2 thoughts on “Dear Bishop Callahan & The Church of Nice

  1. I am new to your blog and so thrilled to have found it. I propose that all of your followers write a letter to the Bishop showing our support for Father James Altman and our grave disappointment in the Bishops (most in the US) who do not stand up for the teachings of the church. Then we should all send the same basic letter to the Council of Bishops and then finally a letter to the Vatican. And since money speaks louder then words we may need to NOT send money to Rome for any number of reasons. Especially now that we know the church has taken the donations and spent thousands of dollars to the abuse victims of the church. That money could have been used to help the poor. And think of how many seminarians have been damaged from the abuse. Where is the Maccarick report? I am sure you are aware that there is a priest in Indiana who also spoke the truth about the organization behind BLM and his Bishop pulled that priest from his duties so there is another Bishop we can all write too. At the same time if you have a good Bishop and good priests then write them to thank them. Let them know that you know what is going on and appreciate their individual efforts to stand up for the truth. They are brave men. Tell Father James Martin that we do not believe him or follow him we only follow Jesus Christ and His teachings not the heresy.


  2. I love Father Altman, we need more priests standing up for the 10 commandments and against abortion. I pray every day for Father Altman. No other has the courage to speak out against all this evil. We are sheep without a shepherd and so we need these few faithful priests to led the way as faithful followers of Christ. Do not harm this priest, he is doing Gods will while many others are not his faithful followers.


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