USCCB Accidentally Hires Strong, Faithful Catholic Woman

I’m sure people have noticed that I’m not a huge fan of the USCCB. Honestly, I think it’s as useless an organization as the United Nations, and like the UN, usually does more harm than good. I think it also tends to be an organization that hog-ties the more faithful of the Catholic bishops and wastes a whole lot of time putting out fluffy documents trying to make the bishops in the U.S. look relevant. Maybe it’s just me, but there it is.

So, what’s the flap over at the USCCB this week? It looks like Judy Keane has been put on leave, which I find completely pathetic. It’s unbelievable what wimps are over there at the USCCB.

Now, I didn’t know of Judy Keane before this, but I looked her up and she’s exactly the kind of person I’d want at the USCCB. She’s a faithful Catholic, and that doesn’t mean someone who just acts like they are a martyr because they attend Mass every Sunday. She knows her stuff. You can read some of her writings here to see exactly why the liberal and immoral folks have such disdain for her.

Most of you know I was not a fan of Trump during the election, but I can’t complain about much or even most that he’s done. Oh, and he’s way better than Hillary or Barack! Like a thousand percent better.  I’m hoping the lives saved due to his presidency will earn him some leniency for any past, present and future errors, and our country owes him for these babies and their mothers. However, now the liberal/liberal Catholics are whining because a USCCB employee dared to put out facts on Trump’s employment victories on her personal Twitter account. Ooooohhhhh! I didn’t realize things like high GDP and employment stats were so anti-Catholic! The horrors! As far as I know, her tweet was not actually opposed to anything the Catholic bishops are opposed to, unless I missed the USCCB comparing detention facilities to concentration camps, even though their official position on immigration is less friendly than Trump’s.

The USCCB seems to have accidentally hired what we’ve all been told we need. A woman. A woman with an opinion. A strong woman. The only problem is that this woman apparently doesn’t fit the liberal feminist mold so, oops. Looks like they finally made a smart move at the USCCB, which leaves us all to wonder when they’ll throw her under the bus and dash a little sanity. I highly encourage the USCCB to “man up” for once and point out that the tweets were about accuracy, of which the USCCB should be fond but isn’t always. And, they weren’t on the USCCB Twitter account. Yes, I’m a big believer of the fact that what you put online can and should have bearing on your jobs. The USCCB, however, might do well to remember that the majority of their flock probably thinks a lot like her. Caving to the squeaky, whiny liberal Catholics would be HUGE mistake, especially with your past (and some present) ridiculous ties to pro-abortion organizations.

Somebody smart also hired this gal. The old gray-haired out of touch crowd who likes their felt and hopes they live to see the day women are ordained probably can’t stand her either, but she’s actually engaging the culture. These are the type of women we’re told we should listen to, except these two haven’t railed against Church teaching, which is why they’ll only be maligned in the end.

The USCCB really needs to decide if they’re going to listen to the old, bitter liberals who have failed us all, or if they’re going to listen to the rest of us who are hungry for truth out of the USCCB for a change! If they’re smart, they’ll issue a statement along the lines of this: “On further investigation, we have researched Judy’s tweets on her personal account and have found no conflict between them and the Catholic Church. In other news, Cardinal Blasé Cupich and Bishop John Stowe, among others, will be taking a leave of absence.”


22 thoughts on “USCCB Accidentally Hires Strong, Faithful Catholic Woman

  1. Since USCCB’s ‘business’ subsidiary Catholic Relief Services, knocks down several hundred million dollars/year running “refugee” camps and such, agreeing with Orange Man Bad–who wants to shut down the border and several hundred million of income to the Bishops–is obviously career suicide.

    At one time, I thought the Church was NOT about “temporallities.” Only took me about 60 years to learn otherwise. (And some people thought I was smart……..hooooboy…..)

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  2. What wait, they probably thought they were getting.”Susan from the parish council “ lol love this article and their resemblance to the United Nation comment, that’s a spot on assessment.

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  3. Also,
    On reading your link to the works by Judy Keane I note her naivety (Pope Francis and Divine Mercy, Dated October 2013) regarding the Francis Pontificate, born perhaps or at least assisted by the relative newness of same.
    I wonder if she still holds to this apparent support of Francis??
    I doubt, ‘One Mad Mom’ shares her enthusiasm.


    1. Wow, Leroy, way to love your fellow man. I’m thinking you can thank Trump for feeling free to use that word, thinking that people no longer find it offensive. Very christian of you.


      1. About as Christian as you jumping at the chance to blame President Trump for the comment, with not one iota of justification.


  4. By the way, not to beat a dead horse. But you can’t understand any of this madness going on in the Church today, until you understand the Jewish Question. It will put all of the pieces together. I promise.


  5. The USCCB is an arm of the Democrat party. The Abortion Party. The Infanticide Party. It has been so since its foundation in 1917, as the National Catholic War Conference. Its primary purpose was to suck up to Woodrow Wilson, and to defy Pope Benedict XV’s opposition to the universal draft (in all countries). The bishops’ conference was all-in on the New Deal, which kept the Depression going until 1947. (WWII did not “end” the Depression; it took place during the Depression.) From the 1940’s to the 1970’s, the bishops’ conference was all-in on the systematic destruction of the inner-city Catholic neighborhoods and parishes, and the scattering of Catholics into the suburbs–where their former political power was diluted and obliterated. In the 1970’s the USCCB started in earnest down the road of pro-abortion activism. The purpose of the “seamless garment” was to provide pro-abortion Catholics with a two-word rhetorical bludgeon with which to silence real Catholics. Today, even the most “conservative” bishops routinely make noises in support of No Borders and the Global Warming Hoax, and against “nationalism.” Only eight bishops voted against Bergoglio’s death penalty heresy. Only about ten do not give Communion to abortion enthusiasts.


  6. I had to read the sentence that you support Trump several times before I could believe it. It sounds like you are willing to accept his racism, misogyny, cruelty to immigrants in the name of saving a few unwanted fetuses. Way to go. I’m thinking you didn’t hear yesterday’s sermon about the Good Samaritan. You might want to read that one again.


    1. Question; do you consider abortion (or the killing of a few unwanted fetuses) a lesser offense against Christ than racism, misogyny, and cruelty to illegal immigrants? Better yet, using the term “fetuses” makes me wonder when do you consider conception to take place?



      1. Cotton, having had several miscarriages, I know that fetuses are incredibly fragile. I consider a fetus to be viable at about 24 weeks when they can live outside the womb. I love that the Catholic church will deny women who desperately want to be pregnant and raise children that option if they are infertile, as was I. Yet, that same church doesn’t care if a woman wants and intends to care for that child. The child will just have to fend for themselves. I find it interesting that you are willing to tolerate banning abortion with all of the other offenses that Trump commits. Can you tell me what you do to take care of all the unwanted and unloved children that exist? For that matter, what do you do personally for all those who are suffering other than offering prayer? I truly hope it is something worthwhile. What are you doing as a Catholic for the children who are being separated from their parents? Are they worthy of your care and concern? Or are they just a throwaway?


  7. Ok teach tolerance. Tell me. Are you going to support a party that wants abortion without and restrictions? Are you going to support a party that supports physician assisted suicide? Are you going to support a party that encourages euthanasia? Are you going to support a party that wants a one payer healthcare system that includes ‘death panels’, yes, panels that determine who gets healthcare based on costs vs age or medical necessity? Support the politicians of death if you want, but I will not and will fight them until my last breath.

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    1. Bob, I am pro choice (no one is suggesting no restrictions – that a republican lie). Since I’m infertile I honestly don’t know that if I had gotten pregnant at 16 if I would have chosen to have an abortion but I am glad I had a choice. I think you have to be in the situation, and frankly, you never will be if I read your name right. Gasp, I did do IVF so I’m no longer Catholic but the trade off was worth it to me. I don’t know about you, but I see kids every day who are abused/neglected by the parent who didn’t want them. i wouldn’t wish that suffering on anyone and if you tell me that God does, you’re deluded. Have you watched someone die in extreme agony? I hope not. I’m a nurse and I have. I would support someone who goes through the process of active euthanasia (it’s very difficult for a reason). I also know that most just want the knowledge that they can end their life sooner if they can no longer cope. I don’t think that kind of suffering is good for anyone including those that witness it. What I don’t understand is how you can vote/support someone who treats innocent children (remember that you wanted to protect their lives) the way he does, who lies on a daily basis, and is not Christian in his actions at all except for pandering to his base because he just wants the power that you afford him. The fact that the base tolerates him all in the name of trying to strike down Roe v. Wade is incredibly frightening to me. Pretty sure the Bible tells us to accept everyone. Trump is a flat out racist. What else are you willing to accept?


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