O Gender Confused Canada!

Oh, Canada! Your neighbors to the south have always had a good time teasing you about your love of hockey, the frigid cold you endure, your brightly colored law enforcement, and your lovable way of pronouncing things, but really? You’ve now let the liberal government ban the words “mother,” “father,” “Mr.” or “Mrs.” on all forms of communication in the schools??? Perhaps it’s been a little too cold lately?


If only that were the only problem with the document below, though. Let’s look at the bloody highlights! And, please understand, it appears this is not limited to public schools.  (http://www.catholicworldreport.com/NewsBriefs/Default.aspx?rssGuid=in-canada-a-bishop-protests-gender-ideology-mandate-for-alberta-schools-60353%2F)

Self-identification is the sole measure of an individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Silly society! It used to be that gender identity was determined, well, by gender. You know, science? That science thing is just so fact based. We should have ditched it a long time ago in lieu of rainbows and lollipops. What were we thinking?

All students and staff … have the right to be open about who they are, including expressing their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression without fear of unwanted consequences;

Gender expression. Interesting. So, if they now think themselves a sex obsessed teenage boy, do they now get to express this without fear of unwanted consequences? Outstanding! Now let’s look at some of their “best practices”:

5. Minimizing gender-segregated activities.


7. Providing safe access to washroom and change-room facilities

Well, which is it Canada? You really can’t have both.

As understandings of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions evolve, and learning environments and school communities evolve, best practices will also change and evolve.

Cannot wait to see what that brings! Hopefully it will evolve into sanity, but I’m not holding my breath.

Staff have access to information about available community resources and expertise. When needed, they can help a student (or the student’s family) identify and access relevant and appropriate resources and supports beyond the school. No student or family should be referred to programs which purport to ‘fix,’ ‘change’ or ‘repair’ a student’s sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

I found this particularly sad. What if a student wanted help in doing so? What if they wanted to change their notion of which gender they “identified” with? What if they discovered their lifestyle wasn’t what they wanted? “Nope! You are an anatomical male who “identifies” as a woman, and there you will stay, no matter how miserable it makes you!”

Some individuals may not feel included in the use of the pronouns “he” or “she” and may prefer alternate pronouns, such as “ze,” “zir,” “hir,” “they” or “them,” or might wish to express themselves or self-identify in other ways (e.g., Mx. instead or Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Miss, or no prefix at all).

Oh, my ever-loving goodness. It’s going to take teachers forever to try and formulate sentences without offending the multitudes of the “diverse!” This is totally and utterly insane. And, my gosh, can you imagine if someone screwed it up simply because they were trying to spit out an everyday sentence and got the pronoun wrong? Good luck teaching the conjugation of verbs, too! That’ll have to become a big no-no, or at least will take hours to get through a single verb when they’re done. There will be lawsuits abounding. Canada might actually succeed in making California look sane! Check that. I’m sure we’ll be following along soon!

Wherever possible, before contacting the parents or other adults involved in the care (such as social workers or caregivers) of a student who is trans or gender-diverse, consult with the student to determine an appropriate way to reference the student’s gender identity, gender expression, name and related pronouns.

And now the village idiots will have to stand around as a club and make sure all pronouns are in order.

While Alberta Education requires documentation to confirm a student’s legal name and birthdate, it does not require documented proof for a change of sex or gender. Schools and school authorities have the ability to change student gender information on a student record in the PASI system using PASIprep, or through their PASI-enabled SIS.

This might possibly be because your predecessors weren’t quite as insane as you and couldn’t comprehend a topsy-turvy world where that might be necessary.

When there are segregated educational, recreational or competitive activities, students who are trans and gender-diverse have the right to participate in these activities in ways that are safe, comfortable and congruent with their gender identity or gender expression.

Indicators of this best practice in action

  • Schools work to reduce or eliminate the practice of segregating students by gender as much as possible. For example, they avoid structuring courses or activities based on gender-specific roles such as “boys” versus “girls” in academic, athletic or talent competitions.

I cannot help but hope the athletes rise up out of a sense of fairness. Are girls going to want to compete with boys in strength competitions? Will boys want girls on their football teams? Also, who do you think’s getting the role of Maria in the “Sound of Music?” Can’t wait to hear that one sung by a bass!

Providing safe access to washroom and change-room facilities.

Students with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions have a right to accommodation when it comes to the use of washroom and changeroom facilities that are congruent with their gender identity. This applies during school time and school-related activities on and off school property (such as field trips and athletic events). Although creating separate spaces may sometimes be necessary, emphasis should be on creating safe and inclusive spaces. As part of a comprehensive whole-school approach, strategies should be in place to ensure all areas of the school are safe for all students, all of the time. This may include implementing proactive strategies such as communicating clear behaviour expectations to all students, increasing adult presence and supervision, and monitoring key areas of the building and grounds.

So now, not only will kids be exposed to other kids of the opposite sex in bathrooms and locker rooms, they will also have to put up with more adults monitoring them? Also, don’t separate spaces violate their own code???

All students have access to change-room facilities that meet their individual needs and privacy concerns. This may include a choice of options such as: – a private area within the common change-room area (such as a stall with a door, or an area separated by a curtain); or – a nearby private area (such as a nearby washroom).

I don’t know about you, but there wasn’t room for 40 changing rooms in my high school locker room, and I think it had about 5 toilet stalls. I wonder if the dollar signs will ever click with this people?

A student who objects to sharing a washroom or change-room with a student who is trans or gender-diverse is offered an alternative facility (this scenario also applies when a parent or other caregiver objects to shared washroom or change-room facilities on behalf of their child).

And, again, what are you going to do if 40 object?

When travelling for competitions or events at another school, staff ensure accommodation for changing, showering, or washroom facilities. When staff make these arrangements, they take care to maintain the student’s confidentiality by not disclosing information related to sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression without the student’s direct permission.

Wouldn’t that deny the right of the other students to make that objection?

Staff participate in targeted professional learning that is evidence-based and builds their knowledge about diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions and its implications for teaching and learning, social and emotional well-being, and personal safety.

This increased knowledge and understanding will also give staff information and strategies to help create positive environments that welcome and respect all members of the school community.

Translation: You will be reprogrammed.

Findings from recent Canadian research indicate that for many students with diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions, school is not a safe place. This is also true for students who may be perceived as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans, two-spirit, queer or questioning, as well as students who are harassed about the actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression of their parents or other family members

Two-spirit? This is the second time I’ve seen this mentioned. What the heck? Is this a double-reverse trans? This is seriously getting out of hand! I seem to remember Archbishop Cordileone being ridiculed for suggesting that the list of letters would grow. Well, I’m not really sure why people were in a tizzy over that one. It’s totally and completely true!

The rest if their grand plan has to do with bullying. Nobody advocates bullying except those who would bully. If they think making everyone comply with all of these ridiculous measures is going to lessen the bullying, they’re in for a rude awakening. Making everyone dance circles around the few and forcing them to compromise their beliefs will likely only increase it. They would do themselves a world of good if they could simply encourage everyone to employ Christ-like behavior. Unfortunately, there’s no “safe space” provided for Him.

Just an aside…In writing this I looked up the lyrics of “O Canada!” which led me to look at the song’s history.  Here is the official lyrics:

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Interestingly enough, the usual offended crowd tried to get the lyrics changed to gender-neutral, Godless lyrics, but the people said “no” and the topic was dropped.  Here’s hoping Canada stands up for their children the way they’ve stood up for their anthem!







10 thoughts on “O Gender Confused Canada!

  1. How can you ban someone’s preferred title? And how do you address someone formally without Mr OR Mrs? I feel like being polite should not require a user manual.

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  2. It’s ironic that the Canadian dollar coin is called a “loonie” (for the common loon, a common bird in Canada), because this whole thing is sheer lunacy. I encountered the concept of gender as a “social construct” twenty-five years ago in graduate school. I didn’t give it too much thought because I thought that the only people dumb enough to buy it would be academics. Boy was I wrong.

    On a positive note, it should do wonders for the home schooling movement. I can’t imagine a parent wanting his/her child being indoctrinated in this

    I’ve included a link to the Most Reverend Frederick B. Henry’s eloquent response. As the Bishop of Calgary, he’s leading the fight against this monstrous idea.


    Pray for him. He needs all the help he can get.

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    1. Do they still have all those ridiculous hate speech laws up there? They’ve made a few in roads here but I seem to actually remember them prosecuting people up there and threatening the Church.


  3. I hope Catholic bishops In Canada, even Newfoundland, Quebec etc Grow a backbone and Excounicate Canon law 915 and 16
    Alleged Catholics like Pm Trudeau while there still is a Catholic church and schools unlike Quebec and Newfoundland to remain in places throughout Canada.

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  4. How will these new policies work with the thousands of “refugees” that Canada has pledged to take in? Will they be exempted from these enlightened policies since they are a preferred religion that still orders itself along male-female lines? How will transgendered students participate in Muslim prayer calls?

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  5. As a Canadian I can tell you that things are a mess here. There was a story in Catholic Insight some years ago. It went like this. The Blessed Mother, when speaking to Sister Lucia ( of Fatima) in the convent said “Poor Canada!” Whatever they discussed was passed on to the Holy Father, who then wrote or called Cardinal Emile Leger of Quebec. Cardinal Leger had all of Quebec on their knees praying and fasting. One would be hard pressed to find many in Quebec who would even listen to a Cardinal let alone get down on their knees and pray.
    We have the dubious record of being among the first to abort, to legalize gay marriage and now we are on the cusp of euthanasia. There is a mindblowing indifference to these things. We have suffered through years of “Catholic” pro abort leaders and now we have a dangerous socialist fool running the show. Our bishops misguided the flock against Humanae Vitae in the 60’s and we lost two generations to ecclesiastical disobedience and a watered down catechesis. As per usual the urban demographic votes for the liberals. We need your prayers. One doesn’t have to be a prophet to see what is coming. Persecution and great trials for those of the faithful who do not fall into line with the pro gay, pro gender ideology.

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  6. Heck, play the system and make a mockery of it. One should say, I’m a CeliFemi-sexual (that’s celibate female, btw) and my safe space must be devoid of penises, no matter “who’s” sporting it. And viceversa for guys (CeliMascu-sexual). Since they are making the only distinction self-elected made-up words representing perhaps who one might diddle — Catholics, Christians are supposed to be celibate, and continent in marriage, so — it’s rather an “alternative sexuality” in today’s bizarro world. Use the alinsky-ite tactics and hold them to their own impossible standards, crash the system.

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