Meet the Laity!

A reader told me about a ridiculous tweet made by Sam Singer.  As I looked for that one, I found an even more ridiculous one (well, it might have been a tie):

Struggling SF Archbishop Cordileone desperate for support, cash: campaign begs for $, help:

(Sam wasn’t so kind to put the real link in, so I’ll help him out! Use it!)

My response to him?

@samsinger hardly struggling. We know the types who to try and bleed people dry in court and we will defeat you. Meet the laity, Sam.

Seriously, Sam – MEET – THE – LAITY!  Maybe you and those in your little “100 Prominent Catholics” bubble think the Archbishop is all alone.  Sorry, you’ve declared war and you’re going to have to get through these troops before you ever reach him.  Be prepared for some mass casualties.  We’ve been in the war with those opposed to Church teachings almost all of our lives.  We’re a battle-hardened force and we will prevail with God’s help.  Don’t believe me?  You might want to look at who the Archbishop is for a reality check.

Sadly for you, you’ve joined the battle after we’ve been given a great gift.  Twenty years ago, the laity would have had to find someone who knew someone who knew someone (I could have added a few more) to have their message heard in Rome.  Now we’ve got a direct line to the Vatican (and each other) via the pretty little keyboard in front of me.  We can now compile dossiers of the words of Sam Singer with nice little links included for verification.  Whom do you think the Vatican is going to believe, the words you get media lap-dogs to spin or the words you can’t help but spew without a thought that they’d be used against you?  You might just want to stop and think about who effectively lobbied the Vatican for the Archbishop to be right where he is and how they did it.  It had nothing to do with money and everything to do with sheer will and the Grace of God.  Meet the laity.

So, Sam, when you decide to have your cronies start dropping legalese, you can bet we’re not going to wait around for the day you set off a firestorm of litigation against our Archbishop.  You and the “100 Prominent Catholics” took the first swing and you can bet it’s going to be met with full force back from us.  You think you’ve got some big wallets in your club?  Just wait until you see what happens when you utter a threat against our beloved shepherd.  Meet the laity.

The joke is that you think it’s just Catholics who will step up and support him. You are so very wrong.  You are not just dealing with Catholics, you are poking a stick in the eye of all Christianity.  There’s not just one mad mom out there, there are millions (and don’t forget the dads!).  We believe in Freedom of Religion in this country and, yes, even in California.  Freedom of Religion ain’t just for the Catholics.  Think about it.  $55,000 has been raised in two weeks and there’s only a veiled threat of litigation.  Can you imagine what will happen if and when the cronies decide to actually file suit?  Don’t underestimate the power of the Widow’s Mite.  We will protect our Archbishop and our fellow Christians with everything we’ve got.  Living in “Litigation Land”, we know how the game is played and we won’t let you break the bank.  Meet the laity.

Sam can go on with his “desperate” delusion, but we all know this is simply a reaction to the lovely picnic we had last Saturday – one that he said had poor attendance despite the fact there were at least triple the amount of people he’s mustered at his “vigils”. (Must be a bit depressing for him.) It’s amazing watching the liberals come unglued at the sight of families simply having lunch in a park. You’d think we’d just poured holy water on the devil! The Archbishop, apparently, isn’t desperate for support, but it looks like Sam Singer is desperate about something.

Did I mention, Sam, that you should really meet the laity? We’ve been pretty quiet up until now but we’re kind of done with that. #meetthelaity



38 thoughts on “Meet the Laity!

  1. Contrary to your belief, Sam Singer had nothing to do with any of the vigils that were held at St. Mary’s Cathedral. Not sure where that misinformation came from. He certainly has not claimed responsibility. He has nothing to do with the Concerned Parent and Students group although they appreciate his efforts. Please also get your numbers straight. There were several hundred at the vigils at St. Mary’s, and the procession from Mission Dolores to St Mary’s. Additionally, there were at least 450 people at the forum on March 16th at USF. I know that because there were 400 chairs set up and there was standing room only.


    1. You are right that the vigils are attributed to Singer in some of the stories. However, we all know that journalists don’t always get it right. Sam Singer was “hired” by some parents from Star of the Sea. He was not responsible for any of the vigils or the forum. He also was not at any of them.


  2. Just so “Teach Tolerance” doesn’t believe for a minute that anyone believes their propaganda or that you are alone madmom I’ll tell them right now, we don’t believe you Teach. Sam Singer is a hired gun. You, or the people you work for, or the people you support have hired him to orchestrate your media war against the Archbishop. You know it. We know it. As madmom says. This isn’t 1968. The Internet and the real Vatican II have given us the tools we need to stand up for our good shepherds against the wolves.

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    1. It’s hard to imagine Singer sitting at his keyboard twisting the news just for fun. If so then he needs our prayers more than I thought.

      (I wonder how how feels about all those prayers for his conversion? Meet the laity–it’s what we do!)

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  3. Teach Tolerance,
    How laughable that you expect people to believe that Singer is in no way involved. Everyone knows who is pulling the strings. The Concerned Parents and Students Group (otherwise known as people who don’t know the Faith they pretend to follow or just don’t care about it) look truly pathetic. When even the anti-Catholics have to point out that if you go to a Catholic school, you should expect to be taught what the Catholic Church teaches, clueless may be too kind of a word.

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    1. I didn’t say he wasn’t involved with protests against the Archbishop. I’m glad he is. He is doing his own thing and is not involved with the Concerned Parent and Student Group. They organized the vigils, the forum and the march. He had absolutely no involvement in those events. Our focus on on getting the Archbishop to not change the language in the faculty handbook. It has served the schools well for decades. No need for change. Teachers are teaching Catholic doctrine and living their private lives without intersection. Singer’s focus is on getting the Archbishop out of this diocese. I have to say that I don’t think he is a good fit in this community.


      1. Wait! Name change? Well now I just don’t know what to call you!

        I never said he organized them. They are his though and he is quite happy pulling the puppet strings in this whole attack.

        BTW, if it served the schools so well and it doesn’t change anything (a common claim) and teachers are teaching Catholic doctrine and living private lives – what the heck is the problem??? Clarifying language and changing it are two very different things. In reality, the private lives “not intersecting” isn’t really the reality. It’s not private. Again, you are using the wrong adjective.


        1. They are not his. Please don’t make it up. He has nothing to do with that group. Wny won’t you believe the truth? You certainly believe your own “truths”. The problem is that it the new handbook and contract identify teachers as ministers. That takes away their employment protections under the law. Considering that the Catholic Church has long been a proponent of unions and worker’s rights, I find that a little ironic.


          1. Really??? This ministers thing (that’s actually used around the country with no problem) was dropped a long time ago. This is what happens when Sam Singer gets everyone so spun up! The Archbishop changed it because people were so fearful about it. It would not be necessary to have it to remove people who are PUBLICLY contradicting the mission of the school in the same way it wouldn’t be needed to remove a Coke ad exec for PUBLICLY extolling the virtues of Pepsi.

            There, wasn’t that easy? You can rest in peace and leave the Archbishop alone now. That said, I’m kind of thinking you already knew this and might be floating this to confuse people? I mean, you seem pretty involved not to know it.


          2. The ministerial language has not been dropped. Here is a labor lawyer’s analysis of the new handbook language:
            ● The very fact of putting an extended description of Catholic teaching into the Faculty Handbook suggests that it is central to every teacher’s duties.
            ● The Preamble “applauds” teachers “as they seek to deepen Catholic attitudes and sentiments in their students.”
            ● “Catholic education is one of the principal means by which the Church evangelizes and teaches.”
            ● Catholic schools are “centers of evangelization and faith formation. The primary goal of Catholic schools is to give students the direction they need to live a holy life in this world.”
            ● “an academic culture aimed at the pursuit of truth” is only a “secondary goal of Catholic schools.”
            ● The Handbook notes particular issues of Catholic teaching “because of their relevance to the mission of Catholic education in the local church.”
            ● The “Closing Summary” states that “teaching in a Catholic school allows one the privilege and honor” of “handing on” the Catholic faith and “inculcating [in students] the values that come with that faith so they become the persons God has created them to be . .

            Yes, other dioceses have included this language. As a result, teachers have been fired. That’s what we are trying to prevent in this diocese.

            I’d be happy to post the new language and the letter from the Archbishop, but it is 10 pages long. It should be public soon.


          3. OK, as usual, I’m going to explain it’s a Catholic school. I’m not really sure why it’s of concern to anyone why an expanded description of Catholic teaching is a problem. Still Catholic teaching, correct? It’s a Catholic school, correct? Who would have a problem with that except anyone wanting to contradict it?

            Second,third and fourth point? And? This is the point of a Catholic school. I think I’ve quoted Canon Law – the law governing the Church- many times. Read up.

            Fifth point? Why the parsing there? How about the actual text? The Catholic teachings are Truth so I think the parsing is likely on purpose.

            Sixth and seventh? Again, and? Please note the purpose of a Catholic school.

            I’m not really sure why it’s being completely missed that it’s a Catholic school. Do we expect some being fired? I’d imagine so based on PUBLIC statements made against the above and the fact that I doubt they’ll follow the Archbishop even after counsel. Do I imagine it will be wide scale? Nope. Why? Because the Archbishop isn’t going to fire people on a whim. He’s going to explain, cousell and explain and counsel again. All of that said, he’s obligated to make sure Canon Law is followed.

            Do you really feel that any organization keeps employees that are quite insistent on undermining the organization? I’m guessing no. You’ve already said that the teachers are teaching Catholic doctrine and keeping their private lives separate. Which is it, TT?

            I think the notion of looking for people to fire is so silly. The students come first. Don’t scandalize them (another blog post you apparently haven’t read) and it’s no problem.


          4. Um, did you bother to read the part that was parsed? LOL! Anyways, this is an alleged version. Haven’t found anything wrong yet (but I haven’t read even close to the whole thing). That said, The fifth part is a parse and it’s done for a reason. Read in context.


          5. I think a the best question to ask right now is what part of this alleged handbook do find in conflict with the teachings of the Church. Please cite.


          6. That’s the thing. None of the teachers are violating the doctrine while at school. Your private life should be private and frankly, none of you should care. If you don’t think kids at Catholic schools aren’t exposed in daily life to gay people, divorced people, people who practice birth control, and people who masturbate (mostly likely including themselves), etc. then you are really lost. Having a gay teacher at school who is married, isn’t going to affect that child unless his parents have indoctrinated him/her in their hateful views. Having a gay teacher who is married and is fired for it, will affect that child. I can tell you that the vast majority of parents who send their child to a Catholic school do so because they believe the schools will reinforce the values they have taught their kids and provide an excellent academic environment. They are not looking for the schools to evangelize their children or convert them. If that is the Archbishop’s goal, he needs to state that clearly, so parents can make a better or different decision for their child. Here’s a snarky comment: Athletics, in which the schools take so much pride, will suffer. Pride, as we know, is a “sin”.


          7. Again, TT? Do you believe in keeping private lives as private or public? You are vacillating. Pick on and stick with it.

            “They are not looking for the schools to evangelize their children or convert them. If that is the Archbishop’s goal, he needs to state that clearly, so parents can make a better or different decision for their child.” Um, at this point I simply have to ask if you bothered to read the “alleged handbook” that you posted????? Helllooooooo? The goal is written throughout!

            As far as the snarky comment goes…You’ll need to work on the snark. It’s actually supposed to be a bit rooted in understanding of the topic to make it work.


          8. Former Catholic, the topic being discussed is CATHOLIC schools. If Catholics are not permitted to teach Catholic principles in their own schools, where, pray tell, would they be permitted to do so?

            If you don’t want to hear Catholic principles, don’t teach at, or attend, CATHOLIC schools. It’s a matter of basic common sense.

            I would challenge you to get a job at a Jewish school and then, once hired, start teaching your Jewish students that the Holocaust is a myth. See how far you get.

            Your insinuation that Catholics cannot demand CATHOLIC principles be followed in CATHOLIC schools is shockingly perverted.



  4. Great job Mad mom. We are tired of the underhanded tactics. We are and will be called to be the next Christeros or Crusaders. God Bless you.

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  5. Teach Tolerance, you are a junior in high school…..tragically & obviously, you have not been taught “Truth”. You are a part of the world which belongs to Satan. I pray that you will be enlightened someday and will find your way to salvation. In the meantime, pick up The Divine Comedy by Dante…..good place as any to start. I will pray for you little sister.


        1. Looks like Teach Tolerance is having identity problems. Or Former Catholic is answering for him/her.

          Believe me, I know it’s hard to keep track when using multiple accounts. (Catholics should probably discuss this practice with their confessor–but this person is proclaiming they are “former”.)

          Hey, maybe they are Sam Singer!

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  6. One Mad Mom, thank you so much for this article. It was the most refreshing thing I’ve read in a long time. So eloquent and so “the Church militant.” Loved it. God bless you, keep it coming, and pass the ammunition. DJR

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  7. We are battling against satan’s useful idiots, whom he will laughingly toss into the flames once he’s done with their services. May the Lord save them. Eternal damnation is a frightening prospect. You are right mad mom. Faithful Catholics worldwide are uniting in defense of the Holy Faith. Long Live Archbishop Cordileone! Long live Our Holy Catholic Church! ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    (And so many thanks for your wonderful, fiery blog!)

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  8. I don’t see a reply option under FormerCTT’s comment about the “revised” handbook document. Did you know that the “alleged draft” was “leaked”?

    It popped up HERE–no surprise. That’s the publication lovingly referred to by many Catholics as the Fishwrap. (That doesn’t have to be taken as an offensive nickname if that’s what you are thinking, naughty naughty. Fish could be wrapped in other things but I’ll give that thought a pass for now…)

    Oh! Coincidence! It’s the same copy linked in that article as Former TT gave us a link to!

    I think the Fishwrapians are feeling their oats after thinking they have ousted Bishop Finn. Do they have a finger in this, too?

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    1. I’m still wondering where the contradiction in Church teachings are in even the “alleged” handbook? Now, supposedly, however, the Archbishop is supposed to tell us if he’s really intending to teach children attending Catholic schools the Faith! What the what???? I’m pretty sure that’s what the problem is in the first place. He so did that!

      It’s really sad seeing the utter delusion and confusion of some. The devil’s doing his job there.


  9. Kind of pathetic that Former Catholic doesn’t get that it is EXACTLY the job of Catholic schools to evangelize. If all these parents wanted were academics, there are secular private schools, and the public schools will take their kids in a heartbeat.
    If you’re not Catholic and don’t believe what the Catholic Church teaches, then you should not be teaching in a Catholic school. Catholic parents don’t want you undermining the formation of their kids. That is what you are getting paid to do. Not just to teach math or history or science, but to teach them within a Catholic worldview.

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  10. Why is it so important to the former “Catholics” that Catholic Doctrine not be taught in Catholic schools. One former “Catholic” boldly stayed that the Archbishop is not a good fit for the diocese. I would suggest that The Archbishop is a fearless Follower and Teacher of the Catholic Doctrine and this is what the former “Catholics are so afraid of.

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  11. This morning @samsinger is having a tweetfest using the biased news articles about the handbook revisions as backup. I see some of the laity replying. But ya know, most of us are not proficient in twitterese…

    On the positive side, @samsinger might just be tooting his horn to a bunch of…okay, let’s be charitable, a bunch of people who think just like he does. So in replying to him we are just wasting our time.

    The real twitter news is when you are there in person tweeting what’s going on. Not just linking to already published one-sided “news” articles. I’m thinking of the photos on Facebook uploaded from the picnic or right after. How about tweeting from the next event, news conference, celebration?

    And @samsinger is still claiming that Fr. Illo was “fired”. Fr. Illo is still pastor of Star of the Sea isn’t he? If @samsinger only knew…

    I will shut up now.

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  12. Just some insight from New Zealand – we have the same problems with our Catholic Education system; it’s purpose isn’t considered to be the promotion of the Catholic faith, it’s is to provide choice in our education system for parents, supports what the government already offers and teaches values (which can be a loose term). We have a Catholic school right beside our church and see maybe 1 % of the children and very rarely any teachers. What i find interesting is that the schools exist because of the financial support of the parish (own the land, provide parking, church used as a school hall etc) yet there is little support coming from the schools to the parish. Diminishing parishioners will impact on the schools, but i think schools think it’s another generations problem. Lets face it, it’s all very nice to spread the love, and walk in truth, but faith expressed in action is what pays the bills.
    I trained as a chef and i always thought, if i went to a restaurant that had all the symbols that it was a restaurant – signage, patronage, location and a menu – and i went in and ordered a cheese souffle as described on the menu, yet all i got was scrambled eggs then i’d be a tad annoyed. I think most parents of the school children only expect scrambled eggs!! love you blog OMM


    1. Yeah, I don’t think the 60s,70s, 80s or most of the 90s were all that kind to most countries! Started getting better at the end of the millennium and I’ve seen a huge improvement with our new appointments and younger clergy/seminarians. I think this is why the liberals are freaking out. They see the writing on the wall! It’s going to take awhile to turn this ship all the way around but we can do it!


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