The Catholic Church Thinks We Deserve Better!

When I started writing in the blogosphere, it was simply a way for me to say what many others were thinking – a way to vent and give my family a little break from my ranting.  I never really thought anyone would read it, but I’m very thankful it’s turned out the way it did.  I’ve “met” some amazing people around the world and I’d like to talk about one guy in particular.  He’s a FAR better writer than I will ever be, and his incredible patience and charity in the face of adversity amazes me.  He’s one of the main reasons I give Fr. James Martin, SJ, any attention.  Honestly, Fr. Martin doesn’t affect my family much, if at all, but his actions do affect my friends and many I meet.  He has injured so many people, body and soul, that the mom in me just can’t stand for it.  He and his cronies are predators of souls and I will continue to repeat that as long as it is so.  I hope my little voice over here annoys him like a thousand flea bites.

So, on to my amazing friend, “Thomas from Michigan.”  I have asked his permission to reblog a comment he made.  Why?  Because he nails it.  He’s got “street cred” and should carry far more weight than I can in the arena of same-sex attraction (SSA).  Go ahead, liberals, try and tell him he doesn’t have a clue.  By the way clergy, if you’d like some advice from him on ministering to people suffering from SSA, I’ll gladly put you in touch.  (FYI, I made that last comment without consultation.  Thomas is probably cringing as I throw him under the bus!  Sorry, Thomas, I’ve just got this idea that people like you are going to save the Church.)

Let me set the stage for you…

I have a long time dissenting reader.  I have to say, though, I really do love her.  I suspect that annoys the heck out of her, but I realize she’s a product of her lack of Catholic education.  I’m a little tweaked that she was robbed.  Anyways, here’s one of her comments on my last post, Open Rebellion Coming to a Church Near You:

OMM, I genuinely want to know why you and the others here are afraid of gays and their lifestyle being accepted by some in the church. How does it affect you? Do you think your children will catch it? Do you speak out as loudly against murderers, adulterers (Trump), thieves, etc. Maybe you do, I just don’t see it in your blog.

(She completely points out she’s missed quite a few of my posts but, whatever.)

Here’s the super-important part of “Thomas from Michigan’s” reply (emphasis mine – please go to link for full exchange, although there wasn’t a reply to Thomas from our liberal friend, because there was NOTHING she could say about it.):

The Holy Mother Church loves all of her children–even me. For nearly a decade, I was out and proud. (Nearly a decade has passed since that chapter of my life closed.) I was quite hostile to any religion that didn’t approve of my behavior. I was the president of a social group for gay men over the age of forty. I can’t even remember all of the sexual partners I had–and I was considered a bit of a prude. I especially enjoyed hooking up with men who were in what they themselves described as “committed relationships.” I regularly made fun of those who attended Dignity’s Mass. I also got three different STDs (sexually-transmitted diseases), kind of like getting three prizes in one box of Cracker Jacks.

This is the lifestyle you appear to think the Church should accept: sodomy, fellatio, promiscuity, sexually-transmitted diseases, and significantly shortened lifespans. The Catholic Church thinks we deserve better.

Biggest mic drop EVER!  THE CATHOLIC CHURCH THINKS WE DESERVE BETTER!  It’s so simple, people.  Fr. Martin can spin it all he wants, but this should be the central message from our Church to combat his stupidity.  How about something like:

We don’t want your  death – spiritual and/or physical. The Catholic Church wants better for you!

Of course, the same message applies to all of us.  The Church wants to help us conquer sin because She wants better for us!  Duh!

Thomas continues:

The “Catechism of the Catholic Church” includes homosexual behavior in its discussion of the Sixth Commandment–the one that says adultery is wrong. The fact that many in our culture–and Church–seem to think other forms of adultery are acceptable doesn’t mean they are. All baptized persons are commanded to be chaste. The fact that some priests want to give some people an exemption doesn’t change that.

That segues nicely into this! For those of you who don’t follow my Facebook page, I shared this video from Jason Jones, which perfectly explains to my liberal friend where we faithful Catholics are coming from (can you believe I’ve finally figured out how to embed these?!).  While I’m not sure Fr. Martin is a “New Donatist”, this sums up the feeling the faithful Catholics have about Fr. Martin.:


We are all in this together and we’re supposed to help each other struggle on!

Onto Fr. Martin’s lapse of sanity this week.  He’s LIVID with Bishop Thomas Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield.  If Martin is livid with you, I’m sure you deserve a hearty “Kudos!”, Bishop Paprocki!  I’m reasonably sure it was not your intent, but you know you must have done something right.  Fr. Martin is TERRIFIED that other bishops will follow suit and really drive home the deadliness of sin. He can’t have that!


As you can see, Fr. Martin is going to use the whole kitchen sink approach in the hopes you will get lost and the pile-on will make Bishop Paprocki look really mean ol’ guy.  Sorry, Fr. Martin.  Bishop Paprocki follows Canon Law, unlike some people I know.

Let’s look at it, shall we?

Can.  1183 §1. When it concerns funerals, catechumens must be counted among the Christian faithful.

  • 2. The local ordinary can permit children whom the parents intended to baptize but who died before baptism to be given ecclesiastical funerals.
  • 3. In the prudent judgment of the local ordinary, ecclesiastical funerals can be granted to baptized persons who are enrolled in a non-Catholic Church or ecclesial community unless their intention is evidently to the contrary and provided that their own minister is not available.

Can.  1184 §1. Unless they gave some signs of repentance before death, the following must be deprived of ecclesiastical funerals:

1/ notorious apostates, heretics, and schismatics;

2/ those who chose the cremation of their bodies for reasons contrary to Christian faith;

3/ other manifest sinners who cannot be granted ecclesiastical funerals without public scandal of the faithful.

  • 2. If any doubt occurs, the local ordinary is to be consulted, and his judgment must be followed.

So, as we see, Fr. Martin’s nice little list is ridiculous.  Does he have a clue what the distinction of “manifest” means?  You bet he does! He’s just trying to use a bit of smoke and mirrors to make you miss that one.  If you’ll notice, Bishop Paprocki said that signs of repentance negated exclusion.  Nice try, Fr. Martin.  So, yeah, the person who announces to the world “I use birth control even though the Church says it’s a mortal sin! Look at me!” probably shouldn’t be getting the funeral in the Catholic Church.  Why?  Because they are manifest sinners who are causing public scandal.  Duh.  Mary and Joe Anonymous are birth controlling Mass attendees but don’t go around shoving their sin in everyone’s face?  Do you really think they are going to be denied?

Fr. Martin knows all of this.  He’s not uneducated in the matter.  He’s just hoping to confuse all of those who might not be.  Like I’ve said before, he’s a predator.

So, Father Martin, tell me exactly how Bishop Paprocki’s guidelines go against Canon Law.  Oh, that’s right.  They don’t.  And, by the way, BISHOP PAPROCKI IS A CANON LAWYER and you are not, Father.  I just Googled, and Ed Peters, of course, has already destroyed you and your ilk here.  Please, good people, share this one:

Let’s look at your other insinuation, Fr. Martin.  “Unjust discrimination” my foot. I missed the part in Catholic teaching where every social ill must be addressed by the local bishop on the same day.  The reasons these directions have to be issued these days is because of people, especially priests like you, who are making clear teachings murky.  I think what you fail to understand is that threat of exclusion from the Sacraments is a remedy for the sick soul. Actually, I’m pretty sure you do understand. The problem is, Fr. Martin, you are encouraging the illness.  It is supposed to urge them to repent before it’s too late, but with people like you running around telling them they are being persecuted instead of loved, they’re dying without repentance.

I’m just going to hit on one last thing that hit last night before this “went to press.”  The Gaffigans.  Not really sure what the heck they were thinking with this:


I’m so proud of my gay kids. Happy #pride2017 #pridenyc

How could a family who seems to have a grasp of the Church’s teachings on Natural and Moral Law in the area of being open to children be so wrong on this one is beyond me.  And how about just a little science?  Are Jim and Jeannie really cheering on the dramatically increased diseases found in the “gay lifestyle” they are cheering? Are they fine with encouraging behavior that brings early death to so many?  Let’s just take a look at a few of these beauties:

Anal Cancer
Chlamydia trachomatis
Giardia lamblia
Herpes simplex virus
Human immunodeficiency virus
Human papilloma virus
Isospora belli
Viral hepatitis types B & C
anal fissures
anorectal trauma
retained foreign bodies
“Gay Bowel” syndrome
Hepatitis A
Giardia lamblia
Entamoeba histolytica
Epstein-Barr virus
Neisseria meningitides
incompetence of the anal sphincter
Kaposi’s sarcoma
Bacterial vaginosis
Mental illness
(and many others)

But love is love, right? Hello!  Typhoid and Giardia are now falling under sexually transmitted diseases.  What the what, Jim and Jeannie????  Care enough to talk reality?

If anyone is going to try and make yourselves feel better  by bringing up the fact that there is a presence of some of these diseases/problems in the heterosexual community, save it.  DO THE RESEARCH!  Having one or any combo of these is the NORM in the “gay lifestyle.” Some are most certainly found in promiscuous heterosexuals, too, which is one reason why the Church is against that, too.

How about we stop calling it “pride” and start calling it “dangerous”?  That’s the reality.  We haven’t even gotten to the spiritual aspect of the “gay lifestyle.”  I was just called a hater last night by our resident liberal friend.  Really?  Look at the above list!  Do you want this for your friends??? I look at people like my friend Thomas and I get very mad at the Fr. Martins of the world who encourage the disease, moral decay, and spiritual death under the guise of “love.”  Peddle your rusty, rotted bridge somewhere else, Fr. Martin.

If you are a person suffering from same-sex attractions, Catholic or not, please look further into the reality of the Church’s love for you.  Fr. Martin – I can’t say this any more clearly – is trying to aid in stealing your soul.  The Bishop Paprockis of the world are the ones who truly love and care for you.  As Jason Jones points out, we should all be struggling together.  Don’t fall for the pandering of Father Martin and company.  They have an agenda and their main aim is NOT your physical or mental well-being or for you to live an eternal life with Our Lord.  THE CHURCH THINKS YOU DESERVE BETTER!

Pray for Fr. Martin.  The Church wants better for him too.  Hopefully he’ll see that and struggle along with the rest of us.


17 thoughts on “The Catholic Church Thinks We Deserve Better!

  1. Writing for LifeSiteNews in an article, “Nancy Pelosi says homosexuality is ‘consistent’ with Catholicism. Are Church leaders taking her lead?” (June 22 2017); Doug Mainwaring put it this way: “When a man and woman make love, the miracles of conception and birth are possible. When two men attempt the same, the most glorious result possible is an anal discharge of semen mixed with fecal matter.”

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  2. Excellent post!! Fr. James Martin (I find calling him Father repugnant) really does make me sick to my stomach since I have a young family member struggling with this heartbreaking issue. I think that he’s still chaste, at least I hope so. This is definitely a sign of a demon involved. I pray, fast and offer amasses for him. Our Lord said some demons an only be driven out by prayer and fasting. We all should be doing this and beg Our Lord and Our Lady to rid us of this scourge. I do pray for Martin and his ilk, especially members of the clergy. Suffering family members who have to watch this horror also need many prayers. Thank you for helping to expose this poison for what it really and truly is. So. many. souls!

    Our Lady of Fatima intercede for us with your Divine Son.


  3. Grand slam post, OMM. :^)

    I don’t know how you make the time to give us these great entries being a busy mother and all. Good for you… and for us!

    God love you,
    Catechist Kev

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  4. Sadly, the Gaffigan story is all too common. It’s very sad when I across social media posts of old friends and acquaintances and find them “rainbowed out.” In many cases, I’m talking about heterosexual Catholics whom I’m certain would never have associated themselves with homosexual activity or “rights” 25-30 years ago. It’s amazing that these folks are now actively celebrating something that they found repulsive three decades ago. People really are sheep. And our shepherds (i.e., Catholic clergy) have generally failed in their duty to provide a counter-witness to the dominant culture. It’s truly absurd when Martins, Cupichs & McElroys of the Catholic world lament that the Church hasn’t been nice enough about homosexuality when the problem is the exact opposite.

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    1. People have been told to death that they cannot embrace the teachings of the Catholic Church and have friends who suffer from SSA. Sadly, people have bought it. It’s silly. It’s similar to the line that you can’t discipline your kids or they’ll rebel. You can’t stop human nature. Some will and some will not. Would you rather have a kid who might think twice about having sex or doing drugs or one who won’t think twice and come home addicted or ill but, hey, you’re their best bud? As with everything, all must be done with a bunch of prayer and a bunch of love. If you don’t convey the love, you will probably fail i the attempt. Like I’ve said before, my kids, I’m positive, think I’m way off base some days but they know I love them so they usually give my words a second look. Some days, however, I’m sure I don’t always convey the love part as well as I should but I can only try again! If I didn’t love them, my first response would be “Whatever you want!”

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  5. After reading this blog post and the other content that seek to expose the misguided pronouncements of Fr. James martin and his ilk, I have a recommendation.

    What I propose is that Fr. Martin keep it simple in terms of his interaction with and counsel of persons with sSA. His message is that the catholic church is not going to alter its teaching with respect to the physical sexual expression of persons with SSA: so get over it, let it go, bring this to the cross. This message needs to be communicated in a loving, empathetic way.

    You, as an SSA person have a choice: turn away from the catholic church and identify a community that meets your parameters of acceptance, inclusion etc. Alternatively, find a catholic community in which you feel welcome, with the understanding that this community is most likely not going to have a sign out front proclaiming: “we welcome GLBT Catholics.” Visit a number of churches until you find a community that supports your faith journey, through the Mass, the sacraments, church ministries and outreach programs etc.

    Whether single or in partnership, maintain an open, normal presence: participate in parish activities, contribute financially, make use of your strengths and assets in serving within and outside of the parish where there are opportunities to do so. Unless there is a person at the door before each mass whose role it is to inquire if you are in a sufficient enough state of grace to receive Communion, and to somehow or other identifies if you have SSA, your participation in the sacraments is ultimately between you and God.

    The third element of this message needs to communicate in an honest loving way: the basis for church teaching regarding the expression of physical sexual expression by persons with sSA and how it separates one from God, through its sinful practice. This discussion needs to present and express the Lord’s love and compassion and his desire for full union with him, not only here on earth but also in eternity.

    The rewards and challenges of living a chaste life need to be presented, including the Courage ministry and its support. As evidenced by persons like Daniel Matson and Doug Mainwaring, the decision for chastity is a process, that may only happen through exercising one’s free will in the hope that experience and the Lord’s presence and the prayers of others will bring you to turn away from ssa sexual activity and its consequences. You may never choose this path. However, this should not exclude you from worshiping in a catholic community. We are all in one way or another broken vessels.

    Ultimately, The question that you as an SSA Catholic need to ask yourself is: does the catholic church give, more than it denies you? Does it provide the spiritual nourishment through the sacraments, the mystical body, the role of the Blessed Mother and your aptism that calls you to be a part of the body of Christ?



  6. Just a side note. All professions have members who are, to put it charitably, aberrant in their views on certain subjects. Fr. Martin is simply our cross to bear. Unfortunately, as pointed out, the example set is quite disingenuous for those seeking true peace and a personally fulfilling life.

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  7. Astonishing that cino priests​ like Martin ,Roisica & Bishops McElroy , McGrath, Cupich ,Dekesel, Daneels ,Depaglia etc got to through the seminary let alone became a priest or a Bishops to say the least…… Shame on the Vatican itself for promotion of these wayward cino bishops and priests to begin with.


  8. In my considered opinion, the term “Father” for this priest should no longer be used. “Father” represents a “spiritual father” who guides us in the truth of the faith and leads at the head of Catholic spiritual community. (Rev.) James Martin is no longer such a priest as he is espousing against revealed truth and opposing Catholic traditional teaching. Therefore, he is not a Father. And I’m personally refusing to call him that. He’s just James Martin to me at this point, still a priest because he is ordained, but only good for consecrating hosts from my perspective. I think it’s justified to start a campaign to no longer call ANY priest that supports the collectivist efforts of the SSA crowd by the term “Father.” Call them “reverend” if you feel like it’s uncharitable to use no title – even though that too seems a stretch – but I’ve had several priests introduce themselves to me by their name only, rather than say, “Hi, I’m Father Jim” or “I’m Father Fitzgibbons.” Consider this my call to not honor heresy with a title that should be reserved for the respectable reverends of Mother Church.


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