Liberals & Human Shields (aka – Children)

If I could remember where I read it, I would give the person credit for pointing this out, so thank you to whoever you are!  “The liberals are using children as human shields.” You hit THE nail on the head.

Think about it.  While it was said about Greta Thunberg, it’s a DISTURBING trend I’m seeing everywhere.

Before I go further, a couple disclaimers: I don’t have anything against children being “activists”, per se.  In fact, we encourage it wholeheartedly in my family.  My kids know that, if they stick their heads up for the truth, they’re likely going to be shot at, so they need to know how to defend the argument. Now, some are chastising Greta’s parents for exploiting her by putting her out in public. I don’t have a problem with them in the least for THAT, since I have no evidence that they are trying to exploit her. I do have other issues with them, though, but that’s not one at this point. I will say that there are many child “activists” who are being completely exploited.  No doubt about it. I’d like to give their parents the tongue lashing of their lives.  However, children can be amazing in the public discourse, and many saints in our Church were just children “out among the wolves.” I’ve also witnessed some pretty awesome kids out there myself.

So where does the “human shield” thing come in?  It’s very clear that this is the new move in the liberal playbook.  Adult liberals throw a kid or vulnerable person out there to promote their liberal agenda, people get in an uproar about said “cause”, and then the liberal adults tell everyone how mean they are for saying one word about it “because they’re kids!!!” Examples? David Hogg, Desmond Napoles, the poor Down Syndrome people in “Drag Syndrome,” etc. Greta is just the latest.  Liberals are using them to promote their agendas of gun control, transgenderism, climate change fear mongering, and even really evil pedophilia, but if you say one word against it, you’re awful because they are children, autistic, down syndrome, etc.  It’s sick. They can’t get people to buy their lame arguments, so they use kids to deflect debate. Sadly, I fear, this is only going to get worse.

9 thoughts on “Liberals & Human Shields (aka – Children)

  1. But OMM it’s for the children! -Leftists/Liberals/Democrats have used this mo for years from the federal level all the way down to our local level every time our town votes for an increase in the school budget…it’s for the children.

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  2. Sad, but true. I cannot imagine raising my children to ever live in fear of the lies propagated from the pits of Hell or to manipulate their minds until they lend credence to the legitimization of perversions of what God originally made and called “good”.

    I want nothing more for them than the very things I cherish most about my own upbringing: the awareness of their own endless potential for good in life and the proper perspective of mankind’s place in Creation and God’s will/plan for it.

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  3. Children have one time only to be free of politics and angst, and they are being robbed of that time.
    They are being bombarded with emotional situations and causes, even in school, it’s now a constant barrage of causes to worry or feel bad about. Most unhealthy. Soon enough children will have to take on the mantle of adult concerns, but God intended a period of time to be free of that so they could concentrate on just growing up intact, hard enough to do without all this baggage.
    What is done to Desmond Napoles is 100% child abuse, and will surely not end well for him. Frankly it will be amazing if he makes it to 16. (He’s the child who’s parents take him to dance for homosexual men in clubs and allow them to throw money at him, while he is dressed in drag.)

    Greta Thunberg clearly believes the fate of the world rests on her shoulders, and that the entire planet is going to self-destruct in the very near future. She has autism, and filtering out abstract information is very hard for people with autism, who have lots of their own challenges as well. These challenges can be seen in this child’s entire demeanor, she appears on the verge of emotional collapse, positively unhinged. But her family keeps putting her out there, and the world applauds. Because we don’t have adults to lead any longer, we are so lost we are listening to children as if they are wise sages.
    What fools we have become.

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    1. I work with youth a lot. They are definitely bombarded and I’m all for children being children as long as possible. That said, the world is trying to influence them daily and our children today can no longer wait to hear the truth and start fighting for it and against the world. So, again, I don’t have a problem with teens (even autistic ones) in the political arena but I do have a problem with kids being paws for lies. I want to make that distinction clear.I was exposed to the pro-life arena since I was a child and I took it on myself in my teen years. While I wish my kids never had to deal with the subject, they are also in that arena. Fighting for truth has only made them better, stronger, and moral adults. Now, you have to know your children and what they are and are not ready to handle. Not all kids/teens are equal.

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  4. Human shields nails it.
    Even worse, in my opinion, the liberals state they are against abuse in any form , (pedophile, human trafficking ,trans stuff etc), yet they are promoting it!! They are tearing down spiritual, intellectual, and moral boundaries. They are promoting their ideology of confusion and anarchy, tools of Satan!

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  5. Did you actually know, that the current laws in many states of the USA allows marriage of an underage girl to an adult? And that this was invented as a care for a pregnant girl, and that these girls often got married with the one, who raped them? And that today we know, that these young mothers often don’t have a very nice life, that they often experience violence in their marriage too? I can not more hear this bigott catholic … I’m catholic too. When european children go abroad, to study in other countries, it is a long way to get there! One year preparation and too special weekends to learn how to behave in the new country. If you go for example from Switzerland to the USA, we learned, that children there have to respect teachers and adults. This is so far OK. But there is too no possibility to discutate something. Yes, this is different over here. Children may discuss the rules. Every student over here is learning to think by himself. And it is allowed to teachers to teach about Karl Marx. While in some areas in the USA it is like a tabu. This is something I can not get! This is not freedom. It is too not freedom, when there is no more theological discurs, because god is not a man with a white barb, but maybe he is. Or maybe she is. Yes, USA, you get to much teenager pregnancies, because in your nation, you are playing catholic and therefore you don’t like education about sexuality! Education that could include emotional development too! Once one said, no one can kill you so nice like an American!


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