What’s Wrong with a Multicultural Rave?

 This is a sarcastic blogger’s dream story: http://abc7news.com/education/14-st-ignatius-students-suspended-for-attending-racist-themed-party/1178327/ and http://www.cbsnews.com/news/san-francisco-students-suspended-over-race-themed-party/

First, a disclaimer: I do not advocate the teens’ actions in any way, shape or form. Aside from the whole racist component (which I doubt the kids thought they were even doing), I’ve seen the social media pictures of the kids dressed like prostitutes and gang bangers while holding brewskies. Personally, I can’t decide if it was better to suspend 14 students – considering 80-100 were involved – or if it might be better to assign a 15-page term paper or possibly have them scrub out all of those lovely trash cans on campus. I’m sure there are also some toilets that could use some cleaning. In short, if these were my kids, they’d wish they were suspended.

Let me reiterate the fact that the kids probably didn’t think it racist in the least. I think they thought themselves making fun of the “thug culture,” not a whole race. In fact, some of the articles I’ve seen note that there were black students in attendance. When I was in college, Berkeley, the land of the diverse and yet offended, had little parties called “Mafia Weddings” or “Italian Weddings” where everyone looked like they could be the cast of Jersey Shore.

So, now that all of the seriousness is out of the way…

Dear St. Ignatius Faculty,

Where is the “safe space” for these kids who wanted to experiment with their race? I mean, they are just racially-neutral teens. We need to allow these teens to explore their blackness a la Rachel Dolezal. We cannot crush their racially fluid selves with facts. Calling them offensive or racist is going to stunt their exploration of what it means to be a minority.


Ridiculous Whiny Liberal

Honestly, I really can’t see how you can blame the teens. The little tongue-in-cheek note above is not really that far off from the example given with all of the other liberal speak passed along at this Jesuit school. I mean, I’m sure “Celebrate Diversity” is probably part of the daily chant there. When these teens take this mantra seriously, what do you expect when you don’t really focus on the core of what it means to be Catholic? Nobody seems to be able to figure out that Asian Student Coalition, the Black Student Union, the Association of Latin American Students, and (my favorite) the Safe Space Christian Life Community only serve to further segregate these kids. Or how about the See the World club? The description? “This club is for students of diverse cultural backgrounds to explore their own identities as well as the identities of the peers through food, film and fun.” Ummmmm…anyone see the irony here?

Can you imagine if the students were taught to focus on the Body of Christ? Wouldn’t that make all of these other silly clubs unnecessary? I mean, kids always need to be reminded, “Don’t be a jerk!” (Heck, I just yelled this at a couple of my kids the other day!) That’s their natural inclination, but focusing more on the Faith, being Christ-like, or (here’s a novel thought) the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, would seem to be far better remedies for this typical teen silliness than focusing on “diversity” and, in reality, the stupid sensitivity training.


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