James Martin, SJ’s Enemies List

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3 thoughts on “James Martin, SJ’s Enemies List

  1. One Mad Mom, your blog is basically a political one so you have every right to express your opinions. Many of your political points are shared by many people and worth discussing. Although I disagree with your point of view, I do respect your right to your beliefs. If you are “wrong” in your political views, it doesn’t really matter.

    That said, Catholicism is very different. As some priests and practicing Catholics have told you, you’ve ignored or contradicted many basic teachings of the Church. Your misconceptions can really hurt the beliefs of the faithful, so I’m hoping you find a knowledgeable spiritual advisor to help you with this blog. Specifically:

    A basic teaching of the church is that each person must exercise his conscience when making a decision, after doing his best to inform himself. This is why even the pope never tells us how to vote. I voted for Joe Biden because I believe he is a moral person who will likely save many lives by providing healthcare to the unborn child, food and shelter for the poor, gun control and cessation of the death penalty. When he says he is “personally against abortion” I believe him, whereas I did not believe Trump and am amazed that anyone did. I have long believed that Trump was capable of killing someone. Was I supposed to vote for him anyway? Church teaching says no.

    “The Democrats kill babies.” Actually, the educated people in the Church know that abortion rights are now part of the Constitution (Fourteenth Amendment). This means that every elected official, including Trump and Amy Coney Barrett, took an oath to uphold it and all other laws, even if they are “personally” against it like Biden. So what are we to do? Jesus was asked this exact question and he gave a good answer (Render unto Caesar ….). Church teaching tells us we each can fight this evil on a daily basis. We can do it each day by helping to support pregnant women, by educating girls and boys and by praying for a change of hearts. I was around when abortion was illegal so I know laws won’t prevent it. Still, we can do what we feel is right in changing the Constitution. If our conscience tells us that one politician is in a better position than another, we can vote for that person. As I’ve said, to me, Biden would likely save more lives, including those of the unborn, mainly because he’ll expand healthcare.

    “So and So will burn in hell for voting for Joe Biden.” This is blasphemy. Judgement is for God alone. Any Catholic, or other Christian, who says otherwise, just doesn’t know the faith.

    Socialism is bad. The church respects the way Jesus lived. He owned nothing and shared what he had with his disciples. This is why religious often live in communities and share everything. We might not like it, but Jesus did. He was definitely not a capitalist!

    Homosexuality is evil. Actually the church teaches that sexual activity outside of a sacramental marriage is immoral. This covers a lot of people. Yes, homosexuality is described as “disordered” but Catholics are directed to treat these and all people with compassion, love and respect. A Christian never, never, never mistreats another human being. Do you know a sinner? Then you must find a way to help him. If you can’t, pray for him.

    The pope is giving bad counsel. Yes, the pope, like everyone else, can make mistakes but the Catholic Church believes in the primacy of the pope. As such, a practicing Catholic considers his counsel and respects what he says. A Catholic NEVER bashes the pope. If he’s wrong, that is for God to remedy. We can disagree, but we never bash.

    I hope you consult someone who is knowledgeable in the faith. To me, Fr. Martin would be such a person but perhaps you could find someone, WHO IS IN COMMUNION WITH ROME, with whom you could consult. (That would not include a renegade priest who has been admonished by his bishop.)

    Etc. I could go on and on but I’ll spare you. Basically, I’m asking you to check your facts about the Catholic faith before each post. Thank you.


    1. Alright, let me go over point by point.

      Paragraph 1: Actually, my blog deals with Catholicism most of the time. Catholicism and politics are not mutually exclusive. It is the political season so there you go.

      Paragraph 2: First of all, I’m not sure I’ve ever had one priest comment negatively on the blog although I’m sure there are some that don’t appreciate because I am in commion with Rome. And you have little idea who I know and don’t know so you make assumptions that I don’t have a spiritual advisor and/or that they are not knowledgable. I actually reach out quite often to priests to make sure my understanding is correct and, sorry, most of them have degrees you and I will never have.

      Paragraph 3: You did know, before the election, Pope Francis weighed in on Trump on more than one occasion, right? He did nothing differently than the American Cardinals, Bishops and Priests here in the United States did about Biden. He pointed out the pitfalls just like they did. Oh the horrors! Please google.

      Paragraph 4: Now, on conscience…simple is what Fr. Martin does. It is not as simple as he makes it. “In good conscience” doesn’t mean what people try to allude to it meaning. I’ve done entire posts WHICH INCLUDE CHURCH TEACHINGS on the matter. You want to argue with those, you are free to do so. You want to vote for Biden, you are free to do so but you might want to make it for more than “your hunches.” We have a track record of the two candidates and who has done what on limiting abortions, war, protecting religious freedom, etc. I didn’t have that track record to go on in 2016 AND I live in California where my vote doesn’t count so I voted third party. I certainly was never going to vote for Hillary because we had a definite track record, and had I lived in, say, OH I would have voted Trump because her horrible track record vs. his unknown wouldn’t allow me to do so. This time, I had a track record and it was FAR better than Biden’s 47 years as a Catholic politician. So, again, vote your conscience but well forming it to know there are topics of varying degrees and that abortion and euthanasia are instrinsic evils according to Church teaching is important. We are free to disgree on make prudential judgments on who is handling the poor, the immigrants, etc. better or if a war is just but we cannot quibble on those. Abortion, euthenasia, embryonic stem cells are all preeminent issues. search preeminent on my site and you’ll find a lot of Church teaching on the issue. Not simply my conjecture.

      Paragraph 5: Did you read my blog?! Who said anyone was burning in hell? Hmmmm….They talked about it putting their soul in jeopardy. Remember, these are all priests who take the faith pretty darn seriously and NONE of them that I know of thinks they can divine when someone is in hell. Hello. That’s why we pray for people after they die. Their souls are only judged by God and we beg for His mercy. We can have suspicions and we can have hope. Saying someone is in heaven is akin to saying someone is in hell. You don’t know and so you pray. (Saints who have gone through canonization process are the exception). And, oh, I’ve pointed that out time and again.

      Paragraph 6: Socialism is condemned by the Church. And yes, there are Church teachings on the issue. What you are describing is covered here: https://www.catholicculture.org/culture/library/view.cfm?recnum=2942 and this article lists all the Church documents on it. Please look them up and read. https://www.ncregister.com/blog/socialism-has-been-condemned-for-20-centuries

      Paragraph 7: You’re getting into “Whataboutism.” I’m against any immoral sexual activity. However, if the Fr. Martin’s of the world are trying to excuse homosexual activity I don’t feel the need to bring up fornication. Duh. It’s wrong. And, again, clearly you are not familiar with my blog. I deal with this issue quite regularly. If another priests says “Go ahead and fornicate!” then I will gladly take him on too. Feel free to point me to that screed. The problem we have today is the false notion of conscience and, until recently, Fr. Martin never used “well-formed.” Now he uses it but never explains how to do it. He hides the football. Well formed doesn’t mean “I’ve heard Fr. Martin and likes what he says and I think x, y and z. It means doing an in depth dive on the Church’s teachings and trying to follow them to the best of your abilities. You may not fully understand them and be wrong but you tried. It’s different from willful ignorance where you find what you like and decide that’s it because it’s what you want to here. It’s acting as if your sould depends on what your conscience decides not how you will be satisfied in this life.

      Paragraph 8: Let’s play “who said this?” “I withstood him to his face becaues he was to be blamed.” ” beg of you, on behalf of Christ crucified, that you be not a timorous child but manly. Open your mouth and swallow down the bitter for the sweet.” ““With regard to your first question about our love Christ on earth [the Vicar of Christ], I believe and consider that he would do good in the eyes of God if he hastened to right two things which corrupt the Bride of Christ. The first is his too great love and care for his relations. There must be an end of this abuse at once and everywhere. The other is his exaggerated gentleness, which is the result of his lenience. This is the cause of corruption among those members of the Church who are never admonished with severity. Our Lord hates above all things three abominable sins, covetousness, unchastity and pride. These prevail in the Bride of Christ, that is to say in the prelates who seek nothing but riches, pleasure and fame. They see demons from hell stealing the souls which have been put into their keeping, and are completely unmoved, for they are wolves who do business with divine grace. Strict justice is needed to punish them. In this case exaggerated mercy is in fact the worst cruelty. It is necessary for justice to go hand in hand with mercy to put a stop to such evil.”” These are just ones off the top of my head. I’m sure other readers can add some more.

      Paragraph 9 & 10: Addressed and speculative.

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  2. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comments. If you agree with Fr. James Altman, I don’t see you as an orthodox Catholic, but I am not a doctor of the church. To me, Fr. James Martin gives us church orthodoxy. Also, I accept the guidance of Pope Francis. Like all practicing Catholics, I am staunchly pro-life and hope and pray that we will soon see more lives saved through improved healthcare for pregnant women, conquest of Covid-19, eradication of hunger, control of gun ownership, cessation of the death penalty, etc. I have dedicated my retirement to helping pregnant women to give birth to their babies and I hope others do as well.

    To me your blog is mainly political but that is just my opinion. Speaking politically, I hope Catholics never again vote for a man who bragged that he could kill someone and get away with it (true!). Yes, I know he was joking but much truth is spoken in jest and how many of us would joke in that way? Time to read Common Sense again.


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