Devastated Beyond Belief

This is not where I thought this story would end.  

August 28, 2019

The Associated Press news story naturally leads the reader to assume certain things about the priest

and his intentions. However, we are learning a very different reality was at work. We looked into this and can confirm that the priest who did the blessing did not know about Mr. Fuller’s intentions. The priest was a visiting priest who happened to be at St. Therese that particular Sunday when the pastor was celebrating Mass at his second parish. The blessing was done after Mass by the priest whose interest was to bring comfort to someone he learned was dying. The priest was not aware of any news photographer, although he was aware people were taking pictures.

While it is clear that some of Mr. Fuller’s friends at the parish knew of his intentions, the pastor at St. Therese initially did not. Mr. Fuller eventually approached the pastor to ask to plan his own funeral. The pastor discussed the gift of life and tried to convince him to change his mind. He made it clear that neither he nor the parish could support his plan to take his own life. Once it was clear that Mr. Fuller was not going to change his mind, the pastor reached out to his leadership to discuss the situation.

Archbishop Sartain agreed that it is the church’s responsibility to pastorally care for those who mourn. With this in mind, he gave permission for the funeral with certain conditions to ensure there was no endorsement or other perceived support for the way in which Mr. Fuller ended his life. The purpose of the funeral was to pray for his soul and bring comfort and consolation to those who mourned.

Conditions or not, what could Archbishop Sartain think that the parish would get from allowing this??? How about Bob’s eternal soul??? It’s tragic! How many more lives in this parish are now at stake?

Archbishop Sartain (and I still can’t believe he did this but I guess he did) approved a funeral AHEAD of the suicide of a man who was going to kill himself and was told this was against the teachings of the Church. So, all you people who are contemplating doing the same, it seems as you’ll get you funeral too, because, those who are mourning and all.

Let me be clear. Trying to compare this to a run of the mill suicide is ridiculous. Bob Fuller’s thoughts were documented to the end. And to allow anyone to pre-schedule their own funeral is simply awful. Maybe, at that point, someone might have least looked into the rest of his problems.  

This man was a public, obstinate sinner who showed no remorse, even after counselling from his pastor for his suicide. On his way out the door he chose to marry his homosexual partner hours before, he thought he was a shaman, boasted of his past affairs on Facebook, etc. and very little was done to stop and correct him. He was intent on doing it and his funeral was approved by the archbishop.  Bob at least knew, according to the archdiocese, the Church’s teaching on the dignity of life and still did it. What in THE heck were they all thinking? Scratch that! Was anyone thinking? How many more have been scandalized by this???  How many more think it’s just fine because the Church will simply roll over and give them their lovely funeral as if it means absolutely nothing but a nice goodbye? This is, simply, hideous. At THE very least, the pastor or archbishop should have manned up and been there to hear confession at the end if he was willing but they just signed off on it as “Well, there’s nothing else we can do because he’s determined to do it!” The Church has failed Bob Fuller and those that will follow his example. I hope those that threw up their hand hit the confessional this weekend. Prayers for you Bob. You were failed beyond belief.


27 thoughts on “Devastated Beyond Belief

  1. How sad is it that even our Priest are poorly catechised or that they are just followers of the evil one? Seems the latter. Thank you again OMM for keeping us updated. May God please help us, lay-PEOPLE to fight the EVIL that is going on in his church. Let us pray for holy mother the church. God bless you OMM.


  2. One of the saddest stories I have read. An apparent unrepented sinner taking his own life is terrifying to comprehend. Also sad is that his illness could have bern a chance for redemption if he had accepted it. However, the bishop is all too believable. Most of our hierarchy are poorly formed in the faith and are confused when not outright unbelieving.


  3. NO Way the suicide- Euthanasia,
    . Apostasy. unrepentant sinner should have received anything approaching a Rc. Funeral. And or internment at a CATHOLIC cino. ,chutch or cemetary……… Similar apostasy in Hawaii as Well… Time for a good old fashion SCHISM- housecleaning in those two churches and their Sorry excuses for Parish priests- bishoprics etc……….. NOT To mention the Jesuits all the. way up to Martin Amer. Mgz. And Bergoglios blasphemy papacy in regards to this ,Mc carrick & . Grassi etc. And Red china bllnd sell out. Etc. of WHAT little is Left of the faith in China , Ireland ,Malta , the Usa. Etc. .NEVER thought my Rc -Runp scarcely
    Rc Churches -Bishops no less and the God Awful Vatican litself. would sink to this OH My GOD.!!!


  4. A few additional details about Bob from the story:

    1. Bob said he tried to kill himself during the Carter Administration when he was a serious drunk.

    2. Bob said he contracted AIDS (presumably as a result of unprotected sex with other men). He says he was almost trying to catch AIDS, which necessarily means he was also spreading diseases as well. “All my friends were dying,” he said [“especially the ones I had sex with,” he neglected to add].

    3. Bob admitted killing one of his friends who had the same disease by giving the man a fatal drug overdose. Bob said that in the mid-1980’s he “administered a fatal dose of medication to one at the end of his fight.” This was premeditated murder under the law and still would be if committed today.

    The article reports that Bob “began a round of chemo but abandoned it, saying it was killing his soul.”

    Sorry, Bob, but the chemotherapy didn’t kill your soul.

    You did.

    Please pray for Bob.


  5. I have a suggestion for such situations. The bishops should create a new set of funeral texts: “For the Lapsed and Unrepentant.” The readings and prayers will emphasize that sin is real and deadly, God’s justice is not to be trifled with, but that there is always hope for mercy so that’s why we pray.

    Then, whenever someone notoriously, scandalously at odds with the Faith dies and someone wants a funeral, the bishop authorizes it, provided the above-mentioned formulary is used. I would further suggest that either the bishop himself gives the homily, or else he directs what the homily must say, namely that hell is real and we hope for the best, but it’s extremely urgent, in this case, to pray for the deceased and to warn the living against perilous choices.

    In my mind, everyone gets a funeral, and we pray for everyone. But we don’t have to be stupid about it.


    1. Fr. Fox, would you also add “and Defiant” as well? I think his intentions and lifelong held beliefs were clear and well documented to the very end, so there would be little benefit of a Catholic funeral.


      1. Strange you should mention this as I was thinking of this situation a few posts back before your reminder. I started to wonder if the Bishop was so afraid of back lash that he decided to ‘play it safe’. These men have absolutely no guts….’Whatever we do we can’t rock the boat!’…but….we can send souls to hell and at the same time ‘hope’ for God’s mercy, and maybe ‘try’ to talk him out of it & if it doesn’t work….oh well!! I have never seen such ‘girly men’ infecting the Church of Christ in my life! Really diabolical!


  6. Didn’t the archdiocese claim a few days ago that they didn’t know about the man’s intentions beforehand? So now have they been caught lying? What will be the repercussions of their deceit?


    1. There are a few different issues and people that are getting twisted. People were enraged about Fr. Dupont blessing Bob Fuller since it looked as if he was blessing the suicide act. The diocese said the priest didn’t know. However, right before that blessing Bob Fuller arranged his funeral with the parish. Supposedly, at that point, the pastor contacted the diocese and the diocese gave him the go ahead to allow the funeral. So, pastor and diocese new about his intentions. Fr. Dupont and diocese said he didn’t have a clue until after the whole blessing thing went down. Just knew he was terminally ill. Some unnamed SJ, according to Bob Fuller, knew and blessed that decision. Nobody knows who that is. The diocese was focusing on Fr. Dupont, probably keep attention of themselves.


      1. My memory of him, as a child, was that he was kind and accepting of everyone. I guess adults are more cynical and are able to twist the bible to their own interpretation. Please don’t give me chapter and verse of when he was an ass. Overall, I think he was a much better person than you seem to believe. I also think that Jesus wouldn’t want mere mortals to judge others since they may not have walked in their shoes and don’t actually get it. Just my opinion!


        1. Chapter and verse would be a little bit inconvenient for you and I’ve done that in the past many times. You didn’t know Christ as a child anymore than as an adult. As I’ve told you many times in the past we are to judge actions but not souls. That said, we have been told what happens if we died in a state of mortal sin. We simply pray Bob isn’t culpable but admitting you killed someone makes letting him die without repentance really, really horrible.

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  7. Instead of the problemmatical “blessing”, did the priest/parish offer Anointing of the Sick… an opportunity to repent and receive rich graces? What an amazing teaching moment it could have been for the First Holy Communion children to deepen their knowledge of one of the Church’s Seven Sacraments instituted by Christ!


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