Not to Beat an Annoying Drum but…

Fellow Catholic parents, you might as well tell your kids now to expect nothing from the Catholic hierarchy and let them be pleasantly surprised if the bishops somehow do as they ought. The main victims of the hierarchy’s errors almost always seem to be our youth. Because of that, nobody should be shocked that Covington High School’s bishop threw the youth under the bus almost immediately. You could see the rush to disavow from a mile away, or at least you should have. It’s like they have to keep following the same script of the same awful play.

We’re not children. We know very well by now what “fake news” is and that we need to verify before making condemnations. I will say, though, from day one I had to remind many of my Catholic friends that the nicely cut video gave us ZERO knowledge of what actually happened. Honestly, from the clip, I had no idea if the Covington boys did as CNN said or if they actually kept their cool. (It turned out it was the latter unless you’ve got an agenda to push.)  Could have gone either way and that should have been obvious. More of the story leaked out hour by hour as become the status quo with most supposedly salacious new stories. Why are we still falling for this? We need to get it out of our heads that people are basically decent. We’re not in Kansas or the latter part of the 20th century anymore. People have absolutely no qualms about lying through their teeth. And, in addition to lying through their teeth, people also have no problems making threats at quite innocent people. Nobody should be throwing out condemnations these days because you are probably also condemning them to death threats, bombing threats, vile threats and a wholesale denial of reality even when it’s played for them in a two-hour video.

So, Catholic bishops, willing to try to cover their own behinds and so willing to throw high school students to the wolves to do so, are disgusting. Yes, this mistake was made by so many other Catholics but most of those good Catholics have apologized to the hilt for the rush to judgment. Bishop Foys? He’s ordered a third-party investigation versus just simply watching a two-hour video which even changed Jake Tapper’s mind for heaven’s sake. How about you exercise a bit of due diligence, Bishop Foys? I mean, when Jake Tapper gets it and you’re still wrestling with an apology, you’ve got problems.

It seems someone is suggesting that these students skip their confirmation to protest Bishop Foys. Please don’t. When you let bishops keep you from the sacraments for their bad behavior, you lose, not them. The graces from the sacraments help sustain our faith. Nobody should turn their back on those graces for any reason. I’m here to tell you that you can still receive graces from the sacrament no matter how bad a prelate is. I’m sure my old bishop might regret to this day ever confirming me. That’s a warning to some bishops. Careful who you confirm. Might come back to bite you.

And let me explain this to our dear bishops. I know some get this but you all need to know most Catholic moms will defend their children when they are harmed. In fact, most moms will defend any child being harmed. We take that millstone thing very seriously. My children, of various ages and sexes, are out at events like the March for Life quite frequently. We will continue to do so. We will continue to stand in the public square for whatever just reason we can find. If the bishops ever did this to one of my children, I would, first, have to explain to my kids that this is something that can happen when one follows Christ. I mean, Christ Himself was denied by his apostle and almost all the rest ran away. Why should we expect less than that treatment? Next, I would make sure the hierarchy in question knew of the mistake they had just made whether it be the school, the bishop, or the entire USCCB. They wouldn’t get to treat my children that way without hearing a little bit from me. I’d be parked at the chancery office every day until the situation was rectified truthfully. His excellency might have wanted to run the possible outcomes to these boys through his head before disavowing them. No matter the pain to him, he should have been a shepherd to those in his care. Heck, even if the “fake news” wasn’t fake, their faith should have come first. While it shouldn’t be the case, the reality is that many lose their faith over things like this. Here’s hoping these boys’ faith and resolve to save the unborn are deepened by their suffering and persecution. If not, the father of lies wins.


28 thoughts on “Not to Beat an Annoying Drum but…

  1. OMM, it’s so hard to take what’s happening in the Church. Catholics who are trying to do the right thing (like the boys from Covington) are attacked not only by the anti-Catholics outside the Church and but also by our namby-pamby bishops as well as celebrity priests like Fr Jimmy Martin SJ. I was absolutely disgusted by the op-ed today from Bishop Stowe of Lexington, KY, viciously attacking the Covington boys for being Trump supporters.. I’m not saying that Trump is a saintly person, but is it really that crazy for pro-lifers to support a president who is an ally of pro-lifers (and who supports pro-life policies and hopefully pro-life judicial nominees)? Stowe apparently thinks so. I’m guessing that a lot of bishops think the same way– that after we rally and shout “pro-life,” “pro-life,” “pro-life,” we should turn around and forget all that and supports the Obamas and Clintons and Pelosis of the world who never met an abortion they didn’t love. It makes absolutely no sense. Of course, on another level, it makes total sense. It’s like what Soupy said last some when he downplayed the sex scandals, they have a bigger agenda… migrants, climate change and other leftist causes.

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    1. Unfortunately, Trump’s pro life stance is for political purposes only. If he were truly pro life we wouldn’t be having government shut downs over the border wall.


      1. TA, I’m curious how a border wall is anti-life. As long as a country has a generous immigration policy, which we’ve always had, why would have you have a problem with a “wall.” I mean, doesn’t your home have walls and doors. Why aren’t you leaving those doors open for any and all? Honestly, the evil wall is a canard. Now, if you’d like to talk immigration policy, we could have discussion. If you don’t like government shut downs, maybe you should hold your politicians accountable. Nan is the problem here. She’s all to willing to allow the shutdowns to continue and she’s also all to willing to vote paying federal workers during the shutdown 3 TIMES. Oops. And besides that, our church has told us time and again that all the rest can be debated but the right to life intrinsic.

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        1. You nailed it about the “generous” immigration policy. There is nothing generous about it. It is very difficult to emigrate from Mexico and South America to the US. According to Trump, they don’t bring the intellectual prowess that he wants. So yes, I am against the wall. Do you honestly think it will stop trafficking and drug importation? I’m pretty sure the drug cartels and trafficking monsters aren’t quaking in their boots about a wall. They will find a way. Trump just wants to appease his base who are stupid enough to think that immigrants are taking their jobs. His base doesn’t want those jobs. They just want the freedom to feel like they are being screwed. Honestly, how many citizens do you see jumping at the chance to work the fields? They aren’t paid enough and they never will be because the majority of us want our food cheap.


  2. I like the bit about ‘our’ bishops covering their behinds….Lets face it if they covered their behinds a bit more, perhaps we wouldn’t have the ‘pillow biters’ syndrome afflicting the Church to the extent that it does these days…

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  3. Well said!! I would like to know the tract record of Bishop Foys myself…, why was he so quick to condemn and not be moved to confess his harsh judgment of the boys when the facts where made known? Where IS his treasure??He Doesn’t seem to be looking up, but only out!!! Robin, Indiana

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  4. We should be proud of the boys from Covington – they took the time to march in support of life. Just asking, but how many bishops showed up for the March for Life?

    And then there is the Franciscan Fr. Daniel Horan who trashed the March for Life as a “disgusting and repulsive event” because – as he claimed – it was a Republican rally with people wearing Make America Great Again hats. Someone had to explain to him that Democrats are not allowed to be pro-life. You may not like President Trump, but he does support the pro-life movement – unlike those darlings of the bishops Obama, Pelosi, etc.

    I guess it was so cold in DC because of climate change – another darling issue for the USCCB.

    Catholic young people, please don’t be dismayed by the actions of a few in the hierarchy who are afraid of offending people in power so they throw the young under the bus. Good will defeat evil in the end.

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    1. Exactly, Dontex. I am also proud of the Covington Catholic boys, especially the calm demeanor displayed by Nick Sandmann in the face of bullying, threats, and abusive behavior from adult “men” – both the Black Hebrews and Nathan Phillips (who also thoughtfully attempted to further his political agenda by disrupting a Mass at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception the following day – a sacrilege.)

      I know we are expected to respect our priests, but I was absolutely appalled by Fr. Horan’s bigoted and inaccurate remarks – which, like the Bishop of Covington’s reprimand – is public and broadcast worldwide. As a fellow Franciscan, I am ashamed. Susan, OFS


    2. “They took the time” ??? It was a fun trip to Washington. I’m pretty sure that if any of these boys got a girl pregnant, it would be “taken care of”. Look at how fast the parents got a PR firm to put a spin on it.


      1. I’m not sure how fair this comment is? As someone who attended the March for life as a high school student, who now has a pro life husband and many many pro life male family members, friends and acquaintences, i think those boys could have found many more fun things to do that were closer to home, but instead chose to go to the March to defend the unborn. It’s disappointing that we have to assume the worst in people

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        1. Have you seen the video where they are harassing some girls? I would think Catholics would want every country to be great, not just ours at the expense of others. No matter how you look at it, Trumps immigration stance is anti Christian.


          1. I’m not sure how we jumped from “there’s no way those kids are really pro life” to trumps immigration policy.


          2. TA, yes, I’ve seen this video and, seriously? How in heaven’s name do you know 1) these are Covington kids and 2) are even pro-lifers in the 3 second clip. Geez. There’s a reason that people are not passing this one along. Use your head.


          3. And that’s the part TA doesn’t get Kev. You can’t have any other rights until you get the right to life. I find it interesting that the only way people can be saved in other countries is to come here and yet we kill our own. Personally, yes, I’d probably be trying to come here or fight for a revolution. If America was truly loving, we’d fund revolutionaries to change their own country (an, no, that doesn’t mean killing) and we’d definitely stop killing our own. And we definitely wouldn’t be killing the children of immigrants.


        2. Why do you think these people are leaving their countries? It’s because they have no hope for their children. Honestly, OMM, wouldn’t you do whatever you could for your children? That’s what I mean about Trump not being pro life.


          1. President Trump is trying to secure the border, not close it. He is putting our country and our citizens safety first.
            There is nothing un Christian about having safe and legal immigration. The left is fine with safe and legal killing of unborn babies though.


      2. Wow! Bitter much? Is this how you raise your boys? Kind of sort of an ad hominem, don’t you think? Tells me you’re mad you have no legitimate arguments to make.

        All people had to do was to watch the video in its entirety to see who was hassling who. Not to mention Bishop Stika has been contacted by a priest sayiing that the boys were protecting HIM from the BHI’s verbal assaults. I don’t usual sensor you but if you’re going to continue with the ad hominems, I might just do so because if you attacked my children like that, you’d deserve it.

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  5. Preach it, sister!

    When I last checked, it is still legal in this country to be a Catholic and to expect freedom of speech, including wearing political clothing, without being stalked, targeted, bullied, and abused. If it had been my underaged son who was screamed at and threatened by grown “men” with profanity, racial, and anti-Catholic bigotry and insults, and then approached by a stranger banging a drum inches from his face, they’d have me, the police, and a lawsuit to deal with.

    For the Bishop to publicly reprimand these boys, without all the facts before him, and without privately speaking to them, is indefensible and hardly pastoral. To immediately assume that they had done something so disgraceful and outside of the bounds of Catholic behavior, and then to scold them in public, amounts to calumny.

    And, as I have heard others point out, why is it that it was so easy for the Bishop to swiftly humiliate and reprimand these boys, when the USCCB cannot even bring themselves to publicly and firmly, unmistakably, reprimand the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo. These two, and others, have gleefully defended and legislated in support of the non-negotiables of Catholic doctrine (abortion, euthanasia, human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, and homosexual “marriage”) for decades. And yet, they seem to be celebrated and fawned over by the hierarchy, who seem to be either afraid to speak up, or, God forgive me, secretly approve.

    Your Excellencies, it is time to man up. Time to support the souls in your care spiritually and publicly, with no hesitation and with clarity. Faithfulness is far more vital than politics and political correctness. What those boys needed was wisdom and support from you, not politically correct, wishy washy sentiment based on inaccurate and incomplete facts. And what the American Catholic family needs is firm, fearless, and faithful guidance, not lukewarm sentiment that plays into whatever popular culture wants to mold us into to fit political and private agendas.

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  6. It’s sickening that so many bishops don’t care what God thinks of them but care a whole lot what the Democratic Party thinks of them. I wonder, OMM, would you allow your children to be confirmed by Cardinal Wuerl? How about Farrell or Tobin? I know the power of the sacraments doesn’t come from the holiness of the priest or bishop, thank God. But where do you draw the line? How bad does a bishop have to be, how obviously a member of the mafia, before you say enough? It’s sad to think that we bring our children before these men only because we know we’re getting at least the minimum from them. We certainly aren’t getting the maximum. I’m learning about how the prayers of every sacrament were changed in the 60s, Did you know that in the early 70s, the Rite of Baptism had to be changed again when it was shown that the new rite in use was deficient? My youngest brother was baptized during the years when the “deficient” rite was being used. This isn’t a sacrament, but exorcists don’t use the Rite of Exorcism given to them when all the rites were changed. Do you know why? Because it doesn’t work. We are getting the minimum, and sometimes not even that, and the Church suffers because of it.


  7. Fr. Z had a great suggestion. We all need to be praying for the Covington boys and their families. Please do so. Fr. Z suggested a Friday penance or a rosary.


  8. The Church hierarchy is in de facto schism, the atrocious behavior of these bishops is just more proof of that. If they next attempt the ordination of women to the deaconate, it will be the final straw. This has all been part the plan since day one, by the Zionists and Bolsheviks to destroy the Church and our Christian culture, and then rule over us.
    1 Thessalonians 2:14-16


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