Churches Worth Driving Away From as Fast as Possible!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  And since we have nothing to do but watch the aftermath of the 2016 election and breathe one big sigh of relief there’s no more President Clintons for the near future, let’s be a little proactive!  There’s a nice little column called “Churches Worth Driving To” over at California Catholic Daily.  I’ve always found this column really helpful in finding refuges when I’m traveling.  That said, I would find it equally helpful to have a list of parishes to avoid like the plague.  I’ve found myself in strange locales across the United States and I’ve stumbled into some pretty un-Catholic Catholic churches.

So, in an effort to help you avoid getting an earful of heresy and dissent, I’ve decided to start this blog post.  Please don’t comment with some parish whose main crime is something along the line of not providing an Extraordinary Form or that they have too much felt.  Please also include why we should flee from it if other Masses are available to you.  Yes, this is a do-it-yourself blog post but I’ve been a bit busy and I’m trying to ease back in to the commentary thing.  Also,  wouldn’t it be helpful to not have your vacation or business trip ruined by having to debate Catholicism with a priest who just scandalized your children?

I’ll start the ball rolling!

Most Holy Redeemer, San Francisco, CA:  This has nothing to do with the fact that it “ministers” to homosexual people. It has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that it has long facilitated homosexuals to rail against the teachings of the Church and to carry on with homosexual acts despite the danger to their souls.

St. Agnes, San Francisco, CA: Inclusive, Jesuit, Ridiculous.  (Locals will get the reference to the “Inclusive. Jesuit. Divine.” banners all over the Panhandle area.) Just more of the usual Jesuit dissent and pro-homosexual relation rhetoric.

Christ the King, Pleasant Hill, CA: Long time dissenting church in the Oakland Diocese.  We’re hoping for changes under their new pastor, but the same old dissenters have lined up some ridiculous speakers as of late.

St. Monica’s, Santa Monica, CA: They put their Masses online so you can enjoy the horror from your very own home.  I’ve always wondered, with the nice video evidence provided, why haven’t they had a major change of “leadership?” I’ve been wanting to do a blog post on the outrageous there but there’s simply too much material from which to choose!

There are many more in my fair state, but these top my list of parishes that annoy the heck out of me.  How about you?  Add your biggest annoyances in the comment section below! Remember to include the city and state so people can search a bit easier!  

43 thoughts on “Churches Worth Driving Away From as Fast as Possible!

  1. You are lucky you have decent bishops like Vassa and Cordilieone where you are. South California chicago and East coast are largely unlucky. I joined a Maronite Catholic parish. Our Bishop in Brooklyn NY covering East coast 57 parishes from Florida to Maine put in pro life and family literature in All of the church bulletins shortly before the election. That and homily on Catholic morality sexual and otherwise is why I joined this church to begin with.


    1. Cordileone is NOT reliable. He has done nothing about his gay parishes, other than reducing the visible involvement of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.


  2. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Plano, TX. Comfortable, suburban parish which backs the “Always Our Children” homosexuality normalization group. If you’re looking for the parish sure to be circulating a pro-Democrat petition, this is the place. They have one priest in particular who, for his homilies, has a file full of various anecdotes that he weaves together in a Johnny Carsonesque monologue. Applicability to the day’s readings not required. As he finishes the washing of the hands, he has been known to toss the towel at the altar server and give a sort of a Bada-Bing flick of his hands — quite the showman. All that is missing is a big snifter for tips on the piano, because the soloist standing next to it (up at the front of the church) is putting on quite the cabaret performance.
    This parish has the “last chance Mass” at 7:30 on Sunday evenings, so many non-parishioner area Catholics have found themselves at least once in the tight spot of gritting their teeth through a SEAS Mass or missing Mass altogether.

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    1. Immaculate Conception, Hoosick Falls, NY. The priest has never in the 6 years of his ‘tenure’ ever said a creed of ANY kind; 95% of the time there is no penitential rite whatsoever (the other 5% is ‘blardy wonderful us Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy Lord have mercy AMEN). The Gloria isn’t just omitted in Advent and Lent (properly); it’s never said either. The Eucharistic Prayer is a hotchpotch of the older prayers and the kind of ad lib where for every adjective that is actually there, Father has to add another, either alliterative or schmaltzy, and the consecration might have “this is my body” and “this is my Blood’ but those are the only words that are actually in the correct consecration. And he always adds after the consecration of the ‘cup’, never chalice, “shed for you and for all, because you are LOVED SO MUCH” (as if they were the actual words of Jesus, which they are not). At the ‘Sign of Peace’ not just he, but the altar servers, come bouncing down the aisles halfway through the church to hug, kiss, high 5, etc. Samples of recent homilies include referencing to the ‘Pharisee and the tax collector’ with “when I was young they called it a publican, and I never understood how God could be praising a REPUBLICAN”, the gospel with the woman who was taken in marriage by 7 brothers with “and finally she died. (laughter). This poor woman! Imagine, SEVEN DIFFERENT GUYS to put up with. (laughter). God finally gave her a break. . .”
      Add in the cringingly off key cantor, the choir with the lounge lizard pianist, the one poor decent male singer trying not to gag over the music which is invariably the same 70s and 80s Sing a New Church and Gather us In, with I kid you not tambourines, and the invariable applause about all the wonderful things we do. . .Not to mention that this parish was part of the “Holy Doors’. But we are not to fear –the POPE didn’t make them holy, WE THE PEOPLE make them holy every time we pass through them. . .
      Run far, far away. (Don’t try the next town up, Cambridge –he says Mass there too). Go over the border into Vermont or down to Troy where you can attend the EF at St. Joseph’s. . .

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    2. Judy, I am just reading this now. Sorry to be so late to the game, but my daughter just moved to the Dallas/Plano area and I am wondering about GOOD Catholic parishes. She is currently living in Plano but teaches school in Mesquite and may be moving that direction in the near future. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


  3. From a reader who would rather have me post…(Feel free to use the contact button and I will gladly do this for you!):
    St. Bonaventure, Clayton, CA: There was the reference to the Eucharist being “friendship bread.” I heard a homily about how there isn’t really a Hell. Pastor is a huge proponent of women priests. Plus, there is a family therapist priest who operates out of the parish who’s been known to tell people to use birth control. I don’t think we’ve ever had a GOOD homily when we’ve visited there. There is always something subversive that we have to point out to the kids afterward.


    1. You’ve got Fr Mat there now, who came from Holy Spirit, Fremont as of July 2017. Great pastor, great homilies. I would visit this parish if I was in the area, knowing Fr. Mat.


  4. Gah! CS gave us some specifics but I seem to have deleted it somehow so here is a copy still in my email notifications!

    I’ve heard a homily at St. Vincent mocking Catholics that “claim” not to use birth control. I looked around the church when this happened and saw several same-sex couples having a great big laugh. They have conducted book studies by Sister Ilia Delio. St. Ignatius has hosted several interfaith LGBT prayer services during Pride Week. St. Matthew’s host a group called LEAD which is highlighted in this Church Militant article

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    1. And St. Ignatius is Jesuit. Enough said. At St Vincent I heart a sermon on the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception where the priest said, “what sense can we make of this feast since we don’t believe in original sin anymore?”


  5. Mission Santa Clara in Santa Clara, CA. Priests at daytime masses on holy days open up the General Intercessions to congregants in the nave, who fill them up with semi-political platitudes and secularist virtue-signaling.

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  6. St Aloysius Catholic Church Fife Lake, MI is one to drive away from. While on holiday last spring I attended Mass there. First sign of problems is the grand casual entrance of the priest . After singing a Hollywood style jazzy Happy Birthday “during” the mass led by a professional singer, piano player, and choir director…the presiding priest came down the aisle of the church espousing the hopeful change in church ordination opportunities for women whom in his mind anybody can perform consecration of the elements. He received a thunderous applause from the audience (aka congregation) while I desperately looked for a way to leave the Mass early but was trapped in the middle of the pew. Then he went back to the altar and closed the mass with final blessing.

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  7. You don’t want to go to St. Anne’s in Lodi, Ca., where the pasture let’s his dog in the church during mass. They also have plays in the church were they can have them in the auditorium. It is so wrong in so many ways. And don’t get me started on the only catholic church in Galt, Ca…. ugh!

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  8. Also avoid Bellarmine Chapel on the campus of Xavier University in Cincinnati. They regularly omit the Gloria, ad lib the Eucharist prayers, consecrate big loaves of heavy wheat bread, and contradict Catholic teaching in the homily are what you’ll find. Cross the Ohio and go to the Covington, Kentucky cathedral instead. You’ll be glad you did.

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    1. Definitely! Or attend Mass at Old St. Mary’s in Over the Rhine, downtown Cincinnati… especially the Latin Mass… very devoted congregation and good priests for the many, many years I’ve visited when I’m in town and my children’s godparents are members there (NFP is practiced by many!).


  9. St. Mary of Grace Parish, Media, PA
    Doesn’t really follow the Church’s teachings. Run by a bishop who has officiated several same-sex weddings and also run by a lesbian female minister. They ordain LGBTs and women to their “priesthood.” They say they are “radically inclusive” and are huge supporters of gay and transgender “rights,” including the transgender bathroom bill. According to their website, sometimes their clergy “will use a feminine pronoun when referring to God.” They allow baptized Christians of different denominations to receive Holy Communion. They are a part of the Independent Catholic Christian Church (doesn’t follow all of the Catholic Church’s teachings). Apparently in the past the former pastor said the Catholic dogma of papal infallibility “didn’t sit well with him.” They believe that same-sex marriages are a blessing to the world and a sacrament. They “helped organize the first catholic Mass at the Philadelphia TransHealth Conference,” as listed on their website.
    We must pray for the people involved. I don’t mean to be judgmental because I don’t know these people’s backgrounds or their past experiences with Catholicism, but I do want to look out for the welfare of others’ souls in case they are in the area and need to go to Mass – don’t go to St. Mary of Grace! Please pray for those involved.

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    1. There is another Catholic Church in Media. It is Nativity, BVM. The parish is 150 years in existence and is faithful to the magisterium.


    1. I wonder how much of this list might change when the pastor changes. I know the pastors at both NH parishes on this list, and I have only known them to be orthodox.


    2. New Ways Ministry is a Vatican condemned organization that claims it is Catholic but is NOT even closely one. Demands acceptance of
      the active-homosexual-lifestyle in the Church!


  10. When I attended the Catholic parish in Moraga, CA (east bay) ten years ago, I found that people never genuflected or knelt down for any part of Mass. When I tried to kneel to say thanksgiving after Communion, I got a number of irritated looks. The priest mainby sat back as a woman led the introductions and gave the homily, then the priest took over for the offertory and canon. Very poor doctrine taught there. I heard now that the priest has moved to another parish closeby, Lafayette or somewhere near there.


  11. When I travel, I first of all look for a FSSP parish where I know the Holy Sacrifice will be offered properly. On another note, I have relatives in Saginaw, Mi (where the bishop’s home and the cathedral were just raided by police and at least one priest has been arrested and others under the gun) and it is difficult to find a Mass where you won’t be upset the whole time. Can’t tell you where is the best place to go. For daily Mass, at the chancery with a couple of the sisters I guess is the best.


  12. Avoid:
    The Holy Name Of Jesus in Redlands, CA.
    St Frances X Cabrini in Yucaipa, CA.
    St Mary of the Valley in Yucca Valley, CA.
    ALL of the parishes in Palm Springs, CA.

    Consider attending:
    Sacred Heart in Palm Desert, CA is OK.
    St Kateri Tekakwitha in Beaumont, CA is OK
    San Secondo ‘d Asti in Ontario, CA is THE best


  13. St. Anne’s Catholic Community is a beautiful church located in a wealthy neighborhood in Houston, Texas. It is filled with lovely people, many of whom seek to live faithful lives and grow in faith and holiness.

    That said, it also removed its Project Gabriel sign from campus because it was not “aesthetically pleasing”; encourages same sex couples who consider themselves married and have adopted children to serve as Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist because “we are all sinners, if we said no to them then who would we have available to serve?”; and while this church should be the poster child for a vibrant and well-supported Courage chapter… instead if you are a traditional marriage and TOB versed Catholic, then you will more likely find yourself on the receiving end of a homily that accuses you of not being a “friend of Jesus” and an enemy of your neighbors. (Because, tolerance).

    Finally, or circling back around, quite a few of the financial supporters of the parish and school are also big donors to, board members for, or political servants who receive funds from – – Planned Parenthood. Houston has the largest abortuary in the Northern Hemisphere (not hyperbole) at the giant flagship PP on Highway 45 just down the street from the University of Houston and several critical low income neighborhood communities.

    When Nancy Pelosi comes to Houston to visit family, she attends St. Anne’s.

    There are a host of other welcoming, beautiful, striving, seeking, humble, imperfect but *faithful to both Christ and His Church’s teachings* churches within a several mile radius of St. Anne’s. Try Annunciation, Holy Rosary, the Co-Cathedral, Regina Caeli, St. Vincent de Paul. Further in the burbs are St. Theresa in SugarLand, Prince of Peace, and more.

    Houston is blessed with so very many standing room only parishes.
    You can find Masses in every language and parishes with a diversity of cultures.

    St. Anne’s is sad because it considers one “culture” to be less deserving than others of Truth and Goodness in addition to Beauty.

    It should not be difficult to be ProLife and pro-dignity in your home parish. And while each and every person should feel welcome to the table (if living in Communion with Christ and the Church), no one should have to face scandal each Sunday when waiting in line to receive the Eucharist. Finally, our children’s souls should not be endangered by homilies that are frequently dishonest about church teaching and our human rights and responsibilities in response.

    Jesus came to save our souls, to teach us how to authentically love and serve one another and help bring others to heaven.

    It is difficult to commit to the real Christian message and to preach and live “Be Honest” vs. “Be Nice”.

    Please do pray for the conversion of St. Anne’s: for the priests and staff and volunteers, for all of the parishioners and families. Lift this parish up in heart, mind, body, and soul. Ask that His Light may shine fully from its doors and pulpit. That the radiance of Truth will be the beacon that welcomes all comers to the Great Physician to sit together to worship and receive each Sunday, not shiny and easy platitudes.

    Pray that there can be a renewal of love for the Sacraments (more opportunities for Reconciliation, add even a weekly hour of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament to the chapel) and Real Presence. And please pray for it to become the brightest church in supporting Life and Dignity for all, especially the least among us. (Would be amazing to see support for the struggling and targeted for elimination ProLife Democrats coming from this campus).

    Weekly prayers, fasting, and offering our Masses would seem to be the best way to hope for positive changes in the churches on this list. And beyond the list.

    Our family prays for California – on many levels!

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    1. I grew up going to St. Anne in the 1960’s and 70’s, and attended grades 1 – 8 at the school. The situation you describe has deep roots. The late Father John Robbins, pastor until his death a few years ago, was an associate pastor from around 1971 until 1975 or so. Around 1974, he invited the (then new) support group for gay Catholics, Dignity, to start meeting at the church. He did this with the full support of then-pastor William Coughlin. The meetings quickly developed into “hookup” sessions, with attendees moving their activities to a gay bar located in an old bank building across the street. When the Parish Council voted to expel Dignity from the property, Father Robbins denounced the parishioners from the pulpit during Sunday Mass, saying that he wished the “fire and brimstone” they were heaping upon the members of Dignity would fall on the parishioners instead. It was the only time in my life that I ever saw attendees at Mass (maybe ten percent of those in attendance) storm out during a homily, and distinctly remember one lady saying “It’s bad enouigh that we have to see it out there without having to hear about it in here” as she rose from her pew to leave. I don’t know what all happened after that (I was only a teenager at the time), but Father Robbins was reassigned a few weeks later. When I heard, decades later, that he had returned as pastor, the first thought in my head was “He is returning to finish the job.”

      I concur with your assessment. Beautiful building, long and storied history. For me is added a long personal history there (my grandparents were among the founding members, and my mom and all of my siblings attended the school). But I would never attend there. They went off the rails years ago.


  14. Well, if you think–as I do–that really awful “music” is near as bad as heretical flapjaw, then avoid St Charles in Hartland, WI.


  15. St. Lucy’s church in Syracuse, NY and All Saints parish in Syracuse, NY. Both are hot beds of dissent. The Liturgies are open to whatever experiments people feel like trying. All Saints is overseen by an openly Gay priest. They both feature “homilies” from lay people and the distinction between priest and lay person is blurred and lay people stand in the sanctuary helping the priest during the “consecrations”. I’ve written numerous letters to the bishop(s) and nothing has been done.

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  17. Sacred Heart Church in Omaha, Nebraska! Just do a search for their Easter Service on YouTube and the priest boogying down to “Oh Happy Day” in front of the altar during Mass!!


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