Program for Disaster!

Can we just look at the program for this increasingly obvious waste of time in Rome this week?

The Protection of Minors in the Church


9.30        1st PRESENTATION by Sig. Card. Luis Antonio Tagle:

Smell of the sheep. Knowing their pain and healing their wounds is at the heart of the shepherd’s task

Thirty minutes of a talk we’ve heard before ad nauseum.  Stop trying to smell like sheep and maybe listen to them for a change. And I don’t mean your handpicked ones.

10.15   2nd PRESENTATION S.E. Mons. Charles Jude Scicluna:

Church as field hospital. Taking responsibility

Thirty minutes of another talk we’ve heard before.  I am intrigued by “taking responsibility” and cannot wait to hear who they are referring to here.  I’m afraid of what I might hear, though, because I think I’ve heard multiple times this week the laity is supposed to apologize for clericalism. 

11.20   Working Groups

Seventy minutes of working groups.

12.30   Conclusion

Followed by a three and a half hour break!  It’s probably needed to help them get over the confusion of why they’re there in the first place.

16.00   3rd PRESENTATION Sig. Card. Rubén Salazar Gómez:

The Church in a moment of crisis – Facing conflicts and tensions and acting decisively

Umm, I’m sure this isn’t THE biggest crisis the Church has faced, but “a moment of crisis?”  We’ve been talking about this for seventeen years by my count.  When is somebody going to to the “acting decisively” thing already?!?  I mean, we can’t even agree on what’s caused this, but that’s DEFINITELY not on the agenda for this meeting.

 16.45  Coffee break

Twenty minutes to get them through a bunch more themes they’ve heard before.

17.05   Working Groups

Fifty-five whole minutes this time!


Try to control your laughter.

9.15      1st PRESENTATION Sig. Card. Oswald Gracias:

Collegiality: sent together

Thirty minutes because nobody’s ever heard a thing about collegiality.  Oh, wait…

10.00   2nd PRESENTATION Sig. Card. Blase Joseph Cupich:

Synodality: jointly responsible

Thirty minutes on synodality, which now apparently means everyone is responsible for the mess some have created.

10.45   Coffee break

Twenty minutes to once again try to endure until the end of the charade.

11.05   Working Groups

This one looks like a whopping eighty-five minutes to regurgitate the endlessly repeated themes.

 16.00  3rd PRESENTATION Dott.ssa Linda Ghisoni:

Communio: to work together

Thirty minutes to wonder what in the hell the last seventeen years was about.

17.05  Working Groups

Another fifty-five minutes to figure out how to explain this to their flock followed by presentation of it.


It’s going to take me awhile to stop laughing at this title. Seriously, the Vatican has failed so miserably in this area and they’re now going to lead the charge? Okay. One word: Vigano.

9.15      1st PRESENTATION Sup. Gen. Sr. Veronica Openibo, SHCJ:

Openess: sent out into the world

Thirty minutes on heaven-knows-what, but I can tell there might be problems when you don’t even know how to spell it.  And, yes, I’m going there because how much money are we spending on the messaging? Homeschool moms say spelling counts!

10.00   2nd PRESENTATION Sig. Card. Reinhard Marx:

Transparency in a community of believers

Seriously?????? Somebody should have pointed him in the direction of cleaning up the mess in Germany before he attempted to tell the rest of the Church how to do it.

11.05     Working Groups

Eighty-five minutes to talk about how they got stuck with Cardinal Marx.

16.00  3rd PRESENTATION Dott.ssa Valentina Alazraki:

Communication: to all people

I hope it goes something like “Actions speak louder than words,” but I’m reasonably sure this isn’t going to be the message.  Talk is cheap and “communication” is even cheaper. It’ll probably have something to do with lists of accused which, apparently, they think is going to make us all feel better about the situation.

17.30   Penitential liturgy (Sala Regia)

Can you say photo-op?

So let’s review.  The heads of the bishops’ conferences got on a plane to Rome to hear four and a half hours of presentations followed by not even six hours of “working groups.” People! Some of those bishops took longer to travel there than that!  For heaven’s sake.  Synod on this, that, or the other thing goes on for weeks and THE biggest crisis in modern Church history gets about eleven hours of work time??? Un-be-lieve-able! And there’s nothing new we haven’t heard to death.  If the laity isn’t upset about this crud, there’s NO moving them.

So, sheep, field hospital, crisis, collegiality, synodality, openness (they can’t even spell that one in the program!), transparency, and communication. Holy Father, I think we heard you the first bazillion times you’ve used these themes.  Did we really need to waste everyone’s time flying them to Rome for more of the same led by the same old do-nothing people who believe in the status quo?

I am, however, totally happy that the USCCB proposal, which was quashed in October, was on the program. Just kidding. That’s been suspended without a word indefinitely.

I realize that this whole meeting is supposed to be some giant bone but it’s not going to do and we won’t let this die. We want the faithful protected.  We don’t want just a defrocked cardinal and a pat on the head. Fix the morality problem in the Church, bolster it with authentic Church teaching, and you just might get somewhere.  We know that’s the problem. It’s always been the problem when the Church has gone through crisis. Listen to the doctors of the Church and maybe just try what they said for a change.  What a novel thought!  Drop the politically correct hooey and get back to TRUTH! #CupichResignNow


9 thoughts on “Program for Disaster!

  1. I’m stuck on “Smell of the sheep” – is that a reference to the laity? Do we smell? Is this in reference to the victims – gosh if I was a victim I wouldn’t want to be thought of as a smelly sheep.

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    1. This “small of the sheep” is either aimed at the bishops and cardinals or it’s a strawman. If most of the abuse has been done by priests in their parishes or those who belong to an order doing their work for the order, they are already out in the “fields” with their flocks.

      This kind of talk shows how out of touch the pope is. Just like when he mentions the priests who are so harsh in the confessional (How many of you have encountered one of them? And it’s impossible for anyone to do so if they don’t go to confession!) And then those mean priests whose homilies incessantly hammer away at sins like abortion, adultry and fornication. Priests who unmercifully remind you to go to confession and receive absolution before sacrilegiously receiving Our Lord in communion.

      Certainly those things must be what’s chasing people away from the Church. It couldn’t possibly be the evil, sinful men who think “grooming” the little lambs is an example of getting out there so they can smell like the sheep.

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  2. Ok – Thanks:)

    So back in March 2013 according to the article:
    ‘Pope Francis on Thursday urged Catholic priests to go out among their flocks and know the people they serve like “shepherds living with the smell of the sheep”.’

    That was back when I thought all the goofy things he said were bad translations. You would have thought in 6 years someone would have told him that just sounds bad.

    Right now it is some of the shepherds that have a bit of a stench – and they didn’t pick it up from shepherding the laity.

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  3. Not to be nitpicky for its own sake, but the sex abuse crisis in the Church first hit the headlines in the US in 1985. The bishops defended themselves back then by saying that they were just following recommended psychiatric protocol under the belief that moving someone to a new enviornment would “cure” them and prevent reoffending, but no worries, they had learned and this would NEVER happen again. Pinky promise. Thats why when more abuse was uncovered in 2002 (some of it recent, post 1985) the anger was directed at the bishops, even more than on the abusive priests. 2018 comes: lather, rinse, repeat! So… Kumbaya and let’s hold hands and serve up more platitudes instead of tackling real issues courageously. At least with politicians we can have fantasies about voting them out of office. I guess, in this case, we’re stuck with fantasies about millstones.

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  4. Well, fellow Catholics, it’s time for all of us to get busy at Eucharistic Adoration – whether the Blessed Sacrament is exposed or not. It is clear to me that there is not going to be immediate, practical, and faithful action that will be taken on the issue of clergy abuse of children. And clergy abuse of adult lay people and seminarians in particular is not even going to be addressed. Because of ineffective, weak leadership, this scandalous behavior will continue to offend God and plague the faithful laity and clergy.

    Our best defense, and our best weapon, against the Satanic attack on our Church (often from within) is Eucharistic Adoration and the Rosary. Can you imagine the earth-shattering results and good that will come if we seriously approach Jesus and Our Lady to ask them to resolve this mess and bring us to faithfulness?

    Please, consider this. If you cannot get to a church to be in the presence of Jesus (whether the Blessed Sacrament is exposed or not), at least a Rosary while you are driving to work perhaps, every day for the duration. God will work miracles when we put ourselves at His disposal and beg for his protection. God bless and protect our brokenhearted Church – Susan, OFS

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  5. Smell of the sheep? My guess is that the majority of them are immune to any smell like the smell that emanates up from the largest gay bath house in Italy that Cardinal Bertone purchased on that block in Rome a few years ago. If i recall correctly the elderly Monsignore who rented an apartment above it while in Rome complained about the smell wafting up to his balcony.
    Yep, been following their antics for much longer than seventeen years because I am One Mad (former homeschooling mom ) Grand Mom.!

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