Wins and Losses

Well, I thought I’d have the day off.  Not a whole lot to comment on, but then this annoying little mosquito showed up and won’t stop buzzing, so back to work I go!

Yes, there was picnic on Saturday and it was GREAT!  We love and support Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and he loves everyone.  Yes, there were counter protesters – a whopping 6 from what I saw.  They talked about not being included in the picnic, even after the Archbishop’s supporters actually invited them to join in breaking a little bread with them but they declined.  Most, if not all, of the protesters were not Catholic, so tell me again – why do they care about the Catholic schools? Honestly, they’re like your annoying sibling who wants to be the center of attention, but we do love them and consider them God’s children. We also hope for their salvation and for their understanding that the Archbishop really has little choice but to follow the teachings and law of the Catholic Church. Most of all, we hope for their understanding that he loves them enough to tackle a hard topic. Like I said, not much of a story other than we hope it lifted the Archbishop’s spirits, because he so deserves that.

Who is the buzzing mosquito you ask?  In a quite silly related story, a local former-sports-reporter-turned-authority-on-Catholic-morality, C.W. Nevius, wrote that supporters of Archbishop Cordileone should “give it a rest.”  My response at this point?  Who are you and why are you flapping your gums?  How about YOU give it a rest and spend a little time writing your own article instead of rehashing the articles that have already been written by your co-workers?  Hmmm?  It would seem you’re a little late to the party.  Slow news day?  Writer’s block, so you’re going to take your co-workers material from months ago and hope we don’t notice?

Nevius is literally reporting on weeks- and months-old news as if it’s something new and exciting (seems to be quite a popular thing to do in his circle).  How is the San Francisco Chronicle/SFGate letting him get away with this?  To say he was scooped is the understatement of the century.  At this point, you’ve got to throw out “Thou doth protest too much.”  Does he think he’s making headway and that Pope Francis will remove the Archbishop, or that the Archbishop is going to simply go away and abandon the teachings of the Church?  I’m reasonably sure that’s not why Nevius spontaneously combusted, ranting on old news and telling supporters that they’re either irrelevant or meanies.  Really – we’re now suddenly taking a cheap shot when we point out the fact that many of the “100 Prominent Catholics” have homosexual children?!  It’s OK that they shout it from the rooftops, but those mean old Catholics just can’t mention it?!  I think he might have hit all the liberal check marks: say they are irrelevant, then say they are mean, and repeat, repeat, repeat.  He can at least be proud that he’s met liberal standards, even though he’s fallen short of good journalism standards.

C.W. tried to write about this topic last month and it was an epic fail.  I think the title, “S.F. Archbishop Cordileone wanted a fight, and now he has lost”, was a tad bit inaccurate (and a syntax nightmare to boot). ( – Note the alternate title embedded in the link.  Might it be time for Nevius to face up to reality, instead?  I think so.

Let’s look at how badly the Archbishop has lost. There was a nice poll in Nevius’ employer’s publication showing overwhelming support for the Archibishop (88%-12% to be exact – or a rout, to be even more exact).  The “I Support Archbishop Cordileone” Facebook page (if you’re not a member, join it here: has eclipsed the opposition’s page and will likely reach triple the opposition’s amount after this post (I have faith in you, followers!).  And the two priests who Nevius thinks are so hated? Their support page is just about tied with the opposition and will likely surpass them by a mile in the end. (Especially after you like “I Support Fathers Illo and Driscoll” here: Over 500 people showed up at a Mass Mob at the Star of the Sea, over 500 people showed up the following week at Star of the Sea’s speakers forum (can I just say the collection baskets were overflowing at each?), and over 500 people showed up for a picnic on Saturday to support Archbishop Cordileone (sparking the Nevius rants).  Archbishop Cordileone has lost? I think not. Oh, and can I just say your public figure Facebook page has 35 likes, Mr. Nevius?  I’m thinking something about glass houses right now.  Sports is calling you back, but you seem to have a problem comprehending wins and losses.

Sorry, C.W., we’re here to stay. Feel free to throw out the “intolerant” and “un-accepting” monikers. I’m sure you’re hoping to make that your follow-up article because, yeah, nobody’s said that yet either.  We proudly claim to be intolerant and un-accepting of dissent. “Color me intolerant,” I always say. Many of us have children (and lots of them). We’re hardly going to cave to the demands of an insolent writer.


28 thoughts on “Wins and Losses

  1. That was the piece where the author claimed Archbishop Cordileone “was appointed by Cardinal Raymond Burke, a notorious anti-LGBT activist…” and then proceeded to quote Cardinal Burke out of context. Maybe that’s what sports writers do?

    Did you know that Sam Singer tweeted thusly: Was controversial priest Joseph Illo banned from SF Archbishop’s poorly attended SF rally?

    Somebody noticed that Fr. Illo wasn’t there! But he wasn’t banned!

    He had a previous commitment at the Thomas Aquinas College Commencement where he was celebrant and homilist at the Baccalaureate Mass. (They have some nice photos here.) Maybe a MadMomKid will be attending TAC one day!

    Somebody needs to be on the lookout for the type of innuendo that Singer was trying to slip in–that seems to be his modus operandi. I did take the time to tweet the truth but I don’t know if anyone saw it.

    Let’s all do what we can! Swat them mosquitos!

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  2. Considering that every conservative Catholic organization across the country asked that their followers respond to the Chronicle poll, it’s a little disingenuous of you to state that there is overwhelming support of the Archbishop. I stopped by the picnic on Saturday. I really didn’t see many “families” there. I did see a number of adults standing around, very little picnicking going on. I actually found it to be depressing. Attendees seemed to be a little desperate that their intolerant way of life is being questioned.


    1. Teach Tolerance, did your groups not do the same? You know they did. I saw it on plenty of anti-Cordileone sites. We had the equal opportunity to get those votes in. I love how Catholics somehow have the magic touch of making votes appear. Where were they with Obama?

      I’m not really sure how you missed the kids. I had a bunch there myself and a good bunch of their friends were there as well. Maybe you should look through the pics again. Perhaps you weren’t near the playground or lawn game area? As for me and my family, we had chairs so we were sitting around with our lunch when I wasn’t getting to know the people. Not sure I knew about the no standing rule.

      Were you one of the 6 there? Wish I would have known! Would love to meet you in person.


      1. No, we did not. We asked people to sign a petition objecting to the proposed language change. There was no ask for the poll as it was unscientific to begin with and there was no way to see who signed.


        1. Don’t mean to ruin your day but there’s this little thing called google. Yes, here’s just a few those trying to oust the bishop publicizing this poll. I agree it’s unscientific. You’d be touting it to the hilt if the outcome was reversed. Come on now. Fess up. We were all only allowed to vote once. Same rules for all.

          Scroll down to April 16 and then April 18.


          1. I think that is a local group’s FB page, so not national. The other is a SFgate article. Again local. Interestingly enough, the first night the poll was out the results were indeed opposite showing very little support of the Archbishop. It was only after the “call” went out across the country, that the results changed. If 80% of SF supported him, I think you would have had more than 400 at the picnic.


          2. One is the local FB site just like ours FB sites and the other is a national site. Not sure what you are seeing but it’s the Bishop’s Accountability site. Just like our local FB group put out the call, so did yours and so did the national site. Like I said, level playing field. Also, you had the SF Gate article and poll in general. Hardly a conservative site. I never saw the poll before it leaned in the AB’s favor so I’ll have to trust you there. Regardless, we’re back to the level playing field.

            Also, let’s flip this. Those opposed to the AB have hardly been able to get to 200 for their vigils (in fact, liberal news reports plus the groups own drone shot show this). They’ve got the union, 100 Prominent Catholics and Sam Singer backing them. No matter how much money is thrown at this, the numbers don’t jive for those opposed to the AB. It’s likely because it makes sense to have a Catholic school teach Catholicism no matter how much you don’t like it. This is why even protestants back the Archbishop. They don’t want to be told what can be taught in their schools either.


          3. I didn’t realize that bishop-accountability was actually a group. They have never come up in my searches so I can’t imagine too many people belong or follow. I imagine their followers are people who were abused by priests. I don’t even want to think about how many people that is. Again, there is no reason for the Archbishop to change the language in the handbook. It is purely a legal ploy. If he wants to educate faculty on church doctrine, he can give them a handout that they don’t have to sign. Just ask the priest who was fired from Seton Hall if you think that isn’t where this is going. You and I will just have to disagree on whether it is “catholic” to fire someone for practicing birth control, IVF, gay marriage, etc. It’s clear to me that the most likely practice to become public is gay marriage, through social media. Those are the teachers who are at risk. I’m pretty sure many teachers practice birth control but since most don’t talk about it on social media, they are not at risk. That leaves those who co-habitate and post a picture or have gay sex and post a picture of their marriage, at risk. That’s his target. Honestly, do you really care what people do in their personal life? How does it hurt you?


          4. Yes, it’s a big group.

            There is actually reason to clarify the language in the handbook – mainly because people have been ignoring it. This way the teachers understand what, exactly, is expected from them and there’s nothing left to guess. Do I hope it also has some magical bonus of legally protecting the Archbishop and the archdiocese, why not?

            So, let’s also look at the law that governs our Church which the Archbishop is bound to follow (BTW, whole blog post on that):

            Can. 803 §1. A Catholic school is understood as one which a competent ecclesiastical authority or a public ecclesiastical juridic person directs or which ecclesiastical authority recognizes as such through a written document.

            §2. The instruction and education in a Catholic school must be grounded in the principles of Catholic doctrine; teachers are to be outstanding in correct doctrine and integrity of life.

            The priest at Seton Hall most certainly was not outstanding in correct doctrine or integrity of life (uh, he was going against the teachings of the Church). And guess why he was fired? He went against the teaching of the Church on a public forum! Again, keep private sin private and we’ve got no problem.

            So, as I’ve shown you here and elsewhere on this blog, yes, Catholic teachers aren’t allowed to PUBLICLY contradict Church teachings and still retain their jobs. You nailed it when you said those who aren’t PUBLICLY contradicting the Church has no worries.

            You would think that everyone would want to keep, say, the sex life of teachers, away from the students of a school. Oh, yeah, it’s all about them. No, I don’t care about other people’s sins. In fact, I don’t want to know about them and I REALLY don’t want the students to know about it. Rather than to keep typing, I’ve covered all of this here

            None of this has to do with one individual targeting another. It has everything to do with Canon Law and the Archbishop doing his duty according to it.


          5. I don’t see a “reply” option for TT’s post about “local” vs. “national” alerts about the SFGate poll. So this post is in regard to that.

            Honey, with the internet and google there is no “local” anymore. Unless you’ve still got a dial-up account for a local BBS.


    2. I’ve been looking through all the photos I could find online since I was unable to attend. (I have commitments that take some organizing to cover and could not find a replacement or I would have jumped on BART and been there.) I did not see any signs of desperation on any faces.

      Teach Tolerance, if you are on Facebook you can find scads of photos with lots of children and happy adults. Check out this photo album from the Latin Mass Society of San Francisco for close to a hundred photos! Hey, maybe they caught you in one, lurking in the background!

      When you look at the short timeframe for organizing this event I think it was a successful show of support! And especially since it was not even known that Archbishop Cordileone would be there. I’m so glad he stopped by! The dove made a photo op that even the contentious media chose not to ignore!

      The opponents of the archbishop wish to portray him as something he is not. He is not a loud, pseudo-cordial, back slapping publicity seeker. His job is not politics but it is assisting his flock in making their way to heaven.

      The people showing support are truly grassroots families not pinched faced picketers.

      I just have to giggle at the “bussed in” comments I have read (elsewhere) about the people who drove up from San Diego because they actually do support our archbishop and they know and love him from his time there. The activists on “other side” make the “bussing” accusation because rounding up the rabble rousers and bussing them in is a tactic they would like to use themselves.

      Hmmm. Who is desperate that their intolerant way of life is being questioned? That is a very interesting question. Very interesting.

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  3. Dear OMM,

    Your entry reminded me of one of Pearl Jam’s songs (yes, I like the “grunge” era music).

    The lyrics seemed apropos, to me. ;^)

    Red Mosquito

    Watched from the window with a red mosquito…
    I was not allowed to leave the room…
    I saw the sun go down and now it’s comin’ up…
    Somewhere in the time between…
    I was bitten…must have been the devil…
    He was just payin’ me…
    A little visit a reminding me of his presence…
    Lettin’ me know…he’s a waitin’ for me…
    Red man’s your neighbor call it behavior…
    While you’re climbing up slippery hills…
    Two steps ahead of him, punctures in your neck…
    Hoverin’ just above your bed… (2x)
    I was bitten…must have been the devil…
    He was just paying me…
    A little visit, reminding me of his presence…
    And lettin’ me know…he’s a-waitin’…he’s a-waitin’…
    Up there…yeah…
    If I had known then what I now know… (4x)

    Catechist Kev

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      1. Not to be snarky, but I pray for your children. I guess you would be okay if one was gay and people persecuted him/her for that. Way to go.


        1. Wait, I think I actually answered that one in previous correspondence with you! Do you read what I write? I work so hard on it! In short, homosexuality, not a sin. Homosexual acts, sinful. I would want them to keep their sins to themselves. So, here’s what the catechism says (I missed the part about persecution):

          2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.


          1. So you would deny your child a sexual relationship with someone they love? Not sure why people have a problem with this. Who cares what someone does behind closed doors among consenting adults.


          2. Let’s go over this again. We believe the Church when she teaches that sex outside of marriage is a mortal sin. Note the word mortal as in it kills the soul. This life is very, very temporary and our eyes are on an everlasting life in heaven. If we love someone, we want them to be with God in heaven which means taking up our cross here on earth. There are consequences to all of our actions – yours, mine and ours. I have my cross, you have yours and my children will have theirs. I encourage them to do as Christ said and to take up their cross no matter what it may be.

            Now, I understand that not everyone believes in the afterlife, the teachings of the Church, etc. That’s their choice. I do not cheer them on because I want them to be happy in heaven.

            Lastly, you know darn well this has little to do with what happens behind closed doors and everything to do with what is public so please give up the “private life” line. It’s really rather useless here. Nobody is quibbling over private life. When private life becomes public in front of children, it becomes a problem.


          3. Well my soul is dead as I did IVF with my husband and we produced two wonderful children. I refuse to ask for forgiveness because to me that is as ridiculous as a man or woman asking for an annulment after a marriage that produced children and the church grants it. If they divorce, they should leave the church. Hope you agree. If the internet didn’t exist I could go along with the private life but since nothing is private anymore…


          4. Fortunately, while I appreciate your offer of prayers and love, I really don’t need them. I’m very happy with my life, my children, and my husband. I live a very spiritual life, I’m kind,I’m tolerant of those who think differently than I do, and I’m happy to pay my taxes so that others may live a good life, unlike many Catholics I know , who bemoan all those who are on “the dole” (okay, I’m not tolerant of them because they are not true Catholics). I’m grateful for the life I have and feel fortunate.


  4. hello sandy st james from St Anselms parish in the Bx NY…..soldier in God’s Army and Marine corp…defender of the faith………………….all for who disagree , , take the drive down 22 nd ..and hope you have great brakes …..quite a great friend ..Bill Driscoll and his wife Jan took me for a spin…….I support the Cardinals with heart and soul…..and one subject was left off your list was the ” word ” pedifilla “…last on their list…….but one that will try and get passed … me..all the left is EVIL..and most so when they speak……but fight on and CHIN UP…..God bless all of you ….and I love to see the list of 100 and who they are……bet Firefox CEO ,,supporter of prop 8 and was fired from his job (founded the company ) bet he wasn’t there…..cheer Go with God

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