If You Don’t Like Chicken Sandwiches, Don’t Have One!

My first thought when I read the title for the article below was “Is this another Jesuit school?”  Color me shocked!  It’s not.


College Students Fight to Keep Chick-fil-A Off Campus, Fearing It Violates ‘Safe Place’ for LGBTQ Students

Some students at a private, Catholic university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, are apparently less than enthusiastic about the school’s decision to bring popular food chain Chick-fil-A to campus next fall.

The Duke — the official student newspaper of Duquesne University — recently covered the brewing controversy in a piece titled, “Student Group Leaders Concerned About Duquesne Chick-fil-A,” noting that the fast-food issue was recently taken up at a March 26 student government meeting.

I don’t know, you’d think something a little more urgent might fill up the meeting, but chicken sandwiches are pretty big in the lives of college students (or at least the ones who attend this university, apparently).


The outlet explains:

At the March 26 Student Government Association meeting, Senator at Large Niko Martini proposed that the SGA pass a resolution asking the university to reconsider the inclusion of Chick-fil-A as a dining option for students. […]

“Chick-fil-A has a questionable history on civil rights and human rights,” he said in a statement to The Duke. “I think it’s imperative the university chooses to do business with organizations that coincide with the [university’s] mission and expectations they give students regarding diversity and inclusion.”

OK, let’s just pause on the former for a moment and address the latter.  Human rights?  Please, oh, please, tell me where Chick-fil-A has violated human rights!  Has Dan Cathy set up concentration camps for homosexuals in his backyard or thrown them off the roofs of his restaurants, gassed citizens?!?!?  This is yet another bunch of irrelevant college kids who simply want their names in lights.  Chick-fil-A is nowhere near a serious situation.  In fact, it’s about a million miles away from one. Oh, and by the way , I’m reasonably sure the Obama administration would have sued them long ago over some bizarre interpretation of civil rights laws if it could have, but there wasn’t even the opportunity under their wacky interpretations to do so.

The SGA Senate did not pass any resolution but agreed to consider an alternate resolution to vett the Chick-fil-A Express, which senators tabled for the April 9 SGA meeting to allow time to research the concerns.

By all means, let us know what your congressional investigation reveals, you self-inflated adult wannabees!

These comments reportedly came after the school announced on March 20 that a Chick-fil-A Express would be included in dining options next fall — a decision that was apparently made based on student requests; it is unclear if the issue was taken up at the April 9 meeting as was stated in the article.

Wait!  College students want cheap chicken sandwiches?!?!  Imagine that. I have to wonder if these are also the students who don’t have mommy and daddy picking up the tab for “women’s studies” degrees.

“More than 245 college campuses around the country including Catholic University, Penn State University, Drexel University and the University of Pittsburgh have successfully brought Chick-fil-A onto their campuses, and more are doing the same in the next several years,” Scott Richards, executive director of Auxiliary Services, said in the March 20 announcement. “Now, our students will have the opportunity to enjoy the brand on our campus instead of having to travel to Oakland or the suburbs.”

Here’s the thing…If you don’t want to eat at Chick-fil-A, don’t!  If you’re against Traditional marriage, then don’t have…wait…seems to work for liberals when it comes to abortion. I suppose they won’t get this.

Clearly, not everyone was so enthusiastic.

Martini purportedly isn’t the only person with concerns either, as The Duke reported that the president of Lambda, a gay rights campus group, also has concerns about the restaurant’s planned presence, worrying that the “safe environment” and “safe place” the organization has worked to create on campus could be in jeopardy.

Oh my gosh!  Name one “unsafe” activity Chick-fil-A engages in other than possibly increasing heart disease!  Are they stoning homosexuals when they’re closed on Sundays?  Please.  Google “gay” and “chick-fil-a” and you’ll find a lot of homosexuals who aren’t willing to jump the shark (or skip a chicken sandwich) over a business owner’s personal beliefs, but the president of Lambda isn’t one of them.  One has to ask why the students don’t just boycott? If the overwhelming amount of students don’t eat there, they’ll close.  The Christian folk would wholeheartedly support their right to do it, too (speaking of civil rights).  Put your money (or don’t) where your beliefs lie and let the chips fall where they may.  It’s hard to believe (ok, it’s not) that this is the primary focus of students today.  No wonder they don’t function too well in society and have to retreat to their safe spaces.  I mean, someone disagreeing with them has become a human rights violation!

Student government president Olivia Erickson said that the governing body will look into campus concerns over Chick-fil-A by gathering student opinions on the matter, according to the article.

The piece did note that some students — even those who support same-sex relationships — are fine with Chick-fil-A coming to campus and see the restaurant’s presence as a good thing. While the article only attracted 11 comments, the majority favored the fast-food chain.

Exactly!  At least some level-headed kids can be found at this school.  Perhaps they’ve actually studied the history of their school.  It was started by the Holy Ghost Fathers who were literally thrown out of Germany by the secularists.  It’s actually quite interesting and the move by some on the “Student Government Association” seem to show they don’t even have a clue about it.  Hint: Kulturkampf.  Dear students, you’ve learned a lot about political correctness, perhaps too much, so maybe you should delve into history a little before you enter the real world. You’re running around like little Otto von Bismarcks.  

I realize reading these will cut into your liberal activism time but I have to do my best to keep you from looking so silly.   I’m a mom. I just can’t help it.



Can I also point out that the Catholic Church, you know, the Church your school claims membership, is a little bit against “gay marriage.”  Don’t you think that it’s a teensy-weensy bit ironic you pay thousands to attend a Catholic school and then protest Chick-fil-A???  Yes, young friends, this is why you entertain us.  Some days you’re just like little rats lost in a maze when you could just stand up on your hind legs and see the big picture.

One man named John wrote, “Poor little snowflakes.” Another added that people who feel threatened by the “mere presence of a restaurant” might be in need of “psychological counseling.” And one member of the gay community also spoke out.

John, you give me hope.

“As a member of the gay community, I don’t feel like a fast food option being added to campus threatens my gay identity. At all. Subway has a history of being advertised by someone who is in jail for child porn. Do you believe small children feel threatened on campus? No. Because you can’t associate an entire company with one person’s actions,” the individual wrote.

He or she continued, “I’m gay. I love Chick-fil-A. Do I appreciate that they have made anti-gay movements in the past? No, obviously. But putting a small store on campus is not going to decimate the apparent “safe space” we have here. It’s chicken. It’s fine. Focus on a bigger issue.”

Amen, “member of the gay community!”

But someone who identified as “Prof Plum” did warn against “empowering a pro-hate company.”  Read the article and all of the comments for yourself here.

Alright, Professor.  You apparently led a very sheltered, placated life.  Let me help you.  Not supporting “gay marriage” does not equal hate.  People are being thrown off buildings, my young friend.  Murder = hate.

Chick-fil-A was the focus of boycotts in 2012 after CEO Dan Cathy said the Christian-owned company backs traditional marriage.

And the boycott was so successful that Dan Cathy changed his mind!  No?  It wasn’t successful and he made a boatload of money that year?!  The company didn’t fold?!!  If nothing else, please at least see the power of conviction, people!


It’s pathetic when young college students can’t tell a priest from a member of the KKK.  http://thetab.com/us/indiana/2016/04/05/last-night-white-robed-priest-mistaken-armed-kkk-klansman-1804 (Profanity warning: One of the ignorant youngsters decidedly wanted to further show his ignorance by using an “f” bomb in his message.) Let me help you politically correct morons who prefer to yell “Hate!” when they see white rather than actually look at a person, dressed in a white robe, with a Rosary around his waist taking a leisurely stroll around campus. 

Here are members of the KKK:


 Here are members of the Dominican Order of Preachers:


Anyone see the difference?  Well, here are a couple:  How about the Klan’s pointy hood with eyeholes cut in them versus the Rosaries around the waist of the Dominicans?  Another difference?  Klansmen robes are meant to hide cowardly bullies who are doing evil deeds so no one can differentiate one from another.  The white robes of the Dominicans?  Those are meant to draw attention and show a difference between the wearer and the average Joe, like most other uniforms of one type or another.  Need a priest?  Need a police officer? There’s one!

It would be so nice if people could exercise a little common sense before throwing themselves into a tizzy and trying to find a so called “safe space” to hide in like a blanky fort.  First, how many Klansmen put on their robes and wander around campus, by themselves, without their hood on?  Granted, they’re not too bright, but do you really think they have a death wish?  Also, how many Klansmen wander into the local yogurt shop for fro-yo wearing their Klan robes?  Oh yeah, that happens all the time.

Anyone want to bet we’re going to hear how these priests shouldn’t wear their habits because people might mistake them for Klansmen?  Or that it’s just too traumatic for college students to see white robes, you know, due to “history.”  5,4,3,… (FYI, the Dominicans have been wearing white a lot longer than the KKK.) 

Seriously, people have got to learn to pause before whining and crying about every little thing.  We certainly have raised a nation of clueless wimps who get traumatized over the slightest thing like someone wearing a white robe or someone writing Trump slogans in chalk.  Oooohhhhh, how scary!  How do these students even leave their dorm rooms with the agoraphobia they’ve developed?

So, if anyone even remotely suggests that any member of the clergy ditch their habits, clerics, etc., because some snowflake says they are reduced to fear and trembling, the answer should be an unequivocal “NO!”  The religious in this world cannot cave to the insanity. That would cause even more harm to these kids who have, apparently, been failed by the rest of the adults in their lives.  The Dominicans need to keep the white robes and awesome capes and stand out as much as possible.  The college kids are lucky to have them around and to have them available to them, no matter who they are, what they’ve done, or what faith they profess.  These prissy little college students need to become more familiar with them to understand how ridiculous they’re acting.  Forget teaching tolerance – the Dominicans can teach them true charity, something much better than so-called tolerance.  People are being killed and martyred all over world by “the offended,” yet we are turning ourselves into a nation of the “offended.”  For all the tolerance they preach at these campuses, there seems to be very little.  Too bad they know so little of history and fail to recognize how totalitarian it’s going to get if we stay on our current course.  They’ll be no better than the Klansmen who scare them.  They’ll just be in a different “Klan.”  I mean, they basically just accused this guy of “Being a Priest while White.”  Racist much, little college kids?  I’m betting they might have taken just a bit more time before hyperventilating if this had been one of the black Dominicans shown above.  Either that, or their heads might just have exploded. 

So, here’s a big thank you to the lone Dominican who decided to stroll through campus in your habit praying your Rosary for these ungrateful brats.  Here’s a thank you also to the students who didn’t cave to the trauma of seeing someone in a white robe and took just a second to use some common sense.  Don’t stop being you.  Hopefully you guys will serve as a great example to those neurotic people who see hate everywhere.  Here’s also hoping that you can be the ones to stop the next – what one student brilliantly called it – fear culture fail.