Bishop Quinn is Still with Us!

For faithful Catholics, this is painful to read: There’s a reason why California Catholic dioceses are having to spend so much time explaining the true teachings of the Church, and Bishop Quinn is one of those reasons.

I find it very sad that Bishop Quinn is spending his last remaining time on this earth railing against doctrine, specifically women priests and the indissolubility of marriage, as well as disciplines such as the celibate priesthood, which is quite a good discipline (the archbishop might want to give Corinthians a read).

I’m rather sick of hearing how sad it is that the current discipline is for the celibate priesthood. Sad for who? It’s definitely not sad for me. It takes a special kind of man to CHOOSE to deny himself of the marital embrace and to be a spiritual father to us all. Why in heaven’s name wouldn’t I want such sacrificing men to be priests? Is it sad for them? I’m reasonably sure that, should they hold to the teachings and examples of Our Lord, their reward will be great in heaven. Isn’t that the goal? Is that a sad end?

As usual, the liberal clergy in our area do nothing but whine about how tough they have it, instead of embracing the fact that their reward could be really great in heaven. Of course, the only thing a bunch of whiners really can teach people is how to be whiny. That’s what it’s like in California for a vast amount of the clergy and laity. “We’re not happy we can’t have sex!” “We’re not happy we have to stay married to the same person the rest of our lives.” “We’re not happy the Church says that we can’t use birth-control and expects us to put our travel plans aside for those disgusting little creatures called children!” “Waaa! Waaa! Waaa!” Guess what, people? Life can be hard no matter what your vocation, but your reward can be great in heaven, too. You know what else? If it’s easy, you are probably aren’t doing it right.

Matthew7:13 Make your way in by the narrow gate. It is a broad gate and a wide road that leads on to perdition, and those who go in that way are many indeed; 14 but how small is the gate, how narrow the road that leads on to life, and how few there are that find it!

What is the point in making a vow if you get to tweak the terms? It’s pretty much making a vow to yourself, not to God. And here’s the thing, life changes as you go, and so do you wants. If you don’t invest your life in following your vows, no matter what they are, you will be constantly changing the terms. You will never be happy. You’re always going to be searching for greener pastures. When your greener pasture is the ultimate goal of heaven, you spend your life trying to get there. Once you’re there, you will always be satisfied.

The other thing I find sad about the article is that Bishop Quinn seems to be dwelling on every lost happiness instead of embracing and cherishing the blessings he’s experienced as a priest of God. He had the opportunity to be a father to all of us, yet he seems to have spent his life regretting that spiritual fatherhood. Like I said, I really doubt he would have been satisfied, no matter which vow he ended up making. He was too caught up in the “mentality of me.” I’m just devastated he’s trying to take the younger priests and religious and those who made vows of matrimony down the same road. They will never see past “the road is narrow and the way is hard” and realize it is the road that leads to real, glorious, fulfilling, everlasting life.

Hopefully, Bishop Quinn will realize that God’s giving him the gift of a whole lot of time to come to that conclusion, so he can see the fruit of the narrow road someday.  Let’s throw up some extra prayers for him.