Primacy of Conscience? The Arinze Smackdown of the False Notions

In light of Fr. James Martin, SJ’s deceitful statements today on “primacy of conscience” found here in regards to a very openly titled NY Times article, I think this deserves a reblog since it address Fr. Martin and his ilk’s attempt to twist primacy of conscience to mean anything goes. The attempt to mislead souls is vile.

One Mad Mom

Here’s an important little lesson that apparently was rarely taught in the Catholic schools around these San Francisco Bay Area (or maybe it was taught in a purposely twisted manner):

Well, this a tad bit awkward for the San Francisco liberals. Somebody just told them they were way off base with that new “primacy of conscience” argument they’ve been trying to float this past year. Heck, it was a complete smack down of their feeble attempt.

Most recently, it was Archbishop Cupich trying this argument, but San Francisco is always ahead of the curve in the dissent game. Here we find Father Jack McClure floating the same argument almost a whole month earlier:

“I feel bad about this. I feel bad for the parish. I feel bad about this silencing,” said McClure. “But I want to make it known I appreciate the generosity Archbishop Cordileone has shown me and…

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5 thoughts on “Primacy of Conscience? The Arinze Smackdown of the False Notions

  1. It is absolutely stunning that Father Martin keeps lying and lying and lying and lying. Its almost as if he thinks lying will be successful these days. But we have the Catechism to look these things up. So we know he is lying almost as fast as he comments on something


    1. What is more stunning is that he isn’t silenced or excommunicated but allowed to continue.


  2. Every time Father Martin posts something new like this I think it can’t possibly get any worse and then it does. I think “stunning” like Melanie said is the perfect word. It’s actually shocking. I couldn’t even get myself to read the article. I’ve been trying to pray for Father Martin more. Once I realized that it actually pained me to pray for him, I realized I better get busy doing it as much as possible.

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  3. Wow OMM, you did it again. THANK YOU Thank you Deo gratias for your ability to help us navigate these times.


    Nancy Brockhoff

    Wake Forest NC

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