Nursery Rhymes Gone Bad

Oh, my ever loving goodness. (Yeah, that’s about as strong as my language gets.) People are being massacred around the world and an archbishop of the Church comes up with this? The entire Vatican staff needs some serious soundbite coaching! It’s just one bad soundbite after another.

In reference to Canon 1370, which imposes automatic excommunication for “physical violence” against the Roman Pontiff, Archbishop Fisichella said: “I would say that we need to understand well ‘physical violence,’ because sometimes words, too, are rocks and stones, and therefore I believe some of these sins, too, are far more widespread than we might think.”

Clearly, nursery rhymes in English don’t translate well. It goes like this Archbishop: Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

No, words are not physical violence, Archbishop. Worst. Comparison. Ever. And we’ve already been subjected to a barrage of whiny college kids who are crying about safe spaces, so that’ s saying something! Words might be hurtful. Words might be wrong. Words might be annoying, but they do not equate with physical violence against the Pope.

There are definitely some members of the clergy who need to come down from their “safe spaces” and man up! I live in a country that’s become the nation of the offended. I don’t need my Church to follow suit. You are the ones who need to “understand well ‘physical violence.’”

So, for goodness sake, please think about the fact there are actual people who want to do physical violence against the Holy Father!!! There are actual people who were killed by the same ilk in the past week, and we are a state in mourning. Talk about people who should be offended! Have we even heard one mention from the Vatican on San Bernardino? Nope, but we got a fancy light show. You trying telling their families that words are equal to physical violence. It’s no wonder we’re in the blooming mess we’re in. We’re not paying attention to the wolf at the door (or the one who’s already entered the house). The media is going to ignore atrocities around the world and spend time spinning the ones people aren’t ignoring. It would seem that the Church needs to focus like a laser on people being massacred and not on a Disney-esque light show. It kind of downplays the tragedies of our days.  People are being martyred.

Now, I’m guessing it’s a soundbite error, and it will probably be walked back, but it’s getting weary hearing correction after correction after correction. Speak like people are listening, because they are.

One More Thing to Consider…

I posted my last blog less than 24 hours before the attack in San Bernadino.  I was trying to stay away from the topic of “jihad” for the most part.  In hindsight, I might have wanted to propose we consider that one a little more.  Expand the whole section on assimilation and radicalization.  Clearly this is going to be a bigger issue in the upcoming days.  Please note, I have no knowledge of these people being refugees.  How much harder is it going to be for them to stay away from radicalization?  This couple were apparently citizens, with a baby and jobs.