Call No Woman Father! (It’s Just Kind of Stupid!)

Another day, another insane woman who’s jealous of the all-male priesthood.  Move on ladies.

‘Ordained’ Female Priests Are Now Saying ‘Fake Mass’

by Leah Jessen | Updated 02 May 2017 at 9:04 AM

A spin-off “group” of the Roman Catholic Church has ordained a woman priest — a decision not in union, of course, with the church.

First of all, the title should have read “Fake Female Priests are Creating the Usual Mockery.”  Next, they are not a spin off group of the Roman Catholic Church.  There are no “spin off groups.”  There are heretics, schismatics, dissidents, etc., but they are not the Church and THE Church doesn’t splinter.  It is “One” or so we say in the Creed.

The Association of Roman Catholic Priests ordained Abigail Eltzroth, 64, this past weekend in Asheville, North Carolina. The ordination is not endorsed by, nor does it follow the correct process of, the Roman Catholic Church, which does not ordain female priests.

Not a shocker that this babe grew up in the 60s and 70s.  I wish the children of the felt age would just quietly (and faithfully but I’ll take quietly if that’s all I can get) ride off into the sunset.  Now Ms. Jessen, if the ordination is “not endorsed by, nor does it follow the correct process of, the Roman Catholic Church, which does not ordain female priests,” why aren’t we asking how they think they can call themselves “The Association of Roman Catholic Priests?”  Hmmmm???  False advertising wouldn’t you say?  In fact, the only true “association of Roman Catholic Priests” is in, and ordained by, THE Roman Catholic Church.  Maybe you’ve heard of her? And, BTW, Lifezette got the name of Abigail’s organization wrong.  The actual name is the “Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests” ( and their mission statement is:

The Association of Roman Catholic women priests, therefore, responds to this call from the Holy Spirit, in our time, by preparing, ordaining and supporting qualified women and men, from all states of life, who are committed to a model of Church grounded in Jesus’ vision of an open table, where all are welcome.

By our living and ministering within a community of equals, we are respectful of differences among people.

In the tradition of our mystics and prophets, we challenge the dominance of patriarchal systems by promoting practices of equality that lead us to recognize and stand for justice on behalf of all people, locally and globally, and on behalf of the urgent needs of Eco-justice for our planet.

Now, if you look at this, haven’t they chosen the wrong name?  If you’re ordaining “qualified” MEN, isn’t the  “Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests” a little off?  I mean, not that they weren’t off before but…  I have to laugh at the thought that some man must have made such a stink that they are now getting a dose of their own whiney medicine.  Seems like maybe the “Association of Felt Loving Androgynous Comrades” would be more appropriate but I guess AFLAC is taken and we wouldn’t want to tarnish the poor duck.

At any rate, these “folks” (to be gender inclusive) aren’t “qualified.”  The Sacraments always have to have valid form, matter and intent.  At least the babes aren’t valid matter, and if the guys had the right intent, I would think they’d go through the normal channels.

And this – doesn’t it kind of crack you up?

In the tradition of our mystics and prophets, we challenge the dominance of patriarchal systems.

Come on, ladies.  Let’s name some names.  Which mystics and prophets challenged those mean ol’ patriarchal systems?  Do your mystics and prophets come from Themyscira, perhaps? (Start googling, people.)  I’ll give you a hint.  Diana, Lasso of Truth…  Just like her, you’re a fictional character and so are your “mystics and prophets.”

“We use equal rites to promote equal rights.”

Let’s hear it for the soundbite!  Seriously, your silly made up “rite” doesn’t even compare to the amazing Rite of Ordination for Priests.  Not equal in any respect. One is very fake and one is very real.

“I’m sure that I will be [excommunicated] if I haven’t been already,” Eltzroth told The Charlotte Observer. “But there are plenty of saints who have been excommunicated. So that’s not going to stop us.”

Kind of blasé about the whole excommunication thing, no?  Declaring yourself or comparing yourself to a saint is kind of a HUGE tell that you’re probably not.  And “plenty” of saints who have been excommunicated?  Anyone else want to call her on that? I’m pretty sure she’s googling now just to make sure she can scrape together a few names.  I’m just going to clue you in, Abigail, the situation was rare.  “Plenty” doesn’t even come close to truth. Half of them weren’t actually excommunicated (say, for instance, Joan of Arc whose excommunication was ruled invalid buy Roman Pontiff – the guy who gets to rule on such things) and the other half’s excommunications were lifted.  And, I guarantee none of them took their situations as lightly as you.  It wasn’t trivial to them.

Eltzroth “now plans to to start a Catholic worship community in the Asheville area,” according to The Observer.

Let’s go over this one more time.  It’s not a “Catholic” anything unless it’s actually Catholic.  It’s just a little monument to her hubris.

She joins the ranks of 250 other women priests who are part of a “renewal movement within the Roman Catholic Church.” Eltzroth converted from Presbyterianism to Catholicism in her 50s.

Well, she would be, if there were such a thing as “women priests.”  She might have some sort of movement going on, but it’s anything but Roman Catholic.  I’d kind of have to quibble about the whole conversion thing.  Seems like she’s still pretty entrenched in the Presbyterian group that ordains women.  It’s splintered that denomination to pieces.  

As far as the Catholic Church is concerned, Eltzroth is not an actual priest. “I hope that Catholics in the diocese will understand that it would be sinful to receive a fake sacrament from a woman priest, and that includes attending a fake Mass,” said David Hains, a spokesman for the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte.

Exactly. Thank you Diocese of Charlotte!

The women’s priest group views the situation quite differently.

Uh, because reality has left the building where they are concerned? 

We prepare and ordain qualified women and men to serve the people of God as priests,” the organization’s website maintains. “We use equal rites to promote equal rights and justice for women in the church.”

The group claims to welcome all and to offer an “inclusive” service.

Well why the heck not?  Anything goes in her little church.

’“The Vatican states that we are excommunicated; however, we do not accept this and affirm that we are loyal members of the church,” the organization claims. “We continue to serve our beloved church in a renewed priestly ministry by welcoming all to celebrate the sacraments in inclusive, Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered communities wherever we are called.”

Again, not a shocker when reality is whatever you decide.  Want to be the church where pink elephants are priests?  Bam.  It is so!

Sorry, ladies. You serve yourselves.  It’s always been all about you.  “Look at me!” has been the rally cry.

Some church denominations allow women to serve in leadership roles. The Catholic Church, however, has kept its longstanding tradition of male leadership in the church.

…because Truth cannot change.

“For one, it should be noted that Jesus did not ordain any women,” the Catholic Education Resource Center notes. “He selected all of his apostles, and none were women … There were other roles that Christ had in mind for women. For example, they played a key role in the spread of the Gospel, being the first to spread the news of the risen Christ.”

Yes and yes.  Again, women are the wrong matter.  I’m so tired of the feminist hacks.  Women have always had an important role in our Church.  Sadly, this fact is lost on many.  I wish St. Teresa, St. Catherine, and St. Therese would come down and thump these silly women on the head.  I can only imagine what they’d say to those who reject Church teaching on the matter.  

“If I should say anything that is not in conformity with what is held by the Holy Roman Catholic Church, it will be through ignorance and not through malice. This may be taken as certain, and also that, through God’s goodness, I am, and shall always be, as I always have been, subject to her. ~ St. Teresa of Avila

Do you think the ARCWP crowd has heard that one before?  Yeah, me neither.  

In 2016, Pope Francis created a commission to study the idea of having women in deacon roles within the church.

Blah, blah, blah.

11 thoughts on “Call No Woman Father! (It’s Just Kind of Stupid!)

  1. Ugh, it says she converted from Presbyterian — why on earth didn’t she just stay over there? I live in this diocese and can tell you that Asheville is the wanna-be east coast San Francisco.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhh Asheville North Carolina, land of fruits and nuts in the deep south of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Just over the hill from my home town.

    Asheville the home of my Alma Mater Christ School (actually just over the hill in Arden). Asheville, where liberals go to stink and grow their dread lock hair and wear sandals all year long (even snowy winter). Where there is an annual festival of bare chested women, bravely showing the world that they have breasts,(even Lesbians have breasts who knew?) right out there in the bright sun shine of the high thin mountain air. Where the PC culture is so strong that they completely spell out:
    “The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Boulevard” on the street sign because “They CAN”.
    Asheville where POT or Reefer is and always has been, wink, wink, sort of legal. Where the future jane fondas of the world go to show how bad they can stink in the warm summer air.
    A town where men lose their ability to produce testosterone, because it may offend someone.
    Asheville, a mini microcosm of California, or Boston. Where the Vanderbilt and Rockefellers partied in the 1920s, wasting huge sums of their money and the liberals of today waste everyone Else’s money.
    Where the answer to your mother’s question: IF THEY JUMPED OFF A BRIDGE WOULD YOU….., is an emphatic YES! YEs! YES,,,,,,,, with out your clothes on while smoking a joint.


    In all fairness to Asheville, it is beautiful, but you can not chance taking your family there to visit for the scandal they will be exposed to, in most all forms, in public.

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  3. To sum up, a misguided woman wants to be a fake priest, in a fake parish, in a fake church, following fake doctrine, so she can celebrate a fake mass and deliver fake communion. To truly make this complete, they need to get some men who think that they are women–then they can have fake woman, fake priest, fake parish, fake church, fake doctrine fake mass, fake communion, and fake heaven.

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    1. Tom:
      When they finally reach their fake heaven, they’ll be distracted by the racket of the weeping and grinding of teeth…especially their own!


  4. It probably comes mostly from an inability to accept the natural role of women in society – primarily as homemakers, mothers, and bearers and teachers of children. Nature says, on the other hand, that men primarily ought to be winning the bread (or else dad’s a mamby pamby, right?), which entitles him to be the “last word” if necessary within the family, which easily drifts into societal life and politics. That’s why Paul set men over women naturally (which he got from Genesis, as he says,) and this explains the root of why it works this way in the supernatural order as well: men have the burden of tilling the spiritual soil, as punishment for Adam’s sin (which was made possible by his mamby pamby failure to protect Eve from the Devil, which is also “undone” by priests), and women have the duty to embody and then give birth to grace in their home, no matter how much it hurts. There is crossover, of course, but this is the general paradigm. Most of these confused women probably never had an example of true motherhood and femininity in their home, which is sad, because they are missing out on the possibility to be good women instead of pretending they are men. We will all get to be obedient and silent in Heaven… Women get a head start on this by their natural office. This is why women are generally better at religion than men – just look at the pews today, or even at the Gospels!

    Anyway, let’s pray and fast for these confused women. There is no arguing with them.


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