On the Eve of Denial-palooza…

I’m going to kick off this little blog post with an apology to my friends around the world. On the eve of the “Meeting on the Protection of Minors” AKA “Denial-palooza,” I’d like to ask that you don’t hold us responsible for Cardinal Cupich. If you want to find blame, go with the Jesuits. They’re the ones that lobbied hard for him. The fact is, most of us don’t like him. In fact, we like very few of our American cardinals. We’ve been shafted as almost the entire slate of American cardinals has changed in the last 10 years. We’ve at least got Cardinal Burke somewhere in the world doing what he can, and I’ll be nice and say MAYBE the completely defeated Cardinal DiNardo. That’s about it, so I’m sorry you’re saddled with the guy who said climate change and migration were so much more important than protecting people from immoral abusing priests.

If you are one of the people around the world (or at the Vatican) who think we love and adore Cardinal Cupich, the dissenting Catholic media has succeeded in their propaganda. Let’s look at the reality of the lack of adoration for Cardinal Cupich. He sent out this tweet this morning. https://twitter.com/CardinalBCupich/status/1097935698290724864

At this writing, we’re out about five hours now from this tweet dropping. There are forty-some-odd replies (they’re rolling in by the second), and all but one (somebody tagging their friend) were critical of him so far. (Please don’t email me with the great “A-ha!” after you post a glowing tribute to him.) I’m sure his Jesuit buddies will eventually ride in to rescue him, but just look at the first five hours. There were definitely no “Thank you for all your great work!” posts. “Resign!”, “Fraud!”, and “Repent!” were the consistent message.

Let me be clear, we American faithful don’t like Cardinal Cupich. We don’t trust him. We don’t want him to represent us. We don’t think he cares about the abused. Bottom line, he was the absolute wrong choice to lead any conference on immorality and abuse of priests. Why?For so many reasons but remember, just a few short months ago, Cardinal Cupich actually said that the Holy Father had more to worry about than the abuse crisis. Then he ordered his priests to read a letter saying that the news report was edited to make him look bad (apparently, he doesn’t realize raw footage is a thing) and then gathered all his priests and gagged them. We’re all guessing great penalties came attached to breaking that silence. He’s just a narcissistic, hideous man who will stop at nothing to protect his image. I’m not really sure why he still thinks he has one, outside of the usual morally liberal strongholds, but he does.

So, we American Catholics are suffering right along with you. Hopefully, somebody can find a clever way to break the Vatican cone of silence and then, maybe, we’ll get somebody decent running the next “Meeting on Whatever.”



11 thoughts on “On the Eve of Denial-palooza…

  1. I, for one, don’t just think that Card. Cupich doesn’t care, I know it. It is factually demonstrable by what he has said and done that he considers that abusive bishops/priests are not a large nor important problem. He is supposed to be the father of his diocese and what father, in hearing the crying of his abused children, would not seek to utterly root out and bring to justice those who have defiled his children?

    Want to indicate that you actually care about your abused children Card. Cupich? How about stop prattling on and on in endless obfuscating meetings attended by abusers and their enablers, roll up your sleeves like a father, and start the defrocking. It is not like you don’t know who the abusers and enablers are, after all you run in the same circles as McCarrick.

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  2. Wrong reasons. First and foremost reason that “Americans don’t [shouldn’t] like Cupich” is that he’s a Modernist. He’s a HERETIC. I’m a close friend of a traditional priest who spent several years under Cupich in one of his posts. I’ll never forget him telling me some ten years ago before I even knew who Soupy was other than his lock out of the local trads during Holy Week in 2002, “Cupich is one of the most evil men I’ve ever encountered.” When Cupich received his red hat, I got an email from my friend, “These are evil days.”

    ALL of the sludge flows from the rejection of Truth manifest in the rejection of the ancient liturgy of the Church. It won’t happen under this pope, but short of his removal from the College, Cupich should be kicked upstairs to some obscure curial post and forced somehow to celebrate only the TLM for the rest of his life. Nothing else will suffice.

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  3. “…he was the absolute wrong choice to lead any conference on immorality and abuse of priests.” Agreed, but from Pope Francis’ point of view, he was absolutely the right choice, since he is eye-brow deep in sycophancy and will say and do exactly what Francis desires of him, which is to do nothing except emit phony blather. He is a clear sign of the utter contempt in which Francis hold the truth, the Church, the Faith, the faithful, and…all the abused. I can’t wait for RCF to launch their evidence against him.

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