Cupich, McElroy & the Civil War

Cardinal Cupich apparently missed the part in the meeting where they told him to keep quiet, look holy, and let Bishop McElroy foment so he could keep his hands as clean as possible. Seriously, I had a whole post dealing with McElroy’s sophomoric response and then Cupich went and ruined the “Protect the Golden Boy” plan and I had to make a re-write. 

I’m sure nobody in the camp over there got much sleep last night. Not gonna lie. While it’s super-sad, it was satisfying to watch the freak out. In my mind it’s akin to sprinkling a demon with holy water. A big ol’ truth bomb has the same effect on them. I went to bed last night with an amazing amount of hope for the Church and it just got all the better today.

If you’d like to see Cardinal Cupich take gold in the shark jumping contest, go here.

He literally said “…they also don’t like him because he’s a Latino.” Can I just say that coffee coming out your nose is painful??? The race card, really??? Bahahaha! Not that it has much to do with anything but does anyone want to clue Cupich into the fact that Pope Francis is Italian? How in the heck did he miss that? I’m probably more Latino than he is! How about someone ask Cupich the reason why we dislike him? I’m pretty sure Cupich isn’t Latino. Can’t wait to see what he says.

Of course, it was pathetic through and through, but the worst statement is that the Church is not “going to go down that rabbit hole” (aka – investigate) because of the environment!!!  Never mind people being molested and raped because the environment. Oh my ever-living goodness! #ResignNow

And then you have McElroy:

Statement by Bishop McElroy on “testimony” by former Papal Nuncio

In response to a letter published on Aug. 25 by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former Papal representative to the United States, San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy has released the following statement:

‘This is a moment when the bishops of our nation, in union with the Holy Father, should be focused solely on comprehensively revealing the truth about the patterns of the sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults by clergy in our Church, so that deep reform can be enacted.’

Wait! I thought the environment was the priority?!

No, Bishop McElroy, this isn’t the moment. This should have been done long ago after the first go around. You had your chance. You were all given ample opportunity and you blew it. You got caught doing the polar opposite and now you’re ticked. Forget the countless victims, it’s all about you.

‘Unfortunately, in recent weeks ideological warriors within the Church on both sides of the spectrum have utilized the tragedy of victims of abuse to promote their goals. The dedication to comprehensive truth has been subordinated to selective targeting of enemies and tendentious distortions of the truth.’

I’m sorry, if “ideological warriors” are people like myself who are ticked that you protected your own rather than preventing further victims, I’ll take the title. You wouldn’t know “comprehensive truth” if it walked up and slapped you in the face. There’s no “selective targeting.” The target is people who reject the teachings of the Church and put their own proclivities above all else. 

‘Archbishop Vigano’s statement constitutes just such a distortion. It is not an attempt to comprehensively convey the truth. In its ideologically-driven selection of bishops who are attacked, in its clear efforts to settle old personal scores, in its omission of any reference to Archbishop Vigano’s own massive personal participation in the covering up of sexual abuse by bishops, and most profoundly in its hatred for Pope Francis and all that he has taught, Archbishop Viganò consistently subordinates the pursuit of comprehensive truth to partisanship, division and distortion.’

Wow! So many whoppers, so little words. First, Bishop McElroy, you say that Archbishop Vigano’s statement is a distortion. Please, please tell us where.  Generalities mean zip. Last time I checked, calumny and slander were no bueno. You want to lay down a little specific truth, feel free. You want to make innuendos, peddle them somewhere else. Saying someone “hates” the Pope tugs at the heartstrings but doesn’t make it true. It’s a sad, pathetic tactic. Who’s throwing the victims under the bus right now? I imagine more than a few are cheering for Archbishop Vigano because that one man is taking you all down and you know it. Bye-bye legacy and hello early retirement.

By the way, it’s really time to point out, once again, your accusation of “massive cover-up” of one bishop by Vigano was just shot down with documents to support. (Hint: This is why your club prefers to let you do the talking. They don’t want to look quite as foolish when their faulty accusations blow up in their faces. Too bad Cupich didn’t follow the plan.) The one thing you hung your hat on – that Archbishop Vigano told investigators to end their investigation – didn’t happen. Poor you. Feast  your eyes on this and this! I’d like to take the time to thank Archbishop Vigano for having the foresight to save everything in black and white. It validates me never clearing out my email box. While all of you are spitting into the wind, Archbishop Vigano is backing up his statements with solid evidence to prove his claims. I’m sure his latest doc drop occurred after you released this ridiculous statement, Bishop McElroy. Again, kudos to Archbishop Vigano for seeing what was coming his way and handling it like a pro. The less “he said/she said,” the better.

‘We as bishops cannot allow the pathway of partisanship to divide us or to divert us from the searing mission that Christ calls us to at this moment. We must make public our sinful past. We must engage and help heal the survivors of abuse. We must develop new, lay-governed instruments of oversight and investigation in every element of how we confront sexual abuse by clergy at all levels in the life of the Church. And we must reject all attempts to subordinate these goals to ideological or personal projects. For if we do not, we will have betrayed the victims of abuse once again.’

+Bp. McElroy

Translation: You can’t possibly impose the Church teaching of vetting homosexuals out of seminary.  Seriously, these guys are single issue people! This is all they care about (which is in itself creepy), and if you point out 80% of the previous cases were homosexual priests (and after reading the first 300 gut wrenching pages of the Pennsylvania grand-jury report, I’d conclude even more), and that following Church procedure would eliminate a huge percentage of future cases, suddenly you are an ideological warrior?!? Just who are the ideologues again? 

Please note that McElroy didn’t actually make a point by point rebuttal. In fact, he didn’t make a rebuttal at all. Why? Could it be they can’t???  He tried to throw out the cover-up line, but that got walloped by Vigano himself. 

Personally, I wouldn’t just uphold the Church’s rules on homosexuals in the priesthood, I’d nix anyone who questions any Church doctrine from entering the priesthood. If you can’t uphold those teachings, you probably aren’t going to be able to uphold your vows. See? No bias. No hatred of homosexuals. It’s a simple, “If you don’t buy what the Church says, you certainly can’t sign on to be a pastor of souls.”

One more thing, since I’m seeing the use of “Civil War” crop up in the talking points, let’s talk about it before I wrap up. This is simply a tactic to keep us from fighting for good. It’s slick, but don’t fall for it. “So and so waded into the Church’s Civil War” in a derogatory tone, as if we’re all supposed to sit on our hands as more and more victims appear on a daily basis? We’re supposed to stay out of it while our clergy pool is either guilty or looked upon as creepers even if they are good, holy priests just trying to live holy lives??  We’re supposed to give the benefit of doubt to some overwhelming evidence of lack of character, if not evil action itself??? I’m not going to find myself sitting on a fence with my hands on my face saying, “Oh my!” as I watch it all go down. The McElroy, Cupich, Farrell club isn’t sitting on the fence in this fight.  They’re totally down in the mud. Their “We’re the peace-makers!” mantra should be an obvious falsehood by now. 

Civil wars are usually fought to end some sort of evil. Take the American Civil War, for instance.  While it was about a bit more than just slavery, slavery was certainly the evil being fought. It’s the same in our Church. There’s a reason the chasm is growing wider and wider. It’s not on policy and style, it’s about spiritual and physical abuses. Of course, we have to pick a side. And, no, I’m not talking about leaving the Church. I’m talking about fighting for her, and that cannot be done from the outside. Don’t be a fool. This most certainly is a civil war for the spiritual and moral health of the Church. Don’t let the stupid catch phrases keep you quiet.

This is not the first time the Church has free-fallen into immorality. It’s a cyclical thing.  It’s one of the reasons I know it’s the right Church, because no matter how corrupt her members, here She stands.  Nothing without Divine assistance could survive with all the fools running around over the centuries.  Think this is bad? Check out the 1300s.  At least the current knuckleheads try to obfuscate. #ResignNow #IdeologicalWarrior #CatholicCyberMilitia



8 thoughts on “Cupich, McElroy & the Civil War

  1. Well said.

    It’s fascinating to see how close they all thought they were coming to getting “differently ordered” into the catechism.

    I’ve noticed that in secular press accounts, McCarrick’s abuses are simply cut down to touching a minor inappropriately once, 50 years ago, whereas consent is presumed for his seduction of males over 18 years old, year over year for 50 years. The consent confers rightness, with no discussion of the rightness or wrongness of sodomy according to Church teaching.

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  2. Soupy brought some much needed comic relief to the proceedings today. It’s almost like Pope Francis called him up ands, “Hola, Soupy, como esta? Listen, amigo, I’m taking a lot of heat right now on this McCarrick thing and I know I can count on you to do me a solid. I need you to go on local television and make some completely asinine remarks. Will you do that, Soups? You will? Gracias, I knew you were my hombre for this.”

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  3. Have you referenced St. Peter Damian on “priestly incontinence”? He was an 11th century one man wrecking crew with the help of his pope. They did things differently back then, combing out the bad guys like a Greek phalanx running roughshod over their enemy. It took some backbone but the Church survived and grew. There is nothing to fear with Christ on the side of the Faithful.

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  4. HA – “I’m probably more Latino than he is!” Now that made me spit my coffee.
    Oh dear Lord, help me to be courageous like OMM and fight the good fight. I have a great deal of atonement to make because I am of the generation that let things slide by looking the other way.

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  5. We remain Catholic, but will not give one more dime to this church. Not one dime to boy sodomy! This church must be starved. If we are putting our hope in Cardinals or bishops to address this and show leadership, lead the flock to dry land, forget it, it’s not likely to happen at all. If, as this monster on the Chair is hoping, the media cover for him (I never thought they wouldn’t) and it gets pushed out of the news cycle, and we all give up, they win. So, to recap, no Cardinal nor the media are going to help us. We are a fringe group, extremists, and they can dismiss us as such. There are millions of happy, clappy Catholics who will continue to go to their local Mass and put checks in because their lives feel better that way. They don’t care that the church their great-grandparents sweated and toiled to build by their 25$ contribution each week has left them and has been replaced by boy rapers and sex traffickers.

    So, not a dime in the offertory. Not…a…dime.

    Whether people attend Mass or not is a tough one. When I imagine an empty church, with no suckahs in the pews, I get happy thinking about it. You and I are not sheep to these men, we are $$$$.
    We have only a few weapons in our arsenal. Attendance, money, activism. That’s it.

    Petition your state AG to investigate as PA has done, and IL and one other state are already doing. What we need is more sunlight. Express your concerns the church is operating as a child sex trafficking operation and money is misused or misappropriated.
    Same for AG Jeff Sesssions. Ask him to consider RICO, because the church is now understood as an international child sex trafficking operation and acts in a criminal manner.

    Make them miserable by commenting and keeping this going. Do not let it drop. Keep the pressure on. We want to say before Christ we did what little we could do, we kept the faith, we fought the good fight, we did not just let evil have it’s way.
    God bless you and all here. What a rotten and great time to be a Roman Catholic.


  6. I almost forgot, we should be asking Congress to end federal Resettlement Funds to diocese. These funds are keeping bishops so supplied in big money they don’t need the offertory. That is why so many of them no longer care about Catholicism, they are allllll about “migrants”. This is the case because not only do American “migrants” tend to vote Democrat (their party!), they get paid for bringing them in! If we can turn off that tap, we may find bishops are a bit more interested in what Catholics have to say about things like boy rapers and sodomizers.


  7. Ironic Bergoglio born to Italian immigrants to Arg… Not to mention pattern.of inaction and scurrilous attacks on the press and victims of Bsrtos and chileans predator ptiests . Plus B. F. And arg. Inaction.and Denial of arg. Deaf youth home abuse by deviant clergy and nearby sodomite bishop to B. F. A. D…… Lastly.could McElroy explain inaction and or promotion Of Barros ,Mahoney,cistone ,McElroy himself and MC Carrick AFTER he B. F.. was warned often of their deviancy and or cover ups for many yrs and yrs.


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