Go Gracia!

Listen, I’m really late to the game due to life flying at me a hundred miles an hour so, sorry.  The film Because of Gracia has special previews Thursday, September 14th and opens in a limited release on September 15th.   See here for a theater near you.

In the era of Game of Thrones, I like to wholeheartedly support an attempt at goodness.  I don’t share the “boycott all media” mentality of some.    I’ve been thrilled at some of the more recent releases in the Christian genre.  Bella, For Greater Glory, Gimme Shelter and Little Boy are my favorites thus far and I’m hearing good things about Because of Gracia.  Heck, I’d support this one just because of Moriah Peters and the way that the American Idol judges were offended at her attempt to remain chaste.  I think she deserves a buck or ten simply for that one.  I’m a mom.  You don’t get to tell a talented kid trying to live the chaste life to toddle off and get some “life experience.”  Please.

I’m one of those moms who doesn’t hesitate to drag her kids to things that make them pause. I don’t really ask if they want to go. Actually, my kids know resistance is futile so they might as well sit back, enjoy and contemplate. They usually end up appreciating quite a bit because they are amazing kids and, when it comes down to it, they want their lives and goodness mainstreamed instead of porn.  I think this looks like one of those types of movies.

So, in this 100th anniversary year of Fatima where we we’ve been told that many people will wind up in hell due to sins of the flesh might it be nice to choose something wholesome for a change and tell the mainstream media to buzz off?!  Personally, I’d like to get back to the days of wholesome entertainment.  If we don’t support these types of things, how can we ever expect them to become mainstream again?  We simply going to be stuck with movies and TV shows which show chastity as a farce.  We know that “Our Lady has already crushed its head” but we must still fight the good fight and promoting wholesome entertainment is one very small way to do this.  We need to change the culture.  The Mass, prayer (especially the Rosary), fasting and sacrifices are the best to do this but we should use all of the weapons in our arsenal and the media is the newest weapon.  When it’s used for good, we should support it.


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