Make it so!

I was right in the middle of a rather long piece delineating the back and forth between Austen Ivereigh and Matthew Schmitz (I probably gave it more attention than I should have) when I ran across an interesting development.  I really came late to the family dinner due to “mom stuff,” so it was pretty much a “What just happened?” moment and it took me a wee bit of time to look up the voluminous back and forth and Al Jazeera TV.  My disappointment in Crux was rivaling Patheos.  Sigh. 

I’d just like to say kudos to John Allen for this.  I must say I did find him to blame for allowing another hit piece by Ivereigh (previous ones dealt with here and here). While we probably don’t agree on everything (I’m positive we don’t), I’ve always found him to come from a charitable, even-tempered position with the best of intentions.  I’m sure he prayed long and hard on this one and I totally respect him for trying to keep to quell the circular firing squad.

I do think Allen comes from a “I’m a uniter, not a divider” kind of slant.  While I’m sure that he has much more patience than I, sometimes I think it’s misplaced and I have to ask what he’s uniting with sometimes.  How’s the saying go? “Unity for the sake of unity…”

I would like to say, while I was happy with a critique of Fr. James Martin’s latest book in Crux (, I would love it if Crux would never, ever post a thought from Fr. Martin again as they did last here  and that John Allen would not do a forward in his books or let him write for Crux as show here until Fr. Martin ditches the moral ambiguity and “The Church is mean!” stance.  I don’t care if the blind squirrel does find a nut on occasion, it lends credence to his, more often than not, “strange notions.”  That little “blind squirrel” has led many others into darkness.

So for now, let’s just give a thumbs up to Crux’s new editorial policy.  Here’s hoping it gets even better!  Make it so, John Allen!  Make it so! (Yes, you could say I’m in the “Next Generation”…)


21 thoughts on “Make it so!

  1. Two weeks ago we flew into SFO so that we would have to traverse San Francisco on our way to visit our daughter’s convent in Berkeley ( Kensington Carmel of JMJ), We’d never been in San Francisco. So, we availed ourselves of the opportunity to visit the Cristo Rey Carmel, and all unawares visited the massive St. Ignatius Church across the street. What a massive, beautiful Church! Largely intact, it too has suffered the ravages of Vatican II in what appears a nod to Buddhism in the right rear of the Church, with side altars apparently ripped out and the available space devoid of all Catholic decoration, sacramentals or the least indication of anything Catholic. Evidently it is a space dedicated to meditation, sequestered as it is from the rest of the church by massive glass windows and doors. One could say that within its space the Incarnation is utterly missing. It is passing strange and VERY ironic for the Society of Jesus.

    But the thing that truly infuriated me was to find that on entering the church from the Cristo Rey side one is immediately confronted with a stand carrying large poster/advertisment for one of Fr. James Martin’s books. Whatever happened to “My house is a house of prayer?” or in Our Lord’s rendition, “My house is a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves” ? The Christian thing to have done would have been to throw it out on the street, but it never crossed my mind till now.


    1. Sadly, it’s not surprising to the locals. If you’re looking for authentically Catholic churches in SF, try St. Dominic’s, Star of the Sea, St. Peter’s and Paul. All of the glory, none of the Martin.


  2. John Allen is a complete phony, he’s even married to a Jewish woman. The man wrote for the heretical NCFishwrap for 16 years! Why are you wasting your time even reading Crux?


    1. Wait you didn’t put your usual “non-anti-Semitic” disclaimer, Leroy!

      I don’t read exclusively things with which I agree. If I did, I’d never get the chance to counter them. Plus, there are some good writers at Crux. I just don’t find Ivereigh to be one of them.


      1. I only mentioned she was Jewish, because how is it possible to grow in holiness together with a spouse who denies the Logos? He’s a phony Catholic, and every once in a while it slips out. But I see now why you read the Crux, someone has to. Admittedly sometimes I read the NCfishwrap for laughs. And I love the Jews, as Christ commands us to love our enemies.


          1. Yeah, but most of the time it just takes you away from the faith (eg. John Allen). The 6th Precept of the Church forbid Catholics to marry outside of the faith, but that was abolished with Vatican II and its ecumenical madness.


          2. Most of the time people didn’t have the faith to begin with and I wouldn’t say John Allen has moved away from the Faith. Allen’s problem is he is the Rodney King of Catholicism and my position is that, no, we can’t all get along sometimes.


        1. Leroy, do you really think Jews are your enemies? I understand how a Nazi might feel that way, but not a true Christian. It’s sad to think that in your world, most of the people in it are your “enemies”. Glad you love them anyway.


          1. The Jews have been anti-Logos for 2000 years, why wouldn’t they be our enemy? Doesn’t mean we still shouldn’t pray for their conversion. Please take some time to watch this video, and raise your Catholic consciousness:


  3. Well, you can start with 1 Thessalonians 2:

    14 For you, brethren, are become followers of the churches of God which are in Judea, in Christ Jesus: for you also have suffered the same things from your own countrymen, even as they have from the Jews:

    15 Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and they please not God, and are adversaries to all men;

    16 Forbidding us to speak to the Gentiles that they may be saved, to fill up their sins always: for the wrath of God is come upon them to the end.


  4. We are all born enemies of God. It is only through Baptism and the Catholic Church (outside of which there is no salvation) that we are saved from this kingdom of satan. “He who rejects me, rejects him who sent me.” Catholicism teaching 101. Accusing me of protestantism is hogwash. Don’t be brainwashed by the Modernist ecumenical madness that has infected the Church for the last 50+ years (Nostra Aetate). More later…


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