Who is Promoting the Rape Culture?

What a weekend! I’m still trying to recover from all the fabulous pro-life events in Northern California. I tried to hit as many of them as possible, because, quite frankly, it makes me very happy to be in a sea of kind people from all over the country standing up for life. They’re joyful, happy, and best of all, most of them young. I’m a tad bit jealous of that last one, but I’ll get over it. It was such an awesome contrast to the opposition!

I had three days straight of mixing it up with the Stop Patriarchy club. How can anyone look at that crew and say, “Yeah! I proudly stand with that side of the debate!”? Really, people. Take a long hard look at the people who think like you. I mean, they’re just plain vile. You’ve got families walking down the street praying and singing the rosary, and then you’ve got the demonic, profanity-laced chanting and screaming coming from those on the other side of the police line. I probably should have said naked, demonic, profanity-laced chanting and screaming coming from those on the other side of the police line. It is ironic that those people ranting that “forced motherhood” promotes the “rape culture” are walking topless down the street. Get just a little clue, ladies! You created that culture, sweeties! Could it possibly be the lack of respect you show yourselves that contributes to the rape culture? I mean, why would men have respect for you when you have such a twisted view of self-respect. Then there are the men of Stop Patriarchy. I’m pretty sure it’s not “forced motherhood” that concerns them. Might it be fatherhood and being held responsible for their actions? They want to do the crime without doing the time. They don’t want abortion going away, but it has nothing to do with a concern for the “enslavement of women.” It has everything to do with them getting to fulfill their selfish desires with no consequences.  Again, try and compare those idiots with the dads and members of the clergy walking down the street with their wives, daughters, and congregations. Yeah, no comparison.

And for even more of a contrast, how about twelve Sisters of Life whipping off their capes to cover some really sad, young women who thought it would be a grand idea to storm the Walk for Life  stage topless. Way to go, sisters, in protecting all the kids in the crowd from seeing that, not to mention protecting these young women from their very disturbed selves! I have to think you gave those girls some motherly love that they have never had in their lives.

Now, on the Stop Patriarchy website (http://www.stoppatriarchy.org/), they say, very briefly, they are against pornography,  that women should not be treated as objects and that women should not be used for the sexual pleasure of men.  On these points, I think we’d totally agree if they actually believed that. Reading the accounts above, does anyone actually come to the conclusion that is their mission?  I’m thinking that public nudity might not be the best way to go about ending porn or advancing sexual respect for women.  They might want to take a hard look at the Sisters of Life who were trying to accomplish those things Stop Patriarchy says they want.  I’m pretty those goals are lip service by Stop Patriarchy to try and make themselves look mainstream.  Sorry, guys, not so much.  Your actions hardly advance respect for women.

Sometimes, at the smaller events surrounding the walk, you had a chance to try and talk to some of these sad people who are pretty much protesting your existence. I stress “try.” They really don’t want to have a chat, they just want to scream hysterically. Having a heart to heart isn’t something they’ve given much thought to. Sometimes they’ll shoot a question at you, but when you offer to calmly answer them, they are out of there like a shot. Seriously, if you really want to clear the space around you of pro-abortion peeps, just say, “Great! Let’s talk about that!” It’s rather sad for a girl like me who likes a good debate. Even when some decide to take the challenge, they usually end up calling you a fascist (because they were apparently taught history in a California public school) or they mumble something about you being a hypocrite because you eat eggs. Huh? They must have also gotten their science in a California public school. Oh! Then there’s my favorite. “It’s a fetus, not a baby!” Yes, language classes are also poor here. Try asking them what fetus means and watch their heads spin and the screaming volume go up.

Fortunately, the opposition has really dwindled over the years. California has always had way more protestors than other places around the country. We grow them super obnoxious ‘round these parts. For whatever reasons, however, the numbers of counter-protestors at pro-life events have diminished tremendously in the past few decades. I think that they call that the “Roe Effect.” While we’ve been happily building our families and being generous with our lives, they have been selfishly birth-controlling and aborting themselves out of the debate. That’s probably the most ironic thing. We mourn for the loss of their children, who could have very likely ended up just like them.


6 thoughts on “Who is Promoting the Rape Culture?

  1. I was at the Walk, too, and thought there were a few *more* protesters this year – but hey, the view is very different depending on where one is in that beautiful sea of people at any point. Yes, it’s a sea of mostly young, happy beautiful people – who will get jobs and pay taxes, and produce children who will get jobs and pay taxes that fund the programs the sad, unpleasant mostly old people are going to need, since they will have no family and few if any friends to look after them. Irony helps get me through this.

    And about California raising up lots of crazy protesters – dead on. That’s the other difference: Pro-life folks make time in their busy, full lives to take a day to stand up for their beliefs. In places like Berkeley and San Francisco, protesting provides the only meaning in life for whole crowds of people. That’s why the arguments don’t matter – you’re not trying to talk somebody down from one position, winning the argument would remove all meaning from their lives. So they won’t even engage – that, and, as you mention, the fine education we give our kids here leaves these folks totally unarmed in an intellectual battle.

    Good essay, thanks!

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  2. Quite an expose of the opposition. I probably mentioned before the statement, “It’s a fetus, not a baby!” is the crux of the matter. We’re dealing with “powers and principalities” here, so spiritual warfare is a large part of changing hearts and minds.-Deacon Vince

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  3. As to your last paragraph, many Christian home schooled children go away to college, and lacking the character strength to resist peer pressure and leftist professors’ bullying, rather quickly become “pro-choice” sorry to say. Thus, the “pro-choice” position is not losing as many in numbers over the years as we might think.


    1. I’ll have to disagree a bit here. I’m at quite a few activist events and the numbers are definitely down. There are fewer people in general and a lot of them are my age or order in the opposition ranks. Do kids go off the rails at college? Sure. This is why I’ve chosen to get my kids heavily involved in activism. They know the arguments for the pro-life side cold and are not dissuaded by the lame ones from the liberals.


    2. I would have to say that is not my experience. I think many parochial schooled children go away to college and lacking the philosophical and theological base end up becoming pro-choice. Home schooled children, not so much. Someone weaned on Aquinas and the Catechism of the Catholic Church is not going to lack character strength nor be a slave to peer pressure. It’s parents leaving the raising of their children to the state or progressive controlled parochial schools that have those problems.


  4. God gives us what we want. Kind of like those jokes about the genie giving you what you want to disastrous effect. The legacy of a society materially devoid of children does not happen overnight. It takes decades, as has been reported on depopulation issues surfacing in Russia, Japan, China, and Europe. Who will grow our country if the downward spiral continues? Why, the folks with more than two kids to a family. I wonder who they are.


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