I completely reject the ideas expressed in these two tweets. Why? Because they’re completely designed to shut us up. And, quite frankly, they are both complete lies. If this was going to increase Sr. Joan’s presence, Fr. Martin wouldn’t be whining about it. He knows that, good-hearted Catholics, well-catechized or not, will listen to their cardinals, bishops and priests and that terrifies him when his idols get smacked down.


“It’s just going to increase her crowds,” “The Church doesn’t want you thinking for yourself,” or “You’re immature!” is like having that little devil sitting on your shoulder trying to dissuade people from doing right.  It’s akin to Satan trying to tempt Christ. Trying to create doubt to silence people or prevent them from taking action is a HUGE tool in Satan’s tool belt and Fr. Martin uses them often. Nice try. 

As a woman, the comparison between St. Hildegard or St. Catherine and Joan Chittister is OFFENSIVE. These woman are my idols and Sr. Joan is the polar opposite of them.  They embraced wholeheartedly the truths of the Church and defended them. Sr. Joan? Not even close. She quite often rails against them, downplays them, or tries to drag them into the really big tent with things that are not truths of the Church.

Anyone who encourages people to dissent from Catholics teachings shouldn’t be given a platform, especially priests and religious. We have the world for that.  We don’t need people wearing the uniform (Just kidding, she rejects that) or bearing the title trying their best to confuse the faithful. It’s ridiculous to suggest that the Church should give them a stage. It’s like suggesting that Coke should let Pepsi advertise in their commercials.

Can we talk about the lame accusation that those opposed to Sr. Joan are somehow immature?  Well, I would be in very good company. How about every pope who has affirmed the all-male priesthood? Those silly little popes. Who’s immature one, Fr. Martin? “You’re immature because you disagree with me and my peeps!” doesn’t fly with most of the world, Fr. Martin and it’s intellectually dishonest. It’s simply an ad hominem attack with zero back up to quiet the masses.

Lastly, I’ll mention again his other argument that cancelling Sr. Joan will encourage bigger crowds. First of all, he knows that’s likely not true but let’s say for fun that it is? When, exactly, did the Church base anything on popularity? Christ lost followers speaking the truth. That’s the example we should follow. The Church’s goal should never be to do the popular or avoid the unpopular.  The Church’s goal should be do to what’s right to protect the faithful. Mission accomplished in this instance. Our Church hierarchy should have the same reaction to Sr. Joan as Nancy “I’m a Catholic” Pelosi.  Neither should be given any credence because they don’t actually agree or embrace many Church teachings. They just both self-aggrandizing babes. They promote bitterness against and rejection of Church teachings. They are about as necessary to the faith as, say, Madonna. They might be popular among the old feminist crowd but they are useless to faithful Catholics trying to get to heaven. They’re goals are to rule here on earth and they’re actually the ones that lack the maturity to see the big picture.


25 thoughts on “Rejected!

  1. I know you’re busy! Keep beating this drum! Check out Dr Taylor Marshall and Timothy Gordon on Utube. Get ready for your head to spin. You may have already seen this filth. It will bolster your resolve exposing James Martin and his ilk, as if you needed any more resolve 😂

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    1. Stay clear of Conspiracy theorist Taylor Marshall. He sounds reasonable at first, then all of a sudden you are knee deep in lots of weird conspiracy theories. He started out normal, then every video got a little weirder. He says John Paul the First was murdered, that freemasons took over the church. He is very deceptive and will mislead a lot of people At times he totally drops the conspiracy stuff, when interviewed he sometimes acts totally reasonable. Then a few days later, he is talking about whether Giant Banana peels from Venus are controlling Pope Francis.

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      1. What? BananaPeels? Ludicrous. Everyone knows they are Fried Frogs from right here in Fredonia, Wisconsin!

        That aside, if one cannot exercise discernment while listening to Marshall, E Mike Jones, (et al, including “Fr. Z”), one should stick to the Rosary.


      2. Sorry, I have to say I disagree.

        Two years ago, of course, I would have said the same as you. Someone says, “Freemasons!” and I shrug and say, “May be, but nutcases are worse.”

        The difficulty is that now nearly every relevant assertion made in Marshall’s book (“Infiltration”) has been independently, publicly confirmed, often by secular law-enforcement or persons making statements-against-interest.

        Marshall mostly just lists and footnotes the relevant evidence.

        And, be honest: He doesn’t say anything, even figuratively, about “giant banana peels” controlling Pope Francis. He does NOT claim it’s all some big conspiracy by Masonic lodges or Illuminati.

        Marshall plainly states that the heretics in high position today, as a whole, are not “freemasons,” even though some of their earlier fellow-travellers 100 years ago were. He documents the ones who were, but notes that the current crowd have no reason to be members of powerless, irrelevant secret societies. After the 1980’s, “freemasonry!” became a red herring, not relevant to the problematic prelates.

        What Marshall says is that too many of the current hierarchy are Modernists.

        That is, these bad churchmen hold an up-to-date version of the collection of heresies previously condemned in the Oath against Modernism. They don’t believe Jesus was God. They don’t believe the differences between various religions really matter. They don’t believe anyone really can know moral or theological truth. They don’t know how to distinguish good from bad other than according to what feels like “being nice.” And, out of self-interest, these men habitually act in ways which undermine Church teaching, transforming the Church’s public face into that of a mere charitable-works NGO with religious trappings.

        Does anybody doubt that?

        And, Marshall says that Satan is happy that this change has happened, and actively helped to make it happen.

        Does anybody doubt that?

        And, Marshall notes that a fairly large number of the persons surrounding the pope, and of the persons whose careers are advanced by him, seem to publicly favor normalizing homosexual acts.

        Whether that’s because they are known, practicing homosexuals themselves (like Cardinals Francesco Coccopalmerio and “Nighty-Night” Tobin) or whether it’s merely because they’re allies of those who are (e.g. Cardinal Cupich) isn’t terribly relevant. Taylor Marshall’s book documents — with citations — the 100-year-plus history of such persons rising to high office in the Church. Bernadin begat McCarrick. Daneels begat a whole crowd in the Curia, apparently. Who have McCarrick and Cupich and Tobin begotten?

        I don’t think there’s much room for argument about it any more.

        Now I agree that Marshall gets into spooky X-Files territory with Gordon, sometimes, and I wish he didn’t. Too much speculation about the Third Secret of Fatima and stuff like that. Our Lady is praying for us, and Christ ultimately will be the victor. Anything else, we have to remember, isn’t public revelation.

        But it’s hard to argue with the historical documentation. On that, Taylor Marshall is solid.


      3. Infiltration is based on facts. Whether you choose to agree with that or not is immaterial. Freemasons have infiltrated the Church and are all over our secualer governments. We had better know our enemy.


  2. Joan Chittister is a heretic. St. John the Apostle tells us how to deal with heretics like hers and her hand puppet, Fr. Martin: “The story is recorded in the 2nd century book Against Heresies by St. Irenaeus. Irenaeus had been a disciple of St. Polycarp, who had been a disciple of John. It’s from this direct line to John that Irenaeus got his information.

    “At the end of the 1st century, there was a gnostic heretic named Cerinthus. Among other things, he denied the Virgin Birth, denied that Jesus was the Christ his whole life, and taught that Christians were required to follow the Mosaic Law.

    One day, John went inside a public bathhouse, but quickly spotted Cerinthus inside. John immediately ran out of the building, exclaiming to those with him, ‘Let us fly, lest even the bath-house fall down, because Cerinthus, the enemy of the truth, is within!'” (Against Heresies, 3.3.4) . [From Church Pop website —

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  3. quite honestly, I’ve never heard of this nun (or nut) before. But I have read both St. Catherine of Siena as well as St. Hildegard and both of those women were outspoken about moral corruption in the clergy. That is far different than speaking out about key Church teachings. St. Hildegard was invited to speak to a conference of clergy and she just laid into them about corruption, immorality and straying from Church teachings and being true and faithful to what God has called them to be and do. The response to her rather scathing talk was that they asked for a copy of the speech. Fr. Martin in comparing this “nut” to these two Doctors of the Church does an incredible disservice to both these incredible saints and Doctors of the Church. In other words, he is spreading lies about what they were about. In fact, St. Hildegard was very hard on those that backed out of their vows of celibacy and chastity. That doesn’t sound like Sr. nut here.

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  4. We are sorely battered and fighting on all secular fronts attacks against our Church whether they be on abortion, contraception, homosexual acts/unions and a constant struggle against a government seeking to restrict our religious freedoms. As a result of these battles we seldom realize that its the Martin’s and the Chittister’s that are the most deadly of enemies of our Church. They are the enemy from within, like a cancer growing within a body until it causes great damage to its living tissue. They cannot destroy the Church but the lost souls because of their false teachings will be immeasurable.

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  5. Boycott her in Australia and J. Martins events at Sacred Heart Cino col. in Fairfield Ct. tonight . A need for Bishops in Melbourne, St. Loius Missouri and Bpt. ct. to follow the Indiana AB . Ban these apostates like this Very Apostate Nun ,Massingale. Heretic St. Louis Conf., Amer. Assoc. of CINO Catholic priests, and Martin from any VATICAN post or Speaking anywhere at a catholic Institution. Bar Cino Col. or Schools in Ct etc., from using the term Catholic in their name fundraising or mission statements over this. Just like in Indianapolis.


    1. Just so you know, Ed. Archbishop Thompson (+ Archdiocese of Indianapolis) did *not* say a word about Sr. Chittister’s conferences given at a Benedictine monastery while he was bishop of the Evansville, In. diocese.

      Church Militant’s Christine Niles emailed the good bishop about his… (ahem) comments to concerned Catholics. He gave some sort of political type answer that was rather disappointing to orthodox Catholics.

      Kudos to Abp. Thompson for his recent decision to declare the *Jesuit* H.S. in Indianapolis not Catholic. But he dropped the ball with Sr. Chittister giving conferences in his diocese while he was bishop of Evansville.


        1. Yes, they do.

          In the case of Abp. Thompson, I suspect he’s becoming aware that the rampant heresy is now too bad, and too open, to be glossed-over by safe politically-correct nostrums. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s thinking, “Couldn’t I have just made it to retirement-age in peace? Does this have to happen on MY watch?”

          In fairness, I think we need to be more charitable to some of our bishops. They are a group selected — sometimes self-selected — for being cautious, mild-mannered administrators. Things like “conspicuously having guts” and “rhetorical boldness” were largely disqualifiers for their current position; if they had such traits, they wouldn’t now be bishops.

          And we need people of every type, in the Church, including “cautious, mild-mannered administrators.” That’s why God makes certain men to be wired that way.

          Having said that, we also need the other kind.

          At present, a few bishops are belatedly saying, “Hey, shouldn’t this document somewhere mention the name of Jesus?” and finding themselves, to their surprise, speaking to a hostile crowd! No surprise that they’re confused. No surprise that, being confused, and being the type of men they are, they pull back rather than doubling down.

          But when they are bold, even a little bit, we need to encourage them. And when they aren’t teaching the faith, we sheep need to go “baa, baa, baa” until the shepherd wakes up and returns to the flock.

          People do change, and sometimes for the better. Perhaps we can support them in that.


  6. We have a massive falling away from the faith especially in the Western industrialized nations. Ironically we are the nations that have been blessed beyond compare with freedoms and most of our wants and needs are satisfied and yet we seem to have traded in our faith in the process. We have allowed our “stuff” to come between us and God whereas, the Christians in third world nations cling to their faith knowing it is God that sustains them for they have so little in terms of material things between them and God.

    Sheltered in our lavish cultures of comfort we have been persuaded to believe it is by our own endeavors and strengths that we as nations have become strong, so technically advanced and so sophisticated that God is no longer necessary. In fact God has become an obstacle in man’s idea of equality, fairness and love. God’s word has now become anathema. It is we as Catholics/Christians that must bear the brunt of secular hate and now we must bear the brunt of a rot so thick in our Church that the stench is almost unbearable. Why? Because we, the orthodox, the believers of the ancient church, those who hold to the sacred Traditions have the audacity to hold to the Word of God and the Truth of His teaching through His Church.

    Think about where we were 20 years ago and where we are now today. See how quickly we’ve turned to get to this point where good is evil and evil is good. Satan is leisurely walking down our boulevards and avenues unseen for our disbelief of his existence, instead we have the Martin’s and Chittisters with human faces, minions of evil swaying people away from God through deception. Sometimes I feel that in a mere few years we will be hiding in our homes from those who want to destroy us and all that is holy in this world.

    Are we the remnant of the faith written about long ago? If we are it is by the grace of God. I am under no spell to think I am a saint and am fighting the good fight. I know I’m a sinner, I fall constantly and He picks me up constantly. I just feel, that at this point in history, we are in a very precarious position concerning our souls, even the souls who are in the Church. With the likes of heretics seemingly flooding our hierarchy people NEED to know their faith Truth in order to test every spirit and I’m afraid that is not the case when I see all those Catholics leaving Church teaching behind and espousing falsehood from Martin and Chittister and from the secular world.

    I apologize for this way too long post and the rehashing of what so many have already stated but I worry for my soul and hope that maybe one day God will look at it and be pleased with it , however I am very saddened especially for the souls that do not seem to care anymore about what is the truth and throwing their lives away for eternity.

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  7. Way to go One Mad Mom!!!! Love your “mature” Catholic articles.Sister what’s her name and ‘Jimmy pretending to be a Catholic priest’ might learn from your wisdom. An old Italian proverb” Tell me who your friends are ,and I’ll tell you who you are” Moral of the story choose your friends carefully and stay away from people like the aforementioned!!!!

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  8. Huh. You must have different reading skills than I do. Whenever I see Martin’s face, all I see after that is “Meeeeeee!! MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Me Me Me Me MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…yuh!!

    Maybe it’s my schooling; I was trained by the Jesuits.


  9. Honestly, Joan Chichester is old news. Pit her against Mother Assumpta Long, OP and you’ll see Mother speaks the language of the Church and Joan speaks the language of the world. Joan is a very sad women and a member of a quickly dying religious community.
    James Martin is just whacked and again infected by the spirit of the Age.

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  10. Anyone recommended by “Fr.” Martin is someone I’d avoid like the plague.
    “Sr” Chittister and “Fr” Martin are on the most horrible, terrible, frightening path that leads to the most excruciatingly painful, eternal suffering in Hell.
    They may have worldly fame and monetary gains, but their lives are very pathetic.
    For what doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own soul? Matthew 16:26
    (There’s a similar verse in Mark 8:36.)
    May God get through to them and help them to wake up and repent before they go to hell and drag others down by their extremely bad example.


  11. Melanie, just me, but do we have to denigrate those who might be heretics but are still human beings, made in the likeness of God?


    1. As the saint once said “The road to hell is paved with the skulls of Bishops and sadly clergy like Grassi, Roisica ,massengale ,Radcliffe and. Martin of amer. Mgz…


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