Trump: Trying to Date the Preacher’s Daughter

When I wrote the piece on South Carolina (, I really expected to hear a lot of back and forth bantering on the virtues of Rubio vs. Cruz. What I’m seeing is people extolling the virtues of (or more like making half-hearted arguments for) Trump because they’re scared. It’s really shocking coming from Catholics or evangelicals. Please, Trumpies, take a moment and ask yourself which of these thing attract you most about Trump.

Do you support him because:

-he supported abortion, including partial birth abortion, until he decided to run for president, and in the last week, he’s extolled the virtue of Planned Parenthood? (You’d think “The Donald” would know what “fungible” money is. Here’s the thing. He does.)

-he’s built and owned adult entertainment businesses? (Maybe he’ll have his presidential portrait be with him and the Playboy Bunnies?)

-he’s on his third marriage and has said some just lovely things about how husbands should financially treat their wives? (Things he has learned as a philanderer?)

-he’s tried to evict an old lady to build a parking lot?

-his stance on “gay marriage”? (You’d be quite on target if you asked what in the heck that was.)

-his use of profanity? (Seriously, you are suggesting people vote for someone who willfully swears on camera. Explain that to your kids.)

-his profane suggestions about MANY different women? (Mommy, what’s “good on your knees” mean?)

-he’s stated he’s never asked God for forgiveness (that is until it affected his poll numbers)? (Can you say god-complex?)

– he said this: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.” (Can you say narcissistic personality disorder?)

-he said “I’m very capable of changing to anything I want to change to.” (And haven’t we seen that already?)

I was watching someone interviewed about Trump and he made THE most excellent verbal illustration about Trump. He said “He’s just trying to date the preacher’s daughter.” That nailed it better than all of the voluminous things said about Trump. Succinct. The really sad thing is that the “preachers” are totally and utterly falling for it. Wake up, Christians voting for Trump! You’re being taken. You look utterly ridiculous and YOU are ruining the country right now. Why? Because you are scared. This is where the rubber meets the road, Christians. You don’t ditch God in your vote because you are scared He isn’t electable. You fall for this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Eight years and you’ve learned absolutely nothing. It’s either that or you’ve ditched the whole Christianity part of your civic duty. Are you compartmentalizing? “I’m Catholic/Christian here, but I just want to win over there”?

Can I just remind you Trumpies that there was a guy in the Bible who was told to kill his beloved child and he was going to follow through because it was God’s command and he trusted God? Really? And we can’t vote for a more morally decent candidate than Trump? TRUST IN GOD, people. He will give us what we need to win if we do so.