The Synod on Twitter – It’s Way Better!

Twitter. I’m on Facebook and WordPress, and don’t take Google Plus seriously, but Twitter has always been a bit difficult for me. I mean, it’s really hard to be sarcastic in 140 characters or less. It, normally, just doesn’t do it justice. Trying to emulate all the blogging greats, however, I sucked it up and started a Twitter account. Since WordPress and Facebook have taken off on their own, I turned my attention to Twitter and found a bunch of great folks who manage to combine sarcasm and truth in a nice, concise 140 characters. Here’s hoping to learn from them!

I’m pretty sure everyone knows that there’s this little thing called a synod going on right now and that we’re in the final week (thank heavens!). Anyone who has read this blog knows I’m mildly annoyed with Cardinal Kasper, the Germans, and America’s own Archbishop Cupich, mainly over the chaos they’ve created about Communion for the divorced and “remarried.” Rather than spending page upon page to sum up why they’ll never get their way, no matter how much confusion they try to sow, this tweet does it nicely, and in fewer than 140 characters!


Bam!  Thank you, Ryan!  How is that for succinct??? Allowing the supposed super narrow admittance of those committing adultery to receive Holy Communion (what the liberals say they are peddling) or the wholesale reception of Communion for these adulterers (what the liberals are actually trying to get in the end), it all really comes down to this tweet. The idea is an affront to the Eucharist, an affront to the Sacrament of Confession, and an affront to mercy.

Why are these misguided clergy looking for a loophole and not looking for a better way to teach people about God’s true mercy? That is what’s really missing. Doubling down on sin isn’t going to help. They can’t just keep telling the child, “Go ahead! Touch the hot burner.  You won’t get hurt!”, although I’m sure some will try. Bottom line, it is eventually going to cause permanent damage.

Where would Kasper and his ilk like to go next? Making sure everyone’s marriage can easily be invalidated? Forget “adjusting” the Sacrament of Confession!  The marriage rite could go something like this:

Let’s just skip the intentions part so nobody knows you had any!


I, N., take you, N. I promise to be true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life unless you break your vow, abuse me, get sick or it’s not just not working for me anymore.

Heck, this would really streamline the annulment process. No more pesky valid, indissoluble marriages. In fact, let’s just eliminate any Church teaching that makes life hard. Forget that whole cross thing. Redemptive suffering?  Meh.  Yeah, there’s some mercy for you!

For all those who tweet, thanks to @RyanFitz1111 for letting me share.  Follow him or follow the less Twitter skilled me at @OneMadMomBlog.


5 thoughts on “The Synod on Twitter – It’s Way Better!

  1. Yeah, Twitter.

    I still don’t know what I’m doing. But you are right about those who have the talent for sarcastic tweets! It’s great fun to retweet and spread the word!

    Funny how you can find likeminded people in 140 characters!

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