Dear Catholic Women Who Attended the “Women’s March”…

Before anyone who went there to be a counter-protest or a voice for the unborn has a heart attack, I’m not talking about you.  Carry on.

Now, to those of you Catholic women who thought this march sounded like a good idea, who thought that you would be noble for joining in, or who came to the realization that you’ve never really stood for much in your life so you grabbed onto the first thing that came your way, you are rather lame.

The Catholic women who have tried to stand for goodness from just about the moment they could stand are rather disgusted in you.  You didn’t do your homework and you were duped.  It’s rather embarrassing for the rest of us.

Before you rant about me being a Trump supporter: I wasn’t.  I didn’t support him in the primaries and actively campaigned against him.  I was disgusted by a good portion of his comments and his life.  When it came down to him and Hillary… I thanked God I live in California and just voted for the most moral guy I could find since my vote was not going to elect Hillary or Trump (I was accused of both).  I didn’t have to hold my nose.  The race wasn’t even going to be close.  So, I’m pleased to say that I can say I didn’t vote for Trump in the election and I still denounce the Women’s March.  It’s not either/or here.  I was not a fan of either.  Of course, that said, I will be forever grateful that Clinton didn’t win and I will also continue to pray that Trump is making amends for his past indiscretions and I’m quite happy with much he has done thus far.

Onto the “Women’s March”… Of course, I didn’t have much hope of the non-Catholic women having a clue.  There’s a whole lot of sheep in this universe but the Catholic women???  Come on ladies.  You should have seen the writing on the wall.

Catholic women should have seen the list of speakers and thought “Wow!  Almost all of these wackos rail against the Church!”  “They all want someone to pay for their sex lives.”  “It’s a Planned Parenthood Rally!”, etc.   You should have realized that the pink hats you were supposed to don were a double entendre and ended up every bit as vile as Trump’s comments.  You should have looked around, at the very least, in the major cities and thought, “Do I really want to be lumped in with the crew wearing vagina costumes?  Might I be missing something?”

I don’t really know whether you didn’t do your homework or you caved to your liberal priests who were whining about immigration and seemed to be very sad Hillary didn’t win.  So, let’s say you were out there to rail against Trump’s very misguided, vile, and misogynistic comments about women.  Did you really think it was a good idea to join in with all of the self-loathing women who are every bit as vile?  Madonna?  Ashley Judd? Yeah, those two are the epitome of respect for women.  Gag!  I really feel you need to watch this, since so many of you clearly missed it.  Here’s your seven minutes of disgusting for the day:

I just saw the movie “Hidden Figures” yesterday.  I have to say, I think all of you who went to the “women’s march” should be required to see what real persecution of women, minorities, etc. really is.  Those are women who actually fought for the dignity and rights of women.  You?  Not so much.  You are a bunch of whiners!  We’ve got lemmings on the one hand and a bunch of vile women who think I should pay for every aspect of their sex life on the other.  True feminism and equality is being allowed to express our God-given talents and individuality in a way that honors Him.  It’s not about having a mouth like a sailor, free birth-control, and the ability to kill our children at will.   That’s vile narcissism and you just threw in with that crowd.

So, my friends who tell me the “Women’s March” was about “so much more than that!” -PROVE IT!  What’s the more?  Let’s hear you define it.  I had one friend actually tell me it was about the dignity of all women.  Really?  And this is why Linda Sarsour, Muslim “Women’s March” organizer pushes Sharia Law??? (See Linda quickly and furiously trying to delete Tweets):   Let’s see how women fair under Sharia.

Next, let’s talk about the LGBT crew that the “Women’s March” supposedly wanted to protect from mean ol’ Trump. I mean,  your goal is to protect homosexuals, transgender, etc. from bullies, right? First of all, Trump has said VERY little on the LGBT crowd.  I wish he would say a whole lot more but he’s been relatively silent.  Moving beyond Trump’s mystery position, anyone with goodwill would have to wonder why in heaven’s name would the “Women’s March” people want to have Donna Hylton as their speaker???  You know, Donna Hylton, the one who was in on the gang kidnapping, 20 day torture and murder of a homosexual man???  Seriously, girls!  Get a stinking clue.  You have been played at best!

Listen, ladies.  You’ve had years to jump on the causes that the Catholic Church champions (the truly charitable causes) and you’ve sat on your hands until now.  I’m sorry you’ve wasted a good deal of your life sitting on your rear and not fighting for the true dignity of women and the vulnerable but you might want to continue on the sidelines before you hurt yourself (and your daughters) by taking up a cause you know nothing about. Clearly you do not have the skills to even google. You can continue to expend energy trying to justify this sophomoric first outing at activism or you can join the rest of us Catholic women who have been fighting for the true rights and dignity of all people from womb to tomb.  Until then, you’re just embarrassing us by following the truly “Nasty Women” like a bunch of zombies.


28 thoughts on “Dear Catholic Women Who Attended the “Women’s March”…

  1. Ironic that women wearing P hats and dressed up as female genitalia listening to a f bomb speech threatening attacks on the White House by Madonna, ironic name for her ,called this expanded Gay right ,abortionist ,pp and illegal aliens parade a March for women. …….. I am sure Susan B Anthony, Matilda Gage ,. Victoria Woodhull and Liz B Stanon All of whom were pro life are spinning in their graves or in heaven at what Women March has sunk to………. Ironic the same women are offended at what Trump said and did years ago. …… No mention of course of Hillary covering up for hubby Bill serial sex abuse of women for Decades.

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  2. I don’t understand how someone who in effect threw her vote away by voting for a secondary candidate who had no chance of being elected–and rationalizes about it–can chastise the Catholic women misled into marching: Hillary is for infanticide, Trump and Pence are prolife and proved it immediately after the inauguration.

    It was a close election, every vote counted, regardless of excuses about electoral votes.

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    1. I’m sorry you don’t understand. My vote was already wiped out by my fellow Californians. The best bet at that point was to promote the third party cause to try and garner 5% of the vote to receive funding. If i had lived in, say , Ohio, chances are i would have taken a different tactic. Btw, the numbers show the #nevertrump folks made very little difference in the popular vote tally and regardless of your opinion on the electoral vote, it is the prize.


      1. I was appalled to find out a “Catholic” college, University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, charted buses to take people to the women’s march. There are also pictures on the internet of Franciscans enjoying themselves at the march. When I sent a message to the college, they angrily defended their decision with “an excellent educational opportunity for our female students” and “it is important for them to hear alternative viewpoints”. I wonder if the parents and school board share the same sentiment.

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        1. Well i’m sure it was equal to the “educational opportunity” afforded at this ridiculous college. Really???? You need to charter buses to investigate other viewpoints? Morons. I’m just going to guess no buses were chartered for the March for Life. If they were looking for alternative viewpoints, they might have wanted to start there.


      2. I agree that the electoral vote was the prize, and saying that your state was not going for Trump anyway is no excuse not to have voted for him. You threw your vote away. Thank God others did not do the same. As for your vote for a minor pro-life candidate being inconsistent with Catholicism, it was not. It was inconsistent with real life and a wasted vote when the major candidate who is prolife needed all the votes he cold get. This bunny is proud to have voted for Trump, even though it did not change the anti-Trump electoral college vote for her state.


        1. I didn’t throw my vote away. I voted for who I voted for. If the validity is based on chance of winning, your reasoning doesn’t apply in any regard to California.

          If everyone who was in a already clinched state had voted for the same third party candidate (breaking the two party system is sadly too new for people to grasp yet) than we could have not had to rely on party A and party B but could actually have another option. Right? I think you’re taking personal offense. Please note, I didn’t take you to task for voting Trump. I’m just happy I didn’t have to vote for Trump which I’m sure I would have done if it made a difference.

          Regardless, it matters little to the topic of the “Women’s March.” It simply make me a little more equipped to say that I find his comments on women equally disgusting. I don’t think anyone’s debating that, are we? I already gave kudos to him for his moves thus far and am praying for his success and am totally glad it ain’t Hillary.


          1. Just to clarify: What Trump actually said about certain women (groupies really) is that if you are a celebrity they will let you grab them by the pussy. Which is truth. It was also said in privacy. And yes, you did throw your vote away because now libruls use Hillary winning the popular vote in California as a rallying call. You made good points about the Women’s March, thank you.

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          2. Please give up the defense of the video. It was disgusting from start to finish (it’s actually far from limited to the part the “women’s marchers” chose to hone in on. They just picked that one because it was as vile as they are.

            Next, your election math is off. Trump lost popular vote by about 3.5 million in California. All of the third party votes didn’t even equal a million.


          3. Just to clarify we don’t do profanity here. Clearly you’ve missed the whole part of the blog post about not getting into the gutter with anyone of them. Post has been zapped.

            But, just to let you know, I have no fake outrage and I agree with you on the fake outrage of the “Women’s March” babes. That was the point!


  3. I used to occasionally read a knitting blog called Mason Dixon Knitting. Then I clicked on one of their posts and saw that it was all about the hats and how wonderful it was to see them on the front page of the NYTimes. There were dozens of comments from women following the post about how many hats they had knitted for themselves, family members, even strangers. And they all gushed about how empowering and meaningful the march had been. It just made me feel terribly disappointed in women in general who seem to be so easily led astray by emotion. Where is the use of logic? Where is the ability to reason? They felt good about themselves and their pink hats, so they will just overlook the truth of what the march was about: birth control and abortion paid for with U.S. tax money and a hatred of men. Those hats should be the official hat of Planned Parenthood. And what is really crazy is that those hats hadn’t been a political statement prior to the march. I have seen that pattern in knitting books. The name came from the pussycat ear effect. Now they have ruined that too.

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  4. Judy, I had the same experience with the blogs “Teresa Kasner” (which published my comments) and “Mere Knits” (who refused and seems only to publish comments supporting her own view, proclaiming ones that disagree “nasty”). Kasner made a donation to PP after the inauguration and urged her blog readers to do the same. If only these women would take the cotton out of their ears and stick it in their mouths. Kasner put down Trump’s Inaugural Address as she admitted she had not listened to it!

    I ‘m a knitter too, and let’s not give up that charming pattern–maybe knit it in green for prolife? That’s the accent color people from my area wear to the March for Life.

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  5. Your head should be spinning that the man you deemed unfit for office is now the most pro-Christian president America has EVER had. See the irony? He’s doing more to protect women and children from eventual Sharia Law in this country since…anybody. You threw away your vote, instead of voting for a man who is pro-life and has unashamedly made that clear. PRO-LIFE.
    People who are pro-women are marching to get even more Islamic adherents into this country! Please someone, explain to me how women, particularly feminists, can justify bringing MORE men into this country who believe all western women are whores and prostitutes, and treat them as such by molesting them in public, or of course their favorite, rapes of women or boys. yes, BOYS.
    Women are chattle to Muslims. Property. Men can kill them, have them sexually mutilated to remove any possibility of sexual pleasure, and stone them to death if they are raped. Yes, stone the VICTIM to death. It happens. A 27 year old woman was ripped to pieces by a mob for…talking to a man without a male escort with her.
    And American women think wearing vaginas on their head is going to…enhance our dignity and status, and that while proving we are a nation of utter slobs, let’s bring in more of the people who already think of us that way but are happy to use us as hookers.
    I think the nation has gone crazy, absolutely crazy. I don’t know what has happened to logic or reason, but people aren’t applying it anymore, and we are all going to pay a price for this level of stupidity if people don’t start waking up soon.

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    1. Blah, blah, blah. I’m hardly losing sleep. Count me in the company of some pretty awesome bishops. Like I said, I hope he proves me totally wrong and I’m praying he does and always have. This isn’t a pride issue. Prayer can bring miracles! The fact is, I could vote for the most moral candidate and I did so without any repercussion from my vote. Like I said, if I lived in a battleground state, I would have had to think about it. I live in California so I didn’t. Until he became president, it was all words. I’m reasonably sure you cannot deny that since almost everything he’d done before his candidacy was polar opposite. You’ve got to be crazy if you think we all shouldn’t have been skeptical. It was a complete crap shoot and I’m glad to those who are holding his feet to the fire. No track record. And, back to the point, it had little to do with the “Women’s March.”


      1. With Hillary, there was no crapshoot at all. We knew beyond a shadow of a doubt how pro-death her agenda was going to be. And being in the company of bishops is nothing to brag about, considering the vast majority today are despicable progressives.

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        1. Please re-read what I wrote a whole bunch of times. If I had lived in a battleground state I almost assuredly would have voted differently. The way I voted made ZERO difference to the outcome. Personally, I knew Trump was going to win the second he got the nomination. Also, pleases note I said good bishops. Give it up. It’s done, it’s over and, as I’ve also said a million times, I hope he does amazing things and I pray for this daily! That’s a little more important than how I vote in California.


          1. Btw, who are these good bishops that are pro-Islamic immigration (and probably pro-illegal aliens)? I’d like to hear more about them.

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        2. Hillary was not ONLY pro death, but her campaign, the Democrats and George Soros had (and who knows still have!) connections to the Vatican itself. As this was revealed in the Wiki Leaks emails from John Podesta (her right hand man) to one of Soros’ men in their ongoing campaign to revolutionize the Catholic Church……..You remember…………the ‘New Catholic Spring’? Elizabeth Yore has lots of details about the progressive Soros cabal that has been actively working with Vatican officials on ‘climate change’, ‘redistribution of wealth’, ‘population control’ etc., etc. Don’t know if any of you remember, but I remember watching Hillary in a video several years prior to the campaign and stating that “We have to change the views and social issues of the Catholic Church, on the abortion issue and gay rights.” Gave me goosebumps watch her say that! My point is: There’s a LOT MORE evil conspiring going on with Hillary Clinton that just her pro death obsession. I didn’t particularly like Trump either, but to me, it was either him or total ruination of not only our country, but also our Church! (not that the Church is in great shape to begin with, the crisis in the Church is looming larger by the day) but the agenda of Hillary Clinton was (and probably still is) TOTALLY DIABOLIC, there’s absolutely no doubt about it! Hillary Clinton and George Soros (one of the most evil men in the world) are team players.


  6. First and foremost – Matthew 7:5 ¨You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.¨
    Your claim is fully religious, and I respect that. What many Catholics and Christians do not do is fight for the word of our Father, and I am greatly proud of your heart for His glory! However, I completely disagree with the way in which you have handled yourself. As you said, ¨I don’t really know whether you didn’t do your homework…¨ I ask you the same. Everyone has a perception of what this March was about, and some women had their ways of voicing their opinions. It is a complete disregard to women when you use words like ¨gag!¨ Yes, some women dressed as ¨vaginas,¨ and while it was ¨vile,¨ it was to bring out a very big point that seems to be misunderstood. The definition of that march was in and of itself a fight against anyone who tries and control these women. It is to make a clear statement that, yes, girls have vaginas, and that does not mean any one, by any means, whatsoever, has any right to control them… Even as so as to control their ¨sex lives.¨ They are saying ¨BUT OUT!¨ (No pun intended, I swear!) They used the topic of sex, abortions, and planned parenthood to bring out the very idea that ¨I am a human! I make my own choices.¨ I always say this to my atheist friends, even Christians friends, I will teach you about the Lord. I will try and guide you in the direction in which He leads me. But, by no means will I take away your rights as a human away; which, by the way, we given to us BY God. Even if it goes against what I believe. I will TEACH you. I will GUIDE you. But, I will NOT control ANYONE!!! And, as for the ¨whining”about immigration. The march, the protest for immigration, was about giving citizens of the U.S. their RIGHTS to come into their home country. Immigrants? Yeah, sorry that some of us do not want to be separated from our hard-working parents who slave themselves at an underpaying factory to provide us with a nice dinner because someone decided to go out and rape someone. So, everyone should be punished for ONE persons mistake. Geesh. Harsh, isn’t it? As for your tone to your fellow ¨Catholic¨ women, what a way to JUDGE them, and name call them. There is no better way to teach about sin than sinning, isn’t their? Have respect for those women. TEACH them, if you may. But, do not JUDGE them about their beliefs, my dear friend. Teach them the positive outcome of the Truth. Mind you, God gave grace to woman who committed adultery. You should do the same to your fellow brothers and sisters.
    Remember, ¨He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to cast a stone.¨
    May God bless you and your blog! No offense to you.


    1. Sorry, that bible verse has been used repeatedly to try and silence people. It’s cherry picking at best.

      Next, I am a woman I hardly disregard women. I also have born many of them so, again, I hardly disregard them. What I have little respect for is the blatant disregard for the respect of womanhood these women showed at the march. It was every bit as vile as Trump’s comments.

      Also, I totally disagree that these women want people to “Butt out.” In fact, they want me involved in every aspect of their sex lives. They want me to pay for their contraception, accept their lifestyles and give a big thumbs up when they want to kill children who result from their life choices. Sorry. I will be happy to raise the child they do not think they can or I will be happy to help support them should they choose to keep (and many women do end up wanting this) but I will not give thumbs up to the killing of a child because it’s inconvenient. In short, they made their choices and want people to pay for them in every respect. So, you say you won’t control anyone but you’re perfectly fine with someone taking the life of another. That would be the ultimate form of control, no?

      Also, if you were a steady reader of this blog, you would see that I have no problem judging the actions of another. I’m not judging the immortal soul. Nobody but God can do that. However, if you think “Judge not lest ye be judged” and “Cast the first stone” means you cannot judge the actions of another, you surely missed a large chunk of the rest of the bible. You threw out the ever so used woman caught in adultery. Did you miss what Christ said to her? “Go and sin no more.” Yes, He most certainly judged the action.

      BTW, I notice you totally ignored my very well researched slate of speakers and the entire hypocrisy of the women’s march who invited them. Please, spare me the whole “it was about immigration” song and dance. Little Miss Sharia Law could care less about immigration. She doesn’t want us to discriminate against Sharia. Guess what? I also don’t have a problem doing that. It should be discriminated against.


      1. No, you’re right: Pick and choose which parts of the Bible you want to follow!
        See, this is what drives me bonkers! There was a protest. And, there was a march. The march was about women having the right to make their own decisions. They’re not asking you to pay for abortions. They’re asking for you to see that, while some women make poor choices, that should not mean these other women should not have easy access to medical care. Planned Parenthood is about more than abortion. Also, abortion should be an option to women. Especially women who were RAPED!!! No, I don’t agree with abortion. I agree, however, that it is none of my business. Need I remind you that both women and women kill animals to eat food. It is for their personal benefit. None goes to the animals. The same goes for those babies who so sadly were killed because someone decided it inconvenienced them. I get the bible states that animals are a food source to you. But, need I remind you that that is also a life lost for YOUR convenience. Also, about him saying, “Go and sin no more.” DO THAT! TEACH the bible, my dear old friend. Do not discourage your friends. I feel like I am screaming this over and over!!! And, about the protest. Again- it was “whining” for citizens rights to enter their home country. Again, I mean no offense, as I feel I am doing so.


  7. Women don’t have the rights to make decisions on the life of another. They also don’t have the right to expect anyone to pay for their lifestyle choices. And, yes, they are expecting us to pay. This is why they are in hysterics right now.

    As for all of the good work Planned Parenthood does…Really? Just what do they provide that is so important that women cannot get at a county clinic? That “Obamacare” doesn’t pay for? Seriously? Mammograms? Pre-natal care? Please, do your homework. Their main business is abortion and birthcontrol. Their stats on that, very wrong as pointed out by Slate and Washington Post – two anything but conservative publications. 3% is a huge lie and that’s what you get when they do not have to do any mandatory reporting. You would think that any agency receiving government money would have to report ALL of their stats but that’s what you get with PP.

    I do have to say I’m surprised it took you two whole posts to bring up rape. Do you understand that nobody wants the death of the child conceived from rape more than the rapists? The child conceived by rape shouldn’t be punished by anyone for sins of the father. Both mother and child should be taken care of with the utmost love. Abortion doesn’t “un-rape” a woman. Sadly, it adds another trauma to the already horrible act committed.

    I cannot believe you are actually trying to compare eating animals to the killing of a child. This is kind of, well, disgusting. I missed that part in the Bible. It kind of explains what’s wrong with this world. Thanks for proving yet another point. This is extremely inconsistent with Catholic teaching. At this point, let me ask you this…are you Catholic? I’d have to guess no when I see the thoughts on abortion, rape and animals but I’m not really sure how else I should think. I am Catholic and my post was directed at other women who are Catholic.

    If you want to complain about the roll out of the hold of visas, go ahead. I can agree that they put the cart before the horse on that one. Seems to have been handled now and the lawful citizens are back. That said, you are talking about an even that happened long after the “women’s march” so please, don’t try to equate that to the march. I think you need to read the blog post again and find out where the hypocrisy lies since you haven’t remotely attempted to address that. Really gotta know who people are going to try to explain Ashely Judd and Donna Hylton.


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