Open Rebellion Coming to a Church Near You!

Congratulations, United States Catholics!  You’ve now got a parish openly rebelling against the teachings of the Catholic Church. Didn’t know that?  Sorry to break it to you.  Most “LGBT” parishes dance ever so carefully around the issue of active homosexual acts.  They dangle their feet over the line but never actually speak of the fact that they are encouraging people to accept homosexual activity.  Unfortunately, this parish is now openly doing it.  I, for one, am happy to just see them say what they mean for once and ditch the wink and the nod.  In this parish, it’s A-O-K to be a drag queen, or a physically active homosexual (sodomy and masturbation – I’d like to be super clear on that for some goof who is going to try and argue that simply being homosexual is not a sin), or a champion of “gay marriage”, in  a “gay marriage”, and for homosexual “married” partners to adopt children.  I’d guess it’s probably just peachy to use IVF, sperm donors, egg donors, and surrogacy to have children, too.  You know, because their desire comes before EVERYTHING else, especially Church teaching.  Joseph Sciambra has put together a nice, not-so-little dossier here:

And then there’s this:

St. Matthew Catholic Church: LEAD Ministry from Eric Kruszewski on Vimeo.

This is one of the most deplorable things I’ve ever seen, and it’s been a year since it came out. Pretty much shows how the pastor is accepting of moral behavior. I found it here: Really, if is extolling the virtues of a Catholic parish, it’s time to do something.  I’m sure Archbishop Lori agonizes over this parish, but the time for contemplation is over.  Fr. Muth is actively leading souls away from Truth.  Don’t we care about the parishioners?  Yes, it would be a news story to shut down the heresy. Yes, some are going to leave the Catholic Church behind if you teach Truth.  We know this, for Christ himself saw followers walk away, but ignoring this is aiding and abetting leading souls right into the hands of Satan.  Please take the time to watch the video.  People have very openly said they are in homosexual relationships.  This isn’t simply about “a parish being welcoming.” This is about a parish making people “feel at home” with their active homosexual lifestyles.

So what’s the Church to do???  We cannot “welcome” sinful acts that lead people into spiritual and physical danger.  We can’t tell the person suffering from same-sex attraction that we accept their lifestyle any more than we can accept a drug addict’s lifestyle.  Earning the “tolerant and nice” badge is anything but loving.  In fact, it’s pretty much selfish on the behalf of those that do it.  The only loving and kind thing we can ever do is to tell people the Truth, help them carry their crosses, and ease their sufferings as much as we possibly can in light of the Truth.

Fr. Muth says he just want to “provide a place where people can simply find their moment to seek God in their life.”  That’s just a bold face lie.  God is Truth and Fr. Muth is doing anything but putting Truth before the people in his congregation.  He’s doing nothing but validating their lifestyle choices.  I’m sickened at his attitude that HE, not the Church, provides a safe haven to people suffering from SSA.  Sorry, Father.  I must have missed the part where your accepting ways led the people in this video to a chaste lifestyle.

This is the type of thing that the parishioners get out of St. Matthew’s and Fr. Muth: “I love God, and I love myself, and it’s unfair to think I have to choose between the two,” said Victoria Moore, a lesbian…”  FACEPALM!  I’m sure NcR was glee writing this one.  Somehow these (and so many other things) were completely missed at St. Matthew’s.

Then Jesus said to his disciples: If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. Matt. 16:24

And calling the multitude together with his disciples, he said to them: If any man will follow me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. Mark 8:34

And he said to all: If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. Luke 9:23

And they that are Christ’s, have crucified their flesh, with the vices and concupiscences. Gal 5:24

For you are dead; and your life is hid with Christ in God. When Christ shall appear, who is your life, then you also shall appear with him in glory. Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, lust, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is the service of idols.  For which things the wrath of God cometh upon the children of unbelief, In which you also walked some time, when you lived in them.  Col 3:3-7

And you, too, must think of yourselves as dead to sin, and alive with a life that looks towards God, through Christ Jesus our Lord.

You must not, then, allow sin to tyrannize over your perishable bodies, to make you subject to its appetites. You must not make your bodily powers over to sin, to be the instruments of harm; make yourselves over to God, as men who have been dead and come to life again; make your bodily powers over to God, to be the instruments of right-doing. Sin will not be able to play the master over you any longer; you serve grace now, not the law. Romans 6:11-14

Well, brethren, you too have undergone death, as far as the law is concerned, in the person of Christ crucified, so that you now belong to another, to him who rose from the dead. We yield increase to God, whereas, when we were merely our natural selves, the sinful passions to which the law bound us worked on our natural powers, so as to yield increase only to death.  Now we are quit of the claim which death had on us, so that we can do service in a new manner, according to the spirit, not according to the letter as of old. Romans 7:4-6

And now, brethren, I appeal to you by God’s mercies to offer up your bodies as a living sacrifice, consecrated to God and worthy of his acceptance; this is the worship due from you as rational creatures.[1] 2 And you must not fall in with the manners of this world; there must be an inward change, a remaking of your minds, so that you can satisfy yourselves what is God’s will, the good thing, the desirable thing, the perfect thing. Romans 12: 1-2

So,yes Victoria, you are supposed to choose between your desires and God when they are at odds and I’m so sorry that Fr. Muth hasn’t shown you true accompaniment.  You wanted bread and he gave you a big, old stone.

Like I said here,, this issue is the Catholic Church’s Iraq or Syria, and our hierarchy is acting more like Obama than Christ and His saints.  (If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t put it on.)  The several lines in the sand has repeatedly been crossed by dissenters, and now an entire parish, yet it doesn’t even matter if Archbishop Lori is doing something behind the scenes to rectify the problems. To be fair, he has made them cancel things in the past.  That said, this parish is the proverbial “Mother of All Bombs” in the obedience area and unless something is done to publicly correct the pastor and the flock, you can bet more parishes will follow.

I’m a mom.  I can tell you when children don’t get a firm smack down on serious issues, many more will arise and it can spread through the family.  Our hierarchy might think that quietly dealing with things is the way to go but this isn’t somebody stealing a cookie.  This is akin to the family finding your kid with a needle sticking out of their arm.  It’s not just harmful to them but to the entire family unit with such a display.  And you know what?  You might just lose that child, but if you make sure that you ALWAYS let them know your actions are done out of concern for their physical and immortal well-being, they will remember that.  As parents, we cannot make our children not sin. It’s impossible.  I’ve tried.   We can only teach them.  If we do and they sin, they will be held responsible.  If we don’t teach them and they sin, woe to us!



39 thoughts on “Open Rebellion Coming to a Church Near You!

  1. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this story is that the pastor of St Matthew’s is far more likely to find himself on the short for an appointment to the episcopate than he will to face any sort of discipline.

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    1. Thanks for this greatly needed post, One Mad Mom.

      Its title reminds me of a similar article at Dorothy Day Another Way: “Coming Soon to a Campus Near You! Kate Hennessy Speaks and Writes of ‘Granny’ Dorothy Day,”

      The Catholic Worker (CW), which Day co-founded, now supports homosexual “marriage” and women “priests.” One of its main cheerleaders today is–surprise, surprise–James Martin, SJ.

      The fabricated “doctrine of probablism,” described in Joseph Sciambra’s link in your post would be heartily endorsed by the CW, whose members attended the funeral of a homosexual member’s “husband” and participated in the International Women’s Day demonstrations in Washington, DC, this January. An article in the May 2017 “CW” declared: “Annie … was disturbed by some of the pro-abortion and anti-Church signage. Yet we seek concordances, to recognize the splendid things that women have advanced, thanks to the concerted efforts of these sisters in the struggle” (p. 2). EWW, “splendid things” such as the slaughter of their own unborn children in the most barbaric ways possible–as the embattled Center for Medical Progress has documented.

      But the CW, while embracing such vile beliefs, seeks to “soften” them in public, whereas the parish you mention issues a PUBLIC challenge to the Catholic faith. This should be dealt with by Archbishop Lori, as you observe. Will it happen? Unfortunately, I don’t think so. Fr. Muth is likely to be lauded for not being “rigid” or overattached to doctrine.

      Believing Catholics, like ourselves, will find the site Mass Resistance more helpful in our fight to protect our children than the Chancery.

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  2. I don’t think the bishop is ready to put his foot down, literally. He has to work up enough gumption, knowing that he may cause a gay “riot” and be ousted if he cleans house. Actually might be a good thing because the Church needs to openly address gay issues once and for all. I went to the OUT link and posted a very long comment. Curious if they respond.

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    1. A “gay riot” is a real possibility. Remember Stonewall. Remember what happened after Harvey Milk was murdered. Remember how the “gay liberation movement” got the American Psychological Association to eliminate “homosexuality” as a psychological disorder (through violence and the threat of more violence).

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    2. Hear! Hear!
      It certainly looks like those bishops who are not in agreement with these rebellions could use inspiration from the way St. Athanasius and St. Nicholas—yes, Santa Claus—faced off against the Arian Heresy. Of course St.. Nick’s way of handling things was a bit more…forceful shall we say. ;-}

      Recall that for a while, it was Athanasius contra mundum. Perhaps taking what could end up being a lonely stand is what keeps many bishops from acting.

      Sts. Athanasius & Nicholas pray for the bishops.

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  3. I am not at all sure if the Archbishop Lori you mention is the same one I am thinking of, who in the past has demonstrated faithfulness and moxie, but I hope it is. If this is the same one, he was instrumental in putting down an open confrontation in CT where the state, yes, the STATE, was trying to take over the state churches in a coup attempt. They wanted “boards” to be set up in which outsiders could have say over the churches. This was addressed with all firmness by the people, and Archbishop Lori was helpful to that end. Maybe this is not the same man.
    You are entirely correct, this must be addressed. But, we have to remember that we are no longer working toward the same goal. Our clerics have all but abandoned the faith, only we have it. For many of these men, capitulation or even advancing the LGBT movement IS the goal. Whether they are open cheerleaders or quietly rah-rahing behind the scenes, their end game is not ours. It would likely take scads of faithful Catholics to get most bishops to do anything to address these issues, and even then, most will only do it by walking the fence ever so carefully, playing both sides against the middle, lest they offend the LGBT crowd.
    That sorry excuse for a “priest” has the audacity to stand there and make jokes about “gay birds” with a small boy sitting right there, listening to every word. God sees this outrage. It will not go unpunished.

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  4. Where in Gods name are the local Bishops???. Martin and Muth should have been defrocked long ago. Ironic Pope Francis ousted a Priest in Australia for identical advocating of this wildly deviant Sodomite lifestyle. Need for consistent discipline in Vatican, Baltimore , California and Ireland etc.

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  5. I am so happy to have put this all behind me (for the most part) now that I live in Chile.
    I used to worry about this stuff. Now those problems are apparently yours. At our parish we are all caught up in really controversial problems like………. how are we going to raise money for a new roof? Ah the simple life.

    You see;

    There are not so many gay problems here in Chile. Oh yes they are here working like the evil minions that they are, but for the average Juan on the street the gay people are just what we all know as confused who love their sin, and are stupid and to be ignored, a nuisance like a drunk or one of those people who have tatoos all over themselves.

    You really want to piss off a homosexualist / satanist? ignore them. Indeed they are ignored here, especially when you get outside of ANY city.

    You see,,,,, country folk know that two bulls do not make baby calves. They know you need a rooster to have chicks, they know that God gave us this world and that it is up to us to avoid what is sick, evil, sinful and wrong, and not to chose it. Yes there are exceptions. But for the most part you find the “stupid” in the city. Farm workers do not have time for this silly idea that homosexuality is normal. They know it is not. It is a joke to many of them……….. a sad joke.

    There was a time when we all knew that it is not normal. That time still exists here in Chile. It is like the 1950s in many ways.

    Maybe the people in the cities and in the former USA are just smarter than the average farmer here in Chile?

    I suspect that there are a LOT and I mean A LOT of smart people in hell.

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  6. Good essay, One Mad Mom, and timely. The Bible verses you selected are excellent, not only because they come to the point, but they also remind us that homosexuality and other sexual sins are not at all new. The world into which the Church was born was awash in sexual immorality.

    In his book, “The Benedict Option,” Rod Dreher introduces a concept that was created by Christian Smith and Melinda Lundquist Denton in their book, “Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers” in 2005. Dreher argues that this philosophy is no longer the province of teenagers, but has taken over churches and even sects.

    Smith and Lundquist Denton called it Moralistic Therapeutic Deism. Its basic tenets are described in its name.

    To save myself time, I will just paste what I found at the following web site. It provides a nice summary.

    “MORALISTIC places a focus on being good or nice – often with an emphasis on interpersonal pleasantries, self-improvement, physical health, and meeting one’s potential. Smith provides his own summary in “On ‘Moralistic Therapeutic Deism’ as U.S. Teenagers’ Actual, Tacit, De Facto Religious Faith” (all quotes in this section come from this article): MTD moralism “believes that central to living a good and happy life is being a good, moral person. That means being nice, kind, pleasant, respectful, and responsible; working on self-improvement; taking care of one’s heath; and doing one’s best to be successful” (p. 47).

    THERAPEUTIC brings out a focus on feeling good, happy, and at peace. Self is at the center. And this emphasis on the therapeutic shades how we should understand the “moralism” and “deism” also in the MTD label. Back to Smith’s article: “This is not a religion of repentance from sin, of keeping the Sabbath, of living as a servant of a sovereign divine, of steadfastly saying one’s prayers, of faithfully observing high holy days, of building character through suffering, of basking in God’s love and grace, of spending oneself in gratitude and love for the cause of social justice, etc. Rather, what appears to be the actual dominant religion among U.S. teenagers is centrally about feeling good, happy, secure, at peace. It is about attaining subjective well-being, being able to resolve problems, and getting along amiably with other people” (p. 48).

    The DEISM in MTD acknowledges the existence of God, but it places God in a distant role. When God is involved, it’s mostly to meet the needs of the individual. “…this God is not Trinitarian, he did not speak through the Torah or the prophets of Israel, was never resurrected from the dead, and does not fill and transform people through his Spirit. This God is not demanding. He actually can’t be, since his job is to solve our problems and make people feel good. In short, God is something like a Divine Butler and Cosmic Therapist – he is always on call, takes care of any problems that arise, professionally helps his people to feel better about themselves, and does not become too personally involved in the process.”

    I think that not only have vast swaths of laity been deceived by this pernicious philosophy, so have a number of priests and even bishops. They’ve replaced God’s wisdom with their own, and that never ends well. They cherry-pick verses that suit their purposes and ignore the rest. I suspect that men like Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop Cordileone, Archbishop Lori, and even my beloved Archbishop Vignernon are restrained by the knowledge that their superiors will not approve if they take overt action and will very possibly replace them. That may sound like I’m rationalizing, but when I look at the men who have been named as bishops and cardinals over the past four years, I can’t help but think that the so-called “gay lobby” in the Vatican is wielding an awful lot of power.

    The antidote is spelled out by Saint Josemaría Escrivá (my patron saint), in “Furrow,” No. 126.

    “To be faithful to God requires a constant battle. Hand-to-hand combat, man to man–the old man against the man of God–in one small thing after another, without giving in.”

    My advice is to write your bishop, tell him that you personally will support the establishment of a chapter of Courage in your diocese, that you personally will help out, with your time and money. Tell him that you are praying for him and will stand with him. Ask your friends and family to sign on. A letter like this with a few hundred signatures will carry some weight.

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    1. As always, you add so much to my off the cuff discussion! I do think we need to somehow boost Courage. Heck, I think in many areas, people don’t even know it exists.


  7. I agree that the faithful bishops will meet a well-publicized outcry if they do something swift and decisive about this problem. If half of his priests are against him (or even a quarter) plus the the media and the emotions-only uncatechized in the pews the bishop will meet not just resistance but rebellion. Especially with the climate that is perceived as coming from Rome.

    I’m not sure if the bishops think it’s best to “contain” the illness on certain parishes or what. At least in the cities, the faithful can easily go to another parish.

    I know for a fact that at least some of these good bishops are employing the help of exorcists. But it’s best not to advertise this. Pray and fast for them!

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  8. so many clergy – the Fr Martin SJs’ and others of the same type -are taking souls with them to hell . Its obvious these clergy no longer fear hell as they dont believe in sin .
    Those with ssa are called to live chastity like any other person. Courage is the only authentic ministry that assists these persons as well as EnCourage that assists the parents and families of those with ssa remain faithful to Catholic moral teaching .
    Please keep our EnCourage / Courage chapters in your prayers – its a battle for our adult childrens souls .

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  9. OMM, I genuinely want to know why you and the others here are afraid of gays and their lifestyle being accepted by some in the church. How does it affect you? Do you think your children will catch it? Do you speak out as loudly against murderers, adulterers (Trump), thieves, etc. Maybe you do, I just don’t see it in your blog.

    I also didn’t understand your comment about seeing a needle in someone’s arm. If that was your child, would you let them die or would you kick them out without getting them help? I work with the drug addicted. No one actually wants to become addicted. It is an illness, just like lung and bladder cancers are illnesses that those who choose to smoke may get.

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    1. Well the problem is that YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND!

      You have no basis to understand as seen by your comments.You have NO moral compass other than the moment or the whim of a sexual desire. If it feels good do it right?

      Well for us FAITHFUL Catholics, this whole gay thing is an abomination against God and man kind. It is a lie that instant happiness is all that matters in life. Catholics do not believe this! We believe we are called by God to rise above our weakness (Sin or unnatural desire), with Gods help / grace, and not to embrace our Sin / weakness as homosexuals embrace their weakness. Sin is the disease of the soul.

      There is more to life (and death) than meets the eye, and YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS!
      This is obvious because you posed this ridiculous idea of tolerance. What tolerance? I have seen NO TOLERANCE from the homosexual side.

      Why don’t homosexuals just ignore Catholics?

      Christians are FORCED to accept homosexual ideas, lifestyles (death styles), and homosexual indoctrination for our children and young at every turn. NOT TOLERATE but accept or die is the homosexual pledge.

      If Catholics are such a problem, why not just ignore us? Because it is not a question of TOLERANCE but submission and acceptance of the “homosexual idea” as equal to Gods plan, (it is not equal, natural or normal. Never has been never will be).

      We do speak out as loudly and boldly against all SIN, but I see that SIN is something YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND. In addition we distance our selves from sin and those who think SIN is King, the bomb, the end all to get all, the do it if it feels good crowd……….

      We do not SHUN sinners though since we are all sinners. We pray and hope for their understanding of how SIN has ruined their lives, and hope and pray that they will change. On the other hand we do not SUPPORT SIN and help it along and TOLERATE it. That would be stupid. SIN KILLS YOU SOUL!

      The whole homosexual movement is NOT about TOLERANCE it is about submission to and acceptance of SINful behavior as good and normal. We Catholics know absolutely with out a doubt down to every nano part of our body mind and soul that SIN is bad. YOU DO NOT.

      Lets turn it around and ask; How come gays are so afraid of Christians? Do we physically or mentally hurt you? Are you afraid you will know the truth that homosexuality is wrong and catch Christianity? Are you afraid that your Children will go to heaven if they believe in Christ and his one holy Catholic and Apostolic Church?

      Do the Homosex crowd speak out against murders and adulterers and Hilary Clinton (oops I repeat myself) as much as they do about Christians?

      You see that since the beginning of time everyone,,,,,,,,,,, and I mean everyone knew that homosexuality is was and always will be an abomination. Yours is the first generation to fall in love with,,,,,,,,,, poop, and tell everyone that it is candy.

      The fact is that Catholics know the truth that all sin, and most especially homosexual behavior, are wrong and no amount of rage or stupid demonstration, or indignation, will change the ETERNAL fact that homosexuality is evil and hurts everyone in society especially those involved and most importantly children.

      Now you have a very, very, very small insight as to why FAITHFUL Catholics do not accept homosexuality as normal. I will pray for you that your eyes are opened to Jesus’s love and plan for your life.

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      1. I think you need to clarify between people who suffer from same-sex attraction and those who think they are free to act on those inclinations.

        Also, Teaching Tolerance isn’t “gay” unless the situation is changed. She’s a liberal who left the Church because she became offended by Church teachings instead of trying to understand them. That pretty much sums up the two kinds of sinners we all are, right? There’s those of us who know we are stupid and those of us who expect our stupidity to be condoned.


        1. Yes you are right on the clarification and distinction. Also thanks for letting me know about my painting her with the GAY brush. I tried not to insinuate that she was but the discussion got the better of me.
          I love your take on Stupid as well! Jajajaj (in Spanish) or hahahah. Thank you. Jim


    2. Now, TT, either you are choosing not to read thoroughly or you’re simply missing a lot.

      First of all, just to get it out of the way, please go to the search box and put in Trump. You can’t honestly say I didn’t speak out on him. And I was unaware that there was a need to rail against murderers although I rail at the ones who murder children because, for some demonic reason, there seems to be some confusing about that.

      Next, and most importantly, you are accidentally or purposely making incorrect pronouncements about me. I do not fear people suffering from same-sex attraction. I fear FOR them. HUGE difference and one that you woefully fail to understand. Why? Because I love them and I see them being preyed upon. Quite frankly, I feel that they are an “underserved” group and, again, if you read my last few posts honestly, you’d know that.

      My rant isn’t against same-sex attracted people in the least but the priests and others that lead their souls into occasions of sin by either skewing the Church’s teachings or out and out rebelling against them instead of offering their flock true accompaniment to Christ.

      Now as far as my drug addicted child example goes…I would insist they seek help and I would not enable them. I’m reasonably sure that was a given to any honest reader. That said, the child that refuses to do so can’t be allowed to lead the other children into that lifestyle. Correct? And just to be clear, that analogy had nothing to do with those suffering from SSA and everything to do with the sorry clergy leading souls astray. Please note that. Those memmbers of the clergy, like Fr. Muth, need to be corrected and removed if necessary. Open rebellion against Truth cannot stand unopposed.

      BTW, I cannot get into the specifics but I ‘d wager I may actually have more experience with drug addicts than you but it’s just a guess. But, hey, it’s one more of those “we’re more alike than you think we are” moments. You are quite correct that nobody wants to become an addict but they do make a lifestyle choice that takes them down that path. I would think that we could agree that it’s a bad one.


    3. The Holy Mother Church loves all of her children–even me. For nearly a decade, I was out and proud. (Nearly a decade has passed since that chapter of my life closed.) I was quite hostile to any religion that didn’t approve of my behavior. I was the president of a social group for gay men over the age of forty. I can’t even remember all of the sexual partners I had–and I was considered a bit of a prude. I especially enjoyed hooking up with men who were in what they themselves described as “committed relationships.” I regularly made fun of those who attended Dignity’s Mass. I also got three different STDs (sexually-transmitted diseases), kind of like getting three prizes in one box of Cracker Jacks.

      This is the lifestyle you appear to think the Church should accept: sodomy, fellatio, promiscuity, sexually-transmitted diseases, and significantly shortened lifespans. The Catholic Church thinks we deserve better. The “Catechism of the Catholic Church” includes homosexual behavior in its discussion of the Sixth Commandment–the one that says adultery is wrong. The fact that many in our culture–and Church–seem to think other forms of adultery are acceptable doesn’t mean they are. All baptized persons are commanded to be chaste. The fact that some priests want to give some people an exemption doesn’t change that.

      If you haven’t done so, I would encourage you to read the relevant paragraphs in the “Catechism” (paragraphs 2357-2358). In fact, I would encourage you to read the entire section on the Sixth Commandment (paragraphs 2331-2400). This is supposed to be what guides priests in their ministry to those afflicted with sexual disorders in general, not just homosexuality. It was, in fact, the teachings of the Catholic Church that appealed to me. Four years ago, when Pope Francis appeared on the scene, I was in a dark place. The gay life had delivered me to a place that was perfect–perfect despair. The Church taught me that I am so much more than the sum of my sexual orientation, that I was a child of God, created in His likeness and image. A little over a year later, I was baptized and received into the Catholic Church.

      I have corresponded with OMM for over three years. (I even know her first name.) She is deeply sympathetic to the plight of those of us who suffer SSA (same-sex attraction) and want to be chaste. She has offered me support and comfort when I felt overwhelmed by the demands of a righteous God, who, according to Saint Augustine, “does not command impossible things, but in commanding, He admonishes us both to do what you can do, and to seek His grace to do what you cannot do.” That quotation is found in a book called “Homosexuality & the Catholic Church,” written by Father John F. Harvey, who founded Courage, the Church’s official apostolate to minister to those with SSA. (It’s another book I would highly recommend.)

      You seem to be a decent, caring person–although accusing someone of homophobia on the basis of one article seems a bit presumptuous. Personally, I find the most homophobic people to be the ones who want homosexuals to congregate in parishes such as those headed up by Father Joseph Muth. They are happy that such people aren’t part of their parishes and do not seem to be bothered by the notion that such people may be separated from God for all eternity. They are the ones who tell you it’s “great” that you are gay, but never can say why it’s “great.” As for Father Muth and those like him, I think that the following quote from T. S. Eliot sums things up nicely.

      “Half the harm that is done in this world
      Is due to people who want to feel important.
      They don’t mean to do harm–but the harm does not interest them.
      Or they do not see it, or they justify it.
      Because they are absorbed in the endless struggle
      To think well of themselves.”

      God’s blessings.

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      1. Wow what a wonderful testimony. From the bottom of my heart,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, THANK YOU and God bless you. You are able to say what only you can say and that perspective is credible and noteworthy. Thank you for lending a voice of reason to the madness. I would never wish on someone else what you have gone through and that is reason enough for prayer. Jim

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        1. Thank you for your kind words. I hope and pray that Catholics will come to understand that people with SSA need real help, not false hope. As someone once said, “each of us has a cross to bear,” and I’m sure that your’s is a heavy for you as mine is for me. God’s blessings.

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  10. “The Catholic Church thinks we deserve better.” AMEN Thomas! Those 7 words are the reality that’s twisted! She wants what’s best for ALL of us. As usual, your words are perfect!


  11. Similar scandals in Franciscan run Parishes in Raleigh NC, NYC three parishes and St. Francis of Hartford Ct. .The Ct. Parish included delusional reading of “Queer Christ” tract at a church parish sponsored event. I cannot make this stuff up. Then you write to Hartford AB about heterodox parish like that in Hartford. Or complain about wayward retreats-Liberation theology and women priests proposals etc. like Holy Family center in West Hartford or alleged Catholic hospitals here dispensing Abortifacient drug Plan B to anyone claiming rape-no rape kit exam or Police report needed and Homosexual agenda at St. Francis of Hartford Ct… Then you get Nothing back at all or a form letter reply here in Ct.. sad to say.. Ed of Ct..

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    1. I live in the Raleigh area and was unaware of scandalous parishes. Could you please name them so that I may do my own research? Thanks, RND


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