It’s pathetic when young college students can’t tell a priest from a member of the KKK.  http://thetab.com/us/indiana/2016/04/05/last-night-white-robed-priest-mistaken-armed-kkk-klansman-1804 (Profanity warning: One of the ignorant youngsters decidedly wanted to further show his ignorance by using an “f” bomb in his message.) Let me help you politically correct morons who prefer to yell “Hate!” when they see white rather than actually look at a person, dressed in a white robe, with a Rosary around his waist taking a leisurely stroll around campus. 

Here are members of the KKK:


 Here are members of the Dominican Order of Preachers:


Anyone see the difference?  Well, here are a couple:  How about the Klan’s pointy hood with eyeholes cut in them versus the Rosaries around the waist of the Dominicans?  Another difference?  Klansmen robes are meant to hide cowardly bullies who are doing evil deeds so no one can differentiate one from another.  The white robes of the Dominicans?  Those are meant to draw attention and show a difference between the wearer and the average Joe, like most other uniforms of one type or another.  Need a priest?  Need a police officer? There’s one!

It would be so nice if people could exercise a little common sense before throwing themselves into a tizzy and trying to find a so called “safe space” to hide in like a blanky fort.  First, how many Klansmen put on their robes and wander around campus, by themselves, without their hood on?  Granted, they’re not too bright, but do you really think they have a death wish?  Also, how many Klansmen wander into the local yogurt shop for fro-yo wearing their Klan robes?  Oh yeah, that happens all the time.

Anyone want to bet we’re going to hear how these priests shouldn’t wear their habits because people might mistake them for Klansmen?  Or that it’s just too traumatic for college students to see white robes, you know, due to “history.”  5,4,3,… (FYI, the Dominicans have been wearing white a lot longer than the KKK.) 

Seriously, people have got to learn to pause before whining and crying about every little thing.  We certainly have raised a nation of clueless wimps who get traumatized over the slightest thing like someone wearing a white robe or someone writing Trump slogans in chalk.  Oooohhhhh, how scary!  How do these students even leave their dorm rooms with the agoraphobia they’ve developed?

So, if anyone even remotely suggests that any member of the clergy ditch their habits, clerics, etc., because some snowflake says they are reduced to fear and trembling, the answer should be an unequivocal “NO!”  The religious in this world cannot cave to the insanity. That would cause even more harm to these kids who have, apparently, been failed by the rest of the adults in their lives.  The Dominicans need to keep the white robes and awesome capes and stand out as much as possible.  The college kids are lucky to have them around and to have them available to them, no matter who they are, what they’ve done, or what faith they profess.  These prissy little college students need to become more familiar with them to understand how ridiculous they’re acting.  Forget teaching tolerance – the Dominicans can teach them true charity, something much better than so-called tolerance.  People are being killed and martyred all over world by “the offended,” yet we are turning ourselves into a nation of the “offended.”  For all the tolerance they preach at these campuses, there seems to be very little.  Too bad they know so little of history and fail to recognize how totalitarian it’s going to get if we stay on our current course.  They’ll be no better than the Klansmen who scare them.  They’ll just be in a different “Klan.”  I mean, they basically just accused this guy of “Being a Priest while White.”  Racist much, little college kids?  I’m betting they might have taken just a bit more time before hyperventilating if this had been one of the black Dominicans shown above.  Either that, or their heads might just have exploded. 

So, here’s a big thank you to the lone Dominican who decided to stroll through campus in your habit praying your Rosary for these ungrateful brats.  Here’s a thank you also to the students who didn’t cave to the trauma of seeing someone in a white robe and took just a second to use some common sense.  Don’t stop being you.  Hopefully you guys will serve as a great example to those neurotic people who see hate everywhere.  Here’s also hoping that you can be the ones to stop the next – what one student brilliantly called it – fear culture fail.





20 thoughts on “#FearCultureFail

  1. St. Josemaría Escriváde Balaguer y Albás said that the Rosary was a Christian’s most powerful weapon–stronger even than millennial ignorance.

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  2. Thanks for your defense of the Dominicans and our habits One Mad Mom! Pray for us as we try and radiate the joy of the Gospel into this world which seems to be increasingly enlightened into darkness…

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  3. This is why Preist and Nuns should always wear their habits. Then MORONS like those IDIOTS would know the difference. It is really to bad it has come to this, very sad for our country and our faith.

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  4. I am afraid to say that much of this has been our own fault as religious. We have adopted to the secular culture and blended in as to help dumb down the culture to such.an extent that our habits are mistaken (upon rare sightings) as KUK or something else.We have taken Christ off the street and given free access to Buda Mahomet and any other by adopting secular modes of dress and all for our own comfort, convenience and Cowardice.

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    1. That is also very true. It’s really a deadly combination when you secularize a nation and teach people to play the victim card. Too bad people can’t see the history in that one.


  5. Can we have empathy and love for those who overreacted? Many of them may become interested in the Catholic faith because Fr. Jude wanted frozen yogurt and someone panicked. Calling them names and judging them buys into the culture of fear and hate we are living in.


    1. What can I say? I’m a mom. I don’t coddle when my own kids are being ridiculous. I’m not judging them but their actions and, if you read, I laid the blame on the “adults” in their world who have allowed them and even urged them to be this way. They have been conditioned to see hate and be victims. It’s really, really sad.

      I have kids in this age range who attend secular schools and this is not out of the norm in the least. They can’t believe how neurotic and paranoid their fellow students are. America really needs to be knocked in the head and given a wake up call. We are creating a country of people who are manipulated by fear. Again, they fail to see how, historically, this affects a country.


      1. Amen. I work at a public college and I genuinely feel sorry for a lot of these kids. They are so unprepared for adulthood that I think it isn’t wrong to label them as victims of child neglect. Perhaps the worst thing is that they have no idea of how woefully unprepared they are. They belong to a generation raised by the Internet and television, a sense of instant gratification and overprotective parents who encourage them to stay in the nest far too long.

        I fear some of them will be traumatized by the first decade of adulthood, when they learn that the world doesn’t revolve around them and they are not at all special (as most of us old farts learned before we were ten years old.) As C. S. Lewis wrote: “Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my god, do you learn.” I cannot fathom why parents would ignore their most basic responsibility: prepare your children for adulthood.


        1. Sadly, some of them go onto start companies and realize all too quickly that this culture of fear makes it really, really easy to control people. Pretty soon we’ll have two classes. We’ll have those who shame people into submission and those that are so scared to say anything for fear of being labeled they will simply keep their mouths shut and their heads down. Google “micro-agressions.” It’s insane. They really need to put Brave New World and 1984 back on the reading lists. But, alas, I guess that would be counter to the agenda of fear.


          1. If I hear or read the terms “micro-aggression” or “safe space” many more times, I think I’m going to be ill. Life is often difficult and unfair. Stop whining and deal with it.

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    2. Thank you for saying this so well. I am dismayed by all the name calling (moron, clueless wimps, etc). It seems words are the weapons of choice when the faithful don’t like what they see. I guess that’s better than actual weapons but to me it reflects the inability to be tolerant of other’s opinions and beliefs.

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  6. Perhaps they are such Godless pagans they don’t know a thing about Catholicism–or even Christianity. If you work at a public college, as I do, you would learn very quickly that the depth of ignorance among students knows no limits.

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  7. Hi OMM,

    Another great entry. I saw story this afternoon on Breitbart. Good ol’ Indiana U. students, huh? Hope they ran off to their… “safe place.” (God love them all)

    The Dominicans staff the Newman Center at St. Paul’s on campus. This priest that was seen is more than likely one of the pastors there. So, in other words, they are around.

    I live 40 minutes from there. I call it I.U. Kinseyland, you know. ;^)

    I passed the following on to a friend who lives up there (she co-ordinates prayer vigils at the local PP death facility):

    In the early 2000s a friend was able to co-ordinate the youth retreat known as Youth 2000 to come to our diocese. (adjacent to where I. U. is located – Bloomington, In.) The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal are affiliated with Y2K. A couple of the friars went to one of our diocesan high schools Friday afternoon before the event. (one of the friars told this story that evening at the retreat)

    The friar spoke about all of the “odd” and “weird” looks he and his brethren were getting from the… um, Catholic kids. The students could not understand why those men were in some kind of costume. The friar was just incredulous. He asked their escort, “Is this a *Catholic* school? Are you sure?”


    There is confusion even in the Church about the wearing of *habits*! It is so sad that so many religious took their habits *off* in the aftermath of the “Spirit of Vatican II” era. (and not one document from Vatican II *or* subsequent documents gave it the “okay”)

    I thank God for the witness of the Dominicans at I.U.!

    May the Lord bless them and Mary keep them.

    Catechist Kev

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