Go Home, USF. You’re Drunk!

Too strong a title?  Well, I wish they had some sort of excuse other than just being run-of-the-mill-dissenters.

I have tried no fewer than five times to write a piece on the University of San Francisco.  My problem?  Way, way too much material.  I just couldn’t focus on one area because too many others encroached.  I feared I would be breaking the blogosphere rules with a 20 page dissertation, so I have a whole lot of half-done pieces.  In short, USF is a complete Jesuit mess!  Their last shred of worth in the world of Catholicism went out the window when they booted the St. Ignatius Institute.

First of all, if you want to send you child to school with authentic Catholicism, please go to the Cardinal Newman Society’s website (http://www.cardinalnewmansociety.org/) and find a school there.  I can tell you that, if California is where you or your child wants to go, you can find secular schools here with more Catholicism than the University of San Francisco.  I am totally and utterly serious about that.  I’ve seen Newman Societies/Clubs at the local state schools with far more authentic Catholicism than USF.  So, if you want a chance of your child coming out of college a faithful Catholic, bypass USF and go somewhere else.  Anywhere else.

So where is my ire coming from?  How about these from their official twitter page: https://twitter.com/usfca/status/614173956107448320





Now, this is just on the SCOTUS ruling and “Pride” parade.  If you keep going, you will become more ill along the way.

I’m reasonably sure most of you know exactly what the SF “Pride” parade looks like but, in case you don’t, here are the MILD pics.  (Don’t watch with your kids alert.)  http://www.sfweekly.com/sanfrancisco/sf-gay-pride-photos-part-one/Slideshow?oid=2699050 Remembering that these are the tame pictures, does this look like something in which a CATHOLIC school should participate?  Does it look in keeping with Catholic teaching?  For USF to keep saying it upholds Catholicism is a complete and utter joke.

Not to be outdone by their Twitter page, here are a couple of their official Facebook pages:

https://www.facebook.com/University.of.San.Francisco/timeline https://www.facebook.com/mccarthycenterusfca

I would like to reiterate that these are the OFFICIAL pages for USF.  So now we have institutionalized dissent against Catholic teaching.  I’m sure some of the Jesuits there are a little sad that the admins for these pages didn’t learn a little more about mental reservations and ambiguity.  You know, the “say something without specifically saying it so no one can say we actually said it” way of the Jesuits.  Do they learn that in seminary?  (Sorry to the AWESOME Jesuits I know, but you know I’m speaking the truth about many of your brethren.)  So, not only have the USF hierarchy failed to teach authentic Catholicism, they’ve also failed to teach them their way of undermining authority.  Might as well just come clean and admit that you have no regard for Church teachings that don’t suit you, Fr. Godfey. The jig is up.

One last thing, I’ve really got to take exception with USF’s use of “Jesuit Catholicism”, as would most faithful Catholics.  (Well, that’s not really the last exception I take to them but, again, I’m trying to keep the word count down lest it rival a doctoral thesis.)  “Jesuit Catholicism” suggests actually following the teachings of their founder.  I have little doubt St. Ignatius would be expressing a tad bit of just anger right now.  These idiots can’t even follow the Jesuit Pope! They’re just railing against him the way they rail against the rest of Catholicism.


6 thoughts on “Go Home, USF. You’re Drunk!

  1. I had the fortune and misfortune of being educated in my youth by two of the most heretical orders in Catholicism: The Christian Brothers and Jesuits. As you write for the Jesuits so can you write for the CB’s. When I couldn’t take it anymore, i announced on my HS class blog that I could no longer financially support the school (run by CB’s) and gave my reasoning, I was met with a lot of hate. Eventually the admin had to close the blog down to personal comments and limit it to formal announcements.

    I do no think Christ raised up Catholics to be stupid, naive, and willfully ignorant. However, I think fear and guilt hold us back from taking risks and standing up for the truth. Every facet of Catholic culture has been corrupted by a half-century of progressive thought. The schools, the hospitals, the lay and social works organizations of every stripe, and the Church itself and orders of priests and nuns. We suffer from a monumental loss of faith that is as great or greater than any previous revolt and heresy.

    You can be mad, single voice crying out in public. You can pray and hope that the Holy Spirit does the work of renewing the faith in millions of Catholics from the top of the order to the rank and file. I wish that God would do to each of us what He did to St. Paul, but I do not think it works that way for the multitude.

    Thinking that finding a school or parish somewhere that satisfies traditional needs does little for the rest of us. It’s just running and hiding from the issues. That’s where the fear and guilt come into play. It’s hard when you are trained to believe in the shepherds to stand up to them and renounce them in public, and to call for their dismissal from the priesthood. That includes Cd. Wuerl. You think, “Am I doing the right thing or wrong thing? Am I committing sin? Am I encouraging schism?” Aren’t we already in de facto schism?

    Personally I say throw the bums out, every single one, and start over. Their schools and hospitals too. And do not fund them.

    I do have a question for everyone reading this blog. Why does the Church tolerate heretical voices in public? The ones that do it consistently and materially? I do not need arguments concerning subsidiarity and priestly fraternity. Can the Church be any worse off than it is now, pretending to one, universal, and apostolic?

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    1. I have my own partial answer to your question–why does the Church tolerate heretical voices in public? I am now retired but I worked many years as a HS teacher in a Catholic HS and even more years as a Catholic Church organist and choir director. I’ve seen a lot. I think that somewhere along the line the clergy and the people entered into an unspoken covenant: the priest will not call out the people’s sexual sins and the people will ignore the priest’s boyfriend sitting in the front pew and the comings and goings at the rectory. Harsh? Yes. 100% true at all times and in all places? No. But it’s true enough. In my last years working at as an organist I do not recall ever meeting with an engaged couple who was not already co-habiting. I remember a priest breaking down during Sunday mass because his partner had died of AIDS. I had good friends who had multiple marriages under their belts, were now living together and functioning as EEMs on Sunday. Again, there is too much material to begin the rant. I have not found things to have changed much over the 35 years I have been in this diocese. Our latest bishop is trying to improve things and he is reviled. Until a better theory comes up, I’m sticking with the Silent Covenant idea.

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  2. We have a Jesuit priest in our family history. He was martyred during the reign of Elizabeth I , going gladly to his death for the sake of the faith he professed. What happened to the Jesuits after that?


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