Mia! You Live in a Glass House!

Well, that was exciting!  Bishop Thomas Tobin (not to be confused with the infamous Cardinal Joseph Tobin) tweeted this, and the Twitter world lost its ever-loving mind:

I had to marvel at all the profane, accusatory responses that basically said, “Hate! Hate! Hate! And hate!” while not exactly dripping with love themselves.  Then there were the rather hypocritical ones like this:


Did your ex pop into your head at all, Mia?  You know, Woody Allen?  How about Roman Polanski, who you’ve defended and of who you still speak highly? And what about your brother? But, hey, let’s forget about all those pillars of Hollywood. It’s really Bishop Tobin who is like a molester because he spoke out against a lifestyle that our Faith says is harmful to our souls and which science says is harmful for our bodies? Give me a stinking break, Mia. Maybe if more people in your life practiced the Catholic Faith you’d be surrounded by less sexual abuse.Believe me, I’ve known a few abusers in my lifetime, but the vast majority of priests and bishops aren’t.

Again, are you really the expert on when kids are in danger??? Puh-lease! And, seriously, most of us in sane America know exactly what goes on at these events. I don’t know, maybe “gay pride gathering” means something entirely different in, say, Amana, Iowa, then it does in San Francisco, where homosexual sex on the street, masturbation and nudity in front of children means absolutely nothing to them. And that’s not necessarily at a “pride event.” that can be any given day. It’s just stepped up a notch and protected during the “pride parade.” Is that just peachy with you, Mia, as long as nobody actually touches a kid there? Geez. So, please, get a clue.

And here’s one that tugs at the heartstrings:


Listen, Patty.  I won’t allow you to think that you’re the only one who has a close relationship with a transgendered or same-sex attracted person.  You’re not. I love my friends and relatives and will continue to do so until I die.  Just because I don’t agree with their lifestyle and find it quite dangerous for them, spiritually and physically, doesn’t mean that I don’t love them. It means I love them enough to not accept what is harmful to them. That might be the takeaway from your brother’s life. I don’t want my friends or relatives to end up like that. I’m not going to be a cheerleader for a lifestyle that will likely cause them mental, physical and most definitely spiritual grief.

That’s how I treat all people and I hope that’s how they will treat me because we’re all sinners. Believe it or not, you can disagree with people and still get along. You can even judge their actions and not condemn them to hell. Again, hating someone you feel has an affliction isn’t Catholic ideology. You cannot point to a Catholic clergy member or teaching that says anything to the contrary. And loving people doesn’t mean you should encourage them to live a harmful lifestyle. Catholic teaching is to love a person no matter what their sin. And, more often than not, it’s the Catholic Church that cares for the physical victims of a myriad of immoral lifestyles when all those who initially cheered them on have left them. 

Of course, there was also the usual barrage of twits who throw out “Judge not!” but I can tell you that they couldn’t be more wrong. We are never to judge someone’s immortal soul, but we are totally obliged to judge actions. Everyone likes to point to Christ saving the woman who was to be stoned, but they NEVER seem to remember Him telling her to “sin no more.” Nor do they remember him calling out the woman at the well. So unless you’re going to say it’s fine to shoot heroin, rape someone, or have sex with a child (oh, wait, there’s a push among liberals to accept that as another lifestyle choice), don’t tell me I can’t think same-sex physical relations aren’t a sin. You have your line of morality and I have the Church’s.

So, famous people trying to take Bishop Tobin to task, you might want to not throw stones in your glass house. You’re the ones who endlessly gave kisses to Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Kevin Spacey, and the like. (I’d also include Michael Jackson, but I darn near broke Twitter mentioning him in the list. Apparently, he’s a saint with no credible accusations even though some of them were actually prosecuted. Maybe we could at least agree that it’s twisted of him to sleep in his bed with children? Probably not.) Remember we have a nice standing O on video tape for Roman Polanski. Do we have Bishop Tobin lauding a convicted rapist? Oh yeah, no. Only your club does that.

Bishop Tobin, thanks so much for not letting the Judases in the Church silence you. I’m relatively sure you knew 80+ thousand people were going to respond to you, yet you chose to instruct the faithful and especially tried to protect children.  May you never waver in doing so.



14 thoughts on “Mia! You Live in a Glass House!

  1. The hate that is exhibited against those of us who hold the teachings of our Church astounds me. It is not just hate. It’s deeper than that. It’s almost demonic. It is so off the rails that people cannot seem to understand that though you can disagree with a persons lifestyle does not equate to hating that person.

    I tend to believe that those who attack us know that certain lifestyles are wrong and they hate us for the God given strength we have in defending our Church. They have that little voice in their head telling them same sex unions are wrong and there is the Big Bad Church reminding them.

    Why are they so insistent in having the Catholic Church accept their life style? Why bother with an institution they believe is so backward and hateful and altogether irrelevant? Because deep down inside they KNOW the Church is teaching the Truth and they cannot abide by that. They despise God so much that they have to redefine the Gospel message to fit their idea of truth. In the mean time, because they cannot see God they attack His children.

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  2. Strike at the shepherd and the sheep will scatter. The backlash against Tobin is reaching crest level yet he stands firm. This is what his sheep need to see. A shepherd who will defend them even in the most dire of situations. Our enemies know that if they can get the Church to relent on her sexual teaching it will be the greatest of all coups in our Church’s history. Little do they realize that the Church cannot change her teachings because Christ does not and cannot change.

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  3. *VERY WELL-STATED!* It’s time for Americans, and not just Catholics, to stop allowing has-been celebrities, who seem to have a very high opinion of their own status and thoughts, to push their stupidity and illogical thought on us – never mind the immorality they promote. I am proud and delighted to know my governor (Mike DeWine of Ohio) signed the fetal heartbeat bill into law a few weeks ago. Like clockwork, the Hollywood mafia immediately threatened to withdraw their productions, etc. out of Ohio. Well, you know what? We know we need jobs, but we are not willing to sacrifice our children and souls to appease the egos and agendas of these bullies – we will not be held hostage to their view of how they want us to think and live.

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    1. Its time people started realizing that celebrities are among the most screwed up people on the planet. I was watching one of those women sit around a table and jabber shows the other day. They all admitted they were on drugs to combat depression, anxiety, etc, and they all admitted that it took some time before their medications were dialed in correctly. These hollywood types are totally mental, and Mia Farrow is the perfect example of that. First she marries an old codger like Frank Sinatra when she is very young. Then she marries a pervert like Woody Allen, who makes movies about what a pervert he is. Then she decides to divorce him, at which point she recognizes that he is a pervert. But its not limited to her, it is literally ALL OF THEM. The one thing they admit is that they are all going to therapy.

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      1. Mia Farrow was never married to Woody Allen. She was married first to Andre Previn, then to Frank Sinastra, then…no more marriages.


  4. Bishop,

    I recently started following this blogger. She’s quite good. I chose to receive her post via email. If I get her email. I just read the one or two sections she chooses to respond to without having to read all the other comments on twitter. Sometimes twitter can get very toxic.

    Hope you are well.



  5. Too bad the spineless useless cowards in Ireland such as b D. Martin and Mc Eown east Canada, Oulette and Dc. Weirhl and Gregory , Cal Gomez and Mahoney etc. .and Ny. Dolan. Etc. Usa plus the vatican did come out with this decades ago …


  6. I once was at a Wiccan meeting at a university, they were inviting recruits. There was a blond man with them, very young, about 25, with a sweet face and a headful of beautiful blond curls, back in the day when men did not color their hair. He looked like Billy Idol, but sweeter. At one point I confronted them publicly. That sweet looking young man jumped out of his chair like it was on fire and the look of absolute rage crossed his face as he yelled at me, “not true!” he said. The demonic or satanic can appear as an angel of light, but just under the surface is a nightmare of anger and evil. We can be circumspect, it is an indication of the supernatural, but not the divine type, it’s antithesis. Yet God is far stronger and He is faithful.
    I left the meeting and in my car, asked God to cover me with the Blood of the Lamb.
    These people, like Mia Farrow and others, are bonded to evil, they may not realize it, but this is the reality. It is like a ship’s anchor, it will drag them down to hell, but they have no idea. In their moral blindness, up is down and down is up. You are a “hater” if you disagree with their religious principles, Satan’s principles, which are generally the inverse of ours. We need to stay faithful no matter what, always asking God to help us.

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    1. Frightening, isn’t it? Lucifer was the most beautiful angel, and always approaches us in that cruel disguise. As do his evil inroads into our culture, such as the LGBTQ agenda, the “pro-choice” agenda, and more, which even intelligent people claim are kindnesses, and that we should live and let live, and who are we to judge. It is shocking when the mask comes off, and the unvarnished wickedness is on display.


  7. What do you expect from the Mother of the devil? Rosemary had a baby…anyone who would do a movie like that is pretty far gone. Let’s not even talk about her relationship with Woody Allen.

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  8. Mia Farrow? Father Giardos beat me to it. Mia, the mother of the devil. Does a nude scene in the movie with the devil doing her! Raised Catholic?


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