Can We Please Have a Day Without Stupidity?

I’ve told my girls on a number of occasions “Don’t be a victim!”  I really mean that in every sense of the word. Obviously stay out of danger, but also, don’t buy into the mental and emotional victimhood club so many people have decided to join these days.  It grates on the nerves and gets you nowhere.  If you run into an obstacle, overcome it, get around it, or smash through it.

In case you missed the news, there’s a bunch of stupid women having a pout-out (thanks, Laura Ingraham, for the term that explains it perfectly!) and crying about how they’re being hurt by this world.  GET OVER IT and GET OVER YOURSELVES.  True women don’t whine, and they especially don’t whine incessantly like you!  True women have a valor you have yet to remotely grasp. They don’t seek glory for themselves, they’re sacrificial, they’re strong, they surmount impossible obstacles, and they don’t whine about being treated unfairly.  They look like this:


The problem with a more-than-tolerable amount of women is that they are in it for themselves and they blindly follow women who are the antithesis of the above women.  They choose to follow divas who haven’t worked for much of their entire lives and who are now trying to revive their waning “careers” by playing the victim activist role.  Do the women who follow these types think they’ll achieve the same decadent lifestyle if they just emulate them or what?  Sadly, they’re going to end up leading the same, sad, pathetic, meaningless lives these idiots lead, just with a whole lot less money because they’re soooooooo stupid.  Ladies, please note that the Madonnas, Ashleys, and Mileys had success before they embraced vulgarity.  (Well, maybe not Madonna.)  So, you have a few women who waited until they made money before coming out as idiots and another who peddled flesh to get hers.  Yeah, these are your role models and they’re not going to pay your rent or buy your food when you’ve followed their actions and lost your jobs by making yourselves obnoxious beyond belief!  Erma Bombeck nailed it with this quote: “Don’t confuse fame with success. Madonna is one; Helen Keller is the other.”  Why is this so painfully obvious to sane women?

So, ladies, let me explain this to you one more time.  Becoming a victim doesn’t help women achieve greatness.  Whining doesn’t help women achieve greatness.  Taking the day off to throw a temper tantrum doesn’t help women achieve greatness.  Your grand plan just makes you annoying.  Leaving jobs, responsibilities, etc., undone to rant only shows us who the real women are.  Real women show up even when it’s hard and they do their jobs. They’ll achieve greatness because greatness is not their goal. Nine times out of ten, they do it for others, not themselves. #weshowup #notmyprotest

18 thoughts on “Can We Please Have a Day Without Stupidity?

  1. You are soooooo mean Mad Mom. LOL.

    I’m just wondering how many male bosses silently prayed, “Thanks be to God,” as soon as they looked over the request for a personal day some females put in weeks before their pout out. Then they smile and rested assured that at least they’d get a day off from the egg-shell dance some of these gals insist all learn the steps to so as to not chip their very fragile, narcissistic egos. Yeah, more than one boss was very happy for eight hours on Wednesday. Thinking back to my office days, there probably would’ve been at least two of the gals in the office gone and I’d be happy about it. Some of these ladies aren’t easy to work with at all.

    God bless. Ginnyfree.

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  2. Beautiful post. Thank you for standing up for the “real” women. These are the ones who hang in there when the going is tough, the ones who ensure that the children are fed and clothed before themselves when the money is tight but smile as the walk them to school. The real women are the ones who endure “real” hardship – lack of money, lack of opportunity, lack of respect, but carry on with quiet dignity, encouraging others. We don’t just need pictures of Mother Theresa and Joan of Arc; we need images of ordinary women getting on with ordinary lives, living for those they love. Offering up their difficulties and struggles and powering their way quietly to heaven where their rewards will be so much more than the dollars and drugs and fame that seems to be the candle to the moths of the women of our generation.


  3. The idea that these idiotic creatures would show them (men) by not showing up is beyond stupid. Men, if they were similarly idiotic, could call for a day without men.
    What would that prove? – That humanity is made of men and women (sorry, gender ideologues who are not reading it, as you are too busy looking into yourself, struggling to appear different than what you are, making your appearance into your singularly unique identity) and that men and women constitute two halves (more less) of humanity, complementing each other.

    Yeah, I saw it – on the day without women – some women, too many are mindless idiots.

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  4. It is just a disappointment for me. On a personal level March 8th is my birthday and I am a Man, A Male. A Catholic Man. A HuMan.
    It is really blown up as a national day of women here (I LIVE IN CHILE SOUTH AMERICA) with all kinds of stupidity and made up importance.
    How about: National Dish washer day? Or National Toilet Cleaner Day. National Cow milker day? National septic service day? National ditch digger day? National Cleaner of Slaughtering house Day?
    All of these I have done on a public level and never wanted a “DAY”.
    Imagine any day with out one of these basic services and the people who work to provide these services. Male or Female.
    And another thing if all this is so important, when is National MENS day?

    How about National Day of Jesus Christ?
    Now there is a day that I could celebrate!
    OOOops I forgot….. in my house that is every day, and the only day that matters because with out Jesus there is no other day!

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  5. I find it ironic that you are complaining about women being whiners, yet most of what you write is whining about something or other!


    1. TT! Where’ve you been?! Missed you. Of course I’ll disagree with you. I’m not claiming victimhood. I’m not saying “Whoa is me! Somebody needs to pay for all of my needs, let me do all that I want and people are stopping me from having my every wants met!” I’m also not saying “All of these liberal idiots are ruining my life!” and left to cry in a corner. Please. My life will go on same as always while these whiners march around claiming to be victims of just about everyone or everything. I’m simply pointing out the obvious and the hypocrisy. I will say, I feel bad for the younger generations of the world that has to live in a society that so totally and utterly screwed up. Maybe I’ll start whining on their behalf.


  6. My husband recently got called into a meeting with high level people because he was told that there were multiple complaints about his being offensive made by the same woman. It went pretty high up because no one could understand why he’d have so many complaints. Anyway, they bring the woman into the meeting about half way through after they fill my husband in on the exact complaints and he explains his intent for each of the complaints. He chooses his words VERY carefully and tries to apologize for causing her offense. She is insulted TWICE during his apology in front of all these high level people. He hasn’t even really said anything offensive! They end the meeting and the two people directly above my husband (one is a woman who is a VP while also caring for a child with special needs) tell him not to worry. What they witnessed gave them everything they needed to know about the situation and it matched what they suspected. They apologized for even having to bring him into such an uncomfortable meeting. The woman was just ALWAYS looking for ways to be offended. She was new to the company. I have a feeling she won’t last long because the company culture won’t put up with that kind of eggshell dance. My husband came home yesterday and said that the woman had tried to reach out to him (although, she was noticeably uncomfortable about it) and ask about a conference he had just returned from the day before. My husband didn’t even open his mouth. He just gave her a thumbs up. Whiny people only hurt themselves in the work place. No one wants to engage with them. I’m waiting to hear about how she was offended by the thumbs up today! 😉 Come on, we all know it’s coming…


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