Satan’s Minions Attack SF Archdiocese -Again!

When you dare to exorcise demons, they get upset. They’re not going to be too happy and will use their minions – in this case, Dennis Herrera – to do their bidding.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — San Francisco’s city attorney is coming down hard on Catholic Churches that he says are gathering illegally indoors, without face coverings.

In seven-page cease-and-desist letter,  City Attorney Dennis Herrera said the Archdiocese of San Francisco is “putting its parishioners and the larger community at risk of serious illness and death.””

Uh, hi, Dennis Herrera. Let’s talk about those well spaced, mostly masked unless health reasons, people attending religious services vs. this year’s “virtual” Pride Parade (pay no attention to the thousands standing in the street in the Castro, though):

The media has been very careful not to show this so when it’s removed, I’ve already downloaded it.

How about the weekends at Dolores Park?

Where’s the equal application of the law?

The letter says despite calls between San Francisco Health Officer, Dr. Aragon, and Archbishop Cordileone, multiple churches have held indoor gatherings that “violate the health order” and fail to “follow common sense safety protocols.”

Indoor gatherings are not currently permitted in San Francisco. Outside religious services and funerals are allowed with a 12-person limit.

Again, please note the totally ridiculous 12-person OUTSIDE limit. Outside at a restaurant? Fine. Outside at a park? Fine. Outside at a protest? All social distancing and requirements go out the window.

Herrera’s letter lists a number of complaints that were filed against churches, including St. Francis of Assisi and Saints Peter and Paul churches in North Beach, which reportedly held public masses in June.

Ah, the brown shirts have alive and well.

An investigator from the City Attorney’s Office says a priest without a mask held indoor masses at St. Mary of the Assumption in June.

The city attorney’s letter also points out a YouTube link of mask-less Star of Sea priest giving a sermon inside, as well as Father Joseph Illo’s blog that shows photos of church leaders and parishioners leading processions through their Richmond District neighborhood without face coverings.

A few things here. First of all, if you have ever been to Star of the Sea, you would notice that the priest is MILES away from the congregation, probably well over 30-feet.

As far as parishioners and church leaders outside? First of all, my guess is it’s this event where they processed to Golden Gate Park. Please note the pictures and videos of all the maskless people. (Super sarcastic.) However, Dennis, tell us where any of these many people supposedly with no mask processing were less than 6 feet apart (aside from those living in the same home) and/or didn’t have an exemption as found in the mask orders. Honestly, read it. There’s zero chance anyone could be cited. You know it you can’t prove any violation.

“Anything involving the holy mass, the priests and servers will not wear a mask,” said Jerick Rea, who is training to be priest. ABC7 News met him after an indoor prayer service at Star of the Sea on Tuesday evening. He shared his thoughts on why many church leaders are not wearing masks.

“We consider the holy mass to be something special and sacred which shouldn’t be tarnished by something that has a human concern, and part of it as well is that we’re just being rational about it. None of us have experienced any symptoms,” said Rea, who added, “I understand if people are dying left and right, but they’re not.”

Regardless, the priest is FAAARRRRRR apart when saying Mass, and besides, these churches listed are cavernous and well ventilated. Seriously, the churches mentioned fit anywhere from 800-1500 people! They have zero problem keeping people socially distanced. The idea that you can find enough faithful Catholics to fill them after years of horrific bishops is sadly not the case.

As for the illegal gatherings, Rea said, “Tons of people can go to grocery stores, the mall, weed shops, and be over 12 people indoors. It’s really insulting for practicing faithful people.”

It’s more than insulting, it’s an unequal application of the law and a violatio of Civil Rights. Dennis isn’t the arbiter of necessary when it comes to faith and isn’t allowed to pick the losers and winners. Safeway’s safe distancing shouldn’t get special treatment over anyone else’s.

The city attorney gave the Archdiocese one day to comply or risk a temporary restraining order.

“On Tuesday, an attorney for the Archdiocese of San Francisco sent a letter to the City Attorney’s Office, saying they will comply with the health orders currently in effect.

The letter says in part, “The Archbishop has now notified his priests that the order limiting religious services to outdoors with no more than 12 people remains in force with appropriate social distancing and face coverings.”

Hopefully the Trump administration will follow through on its promise to protect religious entities from unequal application of the law. Hopefully the Archdiocese of San Francisco has already contacted AG Barr’s office, Eric Dreiband, Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, and Matthew Schneider, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan, who are supposed to be taking care of these types of issues. You can contact the Civil Rights Division and report a violation (found on the right side) here: