How About a Little Clarity Cardinal Cupich?

Phil Lawler is mad and I agree. Cardinal Cupich, Fr. Martin, Fr. Rosica, and the rest of the minions love to throw out arguments that are completely and utterly fictional. Notice I have ZERO problem naming names. OK, I write under a pseudonym, but that’s because I want to be able to keep doing work in my Catholic locality much to the chagrin of the local minions. The minions, however, do it because if they named names they would actually have to have an honest debate, and they don’t really want to do that, so they throw the mythological meanies out there. I challenge them to put up or shut up. Be specific. Cardinal Cupich, of all people, claims to want clarity. So, Cardinal Cupich, be clear.

Here is Phil Lawler’s tongue lashing which everyone should be modeling.

 By Phil Lawler (bio – articles – email) | Mar 09, 2018

 In his latest column for the Chicago archdiocesan newspaper, Cardinal Blase Cupich—who styles himself as a champion of civil dialogue within the Church—lashes out at people who disagree with Pope Francis:

“For this reason, it is not surprising that we occasionally hear voices, unfortunately often expressed in print and broadcast media claiming to be Catholic, who criticize Pope Francis for introducing topics such as discernment, dialogue, mercy, gradualness to help us understand better our Christian lives.”

Is that the way the cardinal proposes to “accompany” people who are “at the margins” of the Church? By questioning whether they are really Catholic—and going on to speculate about whether their thoughts are motivated by fear or by a failure to believe in the Resurrection?

But beyond that, I have two more questions:

1. Yes, there have been people (myself included) who protest when terms like “discernment” are used to camouflage an unwillingness to call a sin a sin, and a scandal a scandal. But those are complaints about the way these words are used—one might say misused. But who are these people who criticize the Pope for introducing those terms into the discussion? Name one.


This is where it gets very interesting. For one thing, he points out that there is quite a difference between promoting discernment, dialogue, mercy, gradualness, etc., and Cardinal Cupich’s use and definitions of such terms. Cardinal Cupich and the minions are using very liberal definitions and interpretations and calling them the same as the Church. It’s a wee bit like they used Josef Pieper’s “Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power” as a playbook rather than a warning.  It’s creepy.

2. And by the way, which of those terms did Pope Francis introduce? Cardinal Cupich himself mentions that Pope Benedict XVI spoke of “gradualness”—although the cardinal gives a highly tendentious rendering of the retired Pontiff’s thoughts on the subject. The words “discernment” and “dialogue” appear in the 50-year old dictionary on my desk. And I seem to recall reading something about “mercy” in the Bible.

Right. Nobody’s against those things. They are against the contradictory definitions put out by the minions.

Here’s part of the description of “Abuse of Language, Abuse of Power.”

…language has been abused so that, instead of being a means of communicating the truth and entering more deeply into it, and of the acquisition of wisdom, it is being used to control people and manipulate them to achieve practical ends. Reality becomes intelligible through words. Man speaks so that through naming things, what is real may become intelligible. This mediating character of language, however, is being increasingly corrupted. Tyranny, propaganda, mass-media) destroy and distort words. They offer us apparent realities whose fictive character threatens to become opaque.

If this doesn’t sound like Cardinal Cupich and the minions, I don’t know what does! For all the “clarity” Cardinal Cupich espouses, it’s more like mud. In their “say it often and it will be true” world, they are causing mass confusion with the laity who just want to see their priest as someone they can trust. The distortions of Church teaching among the minions is incredible. “Church teachings and those following them are simply mean, vindictive people.” Please.

Back to Phil Lawler:

Do I sound angry? Yes, I am angry—at the tactics of those who, while speaking in lofty terms about open dialogue and respectful debate, do their utmost to impugn the motivations and question the good faith of those who disagree with them.

Exactly!  When the minions constantly preach “tolerance” and then have none for anyone who disagrees with them, the ad hominems are launched. Their tactic is to say “THEY believe in the teachings of the Church.  THEY want you to struggle. THEY are mean.  Listen to OUR nice, soothing sirens’ songs and we’ll lead you.”  Blech! 

While I was trying to provide you with an Amazon link for Pieper’s book, I came across a good book review. Here’s a snippet. Thank you James E. Egolf, whoever you are! Never thought I’d be using an Amazon review. 

Pieper begins this book with a serious treatment of Plato’s (427-347 BC) serious dispute with the Ancient Athenian sophists who taught men to use clever words and communication to deceive men with total disregard for truth. Plato argued that the sophists were very dangerous men because of their intellectual prowess and supposed sophistication. The unlearned could be easily misled and become dangerous because of the respect given to the sophists which they did not deserve. Readers may ask what is the relevance of the dispute between Plato and the sophists to modern Western “Civilization.” One answer may be studied in the Bolshevik (Communist) Revolution in Russia in 1917. Those who engineered this revolution were members of a declasse intelligensia who knew the use and abuse of language.

Pieper then makes a solid point that any communication (language) between an honest man and a liar is useless since the liar has nothing to offer leading to knowledge. Pieper states in effect that the honest man may just as well be talking to thin air, or hot air. The liar is trying to manipulate and gain power over the honest man which is destructive to the honest man if he unaware.

Pieper has an interesting explanation of the destructiveness of flattery. The flatterer is trying to intellectually disarm those whom he flatters to gain advantage. A knowledgeable man who is honest is immune to such flattery. However, flattery can be used to undermine the victim to the advantage dishonest person. A good example is in the Book of Genesis whereby the snake successfully flatters Eve to her destruction as well that of Adam.

Again, who comes to mind here?!?!  I almost always get that creepy visual of satan talking to Eve whenever I read or watch Cardinal Cupich, Fr. Martin, Bishop McElroy, and the rest of the minions. They are preying on people. It’s not always that the people are unaware of the Church’s teachings or that Cupich, Martin, et. al., are contradicting them, but since the minions are so good about preying on peoples’ fears of being lonely, struggling, being judged, being ostracized, etc., some will listen. Classic predator style. This is why we should care and also be very, very upset along with Phil. #CatholicCyberMilitia 


11 thoughts on “How About a Little Clarity Cardinal Cupich?

  1. This isn’t just Cardinal Cupich. I have seen these attacks on, or corrections of …. someone, but I’m never sure who… ever since Francis took office. That was one of the first warning signs I had that things were going south in Rome. I’d hear the Pope’s criticism and think, “Who, exactly, do you mean, Holy Father? I think you might actually mean me in those attacks, but if you do, you’ll need to be a little more specific. Name the names of the men in the Church that I would follow, men like Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Sarah. Don’t just allude to them as being nasty, merciless Pharisees. Name them flat out.” But that takes courage. I can’t say I agree about these men misusing their intellectual gifts, though, because I honestly don’t think that intellectual ability is the strong point of any of them. Really very much the opposite. Fortunately there are good things coming of this. The cardinals who are worth following are becoming clearer and clearer in their opposition, and the laity are really coming through. I learn a lot more from lay sources lately than I do from Church leadership. God is offering grace through the support that we can give each other.

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  2. Just to be clear, the “men misusing their gifts” aren’t Cardinal Burke or Cardinal Sarah. They are spiritual and intellectual giants in the Church, and I”m so grateful for them!

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  3. Yes. Your analogy is perfect. Satan is masquerading as an angel of light; a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    We know the fuzzy sheep is not as he seems, because the eyes; those cold, yellow eyes are not sheep eyes.

    We know the angel of light is not as he seems, because we feel cold and confused in his presence, not warmth or illumination. Sin, destruction and despair seems to follow him wherever the regal fellow goes; not holiness, righteousness, faith, hope, charity.

    So we must act on that. Eve had no excuse. Flattery and the power of Lucifer’s intellect were no excuse on her behalf before God. He clearly laid out the Law. She disobeyed. Separation and death. Her choice, her punishment, even though encouraged by the master of all manipulators.

    We are complicit unless we name names and refuse unlawful, illegitimate authority. The Bishops and Cardinals are universally complicit. All of them. None of them has come to our defense. I will not be turned. I will keep my eyes on the Universal Church of all Ages, and follow Christ through the path and commandments set down for me; just as they were for Adam and Eve.


  4. Amen, Mad Mom! I’m mad right along with you.
    I noticed this though, and I’m pretty sure you intended to say something else, but you left out the word “don’t.”

    “Their tactic is to say “THEY believe in the teachings of the Church. THEY want you to struggle. THEY are mean.”

    They *don’t* believe in the teachings of the Church… am I right?


  5. I used to follow Fr Martin having enjoyed some of his books. He has become increasingly militant about the LBGTQ cohort, women priests and deacons and the rights of transgender. You never see him post anything about life issues, about vocations, about catechizing the people in the pews. If you disagree with him, he will block you but not before he allows his minions to savage you relentlessly. Cardinal Cupich, Tobin, et al are likewise totally disingenuous when anyone speaks up about the confusing writings and speech of Pope Francis. You are correct…no one is against mercy or accompanying someone on their journey but they are supposed to be journeying away from sin, not toward it. I just discovered your blog and have signed up to follow you.

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  6. CNN is currently running a sensationalized mini-series on the papacy that lacks considerable in terms of accuracy but does get one thing correct. We have always had high churchmen that did not live up to their office and that probably will continue in the future as humanity is not yet perfected.

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