And the Catholic of the Year Award Goes to…

…not Melinda Gates!

Opinion: Want to Empower Women Worldwide? Give Them Access to Contraceptives

Melinda Gates shares why she advocates for over 225 million women around the globe who still lack access to modern contraceptives.

By Melinda Gates


Like most women I know, I have used contraceptives for many years. I knew I wanted to work both before and after becoming a mom, so I delayed getting pregnant until Bill and I were sure we were ready to start our family. Twenty years later, we have three children, born almost exactly three years apart. None of that happened by accident.

The decision about whether and when to get pregnant was a decision that Bill and I made based on what was right for me and what was right for our family—and that’s something I feel lucky about. There are still over 225 million women around the world who don’t have access to the modern contraceptives they need to make these decisions for themselves.

Anyone else sick of hearing what women do with their sex lives?  I am.  I’m even more sick to hear what supposedly Catholic women are doing.  Sure, ladies!  Let’s continue to ruin the beauty of the marital embrace.  Gag!  It’s also a little annoying to hear “I wanted” a million times.  Gotta wonder if Melinda, the “good Catholic” she is, thinks about what God wants or even what her children want. 

Hey, Melinda, as long as you are telling us you use birth control when you sleep with your husband, why don’t you just tell us what kind you used?  Nine times out of ten with a bazillionaire like Melinda, it’s going to be an abortifacient.  It’s just more effective when trying to make sure that a child doesn’t see daylight.

Really, re-read this paragraph.  If I were her kids, I’d be kind of crushed or in some sort of therapy.  On one hand, billionaire mom couldn’t be fulfilled raising children.  One more child or a child spaced less than three years apart would have ruined her perfect life.  No, that was just beneath her abilities to simply be a mom or a mom of four.  Then there’s the other hand where mom’s talking about her sex life.  Ick.

In the decade and a half since Bill and I started our foundation, I’ve heard from women all over the world about how important contraceptives are to their ability to take charge of their futures. When women are able to plan their pregnancies around their goals for themselves and their families, they are also better able to finish their education, earn an income, and fully participate in their communities.

Listen, Melinda, I can tell you that children, the ones you put first and love with all of your heart (at least I do), make me fully participate in my community. 

Interestingly enough, these women are not really taking charge of their futures, are they?  Instead, they’re giving into peer pressure, from you, Melinda, and women like you.  They’re taking a pill, slapping on a piece of latex, putting in a sponge, etc., and this more often than not ruins their future.  Why?  So they can keep up with the Joneses (or the Gateses) and “be fulfilled” apparently in ways those nasty children prevent. 

My gosh!  We sit around and wonder why there’s child abuse, human trafficking, etc.  Get a clue!  Children are not the enemy, and yet, that’s really all we’ve heard in the last 50 years or so.  Bravo!  You reap what you sow, people.  Wake up! 

You’ve brought the marriage embrace from something spiritual and meaningful down to a simple biological function to be altered with a pill, plastic, sponges, etc.  And you’ve reduced children down to either a convenience or an inconvenience.  Next time you get out there to battle human trafficking, please remember you’re responsible for it.

Let’s go back to “their futures” which you’ve vastly helped to include STDs, cancer (a myriad of types), pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, blood clots, strokes, etc., etc., etc.  Great job, Melinda.  Artificial birth control has increased all of these among women.

And not only do moms benefit; their kids benefit, too. In communities where women have access to contraceptives, children stay in school longer, and entire families are healthier, wealthier and far better equipped to break the cycle of poverty.

Please, please tell us how birth control magically does that.

For all of these reasons, in 2012, I co-chaired a summit that brought leaders from around the world together around the goal of expanding expand access to contraceptives for the women who desperately want and need them. The global partnership, called Family Planning 2020, pledged to get 120 million more women access to contraceptives by the year 2020. It was an ambitious but achievable goal—and an important promise to women in the world’s poorest places that they will not be forgotten.

Unfortunately, our progress has not yet lived up to our ambition. We are now more than halfway to the 2020 deadline, but not yet on track to reach 120 million women by the promised date. As of the halfway point in July 2016, we had reached 24 million additional women with family planning services. Unless we begin making up for lost time, we will miss this chance to make this a turning point for women around the world.

24 million women.  Wow!  That’s a lot of lives altered, and not in a good way.

When I think about what’s at stake over the next three years, I think about the lives of women like Anita and Sushila, both of whom I met last year in a village in India called Kamrawa.

 Anita, who guesses she’s about 40 years old, lived most of her life without access to contraceptives. She got married when she was a teenager and became pregnant within a year of her wedding. The birth of her first child was followed by the birth of four more. None of these pregnancies were planned—because without contraceptives, planning her family simply wasn’t an option.

When I asked Anita what it was like to raise so many kids on such a limited income, she got sad and reflective. “I had a lot of problems,” she told me. She spent all of her time and energy looking after her family and trying to keep her household running—preparing food, tending to animals, keeping things clean in a house with no running water—leaving almost no time at all for her to do anything else, even get a job to help with expenses. It was a life of deprivation, hard work and endless worrying.

Did you cut Anita a check for a million? Heck, let’s make it a hundred thousand?  Did you do something to fix her state of life?  Fix her country?  Nope.  You suggested to her that having no more children will fix all that and if she hadn’t had the ones she had, she would e in that mess.   Yeah, that’s the ticket!

But things in Kamrawa have changed since Anita was a young mother. Now, contraceptives are widely available, and women have the chance to make the reproductive decisions that are right for themselves and their families. As a result, families are smaller, and parents are better able to afford nutritious food and school fees for all of their kids. The whole village is healthier and more prosperous.

Even though her children are grown, Anita is excited about what this means for the next generation. “I don’t want my daughter-in-law to go through the same problems,” she told me.

Interestingly, Melinda doesn’t go onto tell us how Anita’s children are doing now.  And, if her children are grown, why isn’t Anita miraculously doing better?  She has time for school and self-fulfillment at 40ish.

Another woman I met, Sushila, is a 28-year-old teacher who’s using contraceptives to plan her family and her future. She has two children—a five-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter—and loves being a mom. But Sushila and her husband are committed to limiting the size of their family so that they’re able to give each of their children the lives they deserve.

Please note they do not give life to all of their children.  They just give them the lives that they supposedly deserve.  Are we really supposed to believe the difference between Anita and Sushila was birth control? Please!  Yeah, those two extra children make all the difference.  Again, please!

Sushila also told me that as soon as both her kids are in school, she plans to return to her job as a teacher. A generation ago, working moms were almost unheard of in villages like Kamrawa. But now that women have the option to plan their pregnancies, they have many other options, too.

Here’s an idea, how about giving one parent a living wage to support a family?  Did you fix that, Melinda?  What if their plan was to have a large family?  Are you going to help make life in the town possible for that?  Nope.  You’re just going to help them eliminate those pesky kids.

When you think about the difference between Anita’s life and Sushila’s life, it’s clear that progress is possible. The question is whether we will commit the resources and mobilize the will to ensure that this progress extends to more women in more places.

Clear?  Other than the names, we really don’t know what the differences between them are.  We are just supposed to take Melinda’s word that the birth control she provided made the difference.

In 2012, we made a promise to women around the world. Our actions over the next three years will decide whether we keep it.

Seriously, Melinda, can you please drop the “Roman Catholic” from your bio now?  Catholics see children as a blessing, not a curse.  We don’t see them as the enemy or a stumbling block to fulfillment.  What we do see as a HUGE stumbling block is denying God’s natural law.  You think that poverty is a problem, but just take a look at the results from denying God’s natural law.  It’s called death – spiritual, marital and even biological. 




17 thoughts on “And the Catholic of the Year Award Goes to…

  1. There are some who think (or feel) that birth control cures all ailments of the human race and the human condition. That is not so.

    The local doctors in Africa lament that they receive ship loads of contraceptives from wealthy Western countries, but what they need are basic vaccines and anti-biotics to reduce childhood mortality in their less developed countries. The West is saying to these folks :we do not care about your children, the ones you have now, and we would like for you not to have too many more.”

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  2. You hit the nail on the head. And, if Melissa is promoting the pill, she’s also polluting the environment. I sponsor a child from India. Why couldn’t she do that? With her millions she could give to a foundation that helps children and mothers get an education without providing contraceptives. She’s just a cafeteria Catholic like so many others. Another radical feminist who cou,d have had more children and stayed at home but no, that wouldn’t have been “fulfillment”.

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  3. Here’s the rub: Mrs. Gates states clearly her decisions – “The decision about whether and when to get pregnant was a decision that Bill and I made based on what was right for me and what was right for our family” But the Truth is this same decision could be made without defying God and is by those of us Catholics who choose to abstain from sexual relations when we need to for just reasons. We ARE supposed to behave responsibly towards our spouses, our children and our communities by the just means available: abstinence. I’m an optimist and I do believe that most happily married Catholic couples do abstain from sexual relations when there is a just reason and so do not offend God. The difference between Mrs. Gates and a faithful Catholic woman is she and her hubby both decided to do the same thing only they chose to offend God by resorting to chemical or surgical means to destroy their reproductive gifts from their Creator. They refused to do without SEX. Their sexual pleasures mean more to them than their relationship with their Creator. Persons such as these would feel unhappy in Heaven because there is no sex there and happiness is based upon being freed from sin to love and adore God, not each other. The really horrible part is that Mrs. Gates wants to force her choice on others who are ignorant and unsuspecting in other countries. She is taking advantage of their ignorance of the Gospel to spread the Culture of Death rather than the Good News of Jesus Christ. Those who have the Gospel know that her message is one of death and destruction, not liberation and prosperity as they wrap their contraceptive news in. Everyone knows the billions she has spent trying to kill children in foreign lands with contraception, abortion and sterilization. She is on a crusade against life and its Author. This will end for her in Hell. God is not fooled. There is a price. She will pay it. You cannot buy Heaven nor can you build a stairway there. I’ve heard stories of what happens when the villages where such things go on wise up to what these Westerners really do to them. The free access to sexually liberating devices, be they abortion on demand, contraceptives or sterilization is the real culprit in the spread of HIV and AIDS in Africa. They don’t call it the Culture of Death for a reason – it kills, everyone it touches, some immediately, some slowly, but it does keep killing. Most Progressive Catholics will not say one little itty bitty word against any of this. No kidding. Becuase most of them have progressed in the wrong direction. They secretly support Mrs. Gates and all her allies including Hillary.

    Nice article Mad Mom. God bless. Ginnyfree.

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  4. The idea of power and control is so addictive as well. I survived an extensive blood clot and embolism after my last pregnancy. I joined an embolism survivors support group online where people are given the straight truth about hormonal birth control and clots. I’ve seen countless articles posted about young women with lives cut short directly related to birth control. Some of these women KNOW that they directly caused their near death experiences by filing those “no baby here” pill prescriptions and installing those hormone enriched devices. You’d think they would think twice, but one of the most common questions I see relates to finding the “safer” birth control!! My heart sinks every time I see that question asked. The ability to turn a blind eye to something so deadly (physically AND spiritually) baffles me.

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  5. You wrote: “It’s just more effective when trying to make sure that a child doesn’t see daylight.” Wow, you nailed it here, sister:+) St, Thomas Aquinas, Angelic Doctor of the Church, and to my little mind, the smartest human being to have lived, noted that contraception was but one level below homicide. For in homicide life is taken while in contraception life is prevented.

    I would like to add my own thoughts on the evil contraceptive mentality: the heart of the mentality really gets down to narcissism and trying to be God in our own lives. Per usual, it comes back to Adam and Eve i.e. you will be as Gods. It’s all about choosing MY will over God’s will, being selfish instead of being selfless, me running the show versus surrendering my will and life over to God and letting Him run it.

    People who promote this lie hide behind respectable words like “being responsible” when in reality they are really being selfish, narcissistic, disobeying God, and seeking after a life of materialistic, self centered, “I am God”, hedonism. How is snuffing out the possible life of an innocent child, using our spouse for our own personal dopamine crack pipe and turning into a narcissist being “responsible?” Maybe in a worldly, shallow, material, emo is king based society…yes…for the ten commandments revolve around how I feel, how much money I have, how much leisure and fun I have, and basically whatever I want to do at a given moment. Having a child interferes with that pink cloud outlook…thus it is only being “responsible” to do away with them.

    It is also a matter of expectation. Our materialistic society places obscene financial demands and expectations on parents i.e. my child HAS to have new clothes, lots of them, play sports, go to expensive schools, go to college, have vacations, get their hair and nails done and the list continues. When in reality, it’s really only some decent food, a food and a few hand-me-down clothes that kids need,,,that and formation and love from their parents etc. Take all of the meaningless frills away and people could afford to have children God’s way:+)

    I recall hearing a priest speak about contraception in an online homily once where he chillingly said that Our Lord will ask all of us “where are they? where are the OTHER children I sent you?” when we stand in front of His judgement seat. I also recall reading that Ghandi, not even a baptized Christian, recognized that using contraception was basically treating your wife like a whore.

    The contraceptive mentality also sadly extends to those who use NFP in the Church. I’m not talking about people who might use it as a recourse to GET pregnant or if they are in dire circumstances (illness, loss of job) and return to normal relations when things return to normal. But people who use NFP as basically birth control…spacing out their kids or only having a few…even though they spend thousands in private schools, have vacation houses, multiple cars, the kids are in sports and everyone has tons of clothes, dinners out, etc. Children are seen as a burden, especially financially…which of course they are if we abide by our materialistic, hedonistic society’s standards:+) They forget about a life of simplicity, plainness, and poverty being a good thing….that we are to rely on the providence of God to live such simple lives…to do without the frills of meaningless things and instead enjoy the richness of having more immortal souls within our family bosom and heart.

    I loved your focus on chastity and most importantly, to abstain from marital relations altogether as the Catholic option:+) Soooooo many saints did this…and not to avoid having children but as an offering to Our Lord. The Holy Family was chaste:+)

    Finally, I wanted to note that doing things God’s way doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to have 30 children:+) Women’s bodies are designed to naturally space out children if they but breastfeed. The occurrence of “Irish twins” i.e. siblings born and conceived within the same year, was supposedly the result of turning to bottle feeding. When a woman breastfeeds, it tells the body that it’s not time for another child…that the child just born still needs the attention and is too young. If women breastfed for a mere year, spacing wouldn’t be an issue. But even then…it’s still the best mindset to always see children as a gift. Yes, they take time and effort to love, tend and raise…but it is an act of service and sacrifice…the two highest forms of love. And there is no better way to live then life a life of love:+)

    Thank you for your wonderful post. It’s about time we knock down the lies spewing forth from our culture and hit back with beautiful Catholic truth:+)

    God bless~

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