The first floor will have Living room, Dining room, and kitchen.

    We will have a small farm. Each of my children can pick an animal they want to learn about. Well, that prepares them for biology.

    There’s quite much you can do at home. Field trips. We can take those. My children will not be isolated from the world. They will have just as much fun going bowling, or whichever they like. They can go and meet the world! But, at the end of the day, they can also come back to the Sanctuary, the home. And recover from the world. They can find their development and growth unhindered to maturity.

    Girls will be treated as royalty. Those are called princesses. And the boys will be treated as prince’s.
    My wife obviously holds the Queenship over the home. And I am but a humble King.

    I will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner ready for my children and wife. I will keep our house clean. And, I will ensure she is comfortable after coming home from work. My children can share all the day they had with her. Show and share what they made or did. The third floor will have two glorious chairs, like thrones in our furnishing. She will sit in one, and i in the other. My children can have chairs if they like or bean bags. Whence they go to bed, my wife and I can sit in the study (i.e. the Third Floor that was a school during the day.) Now, it is a place where we can take books of our favorite authors, or anything we like to read.

    Me, I honestly will have my liquor cabinet on the first floor in a hidden place. And have brandy. And perhaps a cigar. My wife can have whatever she wishes. Sitting thier at night reading.

    That’s what I pray for and ask.


  15. As another Catholic living in another non-religious environment, New Hampshire, in the Northeast, I do have to agree with the degree of anonymity one must maintain in order to function normally and without harassment in our respective societies. No, I don’t stand down when faced with ridicule or mocking because of my faith, but why present oneself as a target when one has no need to. I will say this however, I do think California has all of us beat as for its craziness for which I do not envy but which will make you a greater saint than I when all is said and done. And one more thing, I do agree with you that there are many more of us out here in the shadows that hold on to what is true and right with a love of God and all He has given us. We may be in the catacombs somewhat, but we are still alive. Great blog OMM.


  16. I think you should call your blog one SAD mom, because you my friend are a threat to the human race and it’s unfortunate that you were given the blessing to bear children. I sincerely hope they do not grow up to be a hateful human being like you. I think you should be disgraced by the words on your page. It’s no wonder why you chose to keep yourself anonymous. You’re way too much of a coward to actual own up to your horrific words.


  17. So glad I stumbled on to your page. Our parish is having James Martin Face Time a group at our church next month. This is bringing great division to our church. I am prepared to walk away.

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    1. Hello Grace, I hope that you can find the courage to embrace people that are not like you and especially those on the margins who James Martin ministers to. Christ calls us to comfort the poor, sick, and those who suffer from persecution from their own families who may misunderstand them and even fellow church members like ‘OneMadMom.’ I pray that you can find the grace in your heart to offer compassion to these souls that wish only to live a healthy, monogamous life with their loved ones, and work to grow deeper in faith within the Church, rather than outside of it.

      The condemnation of LGBT people on this blog is neither holy nor compassionate, nor in any way aligns with the hope and love that Christ offers for all who seek his holy forgiveness and salvation. We cannot rely on Romans 1 by Paul or other ancient texts that fail to address the reality of faithful LGBT Catholics in the modern era. It is a mistranslation of the Bible and a dangerous one at that, to use these passages to condemn loving, faithful Catholics to death, a condition of irredeemable sin, and the inability to express ones’ filial monogamous love for ones’ consenting adult partner.

      OneMadMom, in this blog, rather than considering the dignity and humanity of LGBT individuals as individuals made in the image of God and worthy of living out a full life in the sacraments, rather espouses an inquisitionary doctrine of paternalistic control and judgment with the veneer of caring and loving them – this is the greatest deception. She states, referring to James Martin:

      “we will ALWAYS make your mission difficult because it leads souls astray and WE love our friends suffering from same-sex attraction”

      It is “SHE,” to use the emphasis she uses, that loves them so much she demands that they submit to her interpretation of Godly sexuality-that of forced chastity. They have no say in it. They must deny themselves the ability to have a family, raise children, get married, and life out a healthy, monogamous life of faith in Christ just as any other faithful Catholic family would. They must live in a prison for life-solitary confinement because she (and many who speak like her) demands it!

      I would not wish this suffering on anyone, whether heterosexual or homosexual, and I would pray that they would be able to live out healthy, normal lives of faith. Please know that this one example is just one instance of this rage and control meted out upon unsuspecting young people and LGBT adults. I pray for them, and all of those who have to listen to “One Mad Mom.” I pray that God forgives you for the suffering you wish upon others.


      1. YOu’re assuming people don’t embrace those with SSA. Waht are you basing this on? And what in the heck are you basing you idea that I wish suffering on anyone. The idea that we don’t know anyone who suffers with SSA is ridiculous. We don’t likve in ivory towers. We live in the world. And where is the condemnation of the “LGBT?” Please. you can throw out all the accustaions you like but you don’t know a darn thing about me or those I love. Love doesn’t mean accepting actions that cause people harm. Love mean struggling with people so we may all overcome our sins.


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