The Low Bar of Loyola Marymount

I was looking more at Loyola Marymount since I’ve had a lot of responses to the blog posts on them.  I also confess they’re the proverbial accident at which I can’t help but look.  I perused their website.  You know that little navigation bar at the top?  I clicked on buttons until I finally found one that had anything remotely to do with the Faith under “student life” and that was “campus ministry.” Finally made it to the final “about” button and this is what they list:

“The Jesuit education we provide is a diverse academic community rich in opportunities for intellectual engagement and real-world experience.  We enroll an academically ambitious, multicultural, and socioeconomically diverse student body.  We recruit, retain and support a diverse faculty committed to excellence in teaching, research, scholarship and creativity.”

Diverse, diverse, multi-cultural, blah, blah, blah.  How about more on the Faith.  I think they should just remove the Catholic thing all together. 

That’s all for Catholicism folks.  Those two little sections.  Maybe I missed some other areas but they were buried.  Not a top issue for them.

Of course, splashed on the front page is Bill Clinton, their commencement speaker this year.  Yes, that Bill Clinton.  You know, the pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, serial philanderer Bill Clinton.  Awesome pick, LMU.  Could you ever find a guy closer to that good old “Ignatian Spirituality” than Bill Clinton? (Notice the quotations? Yes, it’s sarcasm, in case any of the 3% of faithful, Catholic Jesuits who are trying to preserve authentic Ignatian Spirituality were worried)

What was really disturbing, found again under “student life”, was a link that caught my attention.  LMU CARES: Living the Lion’s Code.  Lion’s Code?  How cool.  So I checked out and here’s what I saw on a scrolling slide show.  Here’s some screen captures of the whole gory thing.




“Stand in faith?”  Where’s the faith in that?

And I found this lovely little tip sheet:

Well thank heavens they didn’t bog these kids down with all that Church teaching on respect, dignity, human sexuality, etc.  This is a far better approach.  “Don’t rape people!”  You know, because “Just say ‘no’” worked so well.  Let’s definitely not mention “Theology of the Body”, chastity, or consequences (other than jail time and expulsion) for their actions.  Don’t mention it at all.  And, please, keep bringing in the moral paragons like Bill Clinton.  What better example can you find of how not to be a rapist? Oh, wait…

Let’s take in the messages on these pictures.  I truly hope these were stock pics and these young men aren’t attached to this crud forever.  These pictures portray anything but respect and honor for a woman.  Let me explain to you boys: not raping someone does not equal respect and honor.  It equals not being quite the brutal animals some are.  Can we set a little higher standard than that?  How about being men and women of self-control and self-mastery?  Whoa!  There’s a thought.

If these young men respected and honored their “partners”, they wouldn’t put them in a situation to use birth control which is detrimental to their health, birth control that is going to fail, convince them to engage in activity that has a good shot at putting them in an unintended pregnancy situation.  And, as Catholics who have a clue (clues are not being doled out at LMU), they wouldn’t aid and abet damaging someone’s mortal soul. That would be respect and honor.

Now, before some college kid drops by to say “We live in the real world you old lady!”, don’t.  You have no idea how real my world is. I’d love, love, love to live in a faithful Catholic bubble but I don’t have that luxury.  That said, I know tons of people who are my age (which is going to look a lot younger when you get here) and a lot your age who didn’t or aren’t sleeping together before marriage who also live in the “real world.”  Why?  For starters, they were taught that true respect and honor meant more than not raping someone.  Next, they were taught Catholicism!  What a novel idea.  While the idea is catching on in the secular world, the disease-free, baggage-free, emotionally mature folks are almost always the one who practice some sort of faith.  They’re the ones playing the long game for eternal salvation and they understand true love is wanting your “partner” to get to heaven, not simply to give you pleasure.  They value sex, sexuality, and the dignity of each individual.  Their reward for this attitude in marriage is a deeper bond with their spouse and more enjoyment of sex because it wasn’t “done to death” and trivialized with several partners.  It was seen as something sacred and beautiful, not a hobby.  It holds the “wow!” factor and is treated as such.  

Those Catholic values that you’ve been cheated out of at LMU are just the opposite of what you’ve been taught.  You’ve been taught that they are oppressive when they are really the most freeing thing you’ll ever know.  But, hey, let’s use Bill Clinton as a role model of someone who understands healthy relationships.  Then you can all go out, ignore the Faith and, as he said, “Set the world on fire!” That should pretty much result with the an out of control flame leaving scorched earth and devastation in its wake.  Good luck with that!


Guest Blogger on LMU

I’m going to reprint Ginnyfree’s observations (with permission).  I disagree that this is “nuff said!”  I think we could do volumes more on the lunacy at LMU and most Jesuit schools.  Thanks, Ginnyfree.

Okay. I’ve got a little time to chat, so I’ll start by answering Mad Mom’s question about who actually is BIRT. She’s already explained that they are a part of the campus life of Marymount and that they are charged with processing incidents of bias that the newer anti-discrimination policies are attempting to limit. In the “incident” regarding the employee who simply stated Church teaching to others who seemed interested in listening, we discover that there really was two versions of the alleged “incident,” at that those who are charged by the college to investigate such things are pretty much biased in favor of the LGBTQ community of persons who are a part of campus life and Marymount. It is they who are twisting the truth of what actually happened to make it seem as if there really was a hate crime. Of course they do. They have to because that is what they were organized to find and deal with, so they interpret actual interactions with rainbow colored glasses. They’ve be given the task of finding those persons who actually hate gays and would hurt them and by gosh, by golly, they are going to give it the Old College Try and will find a few even if they have to make it up. OOOOOOPS!

Now, wanting to be charitable, I looked up the current dictates in the college’s policy manual that provide BIRT team members with their authority to do what it is they do for the school and since it is relevant, I will add it here:

“Equal Opportunity & Non-Discrimination
The University seeks to ensure a positive living, learning and working environment for all LMU community members. Specifically, this policy prohibits unwelcome, harassing conduct on the basis of race, religious creed (including religious dress and grooming practices), color, national origin (including language and language use restrictions), ancestry, disability (mental and physical) including HIV and AIDS, legally protected medical condition (cancer-related or genetic characteristics), denial of Family and Medical Care Leave, marital status, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding or related medical condition), gender, gender identity, gender expression, age 40 or over, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, genetic information or any other bases protected by federal (including but not limited to Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990), state or local law. The University does not discriminate on these bases, or any other basis protected by law, in the administration of any of its education or admissions policies, scholarship or loan programs, athletics, and other school-administered policies and programs, or in its employment policies and practices. All University policies, practices, and procedures are administered in a manner consistent with LMU’s Jesuit identity and character.”

Okay, so by their actions, the BIRT team has successfully limited the ability of the College to actually discuss Catholicism in an authentic way outside of the classrooms anywhere on campus within earshot of any person who may take offense at what is being said. It is the BIRT team who will process any incident that gets reported to them in which a person is offended by the actions or words of another and that is NOT according to any Catholic standard, but rather of a standard of compliance with an agenda that seeks to silence the Church in the public square everywhere, and not simply on the well groom lawns of our colleges and universities as is outlined in the paragraph above. They’ve in effect, made preaching a crime on their campus if there is anyone who may be offended by preaching against the LBGTQ agenda within earshot.  I guess, since the college has approved this and moved forward with it, it will get worse.

What is also very troubling to me is the very last sentence of the paragraph I’ve quoted, the part about these policies being considered a part of the school’s Jesuit identity and character. Last time I checked these words couldn’t be reconciled to these that actually pretty much describe EXACTLY the authentic and more importantly authorized Jesuit identity and character:”He is a member of a Society founded chiefly for this purpose: to strive especially for the defence and propagation of the faith and for the progress of souls in Christian life and doctrine, by means of public preaching, lectures and any other ministration whatsoever of the Word of God, and further by means of retreats, the education of children and unlettered persons in Christianity, and the spiritual consolation of Christ’s faithful through hearing confessions and administering the other sacraments.” That paragraph is part of a Papal Bull, which the other paragraph has rendered bull of another sort. The Pope said they are supposed to preach under the banner of Christ all sound doctrine, but the BIRT team will be listening!

Okay. Nuff said. God bless. Ginnyfree.