Who is She to Judge?

Still just trying to do the mom thing but some things pop up that are worth addressing and this is one of them.

EGR priest denies Communion to gay judge


by: Barton Deiters

EAST GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Judge Sara Smolenski, chief judge of the Kent County District Court, has been denied Communion at the church where she has been a parishioner for more than six decades because she is married to a woman.

Well, duh.

It is a move that for many was the final straw in a pattern of behavior that has them calling for the removal of a priest — a priest who came to St. Stephen Catholic Church about three years ago.

Many or buddies of Judge Smoleski? Sounds like here family has ruled the parish for a little too long. I’m sure there’s likely a little “reign of terror” going on at this parish of the “established” families. Not like we haven’t seen this before.

In 1966, under the leadership of  Rev. Msgr. Edward N. Alt, St. Stephen Catholic School became the first integrated Catholic school in Metro Grand Rapids and had a student body that was nearly 40 percent non-Catholic.

And I’m sure this had some thinking they could just make it the school they wanted verses a Catholic school. Wrong.

This tradition of inclusion and acceptance would be the essence of the school and the church for 50 years.

Oh for goodness sake.  The inclusion and acceptance my foot. Anyone can attend a Catholic school but it doesn’t mean it should become Catholic light to appease them. It’s a CATHOLIC school. You don’t like, move on.

But now, some here say that is changing.

Thank goodness!


“I’ve been a member of St. Stephen’s Catholic Parish for 62 years, basically,” Smolenski said.

Smolenski who has been on the bench for nearly 30 years, comes from a family of prominent community members, including her father who was also a district court judge, and her brother, a state appeals court judge.

“I was baptized there, my parents were married there, every one of my nine siblings went to school (from) first through eighth grade. We buried my parents out of that school,” Smolenski said. “This is a church that is a part of who I am. This is a church who helped form my faith.”

Uh, clearly not. You’re “married” to a women.  That church, apparently, did nada for your faith until Fr. Nolan but maybe, under his leadership, it will. Just because you’ve spent your life there doesn’t mean you own in, honey. God does. It is merciful that you get to attend and receive the sacraments when you, like everyone else, is in the state to do so.  How about you try with confession?

News 8 featured Smolenski in March of 2016, when she became the first Kent County elected official to marry someone of the same sex.

But it was just last Saturday that Smolenski got a call from the parish priest, Father Scott Nolan.

“The way he said it was ‘because you’re married to Linda in the state of Michigan, you cannot accept communion,’ that’s how he said it,” Smolenski explained.

Booyah, Fr. Nolan!  Well done. You called her and informed her (probably not to her recollection) that her soul was in danger and it was scandalous for her, a PUBLIC, OBSTINATE sinner to receive Our Lord. Sorry, Sara, none of gets to receive Our Lord in the Eucharist in a state of mortal sin. Deal. It’s the same for you and for me and anyone else.  As for you, you’re now in the realm of PUBLIC, OBSTINATE SINNER so now you must publicly repent of said sin. The rest of us? Most of us try to keep our sins to ourselves and God.  You’ve, apparently, been flaunting yours as if it’s not a sin.

“I try to be a good and faithful servant to our Lord Jesus Christ. My faith is a huge part of who I am, but it is the church that made that faith, the very church where he is taking a stance and saying ho-ho, not you.”

Sorry, again, Sara.  If you truly wanted to try and be a good and faithful servant, you might not want to have very publicly entered into an invalid marriage. Like the rest of us, you may not simply marry who you want.  Like the rest of us, you may not receive Communion in a state of mortal sin. I’m sorry if you think you deserve exemption but you don’t.

It was a devastating revelation for the lifelong Catholic who months earlier gave $7,000 to the parish building fund.

If this was a “revelation” to you, then someone failed you but it wasn’t Fr. Nolan. You can’t buy your way out of mortal sin. Seriously, the line about giving $7,000 cracked me up. Is she somehow an elitist who can buy her way out of hell? Good luck with that line of thinking.

“Oh my gosh, I’m not going to get Jesus at the church I have devoted my life to,” Smolenski said, fighting back tears. “I thought of my mom and dad who devoted their whole life to raising us Catholic, spending all that money at the Catholic education.”

Again, you can’t buy salvation. Maybe try devoting your life to Christ and not the institution of a parish church you think you can buy.

Smolenski was not the first person to be denied, according to a dozen people News 8 talked to Tuesday, including one same-sex couple who was denied the Eucharist during their child’s communion service.

Oh, yeah. You all so need to send this parish a big fat check to offset the horrified people who thought they could buy their happiness there.

“The public shunning — everything about it was offensive,” Smolenski said of the denial months before her own.

What public shunning?  You’re the one who is making this public. So this was a shock to you, Sara? Sounds like now. You’re going for the 15 minutes of martyrdom and you’re perfectly happy to drag a good priest and fellow parishioners with you.  Nobody should be clueless. The Catechism and Canon Law of the church they’ve claimed to dedicate their lives to is online. Read people. Everyone knows the same kinds of stories around the country. Feigning shock and awe is getting a little bit ridiculous, don’t you think?

It is part of a pattern, according to Micki Benz, a 40-year member of the parish who is a part of a group of members who have decided to speak out.

A pattern?! You mean the Catholic faith? Lots of dissenters have spoken out over the centuries. Guess what? The Church still stands.

They point to the words of Pope Francis who wrote in his Apostolic Exhortation.

Evangelii Gaudium, translates as “joy of the Gospel,” that the Eucharist is not a prize for the perfect, but a powerful medicine and nourishment for the weak and the church is not a toll house but a place for everyone.

Right. And denying Communion to those who are not free from mortal sin is a remedy for their souls. It’s not a prize they get to claim just because they want it.

“(Nolan) has eliminated teachers who are gay. He has made it clear that gay people are not welcome,” Benz said.

It’s a Catholic school, Micki. The pastor is responsible for making sure the students are not scandalized, led astray or error is taught in word or deed?

For a period of time, Nolan forbade non-Catholics from participating in church services, including choir and reading before the congregation, members say.

Wait, now we’re going to complain about “non-Catholics” being in public Mass positions???? It’s not a social club, people.

Parishioners met with Nolan and were hopeful that he was changing his ways, until last Saturday when the beloved judge was denied Communion.

Nolan talked to News 8 briefly Tuesday, promising he would speak on the issue but then did not call back or return messages.

Sounds like the hysterical pitchfork mob to me.

There are those who believe Nolan is in the right, but they would not go on camera. Others with kids attending school would not go on camera due to fear of reprisal, but all say they love the church and want healing.

This is the same story we see all over the country. Those that simply want adore God according to the Creed they profess every Sunday and who want to get their kids a Catholic education don’t want to be hassled by the pitchfork crowd. I hope more will publicly stand up for Fr. Nolan. We are called to defend our faithful priests. The sacrifice they have made is worth our discomfort. And, sadly, my guess is some of the kids will be bullied to.  It’s the cross we are called to bear.

“I love the St. Stephen’s I knew. I don’t love the St. Stephen’s of now,” Smolenski said.

You love the personal playground you’ve had where the parish rubber stamped your sin.  I’m actually quite sad you have been let down so badly.

Some members say it would be better overall for the church to change pastors.

“We don’t see Father Scott changing; therefore we’ve come to the conclusion that it’d be better for him and us if there were a change in our pastors,” Benz said.

“Some.” I think some more would be every so grateful to have those who browbeat everyone into falling in line gone but that’s just me.

Some parishioners have drafted a letter to Bishop David Walkowiak, bishop of the Diocese of Grand Rapids, explaining their position and asking for a meeting — a request he has not responded to in the past.

Oooh! The dreaded letter where they whine that they’re not allowed to run roughshod over the parish anymore and, oh, by the way, they are very prestigious people who will pull their money out. Again, people, this is why you must back this pastor to the hilt.

“We really, really want a meeting with him. Everybody is prepared to be very respectful. We just want him to know what this is doing to one of his parishes,” Benz said.

Oh sure, everyone is so respectful they’re going to call in the press to publicly shame their priest (and probably their bishop.)

News 8 reached out to the Diocese of Grand Rapids who would not address the issue of whether Nolan’s actions are supported by the bishop.

A spokesperson did issue this terse statement presumably about what happened with Judge Smolenski: “This is a spiritual matter between her and her pastor.”

Well, at least, someone gets it. It’s definitely not a matter for the press.

Smolenski says it is time to bring this into the light.

“I want to help somebody out there who’s never even been born to make their life a little bit easier — by standing up and speaking the truth,” she said.

How about their everlasting life, Sara? Are you going to make that easier on them too? Pathetic!

So people, I know it’s Thanksgiving week but please support Fr. Nolan and write Bishop David Walkowiak.

Fr. Scott Nolan
723 Rosewood Ave. SE
East Grand Rapids, MI 49506



Bishop David Walkowiak
360 Division Ave. S.
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Phone 616 243 049



59 thoughts on “Who is She to Judge?

  1. Ugh. Not another one of these stories. Barf. Does the media expect any religion other than Catholicism to constantly compromise its beliefs and welcome people who openly flout that religion’s teachings? If a mosque or synagogue were pushing back against a member who insisted to handing out ham sandwiches to other congregants, would the media take the side of the pork fan? If someone showed up at their temple and wanted to promote holocaust denial, would they be presented as a sympathetic victim? If Mormon showed up at the Tabernacle and wanted to hand out cigarettes and were stopped, would they be considered a martyr? No, of course not. But the fact that Catholicism rejects homosexual acts and homosexual “marriage” is apparently so inconsequential that we’re supposed to have some kind of amnesia about that and welcome and celebrate people who publicly flout our teachings.
    As a Catholic, I’m just sick and tired of the gay thing. I’m not gay. No one in my family is gay. Thirty years ago, we weren’t constantly hearing about gays demanding this or that trying to change the Church and trying to get priests fired. Why do they insist on changing our Church? Why can’t they just do what Pete Buttigieg did and join the freakin’ Episcopal Church and leave us alone? But egged on by the likes of Fr Martin and his supporters in the hierarchy, they’re not going to be happy until they win… until everyone has to say that homosexual acts are fine and great and wonderful and we all recognize and celebrate their marriages. God help us.

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    1. My thoughts exactly, Marcus, and you said it so much better than I. As a Secular Franciscan and a loyal Catholic, I am pledged to live and defend the teaching of the Church, which is the teaching of God. We conform to the Church – we do *not* expect the Church to conform to our personal failings and preferences and expect it to change for us.

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    2. It’s because of people like you, filled with hate, is the reason that I am no longer a practicing Catholic. Oh, that and the fact I did IVF and refuse to apologize and ask for forgiveness for having my sons. OMM, no need to respond. You do seem to have an answer for everything. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I’m thankful that I’m tolerant and accepting of lifestyles that people have no choice in, and that I believe in a God who is too.

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      1. Nobody’s asking you for anything. God is the one of whom you need to seek forgiveness and if you used a donor, engaged in fetal reduction, etc, you owe your children an apology for denying them of their biological parents and siblings. And, honestly, if you’ve burdened them with their conception story, there’s another thing. IT’s sad when people feel like they have to justify their actions and drag their kids into it. We’ve covered this before.

        Christ died on the Cross. You didn’t leave the Church because of any other person. You left the Church because 1)you were poorly catechized in the same Bay Area I was and 2) you decided you didn’t want to put the teachings of Christ before your desires. Just take ownership of it TA and stop blaming people for your actions.

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        1. I’m not blaming anyone. Your lack of acceptance is yours, and I just don’t chose to be with people who don’t accept others. Many things have changed in the church over time and I’m sure that eventually gays will be accepted and allowed to marry. It’s just too bad that it takes so long for change to occur. I do take ownership. That’s why I left the church.


          1. You come around here bragging that you “accept others” and are “accepting of lifestyles that people have no choice in.” Are you really? You say it, but you probably don’t really mean it. We have limits. You have limits. There exist folks who are sexually attracted to post-pubescent teens. There exist folks who are sexually attracted to pre-pubescent teens. There are folks who are sexually attracted to children. There are folks who are sexually attracted to animals. Many of such people, just like gays who are attracted to adults, will tell you that’s their sexual orientation (teens, children, animals, whatever) and they have no choice in the matter. But I’d be willing to be that you do NOT accept or approve of all those lifestyles. Are you a “hater” because you don’t accept pedophilia or bestiality? Perhaps the line that you draw is further out than the line that we draw, but you draw a line nonetheless. You might say, “But, but, but, it’s different. I’m talking about consenting adults. I accept consenting adults.” Fine. That’s your arbitrary limit, just like we have our arbitrary limit (sexual intercourse between one man and one woman in the context of marriage).

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          2. If you left the Church, then why in the world do you care what the Church does anyways?! And why in the world do you read OMM’s blog???! You obviously want everyone to follow you instead of Christ or you wouldn’t be on here arguing your way. No one here will ever agree with you… sorry for your state of being.

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          3. No, you have turned your face from God and the only way that you can justify that to yourself is to make it seem like those who follow Christ are intolerant and haters and whatever the buzz word of the day is among non-believers. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today. He never changes. God created man and woman for each other. Those who wish to pervert that and live in grave sin will have to stand before the Lord at some point, when it is too late to follow Him. Those who embrace their sin and others, will too have to stand before the Lord. You can pretend that you are so loving and yet you gave us Jesus Christ for your own selfish desires. He who is all love Himself. I will pray that He will open the eyes of your heart to His truth while you still have time.

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          4. If you left the church why do come here to harass faithful Catholics?

            You are wasting your time and breath!

            Seriously ,I dont go looking at blogs of lapsed Catholics that are critical of the church and comment to them how wrong they all are.

            What is your purpose on commenting here?

            That is a sincere question.

            I read OMM because I want to hear her news and stay connected to other faithful Catholics in the world.

            Why exactly do you torture yourself here?
            Or do you comment here to annoy people?

            You dont annoy me.
            I feel sorry for you and I pray you wake the heck up before you meet your Creator at your judgement day.

            He isn’t going to care about your feelings or your opinions.

            Michelle McDermott ( my real name)

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          5. Acceptance and your old moniker “tolerance” of what? You confuse accepting others and accepting sin. Stop the mingling of the two and maybe a conversation can be have. And, if we’re supposedly the people “do not accept other”, here you are! Love you, TA. I don’t mind you coming here at all but we have been going around on this for a few years now.


        2. OMM: “Just take ownership of it TA and stop blaming people for your actions.”

          Teach Acceptance: “I’m not blaming anyone.” mmmm yeah….you are.

          Teach Acceptance: “It’s because of people like you, filled with hate, is the reason that I am no longer a practicing Catholic.”

          Does Fr. Nolan have to change Christ’s teaching below to meet your approval and will you condemn Christ for teaching this? :

          Matthew 19:4-6 New International Version (NIV)

          4 “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them MALE and FEMALE,’ 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh? 6 So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

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      2. I read this blog for the same reason I watch Fox News. You need to have a clear understanding of the way hate is propagated in this world. I understand I won’t change anyone’s minds, as you won’t change mind, but you need to understand that I won’t turn a blind eye to hate. I worry about what Trump is doing to this country.


        1. The liberals/Dems:

          Support abortion on demand
          Assisted suicide
          Teaching sexual perversion to school aged students as “health”
          Support letting males who say they are women into girls rest rooms and locker rooms.
          Support to take my right to defend myself in the manner that I see fit.
          Support to take my religious liberty away if it conflicts with their beliefs.
          Support to take my right to free speech if THEY think it’s hate speech.

          Americans voted for the greatest defender of the unborn in the presidency of the USA in 2016.

          Now why would I want to vote for a democrat? What are they offering me that I want?

          Think about it. The dems/libs offer death, sexual perversity and inroads to taking our rights away or curtailing them.

          Unless there is a dramatic change in platforms, the Dems will never ever have my vote.

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          1. This is what I don’t understand. You will put the rights of unborn children over the rights of everyone else, including woman to prevent conception because of their inability to provide the care to a baby they don’t want. I don’t want to hear back from men on this because you are not the ones who get pregnant. So, for the promise of striking down Roe v Wade you are willing to overlooking Trump’s criminality, his lack of personal morals, the fact that he isn’t even Christian in his life, and his treatment of immigrants and refugees. You don’t see that he is using you and doesn’t care about you. He cares solely about winning. And to the mother of 6, lucky you. Not everyone is so lucky. You did nothing to be born with a functioning reproductive system. We all win a different genetic lottery, including people who are gay. We all also have different experiences in our genetic history and our childhoods that make us act the way we do. See the work of Robert Sapolsky. That’s why I preach acceptance.


          2. We’re going to have to invent a word like “Godwin’s Law” when Trump is brought into a conversation. So distracting from the actual topic. Let’s just throw out Trump so we can change the whole conversation away from what’s uncomfortable.


        2. Oh ok ! Your just letting us know that you have your eye on us!! I am so scared! Gosh your so tolerant and accepting.
          Unless someone disagrees with you !!! Those rigid faithful Catholics who agree with the Church and follow her teachings. Yes we are so full of hate and you are so enlightened and accepting.
          See that attitude Miss Acceptance, that elitist bs is why Donald J Trump is the President and why he will win again!! Oh how entertaining that election night was. watching the snowflakes meltdown because President Trump was victorious. That was the most entertaining night of tv I ever watched. It was hysterical to see the tears and emotional breakdowns of the elitist who call themselves journalists. Pathetic.

          Michelle McDermott (Catholic wife, mother of 6)

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          1. HOGWASH !!!! If you are killed in your mothers womb the churches teaching on Social Justice means NOTHING.. No One is Born a Homosexual Sodomite. Studies indicate it is caused by a bad or non existent relationship with a wayward father or overbearing Mother….. Even Jesus told the woman he saved from Stoning Death for ACTIVE adultery to SIN NO More. What part of that does Amer. Mgz. Martin the Lesbian Judge or you Acceptance Liberal Shills NOT understand.. Please Read the Actual founders women of Feminism like Susan B Anthony, V Woodhill,, M Gage and EC Stanton,”s Views of Abortion and Contraception

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          2. Michelle, I am engaging in a conversation. That is the way people learn about other’s perspectives and beliefs. In no way am I “keeping an eye on you”. I’m trying to hear and understand the other side of the conversation. Why is it though, that whenever someone is challenged, they insult and make fun of the other person. I am not insulting you and I don’t make fun of your beliefs. They are yours to have. I am just sharing mine. I didn’t say you were full of hate. I don’t think you hate gays you just don’t believe in their rights to their lifestyles. I’m sure you know people who are gay and who are lovely.

            I have a lot of friends who also like Trump. Unlike you, it is all about the money and his tax cuts and the market. They don’t like what else he is doing but money trumps all. I’ve also done very well in the current market, but I would never ever vote for someone like Trump who has no heart and no humanity. That is why I don’t understand why people who are anti-abortion, are willing to sacrifice all their other values.


          3. We aren’t sacrificing our values we know abortion is murder. It is the top issue to protect the unborn from being torn to pieces inside their mothers womb.
            I voted for Trump and will do so again and pray to God this madness will end. Its madness and diabolical.
            It really is a form of child sacrifice to the god of sexual freedom.

            I challenge you to sit down and watch a movie called “Unplanned”.It is the true story of Abbey Johnson who was a director of a Planned Parenthood clinic. She is now a pro life activist after watching an unborn child being put down.

            Legal abortion has killed over 60 million unborn children. It is a genocide and attack on the most defenceless and voiceless .

            God have mercy on us!

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          4. Donald Trump is a great father but you wouldn’t know that because you just withhold understanding and acceptance from him. Seems like you’re the one doing all the judging here. We don’t look for a savior in our politicians. We have that in Jesus. God can use anyone to protect the lives He loves… even people who aren’t Catholic. Your statements are offensive to Catholics with opposite sex attraction who chooses to follow God and remain chaste. Yes I know people and one good friend thinks gay marriage is wrong. So don’t speak for them. They don’t label themselves— they are much more than their sexuality.

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          5. Michelle, so you are okay with children being torn apart from their parents or being abused (to death at times) from their parents because they are not wanted. They are far more killings of living beings than there are of unborn who will probably face a life of not being wanted. The repercussions of that are far worse than death. Are you okay with all the children being killed in conflicts overseas or do they not count in America? Do you believe in what Ohio is trying to do? Condemn mothers who have ectopic pregnancies? It is physically impossible to reimplant an ectopic embryo yet women and physicians will be punished for it in Ohio.


          6. Bull Manure!! NINETY Nine percent of Abortions Have NOTHING to do With Rape Incest or Ectopic Pregnancies. Now we can Transplant Embryos from EC. Preg. to the womb.,Abuse is MORE likely among Homosexuals and Obnoxious Pro Aborts.

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        3. Just because a person doesn’t believe in sodomy doesn’t mean they are a hater. I think you hate yourself so much for turning away from Christ, knowing you are earning eternal damnation, that you have to attack other people who still follow Him. You my dear, are the hater. You hate God because He did not give you what you wanted in this world, so instead of following Him and sacrificing for Him and carrying your cross, as HE said we must, you decided to walk away and join the world in all its confusion and sin. So, please get some help for yourself. Repent and return to Christ. You are responsible for getting your child to heaven and if your child follows your path, they don’t stand a chance. Every word you write is dripping with self hatred and you hurl that at people you do not even know as if your venom can somehow appease your inner wounds. See, we really do not care about your words. Jesus told us we would be hated and persecuted for following Him. That is a joy to do. One always knows they are on the right path to God when they listen to people like you. I used to be like you. Praise God for His great mercy. He is always ready to forgive. Do yourself a favor. Find your way back before it is to late for you and for your child. What are you teaching him?

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      3. You’d rather follow the teachings of someone who studies baboons than listen to God’s teachings… that’s all we need to know. People don’t just get pregnant… you need a class on how that happens. You are a fanatical liberal who believes anything the media tells you. And you don’t understand science and meta studies because you think there is evidence for a homosexual gene, which there’s not. OMM please shut her down so she has time to cool off or bug some other group with her nonsense!

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        1. Bethany, shutting down the opposition is capitulating to the other side. We would be no better than the liberals who want shut down anyone who they disagree with. Not a good idea but i know how you feel.

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          1. She’s not even listening anyways. And my husband always says stop throwing pearls before swines. But I just can’t! I’m tired of passive Christians because these types of people walk all over them! That’s why I like all of you— very smart and you defend the Faith!


  2. “Why do they insist on changing our Church? Why can’t they just do what Pete Buttigieg did and join the freakin’ Episcopal Church and leave us alone?”

    It is because the Church’s teaching is a constant reminder that the life style they are living is a sinful one. The Church is that little voice of conscience they keep hearing telling them if they continue in their way they risk losing their souls for eternity. Changing church’s doesn’t matter. The voice is still there as the Catholic Church. The voice has to be muffled, destroyed. The Church has always been hated as Christ was hated. The Church, as weak as she has become, is still the biggest obstacle to the gay and abortion lifestyle . They have to destroy the shepherd in order to scatter the sheep. One more thing; They know the Church is right and as much as they hate her, they also NEED her to change her teachings in order to give legitimacy to their sinfulness so they can say See? The Church agrees with us!

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    1. Bob your comments are right on point. These people will not leave the Catholic Church – they want the street cred of saying that the Church agrees with THEM. If they join any other church, they become just a number. They are a legend in their own minds.

      And just how are we to know who is gay or in a same-sex “marriage” unless they make it known. No one asks for identification when you enter the church for Mass or other services – we don’t wear ID badges that say I am ..straight or gay or bi-whatever. People like this judge in Michigan play the victim card to the fullest extent possible.

      You know the rules – follow them if you agree with them or move on to something else.

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      1. The only reason people are freaking out about Father’s decision is because for so long and for whatever reason, the Church has let this behavior slide without saying or doing anything about it. Sinful behavior done in secret and known only to the priest and God is NOT what is being talked about here and the judge knows this. She seems to believe that there is NOTHING wrong with her public relationship and she probably thinks she is not ‘hurting’ anyone and is ticked that someone is finally putting pedal to the metal and stopping if not her behavior at least her access to the Blessed Sacrament in her spiritual state.

        I am a sinner. I freely admit it but at the same time I confess my sin through the Church, repent of my ways and truly try to avoid sin in the future and try to teach others of the futility of sin. I do not try to justify my sinful actions.That is a far cry from committing a sin and crowing about how a good person I am and that there is nothing wrong with what I am doing while all this done publicly. You cannot be a Catholic in good standing while at the same time defending sinful behavior. Catholic politicians who support abortion are in this camp.

        The Church needs to get a backbone and start holding the feet of politicians to the fire and others who are in the public eye from shrugging off sin in public and continue to receive communion. If they are truly Catholics then they should also know the rules n’est-ce-pas?

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        1. Bob, it is so easy to admit you are a sinner. It’s actually hard not to sin, isn’t it? Under the Catholic rules, you can keep sinning as long as you apologize. So Trump can keep cheating on his wives as long as he”apologizes”. Do you think he has ever meant it?

          Bethany, if you believe Donald Trump is a great father, I feel sorry for you. A great father wouldn’t cheat on his children’s mother(s). A great father would respect his vows of until death do I part.


          1. You should feel sorry for me— my father was terrible and molested me in middle school. Then after my parents’ divorce, married a bitter woman and decided not to be a part of my life anymore. Meanwhile my cheating mother got married a total of five times, this last husband only 2 months after the death of my stepfather and she hadn’t known him longer than that. I never met him. This is what Protestants do. I became Catholic and never looked back. So yeah, the fact that Donald and Ivana’s marriage didn’t work because they were working too much doesn’t surprise me, but he never stopped caring for his children and raising them with good values. Now he has a good marriage, even though it’s not nearly as good as it could be obviously. But I’m not a part of that marriage either so I don’t know everything. Just know that it’s not a Catholic marriage. But one could argue mine isn’t either at times because we both converted 12 years after being married, and we are still learning. God has definitely blessed me because I’ve always followed Him and when I didn’t, it was painful. And despite my parents I had hope that I could do things better by following God. I am smart enough to know that what you’re saying is a lot like what my miserable liberal mother believes. Thank God for His mercy on me!


          2. I forgot to add that I’ve been married now for 27 years and raised two smart kids to adulthood. I lost my first in a miscarriage and it drove home the fact that every child is a miracle. I’ve supported a young Vietnamese girl’s education from the slums for years and now she’s going to college! So yeah I care about children other than myself here in the States… and I have other kids in different countries I do things for, yet never met. I’m also a former teacher so I’ve put a lot of my life into helping kids be the best they can be. Your arguments for killing babies is totally disgusting to me! I’ve volunteered with Mom’s House and supported Catholic charities to help pregnant women. I’ve never known a woman who regretted keeping their child. But I have had a friend who cannot forgive herself for aborting a child when she was in college! I also have a friend who was adopted and did great things in his life, as well as adopted his own son. I wrote and published a children’s book about him. Your pathetic arguments for abortion don’t impress me nor are they really true. By the way, your quote about knowing some gay people who “are lovely” is no different than the racist way people used to say they were friends with black people and they are lovely (or “clean” like Joe Biden said of Obama!).🤦‍♀️

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          3. I’d actually agree with that statement. I just think it’s funny how you’re just fine judging him since judging, we’ve been told, is mean and/or evil. Hypocrisy, no?

            And, under “Catholic rules” to receive absolution you’re supposed to resolve to sin no more. And, due to original sin and the continued rupture from EVERYONE’s sin, it makes it super hard not to keep repeating your mistakes although, with much effort, many do overcome particular sins. The point is to keep trying to take up your Cross and deny yourself and hopefully overcome in this life. You don’t just simply say “Meh, it’s not a sin because I say it’s so.” It’s something to be feared, shunned and not embraced.


  3. I rarely do this, but I am going to write letters of support to this priest and his bishop. Why? Because I would want others to do the same for my own pastor, who would do this exact same thing, if he were in this position. Our good and faithful priests and bishops need our support and prayers. Thank you for making us aware of this situation. Fr. Nolan is now on my permanent prayer list. God bless him!

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    1. Exactly! I just emailed him and told him I will be praying for him. I think that’s how we step up— by supporting all of our good priests and letting them know we love them! I have met a few newer young priests who are really good but this whole world criticizing the priesthood can be very hard for them! They have their whole life ahead of them and it can be daunting to think they’ll be dealing with all of this unlike many of their older predecessors (who should have been teaching more to avoid it in the first place!!). Many priests feel a loneliness so anything we can do to let them know they aren’t, we must do! Take them out to dinner, invite them over to watch the game, meet with them for lunch… we even invited one of our priests to go on an overnight with us when we had a house on the Bay! They need friends like never before. I text and call our old priest from our former diocese regularly and on Father’s Day I make sure they are appreciated too! It’s time to be a real church family again and stop letting people in politics and power have so much influence— that would never work in my own family so it shouldn’t work in my church family! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I love you guys because you help me be a better Catholic and help guide me on my path to heaven!❤️

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  4. Sent email to father Nolan in support. Our priests that are standing firm in the faith are really taking abuse. We need to stand by them and pray for them. I have friends who are priests and I love them dearly

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  5. New information was provided. This judge was not denied communion. She made a statement the Sunday before by coming to Mass with a group and they were all wearing pride pins. The priest called her privately and told her not to present herself for communion again. She made this public. He never denied her communion, but told her he would. Her crocodile tears are B.S. She doesn’t even believe the teachings of the Church, why would she care about receiving a Eucharist that she does not believe is Jesus Christ? Just more of the LGBT activism. So very weary and sick of this. There is not compassion anymore for people who live like this. Their evil actions have destroyed it all.

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  6. Need for the Spineless useless cowards in the Clergy, Bishops, and the Vatican and DC plus California to do the same. It NAUSEATES me to see Pelosi Biden and Cino Governors in Cal. ,new Mex,. NY, NJ., Mass and Ri. etc. show up for communion often on the Sunday before Election day on the following Tuesday.

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  7. I’m not Catholic, but through a series of “coincidences,” I became involved in the Catholic campus ministry when I was in college. I have a physical disability and finding community was a challenge. But the priest knew me from when I was a child, so he took me under his wing and I made most of my college friends through him.

    BUT, I respected the fact that I was not permitted to take part in the Sacraments, and no one made a big deal about it. They respected my choice to not convert. I don’t understand why some people feel like they are entitled to break their church’s rules.

    My own church also has very strict rules as to who is and who is not permitted to take Communion. This is nothing new, but the media loves to act like it is to make traditional Christians look like “haters.”

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  8. Growing up the early 40’s, a number of couples we knew had entered into 2nd marriages, knowing they could not receive Communion, They knew before hand they would not be able to take Communion, accepted that. But they raised their children in the Church, and saw their grand and great grand Baptized, Later in life they separated, but remained close, or lived as brother & sister, and were received back into the Church.

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  9. Bethany, I’m sorry for what happened to you in your childhood and I’m glad you found the support you need in the Catholic church. You accused me of not listening. I am listening, I am just not changing my mind because of what you have said. I grew up Catholic and abuse and cheating also happened in those families, not just protestant families. You sound like a great mom and congrats on raising two kids. I also had several miscarriages. I know it is hard.

    My point in all of this, is people find salvation and something to believe in, in not only the Catholic faith, but other faiths. I’m just asking that you accept them as most of them accept you. We can live in harmony.


    1. Hold on a minute! We are here on a faithful Catholic website.
      We live in our communities and get along with others fine.
      We have our beliefs and we have faith. People like you are the ones who cant accept the teachings of the church so you take it out on her faithful members. I feel really really sad for you and I will most surely pray you will repent and humble yourself before Almighty God. He is a God of mercy and will show you every mercy as long as you repent.He loves you so much that he allowed his only beloved Son to be tortured and crucified for our sins. Take a crucifix in your hand and hold it and look at it closely. That is what Love looks like.

      You are a fallen away Catholic posting here and telling us we are full of hate (your own words in your first comment) and that we are not accepting of people who are not Catholic. Honestly I can not understand why you are commenting here. It is a waste of time. You aren’t going to convert us to the world. We reject the world. We follow The Way , The Truth, and The Light. We have the Truth and no one can take it from us. No one!

      We have Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.
      Body, Blood, Soul , and Divinity. That is the only way to heaven.
      To live and die in union with him.
      That is why salvation is only possible through the Jesus’ Church
      There is no other way!

      If I were you I would first of all , get to confession immediately, and get back to the sacraments and attending Holy Mass. Your soul is in danger of eternal damnation if you continue your attacks on Holy Mother Church. This is me being charitable and wanting to see everyone make it to heaven with Our Lord.

      I am going right now to pray a rosary and will lift you up in prayer through Our Blessed Mother and I will ask your Guardian Angel to help you before it is too late.

      May Almighty God bless you.

      Michelle McDermott

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      1. Michelle, why are you so threatened? OMM should make this a private site if she is afraid of someone challenging the beliefs. I do go to Mass sometimes, and I do receive Communion (the priest knows I did IVF and he doesn’t have a problem with it). I’m truly sorry that you can’t accept others’ faith as being their way to salvation.

        I think it’s time to shut this thread down, OMM.


        1. So very sad. I do pray that you are going to confession before you are receiving the Eucharist. Every missed Mass is a grave sin and then you too are bringing condemnation down upon your soul. I weep for Jesus, who died for you, that you would offend him so.

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  10. Possibly everyone who thinks this action by the pastor is inappropriate should review the words of Groucho Marx, ” I would not want to belong to an organization that would have me.”


  11. And do you the intolerant know that our most beloved Pope John PAUL administered communion to the Mayor of Rome who was Pro-choice (which clearly goes against the beliefs of the Catholic Church) and Pope John knew that. Pope John Paul showed compassion and mercy. Where is yours? And you call your self a Christian. There is only one who will judge and it certainly isn’t you. Thank the Lord. I will pray for you The Lord knows you truly need it.


    1. My dear, you know nothing about the Catholic faith nor what it means to be tolerant. You certainly know nothing about Jesus in the Eucharist. You might wish to just go hang out with your own psuedo Christians and attack them for a while.

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    2. The priest must not give Holy Communion to a person in mortal sin who us unrepentant. Thats what the Church teaches. If the thing you say is true about St John Paul 2 , then he was in error. Popes can sin and do things that go against Church teaching.
      What Fr Nolan did was an act of unselfish love and a fatherly action.
      May God bless him for his courage against the mob

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