Fr. Martin – Pouring Gas on the Bridge and Lighting it on Fire!

Oh my ever-loving goodness!  More honesty than usual!  Hat tip to Joseph Sciambra for posting this one:

Fr. James Martin has become emboldened by his new-found (and maybe just in the plan of the Holy Spirit’s plan) appointment hat we’re not backing down despite his best efforts to tell us we really suffer from same-sex attraction and that we’re insecure in our sexuality.  Um, 20-something years and a bunch of kids later, Fr. Martin, I can assure you that isn’t true. Oh wait, honey, sorry to tell you….  The idea that people who disagree with you must be paranoid that they are SSA is ridiculous.  Nice try though. Classic move.  Reality is, we just think you kind of stink. (I’m hoping I get time off of purgatory for not using the crass version of what I really think!)

First, he can’t really decide whether or not he’s a theologian. Every other day he’s saying he is or he’s saying he know something about it.  Sorry, Father Martin, who it is and who it is not accepted by is irrelevant.  Might read a little on the Reformation.

At the 3:53 minute he’s actually admitting something he’s not before. He’s admitting that he thinks “gay marriage” will become a reality.  Praise the Lord!  Can we now silence him?  Pope Francis!  Did you catch that one?  This is your mouthpiece and heresy is kind of a no-no.

And somewhere around 5:31 he says we shouldn’t take the bible literally.  I could agree with that in some areas where the Church gives its interpretation but, hello!  How any time have we heard this guy and his buds spew “Judge not lest ye be judged????”  Only about a million.

And, of course around 5:41 he states the majority of us are homophobic.  There’s a shocker.  Let me clue people in as I have so many times before.  I do not fear people suffering from same-sex attraction.  I fear the “gay lifestyle”, “gay activities” and what it’s doing to society, to the Church and too many friends!  Listen, unless we all get on board with struggling with our personal temptations, we are all doomed as a society.  Deal.  I’m not going to candy coat it.  Of course, God wins in the end but it can be hell on earth until that happens.

Around 6 minutes in, he basically says he can say “Love the sinner, hate the sin!” but if we say it, there’s no love.  Let me clue you in, Fr. Martin. We are angry and justly so because you’ve led people to believe the Church is going to change i’s stance on marriage because some don’t receive it.  Is there love? You betcha!  If we didn’t love the person suffering from SSA we wouldn’t care less about them or you.  This is why we counter your crud at most turns.  It has little do with us and everything to do with those we care about.

Around 6:16 he says most of those opposed to his book think we know no “gays” or we only know “former gays.”  Really, Fr. Martin? Get a stinking grip.  While a minority, you don’t have to join the “Fr. Martin Fan Club” to know someone suffering with same-sex attraction.  Yeah, we’re not “snide” as people are referred to.  Although, quite frankly, I’m probably a huge eye-roller when it comes to people mentioning because it makes me so angry that you cause so much division and that you lead so many souls astray.  I can only reassure my friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. that I have no ill will towards you and that I wish you join me in the struggle against Satan that I’m waging where my temptations lie.  Fr. Martin?  He wants your accolades and couldn’t give a darn what whether or not you’re in a SSA relationship and get hit by a bus tomorrow.

At 7:10 Fr. Martin, once again, promotes the fear idea.  This, as usual, is his way of saying we are great big meanies and we’re only it if for ourselves.  How about you build a bridge my way Fr. Martin.  Maybe you should spend a whole lot more time with people who worry about their immortal soul and those of others before you bother to write a book.  How about that idea?  I’d surmise that we’ve spent a whole lot more time with those suffering from SSA than you have spent with those whose primary focus is the everlasting life with God!

And new?  Please! There were people struggling with SSA when I was in high school (and quite frankly, probably earlier).  While I’m not as old of you, it has been a part of my life for many, many a year.  Get over yourself.

Around 7:35 he talks of those who bring in the hopes and desire of their “LGBT” family members.  Let’s just stop for a second and thin about why that’s happening.  Oh yeah, it’s you, Fr. Martin.  While you should be encouraging people to struggle, you’re encouraging them to dream that their wishes will someday become true.  How totally and utterly sad.  How about you teach them to take up their cross like the rest of us, no matter what it is, and join us in seeking everlasting life?  I guess you’d have to buy into Truth before that happens.

8:35,  Fr. Martin tells us that if we knew “gay couples” we wouldn’t be able to deny that people reached out to people in the margins to which we give a hearty “Duh!” to Fr. Martin.  That said, Christ did what he refuses to do.  Christ told them to “Go and sin not more!”  You don’t even mention sin, Fr. Martin, unless it’s the false sin of judging actions.  And, let me be blunt, we don’t see Jesus in sodomy and masturbation. Another “Duh!”

At 9:35, commentator tells us we’re against “all things homosexual.”  Again, please.  We are not against homosexuals.  In fact, apparently, they’re the reason I blog as of late. We are against the ACTIVITIES of any person engaging in activities that are harmful to their souls.  So, think about this people suffering from SSA.  Either Fr. Martin doesn’t believe in the teaching of the Church or he does and he’s willing to throw you under the bus in hopes that they are changed by consensus (which cannot happen).

At 10:03 interviewer tells us that theological teaching “does have to come into contact with the state of things on the ground.  And, in the U.S., the shape of things on the ground, is such that a lot of Catholics do support gay marriage.”  Fr. Martin then goes out to say that in sub-Saharan Africa you’d be run out of town.  Then he goes onto allude that theologians (which he always says he is not) would agree with him and that “Church leaders” would not despite that the people of God are being led by the Holy Spirit. The Church leaders resist that and then he goes back to the “reception of teaching” which he never actually gives Church teaching on.  (Did we really expect him to?) Hmmmm…Why would that be?  Oh, maybe it’s because the Deposit of Faith doesn’t lie with us!

Near 11:35 he brings up Humanae Vitae.  How nice of him to admit it’s still in effect.  Gee thanks.  I’m not sure what “Made their peace” with it means as far as the majority of the laity.  You can’t really have peace when you are thwarting God’s laws but, whatever.  He then goes on to talk of the divide between the “theological world and the Episcopacy.”  Uh, translation:  The divide between Fr. Martin and cronies and the Church.

At 12:31 Fr. Martin asks why it is so terrible to go to a “gay wedding” but it is not terrible to go to a Jewish wedding.  Well, Fr. Martin, if you’d have a clue, you’d know that A) a “gay wedding” is never considered valid in the eyes of the Church and that a b) Jewish wedding would be considered valid in the eyes of the Church as long as one of the parties was not Catholic and that the Jewish religion considered it valid.  If someone was an apostate (converted to Judaism) they are not longer bound by the Catholic law.  I would think that a priest in the Catholic Church would kind of know that, and I’m rather sure he does.  These are two TOTALLY different scenarios.  Of course, Fr. Martin then goes on to tug at the heartstrings and talk about “people that you love.” Fr. Martin, if I loved a person I wouldn’t want their temporal happiness in lieu of their everlasting happiness.  Wanting the latter is TRUE LOVE!

And, as he’s done before, he tugs at the heartstrings at 13:25 in regards to people losing their jobs after posting pictures of their weddings  Hello!!!!! How about people losing their immortal souls????  A little more important than people losing their livelihoods, wouldn’t you say?

Then he asks at 13:35 how it’s worse to go to a civil wedding than a Jewish wedding?  Uh, one condones sodomy/masturbation and the other does not?  How’s that for starters?  Then he puts for the premise that “it’s worse to be a Christian and gay than to reject Jesus.”  Uh, you aren’t really practicing the Christian faith if you are an active homosexual.  At least being an apostate is a little more honest.  Neither or good but when you are an apostate, you are not bound to the Canon Law.

At 14:45 Fr. Martin thinks it’s a beautiful story that the interviewer’s parents are walking him down the isle at her non-Catholic, “gay wedding.”  How ridiculously sad is this?  They keep talking about them “coming around.”  Coming around to what? Had a conversion to what?  A union full of sodomy and masturbation?  How beautiful.  And then the biggie.  Fr. Martin states “This is what Jesus does.” Isn’t it interesting how the Fr. Martins of this world never use “Go and sin no more” woman but the women at the well.  Reality is that the scenario is rather the same but they just can’t see it that way. Christ holds us accountable for our sins.  The Fr. Martins of this world would like you to miss that.

15:29 Fr. Martin talks about how beautiful it is that this guy’s parents can celebrate his love with his same-sex partner.  Really?  Maybe I should clue Fr. Martin in.  You do understand that it means she will be engaging in masturbation and/or sodomy, right?  I mean, I’m pretty sure he does but I just have to ask so he can obfuscate a bit more. It’s fun watching him twist pretzels.

15:45 Martin then has the utter audacity at ask “how could God not rejoice in that kind of reconciliation and bridge building?”  You know, the kind where you jump off a spiritual cliff and reject the teachings of Christ’s Church?  Yeah, that reconciliation.  Honestly, I kind of want to vomit about the lack of Truth going on in this conversation.  I swear, when they were handing out millstones, Fr. Martin shoved people out of the way to claim his.  Here’s hoping he truly figures out those aren’t diamonds.

At 16:20 Fr. Martin suggests that those who can’t come to this guy’s wedding have more of a clue than you, Fr. Martin.  Then, of course, he goes onto compare it to those that refuse to come to a wedding based on race.  Just when you think he can’t get any more stupid. Sigh.


19 thoughts on “Fr. Martin – Pouring Gas on the Bridge and Lighting it on Fire!

  1. Martin and others like him like Roisica Radcliffe’s and Amer. Mgz. ,Seem unhinged by opposition pointing out how far he and many jesuits sadly have strayed from Christianity in general and the Roman Catholic faith and morals sexual and otherwise in particular …… He is quite insulted at being disinvited from several seminaries etc. .. Good maybe Pope Francis and the Jesuits put a stop to.Martin etc. .. I hope Before they capsize the faith as Pope Benedict has warned.Grow a backbone Pope Francis while there is a Rc church left to save .


  2. Mortal sin makes one STUPID. Seems to me, Fr. Martin is steeped in it. But……did you nail it or did you nail it?? YOU NAILED IT. ……and as far as people being able to ‘receive’ Church teaching, I just wonder. If people ‘believed’ it was really OK to murder people in their life that they didn’t like, would it be an OK thing? I mean, if their ‘conscience’ told them that murder is really not against the law of God, at least not for them, I guess they would be innocent of murder and not held responsible??

    Fr. Martin……..perhaps you should ‘rethink’ that ‘receiving’ thing, eh??


  3. I couldn’t agree with you more. Hearing Fr. Martin distort and manipulate the Truth of our Catholic faith, I keep wondering when the Bishops, Cardinals, or the Pope will silence him. Somebody in authority? Please. Shut. Him. Up.

    And please pray for Joseph Sciambra. Thank you, Mr. Sciambra for documenting Martin’s blasphemous heresy…

    Two more links worth noting…

    Fr. Martin approving of sodomites showing open affection by kissing each other at the sign of peace…

    AND…Fr. Martin on the Roman Centurion who asks Christ for healing of his servant…
    “he talked at length about how the Roman Centurion mentioned in Scripture – could have possibly been asking Christ to heal his “gay” lover…”

    Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, please come! Pray for us!


  4. He is too intelligent to not see his inconsistency. That makes him evil.
    On one hand he calls on people to understand that we all sin, on the other – demands that we celebrate one particularly serious sin – sodomy. He does not predict that thieves, adulterers and murderers will be celebrated in the Church for their sins. Yet he is looking forward to the time when we will all be celebrating sodomy.

    He is ignoring the fact that there is no persecution of sodomites in our society, only a persecution of those of us who refuse to bow to sodomy. Children are being adopted and conceived to pleasure sodomites! Parents are increasingly worried to teach theory children about the evil of sodomy, for fear of the sate placing them in a sodomitc foster “family”. Yet the Church teaches that it is not a privilege, but an obligation of parents to raise their children.

    He is definitely not ignorant of all of this, and he keeps pushing in a self-serving way.


  5. Oh, and did you mention? (and I would have to reread the article for the many ‘points of interesting heresy’ from Fr. Martin)……………..that HE is the Pope’s MOUTHPIECE?? Well ‘Holy Father’ cough, cough… appears that you give him your BLESSING, eh? LOVELY.


  6. uhhhhh….I guess since many of the disciples walked away in disgust at the Eucharistic discourse in John 6, it made the Eucharist invalid (?)….they certainly didn’t ‘receive’ the teaching (the TRUTH), so it negated any onus on their part in rejecting it?…..WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!…this guy is pure snake. Or as St. Polycarp put it to a heretic in his day, “…(he’s) the firstborn of satan and a spawn of hell!”


  7. Sometimes I have read about some older (and bizarre) errors/heresies and wonder, “How on Earth could this have been a real thing?” But this whole thing has been educational. A charismatic leader finds a group who will support him and his ideas, and he goes to live among that group, unhinging himself from the rest of reality. It utterly destroys perspective. The leader sees everything in terms of that group. Intelligence has nothing to do with it – it is the will that is directing the powers of the intellect.

    Also – the canonist in me wants to point out that apostasy does not remove the obligation of canonical form nor the impediment of disparity of cult, except for those few persons who between 1983 and 2009 who went through the whole formal process of getting a letter signed by the bishop or pastor acknowledging their defection (see Motu Proprio “Omnium in Mentem”).

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  8. Could you show a pic of your keyboard after this blog. Like most of us deplorable Catholics the Fr. Martins of the world force us to go to confession, just for our thoughts, after trying to discern his thoughts.


  9. How about you build a bridge my way Fr. Martin. Maybe you should spend a whole lot more time with people who worry about their immortal soul and those of others before you bother to write a book. How about that idea?

    He should spend a whole lot more time with people who are taking care of children, which is usually mothers — those “icky” girls.

    Babies are a lot of hard work, and it’s best done with a mother and a father, and with community support for keeping the mother and father together.

    A big part of Fr. Martin’s agenda can only be accomplished in a socialist society where worker bees care for new bees, period.


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