‘N Syncretism

Every time I hear some new little statement from the “Pan-Amazonian Synod,” AKA Project Chaos, the hypocrisy is deafening.

First, a little history on the Jesuits in South America. In the 1700s, they actually built “reductions”, or missions, to protect the indigenous people from slavery, educated them, cared for them, taught them trades, etc. Maintaining the “indigenous culture” was not their focus. Teaching the indigenous to be self-sufficient, educated and, oh, Christian was their goal. Leaving them poor, enslaved and heathen was not. Due to political problems back in Spain and Portugal, though, they were overrun and driven out. Until then, they were THE missionary force in South America. All others paled in comparison.

These days, the Protestants are pretty much following the same model and kicking our collective Catholic behinds in missionary efforts. Catholicism there is in free fall and Protestantism on the rise. Meanwhile, the Jesuits there are so concerned about the indigenous culture that the Protestants are outscoring them on all points. My guess is some of them are even more Catholic than the Jesuits. Sigh.

So, when I hear quotes like this I want to say “Hold up!”

“If everything continues as it was, if we spend our days content that “this is the way things have always been done”, then the gift vanishes, smothered by the ashes of fear and concern for defending the status quo.” 

Of course, this is going to be used as the reason why we need women priests, married priests and a variety of things. “We can’t possibly continue with the way it’s being done, because that won’t bring people to a burning love for God!” But, again, wait! When it comes to indigenous culture, haven’t we’ve been told that we must respect the way it’s always been done in the Amazonian culture first and foremost? Anyone see the hypocrisy there?!?!?! Church tradition bad. Amazonian tradition good. Uh, hello! Does anyone believe in converting pagans anymore??? (Well, besides the Protestants?!) Nope, we’re going straight for the syncretism condemned in Ecclesium Suam.


88. But the danger remains. Indeed, the worker in the apostolate is under constant fire. The desire to come together as brothers must not lead to a watering down or whittling away of truth. Our dialogue must not weaken our attachment to our faith. Our apostolate must not make vague compromises concerning the principles which regulate and govern the profession of the Christian faith both in theory and in practice.

An immoderate desire to make peace and sink differences at all costs (irenism and syncretism) is ultimately nothing more than skepticism about the power and content of the Word of God which we desire to preach. The effective apostle is the man who is completely faithful to Christ’s teaching. He alone can remain unaffected by the errors of the world around him, the man who lives his Christian life to the full.

Somehow looking like a member of the One True Church and bringing that faith to the indigenous people has now become proselytizing. It’s insane. Meanwhile, the non-Catholic groups that stole the supposedly old, broken down, Catholic model of looking like what you are, caring for people, educating them and bringing the faith to them while not engaging in syncretism are booming with conversions. Huh. Go figure. I’m sure if they had vocations, they’d be booming too.

Just as I was about to send this to One Mad Dad for editing, I ran across this piece from Fr. Longenecker. I thought it good. In it, he brings up Fr. Martin, SJ, who adheres to the epic failure that is the new Jesuit missionary tactic. I often think about the story Fr. Martin tells of his long time, same-sex “married” friend. All the “building of bridges” hasn’t brought this man out of the same-sex lifestyle. The outcome of the syncretism of his outreach has had the same outcome of the Jesuits’ modern-day missionaries. Sadly, all of these missionaries have ended up looking a lot more like the people they’re supposed to be bringing to the Faith than the other way around. Honestly, those of us trying to keep our kids Catholic know this is what happens. The more you try to look like the rest of society, the more you end up just like it, and it’s a huge tip-off to parents that it’s time to have some concern. There’s a difference between living in the world and being of the world. The Jesuits have lost that logic right along with the Faith. And this synod?  It’s definitely lost that sight, too.





14 thoughts on “‘N Syncretism

  1. Pope Benedict’s warning about ‘relativism’ being a great enemy of Christianity today resounds throughout the Amazon with this upcoming synod. The drum beat of never imposing our beliefs on others since “what is good for you may not be good for me” or “your truth is not my truth” has turned our Church’s missionary spirit on it’s head and almost worthless. Christ’s command of “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” has been watered down if not ignored outright for fear of unbalancing the ‘all religions are equal’ lie. If a little commonsense were used some of our Church leaders would realize that Christ said “no one comes to the Father except through me” and not through Buddha, Confucius, a stack of stones in England, indigenous trees planted even at the Vatican or any other creation. Christ alone is our salvation.

    My fear however is that I’m afraid our shepherds have lost their faith as a whole or do not believe certain aspects of it. They have been led to believe that divine doctrine can be tweaked and molded in different ways in different ages to accommodate peoples who have not heard the Word or have trouble obeying the Word of God as taught by our ancient Church. I fear our own leaders have trouble with the Word and project their own weakness of accepting the Truth to others.

    Efforts are being made to change our Faith in different ways to accommodate people of different cultures and incorporating pagan beliefs into our own faith. It will take and is taking great strength on our part in order to hold on to the True faith. As it stands now I don’t see too many bishops willing to take charge and lead the people to the Truth.


  2. I’ll be honest with you, I’m grateful to the Protestants. At least they preach Christ. The Jesuits do not.
    Hey, the church has had Christendom to make flourish or wreck, and they chose wreck. Barring a divine intervention, which we actually are looking for, the church as we know it is done. It will continue in the small communities. Those of us who attend the diocesan TLM, if they wreck that, we’ll go FSSP. Barring that, we’ll hope for itinerant priests who hold Holy Mass out in fields or in basements. It may come, it’s not just pie in the sky, it may be our future. OUR future, not even our kids or grandkids. But God is in His heaven, and though nothing’s right with the world, He will not leave us.
    We’re all gaslighted, all corrupted, because for crying out loud, the pope blessed praying to demons in the Vatican garden. We now know those weren’t Our Lady and St. Elizabeth, lol, and that wasn’t the little male idol’s “arm”.
    And oh boy, the hero of the conservatives…Cardinal Robert Sarah….what did HE have to say to the suffering flock in our time of pain? “A Catholic who criticizes the pope puts himself OUTSIDE the church”. One must ask Cdl. Sarah if he remembered St. PAUL criticized the pope! According to him St. Paul would be outside the church! Well if St. Paul is outside the church, then I want to be where HE is, and all the other saints who have criticized the pope as well.
    We have NO heroes yet. None. Still waiting….
    God bless all Catholics who are confused, suffering, and frightened. Don’t worry too much, God is with us and promised never to leave us alone. This is a time for Church Militant to put on armor and never give in. Never. Be as determined as the destroyers are. More!


    1. Oh, come on! Next you’ll be saying Santeria isn’t a beautiful inculturation of Catholicism and a model for the future of the Church! Note how Santeria “walks with” various indigenous elements and has priestesses as well as priests!


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    1. @standtall909 — That quote does not seem to be the one Kate R. is referencing. Its meaning, at any rate, is entirely different.


    1. Glad you are pointing this out. We should always ‘verify’ because who really knows the validity anymore. Good point….thanks…


  3. I keep having this nightmare vision of a parade of bishops, at the end of this…synod, proudly parading forth in paint, feathers, and snazzy penis sheaths.


    1. Be not therefore solicitous for to morrow; for the morrow will be solicitous for itself. Sufficient for the day is the evil thereof.


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