Catholicism on the Runway – What Could Go Wrong?

Honestly, whoever thought pairing up the Church with Hollywood and fashion should be fired.  Did you really have to have much of an IQ to see that Catholics were about to be the butt of the joke again?

Yes, Fr. Martin’s all aflutter on Twitter as expected, but the ever-disappointing Crux has it as their major headline of the day?  Really?  Christians are being slaughtered, but the skin-fest for the Met is getting the headlines?  Banner move.

So, yeah, it’s as horrible as you’d think. Thanks to those stars who actually showed a modicum of decency and would actually be able to make it into St. Peter’s wearing their gowns.  I suppose I should be shocked that those exist at all.  The brainiac who approved it all should have to take a picture with Zoe Kravitz and try explaining that to St. Peter on judgement day.  Geez.

What’s a million times worse than the to-be-expected indecent outfits at the Met Gala are the Catholic pundits and clergy who are trying to defend this.  Seriously, you people are a joke.  Just admit it was stupid and stop trying to promote schmoozing with the Hollywood idiots as “engaging the culture.”  Sorry, it’s more like getting into bed with it.

Somewhere the Church went oh-so-wrong in engaging the culture and, quite frankly, leading it for hundreds and hundreds of years.  Now we’ve got a bunch of fools fumbling for a way to get back to that.  It’s certainly not going to happen by pandering to a completely lost culture.  It’s going to happen by showing what true art is.

I also get a big chuckle out of those saying that the Hollywood divas aren’t trying to mock the Church, they’re just trying to celebrate it.  Uh, Rhianna?  Enough said.  And, really?  Nobody saw that coming?  The only joy I got out of it was that she looks hideous without bangs, just like me.  Other than that?  Just sad and yet totally expected.  I’d love to hear the conversation between Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi and her. Scrap that.  That might make me toss my lunch.

And before one reader thinks about saying, “I bet you’re embarrassed by Michelangelo’s work!”, don’t.  This has nothing to do with the beautiful human body designed by God and so wonderfully displayed all throughout Church art for hundreds of years.  It as to do with the degradation of that body. It’s not God-centered, it’s ME-centric. Or, correction, it’s me-centric with Vatican vestments on hand.  Again, take a gander at Zoe Kravitz.  Or, maybe not. There’s little left to the imagination there.

So, Cardinal Dolan, Fr. Martin, and all of the other super cool priests out there: you’ve made us the laughing-stock of the world once again.  #CatholicCyberMilitia

21 thoughts on “Catholicism on the Runway – What Could Go Wrong?

    1. They’re just plain weak men, Frances. Weak! Parents spend so much time trying to prevent their children from dressing like that and BAM! Our “leaders” are schmoozing with them.


  1. “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” Zoe leaves very little to the imagination, and I wouldn’t describe it as remotely Catholic. Slutty, maybe, or trampy, but not Catholic. I suspect that we would have met a better class of people in Sodom and Gomorrah. This is what I would expect from Cardinal Ravasi and Father Martin. I can’t begin to describe how disappointed I am with Cardinal Dolan.

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    1. Can we please admit now that something is very sickeningly wrong with the Church? Can we stop pretending that every fool thing that comes out of the Vatican is ok because “the Church” said it was okay? Or that the pope can never go wrong? We have the head of the Jesuits dabbling in pagan religions and denying the existence of Hell. We have Catholic universities, so-called, that can’t see anything wrong with giving a chair in the theology department to a person who somehow became a priest, let alone a so-called theology professor, even though the priest thinks Jesuswas a drag queen and that same priest wrote vile homosexual words about the crucifixion. We are supposed to think Ted Hesburgh is some hero of Catholic education when the man so thoroughly damaged Catholic higher education that you have to think that that’s exactly what his intention was. We have a pope who is trying to turn the Church into something completely unrecognizable, telling bishops to try to come up with a unanimous vote on whether non-Catholics can receive the Eucharist because they feel like it. Can we stop sticking our head in the sand so we can’t hear the pope when he says the Zika virus (and of course any other difficulty you might come up with – or maybe that the German Bishops vote on!) is a pretty good reason to use artificial contraception? Can we stop thinking he’s cute when he gives yet another audience to Scalfari so Scalfari can send up deniable theological trial balloons? Can we stop pretending that it’s no big deal that Cardinal Schonborn said the issue of women priests is too big for “just” the pope to deal with so the bishops should be given the (settled by Jesus already!) question of women in the priesthood? And can we stop pretending that we don’t know what those adorable, affable bishops will decide on that question? Stop, people! Things are very, very, very bad in the Catholic Church. Pray for God to turn things around! Find a parish that doesn’t have a highly entertaining priest and the congregation as the center of the liturgy – if you can! Know what the Church had always taught before the madness started, and cling to that Faith of our grandfathers and great grandfather. Don’t let it bother you that you’ll be called a Gnostic by people who don’t know what the word gnostic means or a neo-Pelagian by people who don’t even know what a Pelagian is. Just please, stop pretending that everything is ok! It’s not. The Church will not disappear off the face of the earth but the people left who know and believe what the Church has always taught will not number in the hundreds of millions, not even close, not any time soon and certainly not if we follow the trajectory the modernists have put us on. Holy Family, pray for us.

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      1. Lady, stop pretending you are the only person who notices things. Stop telling people to stop what they have long ago stopped. it is you who is pretending.


      1. He , Dolan and Martin etc. Should be defrocked . So should many.of.the German, belgian, Malta .and most.of the jesuits bishops and clowns in.the univ and the Vatican.. ….. Pope Francis cannot be this niave or oblivious to.the antics of his clique and appointees in charge in the Vatican ..


        1. Meh. I’d rather see them silenced and have to eat at McDonalds for their punishments. I’m afraid defrocking would just feed their martyr complex but imagine a world where Fr. Martin may not publish and Cardinal Dolan has to live on McNuggets. That would definitely be a circle of hell for those two.


      2. Ravasi is the one that tweets out how wonderful DAvid Bowie was, and he tweets verses of various rock people songs to show how cool he is. patheticus.


  2. So glad to belong to a trad parish with a wonderful I older Polish priest who tells it like it is. But in a few years he’ll retire. And I’m sure he’ll be replaced with another Church of Nice. I’ve already seen one priest have a nervous breakdown and sent to another country. Another one has been shifted to the hinterlands of our diocese. Both were not American priests educated in our seminaries who took to heart what a priest was supposed to be and spoke of the no nos, sins !Confession and attending Mass. And horror of horrors chanted the Mass. Our current parish has the English but also the TLM Mass but in our whole diocese there are very few parishes like this. We’re seniors and grew up with real Catholicidm. I hate to see these other things occurring but the Church will survive but boy we’d better be praying. We have a Progrssive Popecehos appointed Cardinals and bishops reflecting his views. Let’s leave this in Gods hands because. Only He can change this fiasco .


  3. The same people dressing up are the sort who belittled Pope Benedict for wearing the red shoes that they claimed were made by Prada (but were not).

    I heard someone defending the Gala saying that only a very few dressed in a flamboyant unCatholic manner. If that’s the case why are there more than a few different outfits shown in the photographs? Were those people at some other event or what?

    Something that did smell fishy was the claim that Cardinal Dolan loaned his miter to whatshername. If that’s the case she took the loaned miter and had it encrusted with glittery stuff and ruined it for liturgical use. However, Dolan does not get a pass because even if he didn’t loan the miter he made really stupid comments. (Not to mention attending this blasphemy in the first place.). He really missed an opportunity to uphold the dignity of the Church while he was there by chastising the irreverence toward Catholicism.

    But what can we expect from our shepherds these days when we are subjected to a blasphemous Nativity scene right in St. Peter’s Square?


  4. This was not just a stupid, embarrassing event. This was iniquitous sacrilege, promoted by the highest levels of the Catholic Church. This cultural debauchery represents one wing of the bat of death. The other wing are the liturgical and Sacramental destructions. The “bird” of faith and reason, replaced by the bat of unbelief and insanity. Within and without, they are steadily, rapidly changing the nature of the Church in the world.

    Seeing Cardinal Dolan high-stepping with the iniquitous blasphemers, and the resulting silence of his confreres, is a clarifying moment for me. This is why the Dubia is not answered. The Church, with a few shining exceptions, is iniquitous and fallen. They are not going to help. If they could have, if they could have been there and stretched their aged limbs, the Cardinals would all have formed their own high-stepping line on that evil NY City night.

    I will not follow these people. Not for a moment. They have lost me. I choose to walk with Saints like Therese, Theresa and Pius X. They surround me, and all of us suffering Faithful.


  5. What kind of person hired CBS anchor man Otis Livingston to work on national television if he hase bad views over CBS Leslie Moonves calling him white garbage, unprofessional in business, dumb, and even homo. Leslie Moonves must becareful of Otis Livingston he is maniac!


  6. I am with you on this. For the life of me, I cannot understand how the Vatican and the Archdiocese of NY could have possibly promoted and supported this.

    Some of the gowns and suits were beautiful, respectful, and modest, as were those who wore them. For the most part, however, it looked like a San Francisco gay pride parade.

    The art created for our churches and for our Sacramentals is meant to draw us to Jesus and to illustrate the teachings of the Bible and of the Church. It is *NOT* meant to be used as a satire or a fashion statement.

    What is even worse is that the hierarchy laughed right along with this sacrilege. They have shamed and offended all of us who take our Faith and all that goes with it seriously. I was taught that it is not enough to take up space in a pew once a week – I have to be willing to die for my Faith. Apparently our leadership thinks this is funny.

    My heart is very heavy. It is bad enough when outsiders make us an offensive caricature. But when our own people think this kind of thing is healthy and in good fun, and will bring others to us, I am heartbroken and discouraged. God help us.


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