With Love, The Hatemongers

Alrighty!  This is what I was working on when the Buzzfeed article on Fr. Z dropped out of the sky like manna from the blogosphere.

So, in case you didn’t gather this from the BuzzFeed debacle, somebody got his feelings hurt and is now on a search and destroy mission.  

Fr. James Martin Demands Bishops Censor His Critics for ‘Hate’

 By JOHN ZMIRAK Published on January 30, 2018 • 27 Comments

Father James Martin, SJ has a problem with power. He craves it, as an addict dreams of the needle.

Not to quibble too much, but I’d also throw in attention.  He acts as if he grew up an only child, who was never taught that the world did not revolve around him, and cannot handle attention going to anyone but himself.

What do I mean? On the issue that most threatens the coherence of Christian churches and their liberty in America, Martin collaborates with the Church’s persecutors: the powerful, prestigious, and culturally glamorous LGBT lobby. You know, the group that can get people fired, shamed, and in some places even prosecuted for cleaving to Christian orthodoxy. Yet Martin pretends that his stance is somehow courageous. When faithful Catholics speak out against him, he accuses them of “hate speech,” which in some places is borderline illegal. He casts the organizations that criticize his stance as “extremists,” even “alt-right.” He’s trying to smear orthodox Christians with the dung-soaked brush of disgraceful racism.

Nailed it.  Fr. Martin really isn’t anything fancy.  He’s a typical liberal with typical silly arguments wrapped in the word “Catholic”, which, to him, is nothing more than a word he uses to garner his version of moral superiority.  He’s had a good year, what with his appointment by Pope Francis and all.  I can’t possibly deny that, but his days are numbered, and he knows that he’s going back to relative obscurity sooner than he’d like.

Faithful Believers Push Back

Most recently, some lay Catholics protested Martin’s appearance at a parish in New Jersey. As LifeSiteNews reports:

A lay Catholic group known for its fidelity to Church teaching on life, marriage, and family has successfully campaigned to have a Catholic parish cancel a talk offered by pro-homosexual priest and Vatican adviser Fr. James Martin. The Jesuit priest is now on a warpath against the Catholic group, slamming them on social media as “bullies.”

I guess “bullies” is in and “haters” is out these days?  Let’s call this for what it is.  He’s spiraling.  I think we’re up to at least three events he’s been dis-invited to lately.  He sees the smoke and knows there’s fire.

Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) launched a petition after learning that Fr. Martin was scheduled to give a Lenten reflection at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Whitehouse, New Jersey on February 15, 2018.

The lay group noted how the pro-LGBT priest acted like a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” when it came to Catholic teaching on sexuality.

The group stated in its petition:

Martin said Catholics should “reverence” homosexual unions

Martin supports the acceptance of transgenderism for children

Martin favors homosexual kissing during Mass (sacrilege against God)

Martin calls dissident, pro-homosexual nun a “saint”

Martin welcomed an award from New Ways Ministry, a group condemned by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

“Fr. Martin’s push to normalize unnatural vice inside the Church, prompted Catholic leaders to cancel some of his recently scheduled appearances,” stated TFP.

So, Fr. Martin calls TFP bullies but did he bother to refute the claims?!  I mean, if they are making this up, it should be a slam dunk for him.  Of course, they are not.  Every last one of these can be easily verified.  This is what really ticks off Fr. Martin.  His writings Twitter feed, and his pride have hung him.  He thinks/thought he was untouchable with his new title, but now he’s realizing maybe not so much. He’s spontaneously combusting.

It seems like a little thing. A group of lay Catholics thinks that Martin falsifies ancient Jewish-Christian teaching on sexuality. So they used peaceful means to convince a pastor not to sponsor his talk. That’s within their rights. As Americans and as Catholics. It’s within the pastor’s purview to make that decision.

It’s not a little thing.  It’s our duty, and EVERYONE needs to know they can and should TRY to support truth in the Church.

Time to Quash the Orthodox

But Father Martin is trying to cast free speech and lay activism as extremist bullying. And he wants it stopped. As he Tweeted:

“It’s time for bishops, priests and lay leaders finally to stand up to the hate-mongering of online groups with no standing whatsoever in the church, who seek to substitute their spurious authority for legitimate church authority, and who seek to run the church by fear and hatred.

— James Martin, SJ (@JamesMartinSJ) January 28, 2018″

In case you doubt, here’s the screen capture: 


Bahahaha!  So glad he’s so opposed to name calling. Bullies and hatemongering nobodies? Wow!  Who exactly are these “hatemongering” groups? And I’d REALLY like to know who the “lay leaders” to whom he is referring, wouldn’t you?  That’s just creepy. Also, gotta point out New Ways Ministry, which has less than no standing in the Church, but he sure thinks they’re peachy. Like I said, typical liberal. “Let’s just say it, regardless of truth, and hope it sticks!”

I’m not involved with TFP and I’m sure we don’t agree on all subjects but TFP listed several facts about Fr. Martin, petitioned the lawful authority, and he answered.  Fr. Martin, exactly how did ANYONE in the three cancellations you’ve received skirt “legitimate church authority?”  Oh, yeah.  They didn’t.  If you’re going to continue with these calumnious accusations, you might want to pony up the proof.

Have you got that? Bishops should step in and condemn lay Catholics who criticize Fr. Martin. Or else they’re complicit in giving in to “hate.” Catholics should face public condemnation by their bishops if they dare to disagree with Martin’s new, Caesar-friendly stance on same-sex sin.

Obama would be proud.  “Hate, hateful, hate, blah, blah, blah, and you’re gonna get that label too!”  He’s so typical it hurts.

Think of Martin’s position as a special advisor to the Vatican. Of his friendly relations with many bishops. Of his long list of media buddies. (He worked with Martin Scorcese on the movie Silence, and appears on Stephen Colbert’s show.) Don’t be surprised if he finds some takers. He’s doubtless hoping to see compliant bishops condemn groups like TFP. He hopes they’ll ban them from churches, denounce them in Church newspapers, as if they were indeed some kind of hate group.

The internet is his worst nightmare.  No way to stop the truth from coming out, and he REALLY hates that.

Father Quisling, Stooge of Caesar

I answered Fr. Martin this way:

“If immigration delivers the left permanent majorities, expect men like Martin to be the Quislings overseeing what’s left of our 1st Amendment rights. They’ll certify which groups are “legitimately” religious, and which are “hate groups” to jail. He’s salivating for that power.

— John Zmirak (@JZmirak) January 28, 2018″

Well, sadly, that’s true, but I’m not sure we need to worry about immigration causing that.  We seem ready to hang ourselves some days.

Imagine an America under President Kamala Harris. As Attorney General of California she prosecuted David Daleiden for investigating Planned Parenthood. Her California Democratic Party tried to deny routine federal funds to any religious college that upholds Christian morals. How do you think her appointees to the federal anti-discrimination apparat would treat Christians who resist the LGBT agenda?

Oh, I’m totally sure that scenario would thrill Fr. Martin, because, well, seamless garment!  No matter how many times Fr. Martin says “Abortion wrong!” he’s going to consider peeps like Kamala the lesser of the two evils, because abortion and euthanasia are not pre-eminent evils in his mind.  He’s smarter than to say it, but my guess is that he thinks people who buy the Church’s teaching on homosexuality and transgenderism are the pre-eminent issues.

Let’s say such a catastrophe happens. Where do you think clergy like Fr. Martin will be standing? Will they speak up for religious freedom? Or will they serve as front men for Caesar and his soldiers? Will they certify that “mainstream,” “authentic” Christian churches have no quarrel with the government? That it’s just those “hateful” “extremists,” who are really no better than racists?

I think we’ve already had a taste of his response under Obama.

Bishops should step in and condemn lay Catholics who criticize Fr. Martin. Or else they’re complicit in giving in to “hate.”

I’ve always thought it telling how Martin helped write Scorcese’s Silence. Martin praised the priests who avoided martyrdom. Who instead chose to work with the pagan government. They took wives, nice homes, and salaries, and helped to hunt down secret Christians. Martin wrote in America magazine that they made that choice because Jesus told them to.

Like the sly Jesuit that he is, Fr. Martin is thinking ahead.

BAM!  The last thing Fr. Martin wants is ANYONE who is willing to accept martyrdom, which is kind of ironic based on how many times he’s tried to play the martyr card.

#meetthelaity #CatholicCyberMiltia


28 thoughts on “With Love, The Hatemongers

  1. I’m thinking about that “no standing whatsoever in the Church” comment… I was not aware that laity had no standing in the Mystical Body of Our Lord. I seem to recall learning that “clericalism” is the word for such an attitude. Will be writing my own post on the subject.

    It’s very sad and scary to watch this unfold.

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  2. Fr Martin writes,

    “It’s time for bishops, priests and lay leaders finally to stand up to the hate-mongering of online groups with no standing whatsoever in the church, who seek to substitute their spurious authority for legitimate church authority, and who seek to run the church by fear and hatred.”

    While I agree with your analysis, OMM, is it not obvious that this argument will fly with Pope Francis? My guess is that all clerical bloggers ( Fr. Z, Deacon Zmirak, etc) will shortly find themselves silenced, which the pope has a perfect right to do.

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  3. Yes, going down. But his proxy bishops will need to descend with him, or repent of offering up their offices to him and his gay-timbered bridge-building.


        1. Tolerance? Do you want to be “tolerated”? Christians are called to go beyond the cheap and arrogant “tolerance” to LOVE! Please don’t just tolerate people and never tolerate evil. Love people and do what you can to stop evil.

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        2. How can one tolerate sin? Of course, we must love everyone, but that doesn’t mean that we accept everything they think and do. For example, I know of people who are constantly talking about tolerance, acceptance and being non-judgmental who are also talking about the evils of white males and the evils of Western Civilization. I know people who claim to be the very essence of tolerance who say that Donald Trump and called President Bush “Shrub”. Hate is hate, isn’t it? We, as Christians, must judge thoughts and actions, but we can never judge people. NEVER.


  4. Add to this the current Chinese Catholics controversy of Vatican choosing to deal with the state controlled Church over the underground believers and it is easy to see the direction this Pope is taking, and how Martin came to believe in his own importance and relevance.


  5. The only problem I have with this article is the slam on the “Only child”. I grew up an only child of a single mom. My dad was KIA in Korea in 1951. Being an only child is not easy. Fr. Martin’s self-centered and anti-Catholic babbling should not be attributed to being an only child, but to sin.

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    1. Mea culpa. I was referring to a different time and different reason. I definitely do not think being an only child is easy and mainly for the reason I was suggesting. It’s very hard to “the world does not revolve around you” when it does far more than for most children. Of course, I know families who have navigated around it with their child because they kept that very thing in mind.

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    2. One Mad Mom, I agree with Father, love to read your blog but really, would you please remove that slur on only children? There are those who are blessed to have siblings who can’t share the spotlight, either; many only children know all too well that they are not the center of the universe, even without their parents specifically addressing the issue. Egocentrism has nothing to do with birth order, or lack of it, but with the effects of original sin. (Which is egged on these days by a Me Generation culture.) On behalf of only children (and their parents), won’t you please remove the slur. Thank you and God bless you.


  6. Oh, I get it. I know some folks who are like that. Fr. JM seems to think that way, doesn’t he? I’ve met clergy who were like that in person. One was a young Deacon in Ireland who was bragging about all of the things he had done as a Deacon and how smart he was. There were two young Priests with him who looked embarrassed. I said “Well, you think it’s all about you, don’t you? God’s just waiting for you to give Him the time of day, isn’t he?” The Priests laughed. I said “Do you think you’re going to serve the people or are the people there to serve you?” He wanted to say something back, but I’m a big, older Priest who he could see was not going to put up with any foolishness. I said “It’s time for a change of heart, Deacon. I hope you become a humble servant after tonight.”

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