The Archbishop in Wonderland!

My new nemesis word just showed up in the ridiculous letter below: microaggression.  Do you all know what “microaggressions” are?  I live in California, so these are a must to learn.  If you are in the business world, you can actually get in trouble (sued, censured or fired) for saying/doing such things because we live in the Land of the Offended.  In reality, it’s an invented word to muzzle society.  Here are some examples of microaggressions from the University of California Office of the President (

(Highlighting and comments in parentheses all mine!)

“Where are you from or where were you born?” “You speak English very well.” “What are you? You’re so interesting looking!” A person asking an Asian American or Latino American to teach them words in their native language. Continuing to mispronounce the names of students after students have corrected the person time and time again. Not willing to listen closely and learn the pronunciation of a non-English based name.

“You are a credit to your race.” “Wow! How did you become so good in math?” To an Asian person, “You must be good in math, can you help me with this problem?” To a woman of color: “I would have never guessed that you were a scientist.”

“When I look at you, I don’t see color.” “There is only one race, the human race.” “America is a melting pot.” “I don’t believe in race.” Denying the experiences of students by questioning the credibility /validity of their stories.

A White man or woman clutches his/her purse or checks wallet as a Black or Latino person approaches. A store owner following a customer of color around the store. Someone crosses to the other side of the street to avoid a person of color. While walking through the halls of the Chemistry building, a professor approaches a post-doctoral student of color to ask if she/he is lost, making the assumption that the person is trying to break into one of the labs (OK, if you go to school in California, you know this is a joke.) 

“I’m not racist. I have several Black friends.” “As a woman, I know what you go through as a racial minority.” To a person of color: “Are you sure you were being followed in the store? I can’t believe it.”

“I believe the most qualified person should get the job.” (Heaven forbid!) “Of course he’ll get tenure, even though he hasn’t published much—he’s Black!” “Men and women have equal opportunities for achievement.” “Gender plays no part in who we hire.” (This is a bad thing why?) “America is the land of opportunity.” (Um, it is!) “Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough.” “Affirmative action is racist.”

To an Asian, Latino or Native American: “Why are you so quiet? We want to know what you think. Be more verbal.”  “Speak up more.”  (So we don’t want to know what they thinking?) Asking a Black person: “Why do you have to be so loud/animated? Just calm down.” “Why are you always angry?” anytime race is brought up in the classroom discussion. Dismissing an individual who brings up race/culture in work/school setting.

Faculty of color mistaken for a service worker. Not wanting to sit by someone because of his/her color. Female doctor mistaken for a nurse. Being ignored at a store counter as attention is given to the White customer. Saying “You people…” An advisor assigns a Black post-doctoral student to escort a visiting scientist of the same race even though there are other non-Black scientists in this person’s specific area of research. An advisor sends an email to another work colleague describing another individual as a “good Black scientist.” Raising your voice or speaking slowly when addressing a blind student. In class, an instructor tends to call on male students more frequently than female ones.

Use of the pronoun “he” to refer to all people. Being constantly reminded by a coworker that “we are only women.” Being forced to choose Male or Female when completing basic forms. (The audacity!  I really think zebra should be an option!) Two options for relationship status: married or single. (Alternative options would be?)  A heterosexual man who often hangs out with his female friends more than his male friends is labeled as gay.

When a female student asks a male professor for extra help on an engineering assignment, he asks “What do you need to work on this for anyway?” “You’re a girl, you don’t have to be good at math.” A person asks a woman her age and, upon hearing she is 31, looks quickly at her ring finger. An advisor asks a female student if she is planning on having children while in postdoctoral training. Shows surprise when a feminine woman turns out to be a lesbian. Labeling an assertive female committee chair/dean as a “b____,” while describing a male counterpart as a “forceful leader.”

Most of these are lame and I don’t know anyone except Elaine Benes’ ex-boyfriend from Seinfeld that would actually ask them.   A couple of these are just crass, but in short, we are apparently supposed to just keep our head down and not speak, unless you are one of the liberal elites talking about Catholicism. In that case, you can say anything you darn well please.  Please!  Get over your offended selves and stop accusing the Church of “microaggressions.”  We’re not going to shut up and sit down because you are liberal.

Now that I have that little explanation out of the way, here’s the latest attack on Archbishop Cordileone: ( 

A Plea to Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone: Do No Harm

Right off the bat!  The hypocrisy can be found in the title ! However, I’m just guessing these two docs have absolutely no problem with killing a child in the womb or passing out artificial birth control to the students they are trying so hard to protect.

We are two faculty members and medical/mental health providers in the Department of Pediatrics at University of California, San Francisco, Benioff Children’s Hospital, offering care to gender-nonconforming and transgender youth, and hoping religious institutions will support us in our work.

Nope, sorry.  We’re not going to support you twisting the minds of the youth.  Ever wonder why there are so many “transgender” youth here compared to someplace like, say, Nebraska?  They’re being created due to the message they’re getting. Congratulations, doctors.

Sadly, in our own back yard, our Catholic Archbishop is doing anything but. Speaking at a recent conference in Manhattan, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone cast aspersion on the increasing categories of gender being “invented,” drawing laughter from his audience at the expense of the growing number of GLBTQ people trying to live their lives free from prejudice, rejection, and violence.

There are only two categories of gender.  I would have thought they would have taught you that at medical school, doctors.  They are male and female . And, yes, the vast amount of letters being added to the alphabet soup is insane.  Half the time, it’s your little club that bickers about what gets into that soup too.

Let’s make this easy for you and any parents concerned about Catholic teaching in a Catholic school.  If you are concerned for your child’s safety and well being, DON’T SEND THEM THERE!!!  This whole thing is getting Orwellian and I think we’ve all had enough with the thought police!

Cordileone’s initial proposal for a teacher handbook is even more vitriolic, cast in language that could have devastating effects on our GLBTQ youth: only a marriage between a man and a woman in sanctified, “all extra-marital sexual relationships are gravely evil and…these include…homosexual relations”; homosexuals can reach perfection if they grapple with their “condition” before God “by the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace.” Ergo: GLBTQ students will be taught being who they are or going in search of a partner is an evil act, and a good dose of reparative therapy (a practice legally banned in California) will help them suppress unnatural tendencies and achieve spiritual perfection.

Would you give us the respect of being a tad more honest here???  This isn’t Archbishop Cordileone’s wording; it’s the Catholic Church’s wording.  You don’t like “gravely evil,” take it to the Pope to whom you’re appealing to for the Archbishop’s removal.  Also, I don’t remember the Archbishop ever suggesting reparative therapy.  Besides, as you point out, it was the initial proposal.  You and your ilk got so offended (cue the tiny violins playing now), it was removed and teaching expanded.  So, why again are you still whining about it?  Plus, you don’t even have it right.  Again, and you know this, people are not labeled “gravely evil” in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, actions are. LGBTQ (let’s go full OCD and make it BGLQT!) teens should be taught self-mastery.  Heck, ALL teens should be taught self-mastery.  You guys really seem to want to create a Mad Max dystopian world where nobody can control themselves.  Why?  Oh yeah, as a way for YOU to control people.

If those weren’t enough microaggressions to deflate a youth’s sense of well-being and catapult them into depressed or suicidal states (a significant risk for GLBTQ youth), the handbook condemns contraception and the use of assisted reproductive technology, the very techniques GLBTQ individuals use for family-building. Lesson: unprotected sex that may lead to AIDS is a holier practice than sinful contraception; any GLBTQ person turning to assisted reproductive technology to become a loving parent will be engaging in immoral activities. Is this what we want to teach our children?

Why yes! This is exactly what I want my children taught.  That would be called the teachings of the Catholic Church.  And there’s that microagression word! Let me just clue you in to the fact, you genius mental health doctors, you are the ones who created a world of death, destruction and suicide by teaching them that there is no intrinsic value to life.  You want to know why the suicide rate is climbing?  It has NOTHING to do with the Church’s teaching on artificial birth control and everything to do with your sacred cows of abortion and contraception. You’ve completely brainwashed these kids into thinking that it’s fine to kill people and that children are a burden.  Why wouldn’t they think their life has no value, either?

Reports have it that student and community outrage in response to the original handbook proposal has led to a reconsideration of the language that will be used in the final teacher handbook. Regrettably, vitriolic words previously spoken cannot easily be taken back, especially if retracted only under duress, so now the damage has already been done.

Thanks for admitting that none of the Archbishop’s actions will be good enough for you.  Why didn’t you just say this from the start and save the proverbial ink?  BTW, it’s hardly an outrage to all of “the community.”  Amazingly, some actually want the teachings of the Catholic Church taught in the Catholic schools.

In a comment specifically targeted to transgender individuals, Cordileone, in his Manhattan speech, stated, “The clear biological fact is that a human being is born either male or female.” This simplistic statement flies in the face of scientific studies demonstrating that sometimes a person’s body and gender identity (inner sense of being male or female, or somewhere on a gender spectrum) don’t match. While Cordileone states that gender identities are being “invented,” compelling scientific evidence — hormonal, genetic, and neurologic — indicates strong biologic underpinnings to gender identity development. Core gender identity would appear to be biologically hard-wired just like sexual orientation.

Oh, my gosh!!!!  This is how far the insanity has gotten!  It is simple!  There are two genders and there’s NO science to contradict that.  It flies in the face of nothing! It is hard science.  There’s a reason that psychology isn’t considered a hard science.  It ever changes on the whims and notions of those who practice it. How many years have we heard there’s a “gay gene?”  Purely psychological fantasy! Thankfully, the hard science people have proven that to be a farce with their identical twin study of homosexuality.

The larger challenges faced by transgender individuals come not from biologic variation (there are safe and effective medical treatments to bring body and gender identity into alignment), but from social systems that do not accept or understand these individuals. Doubters should be aware of a recent, rigorously carried out study demonstrating that a gender-affirming model of care for transgender persons results in a quality of life and sense of “well-being” that were equivalent or superior to that seen in age-matched controls form the general population.

The larger challenges faced by transgender people come from you, dear doctors. You try to treat outward appearance.  The Catholic Church and Archbishop Cordileone treat the soul.  You bet we’re doubters.  I can show you studies proving the exact opposite.  Again, science has gone out the window.  We can’t help but note you don’t even bother giving a link or name to the study.  I’d imagine you don’t want anyone looking too closely at the “controls.”

Whether in the classroom, in our offices, our religious institutions, or at home, practices that support rather than condemn our GLBTQ youth are for the good of all of us.

Diane Ehrensaft, PhD Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco, Benioff Children’s Hospital Mental Health Director, Child and Adolescent Gender Center

Stephen M. Rosenthal, MD Professor of Pediatrics, University of California, San Francisco Benioff Children’s Hospital Medical Director, Child and Adolescent Gender Center”

Just one last lie on the way out the door, huh?  Why would anyone believe you when you insist on using the, oh, so scientific method of “If you say it enough, it will be true?”  Nobody has been condemned by Pope Francis, Archbishop Cordileone, or the Catholic Church.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is just yet another example of the insanity the Church in San Francisco faces. Let’s broaden that.  This is what the Church in all the liberal pockets of our country face.  Anyone feel like they’ve just read Alice in Wonderland?  Pray for us!


6 thoughts on “The Archbishop in Wonderland!

  1. Oh yes, I pray for your perseverence and temperence (notice I didn’t say “tolerance”) in these days of doublespeak. I pray for and thank God for ArchBp Cordileone & all bishops & priests who are holy and obedient. I pray for those in error that they may come to the One True Church. I pray for myself, who so often doubts that they are even worth praying for because of their evil (forgive me Jesus).

    And I thank God for One Mad Mom and her mission.

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  2. How horrible it is to think that so many will plunge into the fires of hell, regardless of all the graces God grants us til the last moment. And it is equally horrible to see how much damage these servants of evil want to inflict on the innocent before their time is up.

    These are truly satanic times, but we musn’t lose heart. Our Lord has conquered the world. May we be worthy of His sacrifice.

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  3. Speaking for my self, as a minority. It is all STUPID! I apologize to smart Caucasians when I say this but, IT’S ALL THE WHITE LIBERALS WHO ARE TELLING ALL THE STUPID MINORITIES HOW THEY SHOULD FEEL. Give me a break! Ever heard of sticks and stones…? You will not stop me for using my first amendment rights, God help you if you do! God bless you One Mad Mom.

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  4. Hey Fran, I vote we call them Scrabble people! ;^) (for reasons too obvious to go into)

    Catechist Kev


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