Where Are You NcR?

Hey NcR!  You’re supposedly big tent.  Where’s your pleas on Alfie Evans’ behalf?  I went to your site and searched for Alfie Evans.  Guess what?  Not an original word from you.  One simple reprint from Catholic New Service.  You might want to possibly go a slightly little bigger tent to encompass the least of us!  You’re really awful.

To my readers…I’m sorry I’ve been MIA.  I’ve had that nasty flu for a few weeks but I’m on the rebound!  Just can’t stay sidelined when one of the least is in so much danger.  Please continue to pray for Alfie and his parents.  We need a BIG miracle to smack down the UK. #AlfieEvans


5 thoughts on “Where Are You NcR?

  1. I am from the UK and we are appalled by the NHS and Government’s attitude to these parents and their desperately ill child. Our hierarchy have also remained relatively silent on this situation but this is not the first time this has happened. Doctors in this country believe they have the authority to make the decision on what is best “for the child” completely denying the parents their rights. We are all praying for this family.

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  2. What if they get a priest to administer the Holy Eucharist to Alfie? They could argue that they have a right to do it as a religious ceremony, and that denying him this would be an act of anti-religious discrimination. The priest could just ring up the Archbishop of Liverpool if he needs a dispensation to give the Sacrament to an infant.


  3. Ncr has blicked public commentary online. on their website for a reason.Sadder still.is the inacttion on the part.of tthe cino Ilk of. bishops there in Britain,on Alfies behalf.


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