Dear Catholic Women Who Attended the “Women’s March”…

Before anyone who went there to be a counter-protest or a voice for the unborn has a heart attack, I’m not talking about you.  Carry on.

Now, to those of you Catholic women who thought this march sounded like a good idea, who thought that you would be noble for joining in, or who came to the realization that you’ve never really stood for much in your life so you grabbed onto the first thing that came your way, you are rather lame.

The Catholic women who have tried to stand for goodness from just about the moment they could stand are rather disgusted in you.  You didn’t do your homework and you were duped.  It’s rather embarrassing for the rest of us.

Before you rant about me being a Trump supporter: I wasn’t.  I didn’t support him in the primaries and actively campaigned against him.  I was disgusted by a good portion of his comments and his life.  When it came down to him and Hillary… I thanked God I live in California and just voted for the most moral guy I could find since my vote was not going to elect Hillary or Trump (I was accused of both).  I didn’t have to hold my nose.  The race wasn’t even going to be close.  So, I’m pleased to say that I can say I didn’t vote for Trump in the election and I still denounce the Women’s March.  It’s not either/or here.  I was not a fan of either.  Of course, that said, I will be forever grateful that Clinton didn’t win and I will also continue to pray that Trump is making amends for his past indiscretions and I’m quite happy with much he has done thus far.

Onto the “Women’s March”… Of course, I didn’t have much hope of the non-Catholic women having a clue.  There’s a whole lot of sheep in this universe but the Catholic women???  Come on ladies.  You should have seen the writing on the wall.

Catholic women should have seen the list of speakers and thought “Wow!  Almost all of these wackos rail against the Church!”  “They all want someone to pay for their sex lives.”  “It’s a Planned Parenthood Rally!”, etc.   You should have realized that the pink hats you were supposed to don were a double entendre and ended up every bit as vile as Trump’s comments.  You should have looked around, at the very least, in the major cities and thought, “Do I really want to be lumped in with the crew wearing vagina costumes?  Might I be missing something?”

I don’t really know whether you didn’t do your homework or you caved to your liberal priests who were whining about immigration and seemed to be very sad Hillary didn’t win.  So, let’s say you were out there to rail against Trump’s very misguided, vile, and misogynistic comments about women.  Did you really think it was a good idea to join in with all of the self-loathing women who are every bit as vile?  Madonna?  Ashley Judd? Yeah, those two are the epitome of respect for women.  Gag!  I really feel you need to watch this, since so many of you clearly missed it.  Here’s your seven minutes of disgusting for the day:

I just saw the movie “Hidden Figures” yesterday.  I have to say, I think all of you who went to the “women’s march” should be required to see what real persecution of women, minorities, etc. really is.  Those are women who actually fought for the dignity and rights of women.  You?  Not so much.  You are a bunch of whiners!  We’ve got lemmings on the one hand and a bunch of vile women who think I should pay for every aspect of their sex life on the other.  True feminism and equality is being allowed to express our God-given talents and individuality in a way that honors Him.  It’s not about having a mouth like a sailor, free birth-control, and the ability to kill our children at will.   That’s vile narcissism and you just threw in with that crowd.

So, my friends who tell me the “Women’s March” was about “so much more than that!” -PROVE IT!  What’s the more?  Let’s hear you define it.  I had one friend actually tell me it was about the dignity of all women.  Really?  And this is why Linda Sarsour, Muslim “Women’s March” organizer pushes Sharia Law??? (See Linda quickly and furiously trying to delete Tweets):   Let’s see how women fair under Sharia.

Next, let’s talk about the LGBT crew that the “Women’s March” supposedly wanted to protect from mean ol’ Trump. I mean,  your goal is to protect homosexuals, transgender, etc. from bullies, right? First of all, Trump has said VERY little on the LGBT crowd.  I wish he would say a whole lot more but he’s been relatively silent.  Moving beyond Trump’s mystery position, anyone with goodwill would have to wonder why in heaven’s name would the “Women’s March” people want to have Donna Hylton as their speaker???  You know, Donna Hylton, the one who was in on the gang kidnapping, 20 day torture and murder of a homosexual man???  Seriously, girls!  Get a stinking clue.  You have been played at best!

Listen, ladies.  You’ve had years to jump on the causes that the Catholic Church champions (the truly charitable causes) and you’ve sat on your hands until now.  I’m sorry you’ve wasted a good deal of your life sitting on your rear and not fighting for the true dignity of women and the vulnerable but you might want to continue on the sidelines before you hurt yourself (and your daughters) by taking up a cause you know nothing about. Clearly you do not have the skills to even google. You can continue to expend energy trying to justify this sophomoric first outing at activism or you can join the rest of us Catholic women who have been fighting for the true rights and dignity of all people from womb to tomb.  Until then, you’re just embarrassing us by following the truly “Nasty Women” like a bunch of zombies.