Careful what you wish for…

This is everything you need to know about the Diocese of San Jose and why many wish Bishop McGrath would ride quietly off to retirement.  It seems he’s trying to burn the place down on the way out.  Guess what, Bishop McGrath, the diocese is going to long outlive your tenure. He’s pulling his 11 whole seminarians out of St. Patrick’s and sending them to the University of Saint Mary of the Lake Mundelein Seminary.  Where’s that, you might ask?  They’ll be with Cardinal Cupich in the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Surprise!  Surprise! Surprise!  (That’s sarcasm.)  It was a pretty safe bet it wasn’t going to be, say, Sacred Heart Major Seminary with Archbishop Vigneron, though.

Please note, this is a reprint of a National catholic Reporter story.  Why am I pointing this out?  Well, because of this:

One St. Patrick alumnus, now the pastor of Danville’s St. Isidore Parish in the Oakland diocese, shared his appreciation for the Sulpicians in the Oct. 30, 2016, parish bulletin, praising them for providing “us a vision of Church which was wide and inclusive, not narrow and blinkered.”

In the bulletin message, Fr. Gerard Moran also charged that “the Sulpicians have been on a collision course with Archbishop Cordileone since his appointment to San Francisco.”

Moran criticized what he called Cordileone’s “obsessive compulsive micromanagement” and appealed to previous San Francisco archbishops to “use their influence in Rome to see the Sulpician decision is not irrevocable.”

Now, I’m 99% sure that the National catholic Reporter didn’t stumble upon a bulletin announcement from one of the not-so-notable guys from my diocese.  Heck, I only stumbled across it because a reader sent it to me.

So, in short, looks like NcR reads my blog!   Hi, Fathers Martin and Reese!  Did you miss me when I was on hiatus?  So glad to know my work is appreciated!

On to the rest of the story.  I’m reasonably sure that Bishop McGrath’s final straw was the recent appointment of Fr. George Schultze, SJ, as rector of St. Patrick’s Seminary.  That’s all the buzz around here.  

I have to laugh at the liberals who don’t know what to say about the Jesuits these days.  It would be lovely to see the spin room at NcR trying to figure out how to trash a faithful Jesuit when the Pope is a Jesuit.  I also cannot wait to see what Frs. Reese and Martin are going to say about their brother Jesuit who just got a nice promotion.  So many visions are running through my head right now.  I mean, I’m sure they spend a good chunk of their time wishing they could have the Jesuit orders take over dioceses and seminaries, but I can just see them crying “NOT THAT ONE!  OR THAT ONE!”  It’s just going to get harder and harder for the Reeses and Martins of the Jesuit order now that there are a lot of faithful Jesuits showing up.  And, heaven help them, they must be coming unglued now that “One of them” is now in charge of the formation of priests, or the bishop of the Oakland Diocese, or…


15 thoughts on “Careful what you wish for…

      1. Fr James Schall, SJ, formerly of Georgetown U, is quite orthodox. He writes at The Catholic Thing and Crisis, and has published a number of books with Ignatius press.

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    1. Fr. Robert Spitzer is another. He appears on EWTN in the program: ‘Fr. Spitzer’s Universe’. I won’t miss it. A very intelligent man (I believe has a couple of Doctorates) and a traditional, orthodox Jesuit. He’s written a few books and the latest he is promoting is on the value of suffering. (can’t recall the name) He’s also giving talks on the subject. BTW, he’s also loosing his eye site, as you will notice the sunglasses that he constantly wears on the program. Just love to listen to him!

      I was once told by a friend of mine that there are 2 camps of Jesuits…….the orthodox and the ‘not so much’.

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  1. Father George is a terrific person. He is very honest and straightforward. Intellually he is first rate. The seminary is lucky to have him. Tom Greerty

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  2. There are many good Jesuit priests serving God in His Church today. But, as you don’t hear about all the good work being done in the prolife movement, you also don’t hear of the good work and holy Jesuits. If it doesn’t serve the media agenda, it doesn’t get published.

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  3. Funny story (and true). Our parish was being questioned by personnel board members (all priests) about what we wanted in a new pastor who was to be appointed pretty soon. We basically have two camps–those who want to continue along the path of reverent liturgy (including Gregorian chant), Holy Hours of Adoration and frequent confession hours. And those in the other camp who want social justice lay-run ministries, an ecumenical man-about-town pastor and none of that pre-Vatican II stuff. (Obviously they never read the documents and instead subscribe to the Spirit of Vatican II.)

    One man in the second camp stood up and said, “We would like a Jesuit pastor!”

    Boy was I relieved when one of the personnel board priests quipped, “We’re waiting for them to become Catholic first…”

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  4. Fr. James Schall, SJ. He’s retired now and living in N. California but he taught philosophy for 30 years at Georgetown U. and what an intellect. I’d recommend any of his writings.

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  5. Like any normal, red blooded, orthodox Catholic; I can’t stomach the jesuits. That said, my favorite priest is one and he is solid as a rock. Also, my confessor is one as well. I often marvel at how they managed to get into a jesuit seminary. I also wonder why such men would actually want to be there in the first place but I won’t ask.

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