The Top-Tier Villains

This!  Please read every last page of it.

If you want to know what needs to be done, it’s this.  Good men need to step up and shed some light on the truth. WHO IS NEXT?!  Collegiality for the sake of collegiality and at great cost to the victims has got to stop.  I think we can all understand if a predator has gotten away with something under your reign due to their sly ways and insufficient evidence but the silence has got to stop no matter the personal cost to you.

With the exception of Wuerl who I had truly hoped was turning around after a few good statements, we have ranted against every single one of the American losers here at great length.  Their deceit, malfeasance and general stupidity is not a secret in any way.  Let’s go down the list:


Tobin (NOT Thomas Tobin)







And last but not least…


I would also add a few more but they’re more like the wallflower wannabees in the popular kids’ club. These are the dirty deed doers and EVERYONE KNOWS IT!  Think about it, it’s so well-known that a housewife from Nowhereville has the same top-tier villain list.

Thank you Archbishop Vigano!  I know your enemies are already preparing to mount an offensive.  I’ve already seen the warning shots.  Thank you for not remaining silent even though you know hell is headed your way.  In your kindness, dear readers, please keep him in your prayers.

And, please, dear good bishops and cardinals, don’t let leave him hanging all by himself.  If you know something, say it.  This is a time for true transparency instead of all the talk.

Oh, and yeah, by and large, this is an active homosexual problem or so says the hundreds of pages in the grand jury report.  Some should stop being so gleeful when a woman or child is raped or molested just so you can parrot the party line “Stop scapegoating homosexuals!”  It’s quite a sick tactic.  Stop wagering on the hope that nobody will bother to read for themselves.  If you really had the victims in mind you would take the first easy step of vetting seminarians for homosexual tendencies and adhering to the directives already in place.  I can tell you that 80% of the victims if would have been thankful to have had that done before their horror stories happened.

#stopthesilence #catholiccybermilitia




24 thoughts on “The Top-Tier Villains

    1. I don’t usually comment and I don’t like to disparage people but the facts show that Pope Francis has the facts and is enabling all of this as much as anyone. He has been a disaster as Pope! Life Site News posted the article that brought all of this to light. What is a faithful Catholic to do now? Our young priest was pissed yesterday in his homily! He said his parents would help him if he wanted to leave the priesthood. He firmly said he was staying so that the Church would have good men. But how long???! Our friend Michael Rose wrote a book about this published in 2002 Goodbye Good Men. It took 16 more years for people to be upset about it??! We got Pope Francis because it’s what we deserved as a society— many Catholics go to Gay Pride parades and vote for Democrats who are pro abortion. God may love us all but He has to be angry right now too and that worries me!

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  1. It’s now obvious to one and all that the abdication of Benedict XVI was an unmitigated disaster for the Church. Poor man asked us to pray for him that he wouldn’t flee the wolves, but when after 8 years of battling them unsuccessfully, he fled. I suspect that he was deceived (possibly supernaturally) into believing that the cardinals would elect a strong successor who might succeed where he had failed. In a truly Satanic turn of events, however, he ended up turning over the keys to the wolves themselves. The story is almost biblical or at least operatic. Now that the truth is coming out, I want to believe that somehow goodness will prevail over corruption. I’m pretty pessimistic right now, though. The rotten gang that has seized power in the Church will not be easily dislodged.

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    1. Michael Sean Winters, are you kidding? Can I have some of the dope you’re smoking? Winters’ take is absurd. His “dog Ambrose has more influence with Pope Francis than McCarrick did,” seriously? It was widely reported, including in the Wash Post and NC Reporter itself, that McCarrick enjoyed a renaissance under Pope Francis. Also, the insinuations that Vigano is some sort of closeted queen because he takes a hard-line against homosexuality is the homosexual’s oldest trick in the book. And regarding Winters’ own time in the seminary, here’s an interesting blog entry from 2009 from one of his fellow (gay) seminarians:

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      1. That article made my stomach sick!!! Anyone who thinks Michael Winters is someone to quote needs to reevaluate. It’s easy to understand Catholicism– read the Catechism. Obviously these men are too full of themselves for that!

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    2. That article has no facts, just here-say and it takes in NO account to the 1,000+ victims that are telling you and me what really happened!!! Read Goodbye Good Men by Michael Rose (written in 2002)! He researched what was going on in the seminaries! Your article is another smear campaign against Vigano, trying to silence someone who is willing to stick their neck out for the truth! I would be careful who I sided with in this issue. You can side with the perverts but I chose to side with the truth in this case!!!

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        1. Tell that to Jesus L.Daily– He never told us to reform the Church to ideas offered that are in opposition to what He preached. There are plenty of Protestant churches who believe what you do– go there!


  2. Amen. I started compiling my own list Sat when the news broke. After initial anger and disgust, I viewed a helpful uTube video by Fr. Mike Schmidt from Wisc. It gave me courage and hope. His message is that this is our Calvary. Do we stand by the foot of the cross or abandon Christ? His message is “Lead not leave the Church”. As for me, I will follow Christ. Encourage Archbishop Ligano, and Bishop Morlino of Wisc. Wish we still had Morlino in Montana. I ask for prayers for all the victims, holy priests and those of us suffering.

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  3. Cupich looks like a bystander in this–until he puts pen to paper to respond, a little too passionately for someone who knows nothing and wasn’t involved. The manner has Lavender Mafia written all over it–Fr Phillips and the people he ministered to must suffer because His Eminence must never admit fault–but that a guy is a class A prima-donna doesn’t prove anything either.

    Of course, like those in Mahony’s circle (or Bernardin’s…) it would be anomalous for a McCarrick-favored man like Cupich to have clean hands.

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  4. There’s a way to get rid of a HUGE number of corrupt bishops without the trouble and expense of any prying into private lives. Just depose all the bishops who give Communion to pro-aborts.

    Then, mopping up the few remaining molesters, rapists, and cover-up artists should be a breeze.

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