In Defense of My Trad Friends…

You know, I wasn’t going to say anything about Zita Ballinger Fletcher’s article, and I’m not going to give her the pleasure of linking to it (if you didn’t see, do yourself a favor and don’t bother), but I am going to say a few things after watching the fallout from it today.

I did make two tweets back to Ms. Fletcher in response to some of her tweets, so to avoid any “she said she said”, here are my super mean tweets for your reading enjoyment.

I haven’t said 1 word to u or about u but, I’ve read your piece, and this would seem to be the pot calling the kettle black. So, if you don’t like being slandered, poked fun of, personally attacked, blamed, etc., maybe don’t write a piece doing that to a whole group of people?

And after relaying what a martyr she was but how she doesn’t retaliate because she’s a Real Catholic:

I’ve never really understood the charge of “virtue signalling” but I think this was big help.

Of course, she couldn’t ban me fast enough because, heaven forbid, she defends her rant, but here are some thoughts on it:

First, I don’t go to the Extraordinary Form of the Mass on a regular basis, so I feel like I’m in a unique position to comment on this article.  Nobody can point at me and say “Just another mean ol’ trad! She has to say that!”

Next, sorry, I have yet to attend any parish that doesn’t have its own breed of holier-than-thou people who think their way of “Catholic” is the only way of “Catholic”, whether it be the local happy-clappy church down the street or the local FSSP church. The Church is made up of sinners. I have Extraordinary friends who would like to whack some of their fellow parishioners upside the head just like I do some days. I mean, seriously, after the rant yesterday and the follow up on Twitter today, I just can’t see that she can say a thing about any of this after that snide piece. It was just full of hypocrisy.

Could Miss Fletcher have written her article after repeatedly stumbling into the worst of the worst weirdos in all of Extraordinary-land who couldn’t cogently answer “Why the veil?” or who simply ignored the Mass to sneer at her or ran up and tried to sign her up for “the cult”?  Anything is possible, but my guess is that her tales are a tad bit hyperbolic and based on the very thing she accuses them of – being judgmental. They don’t agree with her, they’re gaining ground, so she’s going to make them look as bad as she possibly can.

So, back to my experience, when I can’t get to my very lovely Ordinary Form Mass on Sunday, I go to the local church who hosts the Extraordinary Form. I’ve also been to various other EF’s for one reason or another, and her supposed experiences (and this really is all I can say about them) are far from the norm. I’ve never once been told to put on a veil or been sneered at because I’m not dressed just so. In fact, I ran to one at the last second (child was in hospital) and was probably wearing pants, but nobody looked twice. Maybe I just don’t go to Mass and look around at who’s looking at me. I don’t know. I pretty much get the feeling that we’re all just there to go to Mass. Sure, we can get distracted by the people around us, but I think the general theme is “I’m here to adore the Lord.” I still get the impression that Zita thinks all people are supposed to be looking at her and adoring her every fashion choice, and her article had all the indications of that narcissism. When she said “leggings” I thought, yeah, I probably would have been annoyed to be subjected to that, too. If you’re going to veil, not veil, wear leggings, wear something a little more long, etc., somebody is probably going to judge you either way. Deal. Not like you’re being hung on the Cross, for Heaven’s sake. On the occasion it happens, turn the other cheek and pay attention to the Mass.

Oh, and as a strong-willed woman, I also found her insinuation that all women who attend the Extraordinary Form Mass are simply being controlled by men was, well, stupid.  Did you catch the part about her friend who started wearing a veil? Ms. Fletcher basically said she caved into peer pressure. Please. Did she ever think for a moment that her friend might have been compelled by the arguments given for veiling? Geez. And how about the idea that somehow veiling is only a trad thing. How does she explain the ladies sitting at the local ordinary parish wearing a veil?  So, yeah, people are indeed going to say she doesn’t know because she doesn’t. And, by the way, Ms. Fletcher, Google “veiling”. I find it ridiculous to think that you’ve only heard the silly argument you tried to put forth when there are numerous in-depth articles on the subject. Again, she’d be hard-pressed to point at me and say, “She’s one of the them!” because I’m not. I have many female friends who attend the Extraordinary Form Mass, and there are very few who I’d consider pushovers, nor do they even all look the same. I just about died when I saw Zita say something about earrings. Honestly, unless she wandered into a Pius V chapel, I can’t imagine a place where everyone’s in a floor length dress, no earrings, etc. Heck, I’ve even seen tattoos (not plugging those, just sayin’), so the portrait she tries to paint doesn’t hold true. She needs to take a good hard look at her article one more time, because the only “oppression” going on surrounding the “Latin Mass” is from people like her.

I’d love to ask Zita how she thought her screed would help the situation? Let’s just say she’s right (which she’s not). Doesn’t she think that this might further drive people to the imaginary bunker? Of course, people are going to be defensive at their fellow parishioners and priests being labeled cultish, and of course they’re going to say she doesn’t have a clue. Instead of thoughtful debate and dialogue (you know the thing that’s supposed to be the bomb unless it’s with a trad), I was just being subjected to watching the usual “I’m a martyr” tweets from her. Completely predictable. I suppose a millennial like her thinks that the world is just going to hand her a trophy, but at twenty-eight years old, she should be old enough to realize that there couldn’t be a positive outcome to an article like hers. She didn’t do it out of some loving move to save the Church, she just did it to poke a bear.

Of course, NcR is full of Zitas. It’s like watching all of the protestant churches who could be trying to lead souls to Christ in their own deficient way but every sermon turns out to be “The Catholic Church is so evil!” They have no game so all they can do is to cast aspersion on others. They can’t debate facts. All they can do is come up with unverifiable conjectures to try and make people as paranoid as them. This is why people are attracted to traditional parishes (not with a big “T”) in general. They want to hear how to be a better Catholic. They want to hear the teachings that go along with the readings for the Sunday. They want to be helped to heaven. Sadly, the liberals can’t fill that craving and people looking for faithful Catholicism in its many forms is growing. So they can keep trotting out their usual dog and pony show of stories about how somebody was so mean to someone else and they’re all like that and they’ll do the same to you but eventually people realize that dog has no bark.

Let me give you one last tip, Zita. Toughen up. You made a public statement and you got a public response. This does not a martyr make. If you can’t make public statements without being willing to take the criticism, do yourself a favor and get out of the op-ed business. It’s not the place for fragile snowflakes who can’t take disagreement. People criticize me all the time, but I don’t think I’ve banned a single person for it unless they got profane or downright crass, since that’s not exactly helpful for a good discussion. I don’t suppose, however, that’s exactly what you were looking for in the first place.



34 thoughts on “In Defense of My Trad Friends…

  1. I think you would be so fun to have coffee with! I have no clue who Zita is and won’t worry about her but I love your writing.

    I was thinking the other day about when one had to fast from midnight (I think) before going to Communion – which meant early Mass, and a mom trying to get the kids all spiffy for church. Strikes me that the veil was a practical way to hide a case of bed head:) Don’t jump on me those who have a devout reason to veil – I believe you. Sometimes a holy thing can be a practical thing too.


  2. Thanks, OMM. Probably like a lot of your readers, I am a TLM attendee. So, I appreciate the support. I read Zita’s piece, and quickly came to the conclusion that the young lady isn’t very bright or very mature. Then I checked out her twitter feed. I know you mentioned that she’s blocked you, but (perhaps from a different browser) check out Zita’s “10 Tips for Closed Minded Catholics” (1:23 PM – 23 Jun 2019). It’s truly a laundry list of hypocritical statements. “1. People who are different than you are not inferior to you.” “6. Telling others what to do with their lives is not helpful.” “8. Your own lifestyle is not ideal for everyone.” Poor girl likely can’t comprehend that SHE is violation of her own tips with respect to TLM people. Of course, her tips really aren’t sincere. She gives away the game in Tip #3: “Sex is definitely not the worst thing that can happen to someone.” And that’s what it always comes down to, isn’t it? Of course, that’s a straw man, as literally no one ever said that sex was the worst thing that could happen to someone. But what Catholics who are following perennial Church teaching say is that sexual intercourse is proper to a man and a woman in the context of marriage. And therein lies the problem for Zita. She’s just another bomb thrower who has a problem with Church teaching on sexual morality. And THAT’S what this is about. She has *accurately* identified TLM Catholics as a pocket of resistance to the sexual revolution juggernaut that the Fr Jimmy Martins, Cdls Tobins, Kaspers, Marxes, et al. of the Church are spearheading. Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of good Catholics following Church teaching at the Novus Ordo. There are. But Zita knows the poll numbers like everyone else, i.e., those showing that, by varying degrees, majorities of “Catholics” are in favor contraception, abortion, same-sex “marriage,” etc. Yeah, by and large, those “Catholics” aren’t at the TLM. And everyone knows it.

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    1. So, in other words, SHE’s the one who’s drunk the koolaid? I was reading her bio. She legally changed her name at 14. I think she’s received a little too much placating in life. It’s no wonder the “ban” button is her go to.


      1. I contacted her directly and the Natl. Catholic distorter. she writes her screed for. I pointed out that the Non Traditional Novis ordo liberal churches are Crashing and burning all over the Western world……..ln fact-. weekly mass going in documented at below 10 % in Germany ., Austria and my Native Ct, Usa, It is Down to One percent(AB Van Eiyk the source there) in Netherlands & Low Countries,, 4 % France,, 5% Uk. and East Canada is at 6%…. I also pointed out that FIFTY percent of N.O. churches are closing in Belgium and Chicagoland USA,, 75 % in Pitt Penn area, and NINETY percent are closing in Netherlands, Trier Ger.. and Rouen France…. All this while Byzantine & Maronite etc. and Latin Mass churches are thriving and expanding.. They never replied and they Banned me Oh Well !!!

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  3. I read that article – or at least as much as I could stomach of it. Whether one is a traditional Catholic or a liberal, that article was vile either way. I have heard a lot of unjust criticism against traditional Catholicism over the years – most of it hostile and negative but never did I come across anything as nasty as this one. For most of my life I have attended the Extraordinary form not from choice but because so many parishes abandoned the Latin Mass. I am just old enough to remember it with all the women wearing their veils. It was something I never forgot. Mum gave me hers last year and I treasure it though have not worn it yet. I can also remember a large Church (which was actually a schoolroom building converted to a Church in a new suburb, The actual Church building came much later.), was packed to the doors with families. These days, we think ourselves fortunate to have three-quarters of the Church full.

    Our Parish is not traditional Latin – more Extraordinary form. We have a vibrant parish life and some pretty decent and dedicated people who give unstintingly of themselves to the service and worship of God but, there has to be a ‘but’, we have some who are so toxic that life gets somewhat interesting. Sadly there is a small but influential group who try to impose their will on everyone else including telling the priest how to do his job. In 20 years in this parish we have had eight priests, seven of them who were seriously bullied. Other parishioners including self have been bullied at one time or another.
    Give me a Mass where the focus is solely and completely focused on the Transcendent God. And if God ordains that I should wear a veil, who am I to refuse Him?

    Ms Zita didn’t just try to poke the bear with a stick. She covered it with honey, stuck it into a wasps nest and then found the bear. I feel sorry for her. Negative experiences can happen anywhere.

    I like your articles. Keep up the good work.

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  4. Do not feel bad. I got banned from twitter for calling out Star trek ex ,zany -sodomite Sulu directly for being investigated for abuse of minor boys up in California. .. .. Plus a surprising ban from Life site news of all groups for commenting on Ab.. Dolan of Nyc.. I chastised his Cino Dolan’s Catering to homosexuals on The Parade at St. Patrick’s day and Dolan’s backbonelessness catering to Gov. Cuomos promtion.of Abortion , Euthanasia ,homosexual and transgender endlessly Vile agenda in Ny… Not sure exactly what I said about Dolan they Find So. Objectionable at L. F .s. News.. ……Nor Could Twitter stand myself For calling Sulu a hypocrite UNDER investigation by authorities while he tries to claim victim status because he is a sodomite. ….I NEVER use the term Gay to describe him and his ilk. That. Also includes Hubbard. ,Miquehli ,Obtien and Mc carrick. Cino perverts clergy And. Or bishops of Ny..

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    1. Can’t believe that of LifeSite. I think though now they’re beginning to get “red pulled”. I don’t go on Twitter anymore as I get too angry at some of the things. I’d get upset too at the Star Trek guy. So many of these Holkywoid stars are not someone you’d like to emulate, and that particulate one seems very active in the LGBT movement. As far as Cardinal Dolan, you were right to speak out. Now he’s even worse, a celebrity priest that cows to the secular . Last straw was him refusing to criticize Governors Cumo advocatin late term abortion and even death for newborns. I think as laity we need to speak out.

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  5. I guess you could call me a trad Catholic as I grew up with the Mass. I, like one of your posters remember fasting after midnight ( I went to the 11 am Mass because I belonged to a girls group that sang it). We dressed up but didn’t veil as we wore hats, and yes I know that’s really dating me. We attend a Latin Mass st a parish that also has the other one, but my husband prefers the TLM Mass without folk singing and such. I guess Zita would be dissapointed because although I do veil I wear slacks and a dressy blouse. At 76 I’m not up to wearing long skirts or dresses like some ( not all) do, mainly because I have to wear the ugly shoes for my feet. Yes, a lot of the ladies do dress up but have also seen jeans. My husband usually just has a nice shirt and slacks but no sport oat or suit. I do veil but not everyone does. I like it because if you have a bad hair day it covers it just like hats used to do. Zita would not have liked the dress code in the 50s. No sleeveless dresses, cap sleeves St least, and this was before a/c, crinoline petticoats and longer skirts. But this was the fashion then. But even at that era women did wear what you’d call “old lady dresses” and no one ever shamed them. Also we wore a lot of makeup and horrors, earrings. Oh, and high heeled shoes to complete the outfit. I never read her article, but I’ve never been shamed for wearing slacks nor has my husband for not wearing a suit. By the way, I remember my dad not dressing up either oat during summer months. The Church is composed of all kinds of people. I’ve seen what appears to be homeless men, women in saris ( at one parish) along with the little old ladies like me. Zita needs one virtue,charity. I don’t mind the NOVUS Mass and sometimes attend them when they’re done reverently, but outgrew the Kumbaya music in the 60s when it was popular. Love your columns as they’re funny. Keep up these good blog So!

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  6. Never heard of Zita, but loved your article. I started veiling two years ago to remind myself when I enter the church that I am going into the holy of holies. A few women in the congregation at my little NO parish do the same. At the time, I had just come off an Ignatian retreat with an FSSP priest and I love the Latin Mass for its silence and reverence. But I too mostly attend the Novus Ordo for a number of reasons.

    My observation is this: I don’t hear Michael Matt, a pillar of the TLM community, excoriating those who don’t attend the TLM. His recent Unite the Clans Catholic Identity Conference no doubt had many in the audience who only occasionally attend a TLM.

    When someone like Zita is so focused on attacking and personally criticizing others, I think it’s pride. My blog is like a moth to a flame from one pope-worshiping blogger. I stopped reading her stuff long ago. She loves to criticize me by name and calls bishops like Cardinal Burke, Athanasius Schneider, Cardinal Vigano, and others like Fr. Z “enemies of the pope.” I just shake my head and consider the source. And ignore her. I tried to engage at one point, but she’s as set in her ways as a man with his feet in a bucket of concrete. I doubt if she has much of an audience and wouldn’t send her any more.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll look forward to that coffee too if you get to the East Coast! Don’t your kids want to look at Christendom? There’s a room reserved at Camp Kreitzer for you any time!


    1. Yes – and perhaps a college trip to the U of Iowa – OK, it is a secular party school, but it has a very dynamic Newman Center:) – and my daughter came out a church going young adult, but then she was at the business school.


      1. Hello from Iowa City! Was your daughter at the business school when Father F was still heading up the Newman Center or after Father Jeff took over?


        1. My daughter lived at home and continued to attend Mass with the family most of the time at St. Mary’s though occasionally Sat. Night at the Newman Center. I think at the time Fr. Ed was nearing retirement and St. Mary’s priest and associate were covering many of the Newman Center Masses along with an African priest studying medicine (?) at the U. St. Mary’s and the Newman Center are 2 blocks apart for those who don’t know IC.

          I attended the Thursday 9pm student All Saint’s Day Vigil Mass (long story including a Halloween party and a sprained foot of another daughter) just this past Oct. 31st. It was presided over by Fr. Jeff and held at St. Mary’s – possibly because St. Mary’s is full of statues of saints. It was very well attended and wonderfully done. I was amazed to see so many students attending on a Holy Day of Obligation – and there were 4 other Masses in walking distance that students also may have attended – so not the only Mass, and the Church was quite full.

          Another daughter attends the Latin Mass on Sunday’s at St. Pats. She is part of the Young Adult Catholic group in the area. She also has helped out with music at the Newman Center working with Joe M. director of the Newman singers. My Latin Mass attending daughter will also be an altar server at an NO Mass if needed – we are liturgically flexible:)


  7. Zita banned me too. Oh well. But while I am a guy who loves the TLM, I try not to be crazy.

    Unfortunately, there is some crazy news today. Bishop Athanasius Schneider, just announced to the world that he rejects Vatican II, at least in part, and he gave a big interview to the SSPX guy Michael Matt. Schneider, who we once thought was a good stand up guy, is actually breaking away from the one real church and going over to join the renegades of the SSPX (if not officially, then in fact and deed, because he is saying everything they say)

    Schneider told Raymond Arroyo on Thursday that one should not read the Catechism of the Catholic church, instead we should read “the old catechism”. Which is straight out of the SSPX playbook. He denounces Vatican II’s sections on religious liberty (which he appears not to really understand well) and basically is de facto leaving the church and heading for the crazy conspiracy land of Taylor Marshall, Michael Matt and so on

    Hats off to real FSSP priests, who stick with the church and bring us the TLM, without such craziness and protestant like rebellion against the church.

    Pope Francis wins again! He drove Schneider nuts. Now the only question is whether Schneider will have to be excommunicated.


    1. Hello Melanie. I don’t want to get into it here, but please be aware that SSPX is not in schism, and the very existence of FSSP, Institute of Christ the King, the Extraordinary Form etc, all owe their existence to the efforts of SSPX. So much of what has been said of them is disinformation. Many bishops, cardinals, priests, theologians, and participants in the Vatican II Council agree that much problems surround the Council’s documents and that we need to be honest about those problems. There is so much in your post that I would challenge, but I just ask that you allow yourself to understand where critics of the Vat. II and the Novus Ordo are coming from. You might be surprised by beauty, goodness and truth. I know that I was. Your post reads almost verbatim how I would have responded a few years ago before I allowed myself the challenge that I just gave you.

      Blessings sister.


  8. One snide remark I see fairly often is the so-called fashionable calling some traditional ladies and their girls “Amish Catholics” due to dress wear that their daughters and them wear. What I have found is that the “fashion” of these young mothers and girls is mostly due to economics and sturdiness. Most traditional young families have many children so they purchase or make a sturdy “pass to the next child” dresses. The young girls often play after Mass with the boys climbing trees, running races, playing tag. The young girls need sturdy, simple dresses. The same young mothers at a wedding reception, sans children, will wear a different fashion. Also, many young mothers don’t have the time and money to spend on makeup, hair styling, nails, etc.

    The fashionable ladies discussing the “Amish Catholics” is like harping on a mechanic that wears dull plain coveralls. They deride practicality.


  9. I have yet to attend any parish that doesn’t have its own breed of holier-than-thou people who think their way of “Catholic” is the only way of “Catholic”

    Heh. I live in a small (17,000 pop.) town 25 miles w/nw of Milwaukee. A few years ago, a new Pastor was appointed for one of the two local parishes, and he brought on a new “liturgical director” who wanted to institute an Ordinary Form Latin Mass. Not an OLD RITE one, but a New Rite one.

    It took a few months until the Pastor was told “That is NOT how we do things in ______________” There were, perhaps, 2 or 3 latin Masses which took place, NONE on Sundays. See, in this little town, the natives are quite Modern and far more Catholic than those Traddy Latin types who fast and wear veils and actually smell funny, too.


  10. For clarification I want to make it clear that I belong to a novus ordo parish in the Diocese of Arlington and only occasionally attend the TLM. Neither the FSSP or the SSPX has a parish near where I live, although there is Sunday TLM at a diocesan parish about 45 minutes away.

    I watched the interview with Michael Matt and Bishop Schneider and the bishop did no such thing. In fact, Bishop Schneider is on record upholding the pope. He, like many bishops, has criticized the “ambiguities” in the Vatican II documents. They have never been addressed and have been used to confuse three generations of Catholics. That is a fact and not a “rejection” of the Council.

    Bishop Schneider points out in his book, Christus Vincit, that the Council Fathers failed to address any of the objections of Archbishop Lefebvre, arguing from “authority” without responding to his theological reasoning. That was a grave injustice in my opinion.

    Michael Matt recently brought together both the FSSP and SSPX at his Catholic Identity Conference with the theme, “Unite the Clans.” Apparently, Also, if you look at the YouTube video of the meeting during the synod introducing Bishop Schneider’s book you will see in the front row Cardinal Arinze, Cardinal Mueller, Cardinal Burke, and theologian Robert de Mattei. There is no protestant rebellion coming from any of these men. To accuse Bishop Schneider of “leaving the Church” is unjust and you’ll have to make a real case for it. Where, for example, is the evidence that he “just announced to the world that he rejects Vatican II?” I presume that is your interpretation of something he said, but you also apparently banish Michael Matt and Taylor Marshall from the Church, and perhaps Raymond Arroyo?

    I’m reading Bishop Schneider’s book and it is an incredible witness to his love for the faith, for Holy Mother Church, and, yes, the pope. Did Paul hate Peter when he corrected him at Antioch?

    By the way, the SSPX is NOT excommunicated. They have no canonical status, but they validly (although illicitly) can confer the sacrament of marriage and give absolution in confession. Their Masses are also valid, though illicit, and many priests have said that Catholics whose local Masses are the equivalent of the Cong Show can go to the SSPX (Fr. John Hardon for one), particularly if they see a threat to their children’s faith.

    You can read about the status of the SSPX at:


    1. I’m reading his book too and I don’t see him breaking away but just trying to bring back a little of the piety we used to have in our churches. He does say that some of the documents were okay but others fuzzy and questionable due to the way the language is stated, so this is confusing. He doesn’t like Communion in the hand and altar girls but this isn’t a SSPX thing as many of us Catholics don’t care for it. I have his as an e book but I like it so much I may buy the book to give to our pastor for Christmas.


    2. This is the eternal run around that the SSPX always gives. They are always rebelling against the church and then telling you they are not rebelling at all. Schneider says that parts of Vatican II are in error. You even say that he says that supposedly Vatican II owes Lefebvre an explanation for something. But Lefevbvre had to be excommunicated. No one owes him any explanation and if Scheider said that, he is obviously breaking away from the church. I am so tired of them constantly running the church down, then claiming they have done nothing at all. All we get are long winded explanations of how justified their breaking away is.


        1. Also, they always justify their rebellion against the church by referring to Athanasius. YOU are not Athanasius. You are more like Martin Luther. See? all of your explanations are simply justifications for leaving the church and rejecting Vatican II and all that. I like the TLM, but you always try to trick anyone who goes to the TLM to join you in your rejection of the Catholic church, you want them to rebel alon g with you. Always the elaborate justifications.


      1. I have no connection to SSPX. I’ve never been to one of their masses nor have I even met one of their priests BUT Abp Lefebvre’s diagnosis in the 1970s & ’80s that the Church had taken a wrong turn and was heading for disaster seems to be vindicated on a daily basis. Many of us, including me perhaps, believed that, sure, maybe things got out of hand with Vatican 2 but that John Paul 2 and Benedict 16 had more or less put things back on track. That turns out to have been wrong. When we see the train off the tracks under Pope Francis with a veritable French Revolution brewing in the Church, Lefebvre turns out to have right about essentially everything. The German Synod is the epicenter of the revolution and unless there’s some intervention from Rome, there will soon be no daylight between the German Catholic Church and the German Lutheran church: married clergy, gay marriage, women clergy, gay clergy, gay married clergy, Heck, I’m not sure if even Lefebvre would have believed that things would have gotten this insane so quickly.

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        1. Lefebvre is a saint. This retired bishop stood up to the avalanche of modernist rubbish that have reduced the one holy Catholic Church into a debating society of confusion.
          Get to know SSPX – and don’t believe the lies you are told about being licit. The sacraments are ALL valid as per the Popes.


  11. I don’t think the timing of the screed in NCR is accidental. Zita and the NCR aren’t the ultimate source of this op-ed. Rome is. Poor Zita was called on to be their sock puppet. Previously, Francis was “friendly ” (i.e., not overtly hostile) to the SSPX. With Fr. Pagliarani’s letter publicly calling for acts of reparation for the scandal and sacrilege caused by the worship of the Pachamama idols, the gloves are now off and this was the first salvo in the coming battle.

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  12. They want to hear how to be a better Catholic. They don’t want to hear the teachings that go along with the readings for the Sunday.

    I’m puzzled. I understood the purpose of the homily is to teach how to be a better Catholic. Maybe I’m missing something.


  13. I sadly read the article, and having discovered the gem of Catholic tradition and faith (without the modernist hypocrisy and subjectivity) I was unmoved by the reading, and instead sought the origin of this women’s toxicity.
    There were a couple of flashing red lights, but suffice to say that the young women needs a lot of growing up, into the reality that the beautiful reverent Catholic mass does not serve her fiery red head being veiled or any contemporary German concoction of faith.
    We go to mass to adore and bow before God and be spiritually enriched by the sacraments. Like a date with the love of your life – you dress and act with respect.
    The priest is not your mate, psychologist or pal. You don’t have to like, speak to , or associate with him. And vice versa. You go to church for the sacraments.

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