Abounding Conjecture & Innuendos

Update: I want to update with this series of tweets from Elizabeth Scalia. I’ve seen many apologies on Twitter over the years and I have to say it’s one of the best ever. I applaud and thank her for it. This is simply the text of the tweets. I hope everyone will be charitable with it.

Yesterday I made a terrible mistake on Twitter — a big mistake, all of my own doing, out of my own personal head, meaning I own all of it. At the shocking news of the postponement of the canonization of Venerable Fulton Sheen, my thought processes were firing all over the place
And I, like a true bonehead, let my fingers fly with them in an uncharacteristic fashion that shocked many and—much too late—shocked and embarrassed me, too.
I sent out a tweet that led some to believe that I was tagging Fulton Sheen as a man with same sex attraction, and advancing an agenda. I wasn’t doing either of those things. But what I said was speculative, imprudent, and insensitive to an emotionally charged situation.
People were rightly appalled, and I have decided to remove the tweet.
I apologize to everyone who follows me, and those who don’t but who were also appalled. In the glare of morning, I am myself appalled, and really can offer no excuse beyond thoughtlessness and perhaps a bit of pride. Which always cometh before a fall. And I fell.
I have also apologized to Fulton Sheen this morning for adding to an already muddy and unclear situation. I revere Fulton Sheen, and I want to see him canonized as soon as possible. On a normal day I wouldn’t even have to say that, but today I certainly do.
Mea maxima culpa.
To make a mistake of this size tells me that I need to use this Advent season to recalibrate my radar away from my own pride and more toward the sensibilities of others, so that is what I am going to do, starting by removing myself from social media until the Bridegroom has come.
In your spiritual generosity, please pray for me.

Yep, just another “When did you stop beating your wife?” kind of day for the liberals. If you’re going to make accusations or insinuations, BACK IT UP! Otherwise, can we just let the faithfully departed rest in peace??? If it’s never been confirmed by any sources why in the world do you want to bring it up as if it might be some sort of fact?!

The first thing I heard today was “some bishops” asking for a delay in the beatification of Archbishop Fulton Sheen. Give me a break. The accusations were out there for years. They’ve been investigated, but nothing could be found. Even a blogger who I usually avoid said “Not credible.” Don’t put on that shoe if it’s not you.

And, even though the Diocese of Peoria said they didn’t know why there was an indefinite postponement, they still felt the need to declare that they had no evidence that Archbishop Sheen was anything but a man of conviction and that there were no credible accusations against him. What in THE heck, Peoria spokesperson? Why even suggest it, then??? I feel like someone should find a new job over that bungling.

Next, Elizabeth Scalia decided that it was a shame, because Archbishop Sheen was “flouncy” and could have been the perfect SSA saint. Seriously? Time for Elizabeth to retire. Not really sure why some are sooo desperate to divide Catholics into categories, nor why some need to speculate about the sexual inclinations of someone who has never given evidence of being more than faithful AND theatrical, but whatever. You’re either faithful, or you are not. We’re all in the same sinful boat. You either recognize you need God’s mercy for whatever, or you think that God thinks everything you do is peachy.

It’s a good time for Fulton Sheen quote because when is it not?

A Catholic may sin and sin as badly as anyone else, but no genuine Catholic ever denies he is a sinner. A Catholic wants his sins forgiven – not excused or sublimated. -Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Back to the bishops…Where’s the transparency that you always wax on about? If you asked for a postponement, man up (if at all possible) and tell us why. If you are not willing to come forward, can you do us all a favor and stop calling the Vatican when something remotely moral and Catholic is about to happen (like the time you stopped the plan to hold bishops accountable)? My guess, but it’s an educated guess, is that Cardinals Cupich, Farrell, Tobin, and Bishop McElroy are behind this debacle, just like their stonewalling about actually doing something to stop abuse. While Elizabeth is hoping Archbishop Sheen was same-sex attracted, these guys are annoyed at the idea that a faithful, moral archbishop might someday be canonized. Rather ironic. Believe me, Elizabeth, if the good archbishop was same-sex attracted, don’t you think that they’d all be totally pushing for the immediate canonization? Use a little common sense.


15 thoughts on “Abounding Conjecture & Innuendos

  1. These “concerned” bishops remind me of the democrats in the House of Representatives and their lust to have President Trump impeached – if they can’t make once charge stick, try another and another and maybe something will finally stick to the wall.
    New York lost the burial battle to Peoria so now the attack plan is to try to smear a good, holy priest who may have been responsible for many conversions to the Catholic faith as well as the miracles. There might be an element of jealousy also – they cannot do what Archbishop Sheen did in instructing on the faith (or they don’t take the time to try).
    May this latest farce be over soon and the good Archbishop can rest in peace.


  2. This tweet about this affair made me stop and think. There are some good comments on it, too. Hope it’s okay to share.


  3. Fulton Sheen Converted to the Rc. faith Bella Dodd, a Former USA. Communist party head. She stated that reds and Homosexuals infested to Catholic seminaries with deviant subversives for DECADES.. Obviously he Fulton stood for Basic Morals and faith that AB Spellman , Dolan, O Brien of NY ,Malone and Mansell of Buffalo-NY Long ago abandoned. ….. Most likely the reason Dolan of NY Cupich of Chicago etc. threw up every Possible roadblock possible to Fulton Sheens Beautification.


  4. For my part, until further information, I am resisting the strong impulse to point a finger and cry “Hedunnit!” at my own Least Favorite Clerics. I may have to sit on my hands… OTOH, I fully acknowledge that this mess was handled as badly as possible on short notice. Given more time, a truly epic bungle could have been handily achieved.


  5. Her apology was first rate. I sent her an email and told her so.
    Dolly Parton had a saying that is really beginning to apply to things, from our perspective.
    “I’m so confused I don’t know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt”.
    Who can keep up with this mess. When you can’t stand the pope, the Cardinals, the bishops and quite a few priests, it’s not good.
    What sense can be made out of this delay. It just doesn’t seem coincidental to me. Why wait until the last possible minute to pull the plug. Bergolio is a sadist. He enjoys poking faithful Catholics in the eye, he has shown a real penchant for it, hence the intervention of the USCCB. He frequently makes himself the center of attention and there is no doubt his pleasure is our pain.
    To me this has him all over it, but I have not heard that idea advanced. What is it to Dolan or others if he is beatified. Would they really care? What is it to them.


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